“Geet…!” Maan screamed loudly with pain and lost his consciousness due to excessive bleeding.
Geet foot steps immediately came to a halt hearing his painful scream. She turned to the opposite direction only to see him bleeding while lying unconscious.
She couldnt step forward as her entire body got rooted to the spot seeing her Maan laying motionless.
“Maan” Simar screamed and ran towards him.
Being a light sleeper Simar woke up hearing Maan’s scream and ran down.
“Maan! Wake up, what happened to you?” She shook him but he didnt wake up and thats when she noticed his head which is bleeding.
“Rishab! Prem ji! Come soon.” She screamed for help as she couldnt stop the bleeding.
Hearing her voice the men came running and rushed Maan to the hospital while Simar brought Geet along with her. She thought Geet was in shock seeing Maan like this. Little did she know is she is the reason for his state now.
“Dont worry Mr Khurana is safe. Due to excessive bleeding he lost his conciousness. We have arranged blood for him so he is now out of danger. You can meet him.” The doctor said coming out after few hours making everyone sigh in relief.
“Thank you doctor.” Simar thanked him and ran inside to meet Maan.
“Bro, are you okay?” Rishab asked with concern while simar held his palm.
All the while Maan’s eyes are on Geet who is standing in the corner of the room with unshed tears.
“But how did this happen?” Simar asked stroking his forehead softly.
“I hit Maan.” Geet admitted.
‘What.” Everyone in the room got shock.
“Why did …..Wait wait….let me guess it its for meeting your husband isnt it?” Simar guessed it correctly making geet drown into guilt.
“Is this true Geet? How can you do this,huh” Everyone asked her making Geet get scared and started to cry.
Before anyone can speak anything Maan asked them to leave him alone with Geet to which they obeyed reluctantly.
“Geet, Come here.” Maan called her softly to which she came running towards him and hugged him while wailing.
“Sorry Maan. I didnt mean to hurt you. I thought you will faint after hitting like movies and I can run away. But no, you got hurt.. booohooo” She started wailing while Maan tried to pacify her.
“So dont you trust me? Huh didnt I promise you? Then why?”
“I saw my photos in that secret room and thought you to be the villian. I thought you will not let me meet my husband.” She cried out loud.
After hearing her words Maan closed his eyes and made his mind to confess his feelings to her.
“Geet! Give me your palm” He took it and placed it  on his chest above his heart.
Geet could clearly hear his heart pumping erratically under her palm.
“This is what happens with me when you are close to me,Geet. I have no control to stop my feelings for you. I feel the powerful yet helples person infront of you. I love you Geet. I cant even think of sharing you for a second with anyone and at the same time I can let you go for your happiness.” Maan said sincerely looking into her eyes.
Understanding Geet’s discomfort Maan immediately added “Dont worry Geet my love is selfless I wont expect you to love me back. As I said my happiness lies in yours. We will go to America this week itself. Okay.”
Geet only nodded as she couldnt form words due to the overwhelming  feeling inside her. She turned her back in pretense of drinking water and held her chest above her heart to stop the heartbeats which are racing.
“Why must my heart beat this fast when Im arround him? Am i also………. Shut up Geet you have gone crazy to think something about Maan like that. Did you forget you are married, huh. Just pack your bags you are now going to meet your husband.” She said to herself and gulped the entire glass in a go.
“We will reach there in another 7 hours Geet until then sleep.” He said to her while she slept closing her eyes peacefully.
“How do I tell the reason I love you, I am unable to express
My eyes would explain the feelings in my heart” He brushed the fringes falling on her forehead.
Though we meet still we are separated,
The distance between us is of miles,
There are unknown incidences of our meeting,
There are dreams of you in my eyes, don’t know why.
“I wish you all the happiness Geet. This may be the last travel with you. I may not see you again.” He said memorizing her face i his mind.
Nigahon mein dekho meri jo hai bas gaya
Woh hai milta tumse hoobahoo
Jaane teri aankhein ya baatein thi vajah…
Hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo
Tum paas ho ke bhi
Tum aas ho ke bhi
Ehsaas ho ke bhi
Apne nahin aise hai hum ko gile
Tumse na jaane kyun, meelon ke
Hain faasle tumse na jaane kyun…
Tu jaane na..
Tu jaane na
“Will I be able to live without you” He held her palm and rested it on his heart as if attaching her to himself.
After checking out they both reached towards the hotel where Maan booked for himeself and Geet. After getting refreshed they both started traveling towards Arnav’s house. His detectives has traced his location in one of the Apartment.
As soon as they reached to the Apartment Geet looked at it with hope and happiness.
“Thank you Maan.” She said with happiness to which Maan only nodded as he felt a starved lion is eating his heart looking at her going away from him.
They asked the Apartment watchman to show the way towards the flat No 703. Once he showed the way he left them alone.
A big blue numbers were engraved on the door of the flat indicating the flat numbers. Geet couldnt control her exitement and started ringing the bell.
A man in his early Fifties opened the door with a blond hair and fair skin wearing a t shirt and shorts.
“How may I help you?” The man asked looking at Maan.
“Uncle can you please help us with something? Actually we are finding someone….” Maan said to that person.
“We? But I dont find anyone beside you?” He said making Maan look beside him to see Geet Bending to tie her shoe lace. He immediately asked her to stand up.
As soon as Geet stood up and came into the view she immediately hugged that person. “Oh where have you been. I have been searching for you.”
“Geet do you know this person?’ Maan asked completely confused along with the man who is trying to free himself from her.
“Of course Maan He is my HUSBAND how can I not know him.” She said hapily.
“Is he Arnav you are talking about?” Maan asked.
“Yes.” Geet said.
“Enough! What the hell are you people saying?” That person said in his perfect American accent.
“Why are you speaking like that? Dont you know me?” Geet asked with hurt.
“I Dont Know You Girl. My name is Adam Samuels and I am the owner of The Food Restaurant here. And what husband are you saying huh you look like you are in your twenties and I am in my 50’s.” He said pushing them out of his house.
“Geet are you really sure that he is your husband?” Maan asked unsure as this person looks no where to what Geet described.
“Yes Maan He is my Mama” She said making all of them shocked.
“Wow girl. Till now you are calling me as your husband and now you are calling me your uncle. Are you Mad?” He shouted.
“I married my Mama Ji only” She said making them loose their cool.
“You know one thing just get lost or else Im going to complain to the police.” Adam Warned them.
“What’s happening?” A woman in her late 40’s came out wearing a knee length skirt and a shirt with a blond hair matching Adam.
“Khushi?” Geet said with shock.
“Now who is she according to you huh? Your sister or mother?” Adam asked with sarcasm.
“She is kaam wali bai, khushi.” Geet said to Maan who is looking lost in the situation.
“Shut Up. She is my wife Jessie Samuels. You have crossed your limits Im going to call the police.”Adam said and dialed the Police.
“Hello Police Station. I am Adam Samuels. A girl is doing nuisance infront of my house  please come soon.” Adam said and end the call.
“Now you will get your treatment from the police.” He said with anger.
“Let them come till then ill kill this chudail. How can you marry my husband khushi..  You have been eating our food then how can you?” Geet said and started pulling her hair.
“Hey man stay back. Ms Geet you are under arrest come with us. Now.” A group of Policemen arrived and pointed gun towards Geet and Maan.
“Listen I am a detective in India………..” Maan was about to continue but they didnt listen and dragged Maan Geet along with them to the police station.
“Trust Me Maan, I am telling the truth.” She said with teary eye.
Maan was completely numb with the situation all he know was there is something missing which w must know.
How is the update?


