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After a few years


He stood holding her close to his body. She snuggled up against him while they both waited for their son, now fourteen, to arrive for his vacation.


As soon as the train halted, they both headed for the compartment where all the school students were seated. Ansh ran into their arms as they shared a family hug.


They spoke about all random things as they enjoyed being together in the moment. Ansh was to stay for a month before returning to school at the end of his vacation. Together they decided they would spend more time together than heading out.


Looking at his wife smiling, he still felt guilty about what he had done. How he had trusted a woman genuinely believing he was helping while she was using him. How he had created a situation and was pushed to seek affection from a dishonest person. The thoughts suffocated him when he came to remember how sad he had made his wife.


Slowly after she had told him Sanaya’s truth they had built their trust again. She had held him that day in the hospital when the last piece of him broke. When the truth had dawned on him, which was that he was not a debauched man who had forced himself upon a woman like he had been led to believe. That finally his pleadings held weight and his wife was able to believe what he had been saying all along: that he was innocent. He was not having an affair and still desired her more than any other woman. If this was the punishment of being wealthy he would have given all his wealth away at that moment to ensure it never happened again.


Her tears too burned him, as he saw that she too felt grieved at her own actions having been caught in an emotional turmoil. Both were at fault and both were innocent and yet they had hurt each other more deeply than was ever possible.


He started sharing each and everything with his wife, which as usual she corrected him on when needed to make sure he did not err again. She on her side started listening and explained her thoughts instead of hurling accusations. Encouraged, he shared his feelings with her more and more and felt less and less like a caged bird.


Deceptive women like Sanaya bait people due to the lure of wealth. Aided by the freedom she appeared to give to him unlike his wife, she looked like she was supporting while in fact she was digging her claws in tighter and tighter to push a family to breaking point. She used their weakness against him so that he fell as her prey.


Along with love and support, privacy is needed in a relationship so that there is space for each individual to retain themselves and not become something they never imagined themselves to be. She had tapped into that need and used it to mould him and the situation in her favour such that he was ready to divorce his wife.


All parties played their part in this difficult conflict that brought them to the brink but as with any successful relationship, trusting each other, talking to each other and spending time with each other can help to slowly bring things back and lead to a happier ending.


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Part 9

After discharging from the hospital both of them reached to their house happily. Though he was still injured physically he didn’t care about it as his wife was giving him full attention which made him smile in content.

“Let me feed you. Come.” He said putting forward a piece of roti towards her mouth.

“What? No. You are not well. I can eat myself.” She huffed in concern.

“I will be fine only with you, with your smile.” He said looking straight into her eyes.

“Ill feed you both mumma papa.” Ansh said clapping his hands in glee and all of them had a laugh.

All the three slept cuddling up each other giving little space to his  wounds so that it won’t hurt. While Ansh was sleeping both of them  drifted to their past.

A time which turned their life upside down. A past which shadowed their memories. 

The day Sanaya entered their lives.

After saving Sanaya from the mob, he had let her stay in an apartment reserved for employees. He had also promised her a job to help her stand on her own feet. 

Around 11pm he came home to find his wife pacing the room.

“Jaan, are you ok? I’m sorry I’m late.” He apologised concerned about her behaviour.

“Don’t speak to me.Kis mendak ke godh me bait kar aye ho, huh? I now know all men are alike aren’t they? Just because I’m not as young and beautiful as I once was, you have decided to begin avoiding me and enjoy the company of beautiful, young girls. So go, go and enjoy yourself with them! She shouted at him. He just smiled at her paranoid, yet innocent, outburst.

“Hmm, so now according to you I am out enjoying myself with some girl huh? Why? Why would I want to do that when I have the world’s prettiest woman waiting for me here at home? If I am late it is because I had to save a girl from some trouble. You see some people were… He tried to explain but was quickly interrupted.

“Trying to molest her and you saved her. Isn’t that the story?” She completed with a sarcastic tone.

“Exactly and that is the absolute truth, He smiled.

“Don’t lie to me! Marriage always seems to change men for the worse doesn’t it? The actual truth here is that you are enjoying yourself with some girl and on top telling tales to me here. I don’t even want to look at your lying face right now, She said as she ran into her bedroom and shut the door with a bang.

“What the hell just happened now? He muttered walking towards the kitchen to gather food to take to their bedroom.

“Jaan, look I got dinner here. Why don’t you join me and we can have dinner together? He asked placing the food on the side table.

“I don’t want to. Go and have dinner with some beautiful girl if you really feel that hungry, She turned down his offer before gasping. He had picked her up in his arms. 

“What on Earth are you doing?”

“What? You yourself stated I should go and have dinner with a beautiful girl, well that is what I am doing. He stated watching her blush.

“Listen Jaan,I truly saved a girl today from some people who were trying to molest here. That’s all and that’s it. I’m not like other men and I only wish to have you in my life. Get it? So now believe it. He put forth cheerily trying to mask his hurt with a smile.

This was a usual occurrence since they got married. If he was even ten minutes late the doubts began, no matter how many times he clarified to her. She used to watch all the saas bahu dramas where husbands cheats on their wife and used to apply in real life. 

The day Sanaya moved into his private flat.

Sanaya had originally agreed to stay in the apartment reserved for employees and accepted a job at his office. But once she had been awed by his wealth, she planted a story that grew into bigger and bigger tangled strings of Chinese whispers until everyone was gossiping about the exact nature of their relationship. Therefore he was compelled to shift her to a privately owned flat so that she could live without the echoes of those unfounded gossips. He was also grateful that he had managed tostop her from committing suicide.

However a battle grew stronger within him leaving him conflicted about whether to confess what he had done. If he came clean about shifting Sanaya to his privately owned flat then his wife would never be able to believe him and his motivations behind it. She would only doubt them. So he had decided in the end to stay silent on the matter considering Sanaya was just a mere employee.

That was where he had taken the wrong step, the first in his life.

The day they needed to attend a foreign project.

He was pleased they had secured the deal and requested Sanaya to attend the final meetings, considering that she had been an obedient employee.

However she refused citing fear of travelling alone without him, the only person she trusted.

To solve this issue he had asked her to book additional tickets for his family. Then he could go with his family as well, but she had manipulated the situation unknown to him.

She had told him that there were no extra tickets available. Saddened, he resigned to plan another trip with just his family post the closure of this project.

The strain on his marriage was already evident. The distance between them gradually began to increase while his schedule got tighter as the work piled up. Yet his wife’s doubts on him remained constant regardless. 

The day he came to know he had forced himself upon a helpless Sanaya.

It had been the day he had craved his wife’s presence. 
As usual, she was accusing and blaming of enjoying himself with another girl on the pretext of some business trip.

At the end of his tether, he lost his cool and screamed at her.”Why the hell do you not understand that I would never cheat on you? Why do you keep insisting I’m when I could not ever be able to do so? He yelled making her flinch at his raised voice.

Never before had he spoken to her in such a way. It was frightening but he was unable to contain the deep hurt that her accusations had caused. Unable to express that in a way that she would be able to believe he was not having an affair, he felt powerless to do anything but shout that discontent.

In disbelief she looked at him critically.”There was also something else you could not do and that was raising your voice at me. But you did that today, right now even. How can I even begin to believe you when your actions say otherwise? You say you aren’t but everything you do only confirms that you have got a beautiful girl on the side ready for when you finally get rid of me! Get lost. I don’t want to see you! She shouted back at him and the door shut on his face as usual. 

He ran behind her and tried to open it. However it was locked from the inside.”Jaan, please open the door. I’m sorry. I am truly sorry at raising my voice. I promise I will never raise my voice at you again. Please Jaan, open the door. I need to say something very important to you. He pleaded from outside for so long that he found himself dozing off, weak from all the stressful events happening in his life.

Next morning

“Jaan, why didn’t you wake me up? Okay don’t worry about it. Look, I need to say something important to you. He said gathering all his energy to tell her about what happened with Sanaya that night.

“Why don’t you consider me to be important to you? Why are you so selfish? He cut in.

“What are you talking about? I don’t get anything you are saying Jaan. He tried to cup her cheeks.

“Last night I had been really hurt and I shut the door. What if I had taken a drastic step and ended everything? She said making his gasp for breath.

“What are you trying to say? Why would you even speak like that? You know I would cease to exist without you, He said still shaken by her words.