“Maan, did you find about my husband?” Geet questioned for the nth time.
“I’m working Geet. As we have the imaginary sketch which you described about him, our investigators are working on it. Dont worry we will find soon.” Maan assured Geet with a smile.
“Hmmm Okay.” Geet sighed and left the place.
Its been a month since Armaan got married, Geet remembering her half past, and Maan’s heart-break. Since that day Maan tried every possible way of finding Arnav or Geet’s Husband. The way Geet address Arnav.
“Maan are you okay?” Armaan nudged Maan seeing him lost.
“Yup. Im good. ” Came a monosyllabic reply from Maan.
This is the situation of Maan since the day he came to know Geet will be leaving him forever. He could neigther stop Geet from going from him nor let her be with him. How Ironic the fate is, Isnt it?
“Then why dont you pic up the phone. Its ringing since 10 minutes.” Armaan said pointing towards the Phone.
Maan realised that he must be lost thinking about Geet and immediately lifted the call seeing his investigating team calling him.
“Any update?” Maan asked with bated breath and hearing Maan speak with them Geet sat beside him with keen interest.
“No Sir. There is no information about a person named Arnav Raizada nor Geet Raizada in Chittoor, Kurnool, Vijayawada, districts of Andhra Pradesh. We are still searching in other Telugu speaking districts like Visakhapatnam, Cudapah, Warangal and guntoor etc. We wil inform you again by two days sir.” They said making Maan to close his eyes in disappointment.
“Did they find my Husband Maan?” Geet asked with a huge grin.
“Nope. They are still working on it.” Maan said making Geet smile drop.
“Why is it taking so long Maan. I cant wait anymore.” Geet said with dull voice and left the place making Maan gulp his pain.
“Geet, come and have your dinner. Dont be stubborn come.” Maan said sitting beside her and holding a morsel of food in his hand trying to feed her.
“Maan Im not a kid or sick I can eat myself.” Geet replied with a rude face.
“Oh really, so my Mishty has grown up. Okay then here take the bowl and eat.” Maan said smiling and placed the bowl in her lap.
“What is your problem Maan,huh? Did not you hear what i said? I dont want anything bring my husband and thats all.” Geet said throwing the bowl to the floor.

Hearing the noise Simar came immediately and seeing this infront of her angered her. Okay Geet is disappointed as she couldnt Meet her so called Husband that does not mean that she will take maan for granted. Why cant she see that Maan also has feelings like any other human being.
Maan after seeing Geet screaming felt like seeing a kid who is stubborn for its favorite doll. He pulled Geet towards him softly and embraced her lovingly while patting her head.
This act of Maan made Simar surprised because as far as she know any person in Maan’s place would slap Geet with her behaviour. And Maan being a short tempered should be doing the same but he didnt instead he embraced her like always. Now Simar understood how deep and true are his feelings towards Geet.
“My little girl, I promised you right to bring your husb… Arnav, huh. Then why you are not eating? Did you forget that you trust me huh?” Maan said stroking her hair.

Image result for MAAN GEET HUG
“I still trust you but you are not bringing my husband since long time.” Geet said still in his arms.
“My angel, we are working on that. You know right how difficult it is to find a person only with name? But still your Maan ……I mean your protector is finding na. So like a good girl have your dinner and go to sleep. Ill bring your dinner.” Maan said to Geet and she agreed finally.
“Okay. Maan what is in that room? You always work there but didnt allow me once?” Geet said pointing towards a wooden door.
“Nothing Geet. Its my belongings.” Maan said and asked her not to go there.
“If you find her so called husband will you send her away?” Simar asked maan startling him.
“Geet is my responsibility and nothing more Di. As soon as I find him ill not tell him about geet.” Maan said with serious expression.
Geet who followed him heard his words and left the place immediately.
“Why is Maan saying like that? He promised me that he will send me to my husband then why is he saying like that. Please God protect me from this MAAN.” Geet prayed to protect her from her very own RAKSHAK.
“What do you mean Maan?” Simar asked in confusion.
“Di, I found Geet in a coffin box tied and wounded. She has a difficult past as far as i know as she keeps on getting scared if she gets any of her flashes. She doest rember her past completely except for her husband. And what about that Arnav? Did he tried to find her? Or is he the reason for Geet condition. I have to know all a this.” He took a deep breath.
“Thats the reason Ill first talk to him and then send him to Geet. I cant take any chances of geet being hurt.” Maan continued.
“I understand.” Simar said looking at him.
“Maan come here soon. Urgent I found my husband.” Geet shouted and started jumping.
“Geet what happened? Maan came running towards her.
“Maan look at the TV. He is there.” Geet pointed to the TV where a foreign show is going on.
Maan couldnt identify her husband so he orderd the cd of that episode and it arrived in less than an hour.
“Its a travel show and this episode is in America. Geet watch carefully and spot him.” Maan said all of them sat on the sofa.
“Maan its him.” Geet said and pointed towards a person in the crowd.
“Okay. Ill snapshot this frame. He is in America. Let me locate him.”

“Maan is he participating in this show?” Simar asked him.
“No di. This show is a reality show and Arnav was just passing by the shoot location. Anyways Ill find him. You all go to sleep. Geet here I brought your dinner.” Maan said giving her a dish of food.
“No maan Im not hungry Ill sleep Good night.” Geet said remembering his words with Simar.

It’s arround early morning and Maan was busy searching for Arnav without battling his eyelash for a second. On the other hand Geet slowly tiptoed towards Maans Personal room and Unlocked it to find what Maan is hiding. Geet was shocked to see many pictures of her were filled in the entire room. All of the pics were taken in various occasions. From Day 1 when she is unconscious in the hospital to todays selfies everything.
“What are my pictures doing here? Maan must surely have a bad eye on me. Yes, that’s why he is not letting me go to my husband. Please god Protect me from this evil Maan and let me go to my husband.” Geet prayed using her crazy brain.
Geet saw Maan busy with his laptop and slowly tiptoed towards him holding a vase in her hand. She remembered from some movie that hitting with a vase and running away. So she followed the same and hit him with the vase and started to run towards the door to meet Arnav.
Here the vase hit Maan making him bleed and fell on the floor with pain. Seeing Geet running away from him made him scream her name with pain.

“Geet…!” Maan screamed loudly with pain and lost his consciousness due to excessive bleeding.
Geet in America……….Arnav Geet Meeting……… Some interesting revelations..

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​”Omg bhai you aren’t still ready? Come on hurry up the pandit will be arriving any time.” Geet said and handed him the royal decorative pin to fix his collar

“And Rishab why are you sitting so peacefully huh? Its your brother’s wedding and you must dress him up. Learn something from Maan he is working since yesterday not even taking rest.” Geet scolded rishab.

“Oho jagatmata stop dragging Maan bhai with your each sentence. I have a better idea why don’t you find a girl for him in this wedding and marry him off?” Rishab said cocking his eyebrows.

“I am already searching two girls along with simar di.” Geet said arranging the flowers on the door.

“Two girls? Don’t you all know bigamy is crime?”

“Wow… You have so much knowledge. One girl for Maan and another one is for you.” Geet said smiling seeing rishab reaction.

“Oye stop dragging me into this marriage talks. I’m just bachelor okay.” Rishab said checking his face.