“Enough! Stop with all the drama. Agar main tumse shadi nahi karti toh koi nahi karega. We believed your words and got married. But you are not like the one you have portrayed yourself to be.” She sniffed speaking all the dialogue from one of her favorite tv drama.

“Jaan, please stop all this. Why are you dragging the argument? Please listen to me, I really must speak to you about something important. He held onto her hand.

“Oh so it is all my fault then? I’m the one dragging the topic, really? You know when a beautiful young girl speaks, you men start drooling over her and tell her to continue but when your wife says anything then it is dragging and they should be silent-“She huffed.

“Stop! Stop it! What the hell is your problem? You know I am sick and tired of speaking with you these days. I’m done with trying to untangle those paranoid fantasies in your head when you don’t even try to listen to me, let alone believe me. So I’m done, finished. Go, go  wherever you want and leave me alone. He roared walking away from their home. 

Except now it didn’t feel like a home but a prison where whatever happened, he was always on trial. That was the morning when the pain was intense. Two hearts hurt more than before, a pain they could not bear nor at that moment heal…

“You are a man that every woman dreams about. Your wife must be very lucky to have you.” Sanaya fawned at him teary eyed.

“You are not marriage material. If it were not for me, no one would have married you. I must have committed a grievous sin in my previous life to be punished with a husband like you in this one! His wife’s harsh words flashed back into his mind. Her words made him feel so unwanted and unlovable that Sanaya’s opposing words became so attractive in comparison. 

Where his wife would not listen and accuse him, Sanaya listened and boosted his self esteem. It was a tough battle and he had felt somehow he was already losing without realising how.

Both of them held each other hand not wanting to leave even in their thoughts. Their eyes filled with unshed tears while their lips  broke into small smile. Kissing Ansh forehead they promised them self not to give pain to  their beautiful small world at any situation.

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Part 8

Day 5

It was a hell for me yesterday. I didn’t even glance at my husband. Why must I fight with him?

I should have understand in which circumstances he took that decision. But I started making him feel guilty.

My poor husband has been suffering alone and I didn’t even got to know what has happened to him.

It was so perfect. Then suddenly what happened to us. We stopped having communication due to silly tiffs.

I should have spoke with him. But my stupid stubborn brain hadn’t allowed me to do so. I must ignored all these silly fights and should have supported him.

We felt all alone though we are alive and staying together.

A phone call interrupted my thoughts. Its an unknown number. Scrunching my eyebrows I picked up the call.

“Hello” I answered.

“Are you the Wife of KC groups MD” I heard a polite lady’s voice on the other side.

They are asking about my about my husband?

“Yes I am. May I know who you are? ” I asked her.

“We are calling from XYZ Hospital. Sorry to say this madam your husband met with an accident and he is in a critical position.”

She took a deep breath and continued further “We need to operate him and for that we need your permission”

The phone in my hands slipped from my hands and landed to the ground. A few tears spilled from my eyes. I felt a huge lump forming in my throat making me difficult to swallow the news.

I immediately asked the driver to take me to the hospital. He obeyed my words and without questioning anything he drove to the hospital. I new my driver wanted to ask many questions as he was concerned looking at my condition but I choose to ignore it.

As soon as my car stopped in front of the hospital I started running into the hospital reception. 
I took a deep breath and asked her about my husband giving the necessary details to her.

After knowing where my husband is I thanked her and started running towards the Ward where my husband is.

I identified the room and was about to open the door but it started opening from inside.

A few doctors along with some staff came out from the room. At first they looked at me weirdly and later they asked me is the patient my husband.

I nodded a yes, and said he is MY HUSBAND. They asked me to sign the papers to proceed with the operation. All the while they are narrating me how my husband landed in the hospital.

After he was hit by the truck he was admitted in the hospital by the crowd. And it was difficult to identify my husband as his face was covered with scratches by the glass pieces and his phone was broken into pieces by the crash and all his belongings were left in the home. So it took two days for them to identify my husband and finally contacted me for the permission to operate him.

I laughed. Why do they need the identity? Why can’t they see a person who is fighting for his life. Why didn’t they feel to cure him? Why did they waste all this time in enquiring.