“Your wish, marry now or else god knows at which time you are going to marry. Anyways get ready soon I need to help Maan in welcoming guests.” Geet said and sprinted off.

“Don’t you think Maan and Geet are made for each other. Maan bhai too loves her we can see it clearly in his eyes.” Rishab said to Armaan.

“Its not the matter Rishab. We don’t know about Geet’s past. And Maan is busy in finding her past So don’t encourage his feelings towards her. What if Geet is married? We are not ready to see Maan breaking down.” Armaan said with a sad voice.

“So what if geet is married? It must not matter in love. All I know is Maan loves geet truly and that’s the truth.” Rishab said stubbornly.

“Don’t behave like a kid Rishab we can’t afford Maan breaking down. He has already bared so much pain. And dare you speak all this with Maan I’m going to kill you.” Armaan warned him fearing for Maan.

“Come soon the pandit has arrived.” Simar di along with her husband prem came and dragged Armaan out towards the wedding hall.
“Geet careful.” Maan screamed seeing geet who was about to fall and held her.
“I’m fine Maan anyways you are there na to catch me.” Geet said jovially.


Geet felt something stir in her heart but she brushed it off thinking it to be tiredness. She always feels like this with him but she couldn’t understand. According to her Maan is the world’s best person who deserves the best of best.

“I know it. Anyways come soon pundit ji has arrived.” She said and pulled him along with her while he followed with a smile.

Maan couldn’t believe his that this brightly coloured and decorated Mansion is the very same place where he used live like a living corpse among the dark walls. Of course nothing remained same after Geet coming into his life. The less spoken and aloof MSK is now chatting non stop that to with a person who is holding his hand. Maan felt like he has achieved everything in the world when Geet was his side.

“Here take these flowers.” A lady gave them flowers to bless the bride and groom.
Slowly all the wedding rituals started and now it’s time for saat phere. The couple started taking vows while Maan is busy admiring Geet.
Here Geet is getting some flashes of couples getting married with all smiles…. Someone kneeling with a rose in their hand…. She held her head unable to join the dots. 
Maan immediately came towards her seeing her standing with a lost look.
“Geet are you okay?” He asked her not knowing her answer will shatter his world.
“I’m married….. Yes I remember Maan I’m married to Arnav Raizada.” Geet spoke in a daze while became numb hearing her next words. “I need to go to my Husband.”
And that’s the limit Geet was too overwhelmed that her sight got blurry and within seconds she fainted in Maan Arms.

“Her blood pressure got high. Nothing to worry. She will be okay within few hours.” Armaan said checking geet pulse. 

Everyone heard what Geet said in the wedding hall and looked with pity towards Maan.

“Okay fine. You people carry on with the grihapravesh etc rituals until then I’ll just have a walk.” Maan said and laid Geet from his lap to the soft pillow and marched away from the room without giving a look back.

Maan came out towards his garden and slowly Geet words revibrated in his mind.

I need to go to my husband.

I need to go to my husband.

I need to go.

I need to go.

Geet will go away from him.

“Nooooo” Maan gave a spine chilling cry and fell on his knees..
Before his head could contact the ground Simar held him and Maan immediately kept his head on her lap.

“Di…. She said she will go…. ” Maan sobbed trying to control his urge to cry.

“Let it go Maan….. You can cry …..” Simar said feeling her brother’s pain.

As soon as Simar assured him to cry his dam of tears broke and only increased with each passing seconds.

“Di….. I can’t live without her. Please ask her to not leave me. Please….” Maan begged simar.

Simar understood that Maan is now not in his senses as he is emotionally weak so she tried to make him understand the situation making him strong to face this reality.

But whatever it is the Truth Hurts…..

“Maan loves me? He is really a dangerous person. He must surely have a bad eye on me. I need to do something  so that I can meet Arnav.” Geet thought to herself seeing her photos all over Maan study room.




Maan was working is laptop while geet slowly tip toed towards him holding a vase in her hand. In a lightening speed Geet hit Maan with the vase on his head causing his head to bleed while she ran towards the door to escape and meet Arnav.
“Geeetttt…” Maan screamed with pain seeing her going away from him and lost his consciousness due to excessive bleeding. 

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“Di which one shall I take? Blue one or Green?”Geet asked showing showing the designer lehangas in her hands.

“Am I dreaming? Finally you left Maan for a minute to speak with me? I must surely note down todays date?” Simar joked while Geet laughed along with her.

“Di tell na?” She asked again.

“I  thought Maan will be selecting the dress for you then what happened?” Simar said reminding her words again.

Related image

“Leave it di.  His name must be Most lazy khurana instead of Maan singh khurana. He is ready to buy the entire shop for me because I liked them. Finally after selecting two dresses he said hell buy these two. Now you only tell me what must I do with this man?” Geet said and pouted to which Simar sighed mentally.

“You both are the most rarest species on the earth. Does anyone fight for every small issue huuh?” She was about to continue but stopped seeing Maan in shervani.