I felt like screaming at each and every person but stopped doing as soon as my husband came to my view.

He is being shifted to the operation theatre by four Ward boys in the stretcher. Few doctors wearing the hospital gown started moving into the operation theatre along with nurses who were holding the hospital equipments.

Tears started flowing in my eyes seeing him immobile and weak in front of my eyes. He looked so devastated.

Blood is still dripping from various parts of his body. I didn’t know what the hell are these doctors doing when he is not Even given minimum first aid.

I sat on the hospital chair which was present in front of the operation theatre. I could see him clearly being operated from the glass door. Many large glass pieces are removed from his body and they are stitching his torn skin.

Damn it! I am unable to see his pain. It must be paining like hell to my husband and the thought of him being in pain broke me into huge sobs. 

I closed my eyes and all the past conversation played in my mind.

He has met accident?

He is in critical position!

He needs to be operated!

These words are continually vibrating in my ears.

I really love you jaan.

I was so confused.

I couldn’t understand what must I do.

I am nothing without you.

I didn’t try to buy you jaan, you deserves the best. That’s why I bought you this saree.

Please don’t leave me jaan, I’ll die without you.

I remembered his words on my birthday. Yes I wasn’t asleep but pretended to be asleep as I was so upset that I didn’t want to face him. My poor husband cried along with me.

How I wish you are dead.

You are the reason for all my problems.

I hate you.

Why don’t you die?

I woke up startling from my thoughts remembering how I spat venomous words at his already broken form.

How I wish to erase everything but nothing is left in my hands other than to pray for his healthy recovery. 

All my thoughts came to an abrupt end as the doctors started coming out one by one. I stood up immediately and ran towards them and asked how my husband is.

“Your husband is out of danger. Due to heavy bleeding we have arranged blood. For now he is in the effect of medicines within few hours he will get consciousness. He still weak as many glass pieces were pierced inside him. We took all the pieces with much difficulty. He needs complete bed rest.” The doctor told me and left from the scene.

I took baby steps towards my husband as he was laying immobile and it didn’t give me strength. I stood there for many hours just staring at him. I didn’t even tried to touch him nor I tried to cry as I am scared. My slight movement may disappear him.

After few hours I saw him moving his eyelids and fingers. He is slowly coming into conscious. As he was too weak he couldn’t open his eyes properly. And this brought tears in my eyes.

I slowly started moving towards him and touched his forehead. As if he got his energy back he opened his eyes.

He tried to speak something opening his mouth but I stopped him putting my palm on his mouth preventing him to speak.

It brought many old memories when we are happy to us and we both got tears in our eyes. Our eye lock has been broken as the doctor came inside and checked him.

He replaced a new saline solution with the old emptied one. All the while my eyes are not leaving his form.

After the doctor left us my husband started speaking with me.

“I am so sorry jaan. I am a monster to give pain to an angel like you. Please don’t stop me. Let me speak. I always loved you and always will love you jaan. I was so happy that finally I am freeing you with this devil and a life like a hell. But you asked me one month time for leaving me. I agreed to it so that you will leave me and lead a perfect life where you can live without any pain. But I became selfish. No matter what happens I need you in my life. Only you can complete me. When you wished I was dead I thought at least I fulfilled your wish but see I am alive. Please leave me and let me suffer alone jaan because I deserve all the pain in the world and not you. I am a monster I will surely hurt you with my foolishness. “My husband said to me holding my palm near his cheek.

I could feel his pain. It was clearly heard in his voice. I immediately hugged him tight while crying over him.

“Enough! I don’t want to listen anymore. I am not going to leave you even if death comes in my way. What did you think ha, I would be happy if you leave me huh. I would die if go a step away from you. You don’t how I am living in these days. At least I had a hope that you would come back to me. And don’t forget it we complete each other.” I screamed at him while hugging his weak form.

“Wont you leave me? You will stay with me “.he consoled himself more than asking me.

In response I hugged him tighter which satisfied his questions and he hugged me back.

I wantedly didn’t say about Sanaya as I didn’t feel it’s important. I’ll tell him when he recovers completely. For now my family is important for us.

To be continued

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Part 7

Wife POV

I woke up feeling pain in my neck and I couldn’t figure out why. The room is dark with only moonlight entering into the room. It took few minutes to realize what happened and how I ended up in this room. All the today’s events passed in my mind like a film.

“Jaan, please listen to me”

“I need you in my life “

“Please don’t leave me Jaan”

“How I wish you are dead”

“You are my worst enemy”

I covered my mouth as soon as reality hit me. What have I done. I mentally cursed myself.

I stood up immediately and opened the door. The house is dark without lights. There is only light coming from ansh room.

I ran to his room and saw him sleeping peacefully with his homework book under him. Sighing I looked at the watch it is 9 o’clock in night.

Oh my son didn’t had anything except his breakfast. I shook him slightly trying to wake him. After few minutes he woke up.

“Sona did you have your lunch and dinner? ” I asked him even though I knew he didn’t.

“No mumma. I slept while doing my homework. I didn’t come outside since papa said me to go to my room.” My son yawning.

“Hmm OK. Ill prepare the dinner until then go and wash your face” I said to him and walked into the kitchen.

Where is he? He didn’t eat anything from morning! I thought but brushed away. I concentrated in preparing the dinner trying to brush away the thoughts which I failed miserably.

After feeding my son his dinner I made him sleep with much difficulty as he was sleeping the whole day. As soon as he slept I started pacing the room.

I  Didn’t know why I am feeling restless.

Night turned out to day but there was no sign of him and my  patience level was giving away.

Day 4

This never happened. Not even when he was with Sanaya. He always made sure to return home even if it was midnight. This was the first time he’d left home which wasn’t business related. It tugged at my heart. I made ansh busy with his toys and left for his dad’s  office.

It was still early at the office so the building took on aneerie feeling of desertion. The restlessness increased making me feel physically sick.

I reached his cabin where his name was engraved proudly with his designation. Only after taking some breaths to steady myself did I attempt to take the door’s handle. A giggle stopped me.

I looked around but there wasn’t anyone there. Was it my thoughts imprinting their ghostly selves around me? I tried again and slowly turned the handle pushing the door.

A moaning sound made me pause again. Now I was sure that the sound was comingfrom within.

Silently I pushed the door further to reveal a couple passionately engaged in a kiss.

The girl was facing away from me but she was sitting astride on a gentleman’s lap. As though it were even possible she pressed herself more into his embrace.

I felt weak witnessing what I deemed another act of betrayal. I didn’t even notice it wasn’t my husband until I was about to leave. It left me confused.

“I missed you Sanaya. I love you baby. I can’t live another moment without you,” I heard the man mumble in between kisses. That sounded nothing like my husband’s voice.

“None of those women come close to you baby. Did you know Priya committed suicide when she found out my truth?

Bechari tsk tsk. Of course none of that matters since all her money is mine but it’s just not enough. It goes so fast so unfortunately I need to find another woman soon.” I heard him continue.

“I love you too baby. I can’t even think of living without you either Arun. But baby I promise just let my boss come back and then we’ll get exactly the amountwe need to enjoy the rest of our life signed lovingly by that fool.”

“Amount? You said you would overtake this company and make me the managing director.” I heard the man ask.

“Haan baby. That was my initial plan to take over from him and appoint you as MD. That’s his seat you’re sitting on right nowsweetheart and look it’s the right size. It suits you. But it didn’t work out how I planned,” She said.

So this was the Sanaya. Hiding myself I peered in further.

“So he discovered your real plans.” He asked.

“No but he still loves his wife and wants to live with her. He wasn’t ready to divorce her.” She said moving a strand of hair aside.

“So what happens now? If he still loves her how will you get anything? We’ll be left empty handed.” He complained.

“No Arun, he will give anything I demanded of him just like he planned to divorce his wife because I said so. If he can do that, I can make him do anything.” She boasted proudly making me want to slap her right then and there.

“I’m not sure Sanaya,

“Arun you’ve forgotten he gave me this job because I made him. He’s just an emotional fool. It didn’t take that much either. I simply fell in front of his car and acted injured. He wanted to take me to hospital when I lied to him that I was escaping my molesters. He fought with those men that he thought were going to molest me. In fact they were chasing me out of town after discovering my true colours.” She smirked.