“Now are you happy?” Maan asked with a irritated face displaying himself in a royal shervani which has a deep V neck giving a clear view of his rippled chest.

“Woah Chote? I never know that you will wear shervani at weddings! All thanks to our Mishty.” Simar said and pulled geets cheeks.

“Di stop pulling her cheeks she may get hurt.” Maan said geting jealous as Simar is pulling geet cheeks.

“Yeh lo shuru ho gaya Possesive khurana.” Armaan said with a teasing smile along with Rishab.

“What?” Maan asked in his authorative voice making them shut up and the ladies to giggle. ” Anyways Geet Ill pack both the dresses as they are looking good on you. No more arguments.”

“Haaw… how can you say like this maan.I need only one dress for the Wedding. We have already shopped for all the ceremonies so chose anyone dress. And thats final.” She too mimicked Maan making him sigh.

Image result for geet and maan

“Okay fine wear this Green lehenga for wedding..”Maan said and geet smiled looking at her dres “And wear this blue dress anyother time. So Im going to pay for both.” He said smirking while geet to followed him for anther countless fights.

“They are unique di.” Armaan said while Simar too agreed.

It has been nearly one month since geet started to talk with Simar in a normal way. She still rememberd that day which made geet to speak with her.


As usual Simar sent Maan to his office with much difficulty as he isnt ready to leave Geet even for a second. She came to Geets Room to see her sleeping peacefully and started to arrange the bed sheets and curtain.

Suddenly a blood stain on geets dress caught her attention and she understood that Geet must be in her special days so she took out the required Items for those days and started waking geet.

“Geet wake up. Good morning. Come on lets get ready.” Simar said strocking her head.

Geet lazily woke up streching her arms and tried to look for Maan. Feeling him no where near her  her eyes started to get mist only to be stopped feeling a soft touch on her head. She stared at simar for long time and didnt cry like last time instead she tried to sit properly. But a sudden painful cramp in her abdomen made her to curl into a ball feeling scared as she has no idea what is happening to her body.

Simar understood geet feeling and tried to ease her up. So she massaged her head to which geet felt relaxed and moved towards simar.

“Geet its time for bath will you come with me?”Simar asked her.

“Hmmm” Geet replied to her making happy as its the first time that geet responded to her. She helped geet towards bathroom and gave her a good warm shower which relaxed her tensed up muscles. After her shower she made geet to wear a long frock and readied her. Everything was going good until simar brought the things for the special days which made geet to shudder in fear looking at them.

“Shh geet its nothing to get fear. See ill help you with these.” She said but get eyes started tearing and fell on the floor.

“Sorry attayya garu. Ill not come inside from next time. I promise I have not touched anything. Nijanga naku Stomach pain vastunde. Please give me some blanket.” Geet started speaking to the empty space clutching her stomach.

Image result for geet crying

Though simar couldnt understand her words she felt Geets pain so she immediately hugged her and tried to sussh her.

“Relax geet. You are safe. Im with you look at me shhh no dont cry.” But it didnt stop her from crying.

Simar helped with her things and brought her to the bedroom while geet was clutching her arm and sobbing. Simar tried to leave her arm so that she could bring some warm milk to geet but Geet didnt leave her.

“Please dont leave me di. I am getting scared.” Geet for the first time spoke with Simar and hugged her. While simar agreed to her and placed geets head in her lap stroking her hair softly which made geet to sleep again.

Simar understood that whatever  happened in the washroom must surely be related to her past and it was really torturous for geet. She understood that Geet was mistreated on her periods through her body language and words. She pulled out her phone and searched in google for the words geet used in google translator.

Telugu: Nijanga naku stomach pain vastundi.

English: My stomach is paining.

Simar sighed with the result and typed the second word

Telugu: Attayya garu

English: Mother in law/ Mothers brothers wife/ Fathers sister

“So geet must be begging sorry for this so called attayya woman? Why is Geet requesting for a mere peice of blanket? Why is she proving that she hasnt touched anything? I need to discuss with Maan abou this!” simar thought to herself and was about to dial Maan but he was already home surprising her.

“Di Is Geet okay? Did she cry?” Maan asked panting settling beside geet.

“What the? Chote what are you doing here at this time? I asked you to be at office right?” Simar said with anger because Maan was getting attached to Geet more deeply. She knew her stubborn brother has fallen deeply and madly for Geet that he could sense her every feeling from miles away. But she is scared aftter today maybe Geet is married and she isnt meant for him.

Here Maan cleared the tears on geet face very gently fearing that his touch may hurt her. He is never going to hurt her or let her shed even a tear.

“What happened di?” Maan asked still cuddling Geet with him like a Small baby.

Simar sighed and narrated him about todays events making maan to close his fists angrily. 

“Ill kill every damn person whoever tried to hurt geet in her past.” Maan said to himself and cursed under his breath.


From that day Geet started talking to Simar addressing her as Di and started to heal fastr in Maan Presence. For him Geet is his Little glass doll which needs to be protected from the cruel world. Simar still feels that Maan Geet are soulmates but is scared that Maans hopes might shatter in a flick so she chosed to stay mum.