“Yes but that was…Sanaya interrupted her beau.

“Yes that was past I know. I also fed him a tale of me being an orphan and broke. He believed me enough to give me this job.

He thought he was being the Good Samaritan and supporting me. I always knew he was rich but to realise he was a millionaire after joining the company was something else.

Even many attempts to seduce him nothing except rattle off on the jhap of how his wife is the best, the strongest and how much he loved her. So his strength turned out to be his weakness.

I kept telling him how I needed his support and how I only trusted him who was my world.Believe it or not baby he tried to mentor me on how to be a strong woman and I simply obeyed.

That was what was missing from his wife. She never let him do what he wanted.

Concerned, that fool’s wife places so many restrictions but still appealing to him, supporting his wishes I loosened his pockets. His money was always more appealing to me. It wasn’t enough and I had to step it up. I weaved a friendship betweenus and scattered rumours about us that frustrated him.” She laughed.

“Bechara the so called cool-boss became the worst-boss. Everyone started hating him and he used to feel so alone. He kept wanting to take a break with his family but even there I managed to twist his arm.

I manipulated him easily, saying I couldn’t go alone to Paris to complete the deal and I cried in front of him to make him believe I only trust him. After a long time he agreed.

Then he went ahead and even booked tickets for his family! I had to cleverly sell them and said only two seats are available.He booked anotherticket for his family trip after the Paris trip with me to make up for it.” She sighed annoyed.

“In Paris I managed to request a celebration party as we won the deal. He took me to the hotel where I drugged his drink and with the help of waiters stripped him in order to get his clothes cleaned. I striped myself in front of him and stood naked and seduced him.  Even naked the duffer wouldn’t be tempted and kept calling me by his wife’s name and fell unconscious.

Thankfully when he awoke and asked me why he was naked I concocted a tail that he had taken advantage of me. That he’d forced himself.

Naturally he was devastated but thatlook on his face was hilarious. He started screaming and threw everything everywhere.

After that he stopped speaking to anyone. He used be aloof and if anyone tried to speak to him he used to scare the hell out of them.

Some days later I went to his cabin and was shocked to see him crying and pleading in front of his wife’s photo. He noticed me and yelled get out. I started to act again. I shed some tears and said ‘maybe I am not important to you but you are my world’ and then I fainted,” Sanaya giggled.

“I managed to get adoctor on my side and announce my pregnancy after which boss ran straight out of the office. I ran after him. I pleaded that I would leave him knowing now that he was married. I tried to run in front of a car as well. I blackmailed him saying I needed him in my life before falling unconscious.

When he returned with me in his arms to the office, the gossips began.

The doctor convinced him to offer me support till the baby was born and I was stable. He was helpless to say the least though he did try to get himself out many times. I even faked a miscarriage and blamed it on him! Then I did try to cross the limit and fake a suicide that left him so frustrated.

His fool wife must have spoken with him at least this moment, but no, his wife started making fuss of his state. Though her words are concerned for him but she did not try to sooth him nor understand his position.

I began to convince him that we were meant to be, that his wife would never be able to love him like I did.” Sanaya confessed.

I gripped the handle tightly that it seemed like it would break under my grip. Hearing how she had put my husband under duress, completely helpless to play with him for moneymade me sick. I wanted her strangled, in fact my hands itched.

“Uff Sanaya I agree you got him drunk but it’s clear he wants his wife. Why would he give you any money now?” he said standing.

“Because I will again play my bechari act, saying if he loves his wife then I’ll sacrifice my love for him and leave hurt but he has to help me to go from here… so you see he will pay any amount I ask anyways just to get rid of me andhe has a lot…”she spoke with full confidence.

“Nice plan and I hope it works. He rubbed his hands.

“It has to work, this man ruined all my dreams Arun. I gave myself to him thinking I can get my dreams fulfilled. But this man had to ruin choosing his wife over mw. If only he had divorced her then I could have forced him to marry me, before transferring this company to my name and then kick him out to make you the MD. Getting all that was my dream but that man…” I could feel her anger in her voice.

However before she could utter anymore words I gifted her a series of thunderous slaps. Icouldn’t listen to her boasting how she used my husband and tried to separate us. Like a typhoon I strode into the cabin and hit her until I left red marks of my hand on her cheeks.

It took Sanaya a while to understand what exactly happened after I stopped slapping her. She looked for Arun, who was nowhere to be seen. Only my furious person loomed before her.

Arun, who spotted me, knew that I heard everything and made a wise plan of escaping leaving Sanaya to handle herself. He didn’t want to get involved as he ran as fast as he could.The employees who’d also caught wind of the situation caught a hold of him.

“Mr Aditya make sure sanaya yeha seh wahi jaaye, jaha mere husbandneh iss rehne khi jagah dhi and keep your eye on her, until she packs only her clothes. Once she’s handedthe keys you may burn the whole place so it never existed nor is presumed to ever have. I want every single thing burnt to ashes.” I ordered.

Turning to Sanaya Isaid “If you want tosave yourself from that fire then leave from here and disappear from our lives, preferably before Mr Aditya torches that house.

Mr Aditya you havejust 30 mins and if she doesn’t leave don’t worry just follow what I said. The fire will take care of her and I’ll take care of the fire. I threatened leaving a terrified Sanaya with the employees.

After few minutes I got a call from Mr Aditya. He asked me what to do with Arun. I ordered Mr Aditya to arrest Arun and Sanaya. I also told him to make sure they must suffer as much as possible for fraud. He politely obeyed and went ahead to collect the evidence.

But I was still tensed about my husband. He was nowhere to be seen. The staff informed me that my husband hadn’tarrived to office for two to three days. But where was he?I started feeling uneasy at that thought.

I knew women like Sanaya trapped rich men for their money and I had already warned him not to fall prey. But he is too innocent and trusting of people. Now his foolishness brought our life and marriage to this position. Why must he trust everyone so easily only to regret later?Why?

I started searching everywhere I could. I contacted all his office branches to ask about my husband’s whereabouts but I got the same results everywhere.

It was almost evening. The bright light started to fade away and darkness spread everywhere like my fear.

I informed my neighbour to look after my son till I returned and thankfully they accepted with no fuss. I am not too worried about my son since they informed that he was sleeping after having dinner.

But Iwas scared. Only God knows where my husband is! Damn it! He was not picking up my call either.

I felt like screaming loud so that he could hear my voice and reply.

Anything. I just needed one sign to tell me where he was. Just one. One.

To be continued… 

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Part 6


I woke up startled. With a long face, my son was trying to rouse me from bed. The frown didn-t settle well with me so I sat up and let him climb onto my lap so that he could sit comfortably.

“What happened, champ?” I asked him while kissing his forehead and pulling him closer to me.

“Mommy said she can’t help me with my homework today as she has a lot of work. And daddy will you please help me with it.” My son asked me.

“Anytime dear. And tell me what’s your homework. Wait! Did you have your breakfast? “I asked my son.

I looked to my left side to look at my wife but she isn’t there. I heard her bangles jingling sound on my right. I turned my head towards the direction of the sound and spotted her near the wardrobe. She is looking so cute at the moment.

She stood keeping her hand on her forehead while thinking something. And after some time she started arranging neatly the wardrobe.

All the while I forgot about my son who is saying something. I looked at him as he shook me.

“Daddy, I am saying something but you are busy staring at mommy!”my son said.

If it is any other day my wife would blush but I understand the circumstances are not favoured.

“Sorry, please tell me again” I said to him.

“Yes papa, I had my break fast. And my home work is to write a story in English. “

“Hmmm, OK. I think I may help you. ” I said thoughtfully to which my son jumped happily.

“OK, I’ll narrate you the story and you write it in your book “

“Long long ago, there lived a very handsome prince just like your father” I said patting my imaginary back.

“One day, the prince went for hunting. There he saw the most beautiful princesses smiling near the water pool just like your momma” I said and noticed my wife being stiffened with the mention of her name.

“But suddenly the princesses became sad. The prince didn’t like the princess being sad so he asked her the reason behind her sadness”

“Did the princess told the prince”asked my son eagerly.

“Yes,dear. She said. As I said the prince went to hunting right, there he has targeted at a cute rabbit which was a pet to the princess. So she told him the reason and asked him not to kill the rabbit.”