“Di the wedding is Armaans not mine so why must I wear this pagdi.” Maan said making faces looking at the Bright pink pagdi.

“Why whats wrong with this pagdi? Mr MSK dont you dare to wear this! If not ill wear it instead of you.” Geet said.

“Dammit I look like a Cartoon if I wear this.” Maan said pointing towards it.

“Maan you like a cartoon  even without it so whats the big deal if you wear it or not.” Geet said laughing out loud.

“What? Did you call me cartoon?” Maan said coming forward.

“Yes I said.” Geet said coming forward.

Before they could fight again Simar di came forward to stop their silly fights.” Stop it both of you. Wont you even look at your surroundings when you are both together? The entire mall is looking at you all as if they came to circus. Now both of you shut up and come soon.” Simar di said while she stumbled causing her foot to get twisted.

“dammit Di whats the hurry to walk? What if something happens to you.” Maan, Rishab and Armaan started to shout at her and she just pouted.

“You guys are oveer reacting. Its just a small sprain and Im fine. Itll get get cure in matter of MInutes.” Simar said and stood up to go but was stopped as she was sweeped from the ground.

“Chote put me down Im fine.” Simar said while Maan glared at her.

“Ya I can see that how fine you are. Now dont speak anything until we reach home.” Maan said while Rishab and armaan too agreed.

Geet sat beside maan in the car while he was driving and both the brothers along with simar di are sitting backside. She saw their bonding and smiled looking at at maan who was worrying for his simar di. She remember the day when simar di told her that She is Armaan and Rishabs sister while Maan considers her as his own ister. 


Geet was going through the childhood pics of Maan which simar is showing to with great interest. Geet found many pics adorable and cute as maan was ver little. She couldnt believe the strong well built man infront of her was once a cute kid.

“Di why arent you there in any of his pics?” Geet questioned as there are only Maan along with his parents.

“Because we didnt meet that time dear. We met him when he was back from harward that is when he is 21 years old.” simar said to her.

“What? But you are his sister right?” Geet again asked her.

“No geet. Maans parents and my parents were friends cum Bussiness partners. When Maan was a Kid may be in his early teanage his parents met with an accident leaving him all alone in this world. He was so shaken that he ignored every shoulder to cry and went to london to complete his studies. Only after coming here we again saw him in one of the bussiness parties. Though he stayed aloof and maintained proffesional with my parents  he considered me as his own sister because he used to feel that I look like his mother.” Simar laughed wiping her tears.

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“What? Is he living all these years alone in this big bunglow?”Geet asked her being shocked.

“Yes geet. This would always be dark without lights and only after you coming this place started get bright.” She said to her.

“So that chipku is also your brother?” Geet asked reffering Rishab as chipku because he always irritates Maan.

“Yes. Armaan and rishab are my blood brothers while Maan is no less.” Simar said smiling fondly which made geet heart proud seeing his care towards Simar even if she is not his sister. 

Maan is so special and best. She thought to  herselves.


“Geet I know Maan is handsome because he is copying my dressing style but iska matlab yeh nahi ki you will keep on staring him” Rishab joked while Geet blushed.

“Rishab did ever think of jumping out of a moving car for your life?” Maan  questioned him.

No! But why?”

Because if you wont stop your chatter Im going to kill you and youll be jumping out of the car for your life” Maan said making him gulp in fear and everyone laughed while Maans attention is only on Geet who is laughing along with others

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“Stay like this geet, Happily laughing like a flower with no worries.” He said in his heart.


The wedding day……Maan accepting his feelings for geet…….Maans newly built world getting destroyed…… Geet remember her half past…..

I hope I havent made you all feel yuck with this update. Get ready for the More dark past of Geet with some handkerchiefs ready for next update.


Part 5

Part 5

Maan picked Geet in his arms and brought her down to the dining area and made her comfortable on the dining seat.  Simar di saw all this with wide eyes as she couldnt believe The great Maan Singh Khurana who scares everyone with his one look is being so gentle towards geet.

 All her thoughts came to an end when she heard Maan call her.

“Di what happened? You seem to be lost?”

“Hmm nothing chote sit down lets have breakfast.” Simar di said thinking another plan in her brain. She served Geet, Maan and herself and began eating hers casually.

“Di what are you doing?” Maan asked looking at simar di and geet.

“What did i do now chote.” She asked innocently smiling inside.

“Di you very well know geet cant do anything by herself and you have served her breakfast and you eating yours.?” Maan questioned her.

“What do you want me to do chote. Shall i keep fasting for her, huh? Im hungry so im eating.” Simar faked her anger.

“What the hell is it di? You yourself came here to help geet and now you are behaving like nanad bhabhi saga. YOU MUST FEED HER BREAKFAST.” Maan spoke in a bossy manner for the first time with simar making her surprise.

” If you care so much for her than you feed her. Listen one thing I came here to help her  as you are unable to handle a girl. Eighter feed her or let her starve.” simar di said making maan groan.

He looked at geet who was looking only at him with innocence just like a baby who looks at his mother. Maan felt extremely possesive of this glass doll and vowed himself to secure her.

he took a morsel of food while geet immediately ate at it as a reflex action. Geet doesnt understand or speak to others except maan. She looks at him as if her entire life is based upon him.

“Geet is it tasty.” Maan asked her to which she instantly nodded a yes.

“Maan smile please.” Simar di said and he turned towards her.


Simar took a photo of maan feeding geet in her mobile and smiled mischeviously.

“Breaking news. The great Maan Sigh Khurana who is a terror to his employs is feeding a beautiful girl. What must be the reason towards his changed behaviour? Is he falling hard for her? Or is he already in love with her. Stay tuned for more updates.” Simar said in a naughty voice teasing Maan who is embarassed while geet was not understanding anything.

“Di whats all this, huh. So you did this on purpose right?”  Maan said masking his emotions.

“Very clever Mr MSK. Yes i did it on purpose because I want geet to be my bhabi. I like her so much.” Simar di openly said and maan got shocked.

“DI voh… Me and GEET… I mean …I didntt think like that..”Maan looked down and fumbled for words.

Seeing him fumbling for the first time simar was on cloud nine. She has a doubt somewhere but now she got confirmed HE FELL FOR GEET.  

“Chote what are you saying? Im thinking about Geet and Rishabs pair. You see they look great together. What say.” Simar di said wantedly to make Maan accept his feelings.

“What the hell is this di? How can you tag geet name with someone else huh? Geet is under my responsibility so ONLY i have the right to think anything about her. And dare you speak something about RIshab at my place.” Maan shouted while simar was stunned.

From childhood Maan and Rishab used to fight. Both of them are poles Apart. Maan is a reserved and mature person while Rishab is a bubly immature person. Now Rishab became a model and Maan is a bussinessman. Every girl is ready to fall for Maan and rishab but the difference is Maan doesnt give a damn and Rishab gives them a chance.

“Really? You brought geet here to investigate about her past so she is only a client for you. And she is a girl so I dont think its anything wrong to ask her for Rishab. Okay ill not match her for Rishab if you have any feelings for her.” Simar said and before Maan could answer she continued. 

“I know you are the great msk and you dont care about girls and all but atleast think about Rishab. Poor rishab promised that hel’ll get maried only if you are ready for your marriage.”

“Enough di, we dont even know if she is married or not. Geet past is daark one so we can not raise any hopes. okay.” Maan said in a sad tone making simar smile in happiness.

“So you are ready to marry geet…with rishab if she is not married in her past.” Simar again asked making him frustrated.

“Di whats with you marriage …marriage.. mariage. Let me breathe. Maan said and picked geet in his arms and took her to the living room.

“How must I bring geets past?” Simar started thinking.

“Geet let me know if its paining.” Maansaid and applied ointment all over her wounds.

Geet body is covered fully with scratches and they are heeling slowly in the presence of Maan. Maan feels pain in his heart seeing all the wounds on her delicate skin. He felt to rip each and every person who tried to harm her.

After dressing her wounds maan smiled at geet in return she smiled at him cutely making his heart flutter in happiness. Without knowing he kissed her cheeks fondy and ” My mishty is a Good Girl. Keep smiling dear. You look beautiful when you smile.”

“Hmmm.” Geet nodded and Maan felt like  kissing another cheek but stopped himself as he felt geet is not in her full sense right now.

Simar di saw all this and got an idea to make normal person. “Geet is responding only for Maan which means shell pay attention only towards Maan. Yes got it.”

“Chote why arent you going to office? Simar di asked sitting beside him.

Di im sorry for shouting at you earlier. I didnt mean to. Maan said holdin his ears.

” AWWWE no problem chote Im not angry at you but please tell geet to be with me. I want to spend my time with her too.” Simar asked with apout and maan got jelous as he dont want to share HIS GEET with anyone.

“HMMM okay di only for two minutes. You can spend time with her only for two minutes.” Maan said not wanting to give those two minutes too.

“Are you crazy what will i do with such time. You go to your office and till evening ill spend my time wither.” Simar said with finality in her voice and maan having no choice agreed with her.

“Geet Im going to my ofice. Ill come back soon until than stay with simar di okay.” Maan asked geet and she immediately agreed making him sad. 

He thought she will ask him to stay but she didnt. He went to get dressed to his office and came down to say bye before going.

As soon as maan started going Geet started wailing like a baby and Maans eyes got misted seeing her missing hm. He immediately hugged her and consoled noe she didnt even leave his shirt she held it in her fist while cuddling herself towards him.

“Okay mishty i wont go anywhere now stop crying.” He said and she immediately obeyed him while he luled her to sleep. He picked her in his arms and laid her on the bed to sleep.

Simar di really  prayed god to unite Maan and Geet with no obstacle on hindrance in their life.

I want to show a little geet past in next update but im nervous as her past contains voh girls monthly problems..(i hope you got what im trying to say). Its the first time im going to write something like that so please tell me If you are okay with that part in the next update or shall i omit that part. Choice is yours.

Part 4

Maan came out from his drawing room hearing the door bell ringing. He hurriedly checked Geet who is still in deep sleep as its still 8 O’Clock in the morning. He took a sharp breathe and opened the door to see a beautiful lady standing with a sweet smile adorning her lips. 

“Good Morning MSK. Sorry I’m 10 minutes late. I hope you won’t fire me from this job!” The Lady in her early thirties said with a teasing smile.

“Di, aap bhi na. I’m just chote for you and MSK for rest of the world. Please come inside.” Maan welcomed her inside and hugged her. 

“Hmmm did you have your breakfast?” She asked making herself comfortable on the sofa.

“No di. I’ll have it with Geet. She’s sleeping right now so I’ll complete my work till then.” He said handing over a water glass to her.

“Chote. Did you get any information from her?” She asked sipping her drink. 

“Hmm not much. One minute.” He said and disappeared into the drawing room to bring some pens and chart papers. He placed everything on the table in front of her.

“Di, yesterday she spoke some things and I gathered some information. Firstly, she said she is speaking Telugu language.  After googling I found that Telugu is a major language in Andhra Pradesh. So either she must  be related to the State or her mother tongue.” He said pointing the first point. 

“Secondly, if she is related to south Indian state then what is she doing in the coffin box in north India. Either she was hurted in those states and was tied here or She got hurted here.” He said and looked at her who is thinking deeply.

“So chote, if she is hurted here than some one must be searching for her right? Like family, friends, relatives etc.” She asked .
“Yes di. Even Geet is getting some flashes of her past like some one is there for her waiting. But we must do anything secretly as it might be danger for geet. And I won’t bear any scratch on her.” He said the last line possessively and she noticed it.

“And di, her name is Geet Arnav raizada which means its either her father’s name or her husband’s name. And Raizada means a north Indian surname and not related with Telugu. So this confuse me.” He said with confusion.

“Don’t worry. We can slowly get the information. Relax. Hmm let me wake up geet and refresh her.” She said and went inside the room.


She entered inside the room to see geet sleeping peacefully. She liked Geet instantly and kissed her forehead. 

“I know you are sent by God to lighten my chote’s life. With God’s blessing don’t leave my chote like others okay.” She spoke with her lovingly while stroking her cheeks softly. 

After having a crazy conversation with sleeping Geet she started waking her up.  

“Geet. Good morning. Geet.” She tried calling her but seeing no response from her she shook her shoulder little hard. 

Geet woke up immediately and looked scared seeing a stranger in her room. Immediately her eyes searched for Maan and upon not finding him she started sobbing. 

“Geet, shhh don’t be scared dear. I’m simar, Maan’s sister. You can call me Di.” she tried to calm her but in vain.

Though simar tried to calm Geet introducing herself Geet couldn’t understand a single word. She is getting scared by every passing second but didn’t utter a single word.

“Chote. Chote. Come soon.” Simar shouted for Maan who came running instantly.

As soon as he saw Geet curled into a ball and sobbing he immediately ran to her and took her into his arms. Feeling Maans presence Geet calmed a bit and snuggled into him hiding herself.

“Shhh geet. Don’t cry I’m here. Look at me. Shhhh. She is Simar di call her di. Okay.” Maan said to geet and she agreed immediately and this made simar surprised. 

Simar too used same words but geet understood only with Maan words.

“Listen geet, Di will be staying with us for some time. She’ll help you to recover soon.” He said to her. 

“For now She’ll help you in bathroom. Will you listen to her?” He asked geet to which she accepted without a fuss. 

Smiling slightly at her he picked her in her arms and made her sit on the bathroom slab. He asked simar di to come inside and he left the room with difficulty as Geet’s eyes aren’t allowing to leave him for a second too. 

After completing her bath simar di came out to take clothes for Geet but she was surprised seeing maan pacing the room with tension. 

“Chote? What are you doing here? I asked you to go down right?” She asked faking anger.

Seeing simar di he immediately tried to go inside to meet Geet but simar di stopped him immediately.

“What are you doing chote. She is still in her towel go out I need to make her wear clothes.” She said and Maan immediately blushed of the thought of seeing geet in towel and simar di saw him blushing.

“Chote, what happened to your cheeks. They are red.” She teased him biting back her laugh.

“Huh, nothing di. I need to make an important call.” Maan made an excuse and left the place.

Simar di laughed out loud and kissed Geet’s forehead thanking her for coming into her beloved brothers life. Geet just sat without understanding anything what simar di is speaking to her.
“Mr I-dont-beleive-in-love get ready for your beautiful God’s gift. I’ll make you believe that geet is your soulmate.” Simar di thought to herself and did a mental dance.

“Simar get ready for your new mission to unite these soulmates.” Simar blew an imaginary James bond gun. 


Okay get ready for more maaneet scenes 😀  Please let me know how this update came out.