“The prince could not see her sad. So he agreed on one condition. Only if the princess will never be sad than he will leave the rabbit. The princess agreed to this and gave a bright smile. Both the prince and princess were happy.”

” She was a fool. Had she known what betrayal felt like she-d foresee the bigger pain yet to come,” my wife muttered absentmindedly.

” He was the bigger fool in the end to give her such pain. He regrets what his foolishness resulted in,” I said directing it to her.

The topic had begun to change. Our life and my story had begun to overlap. It was the immense pain in her eyes when she looked at me I couldn’t bear more looking at her sad eyes. I hurried into the bathroom.

Even the scalding shower couldn’t hurt me like her sad eyes did and that was all my fault. Mine.

I opened my eyes startling. I need to speak with her. Running away from her is not the solution for this problem.

I Need To Speak To Her.

After my shower I came out tying the towel around my waist. My wife and son are not here in the room.

May be they went down. I assumed.

I wore my casuals and came down running. She is helping my son in his home work.

“Champ, will you please go to your room for five minutes. Daddy wants to speak something to mommy. OK” I asked my son and he accepted soon.

My wife is staring into nothing after my son left to his room. Taking a deep breath I took a step forward.

“Ummm, I need to speak something with you jaan” I said clearing my throat. But alas! She didn’t even budge.

“Jaan, I am speaking to you. Please look at me” I said little louder. And there is no movement from her.

I tried for five to six times but got the same resulted which frustrated me.

I didn’t know what got into me, I pulled her to me by her arms and shouted ” Why don’t you understand dammit. I want to speak something with you. I can’t see you slipping from my fingers. I need you in my life.”

She removed my arms roughly and shouted equally matching my voice. “Why don’t I understand huh? Then what did you understand ha? When you want you will speak and when you don’t you will just walk away. Just for few days you felt difficult than have you ever thought about me. Its been more than three years we have talked”

I didn’t know when my eyes filled along with hers. She took a deep breath before speaking again. But her voice was little low than earlier.

“Do you even know how I used to cry waiting for you. Do you know how I used to feel alone. I have been hoping may be you are working a lot and need rest. But I didn’t know that, the rest you need is from our Marriage! ” she completed whispering the last words.

“I know. I know sorry is too little for my sins but Jaan I don-t have anything else to give. You mean everything to me and back then- back then I was so confused. My head was all over the place. Sanaya made me feel good when she encouraged me but that pales in the realisation I’ve come to about your support. I’ll always need your support more than her encouragement. I need you in my life. Without you I’ll die” – I burst into unrestrained heavy sobs.

“How I wish you were dead” I heard her say. And it shocked me.

“You didn’t mean it right ” I said to her while looking at her.

“I mean it in the most complete way possible. I wish you were dead. I wish you were dead so you wouldn’t revel in watching me die slowly every single day we-re together. I hate you so much right now, with my whole being that no other thought brings me such peace.

Why won-t you die I keep thinking.

Why wouldn’t you die I keep praying.

When will you die I keep asking” She screamed fleeing the room. The door banged shut behind her.

Rooted to the spot,chest tight I found it hard to think or breathe.

I made a run to my car clutching my keys in my fist. The metal dug into my skin but I ignored that pain.

I was ignorant of the pain and blinded by tears I had to wrestle away from my lashes. What had I done? What had I done to us?

Suddenly there is a booming sound and I am lying upside down. 

Then I have realized I met with an accident. Blood is continuously flowing and I couldn’t figure from where as my whole body is feeling numb.

A sudden boom sound cloaked me as I found myself completely numb. I couldn’t move nor ascertain which way I was up. All I could do was grimly smile, my mouth flooded with blood. I could taste the warm metallic tang to it.

God might be late to execute but he never failed to execute the wish of an ardent prayer, that too from a devoted wife. At least I finally brought her some peace at last.

I smiled with difficulty. My wife will be happy now. I want her to be happy always. I am a monster to hurt an angel like her. I deserve more than this. But she will be happy with out my presence.

Before going into deep pit of darkness I whispered “I love you Jaan, always did and always will”.

To be continued

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Part 5

Day 2

I woke up late today. It was ten in the morning. As usual, I turned to my left but found her to be missing.

Immediately I began searching. Fear made me breathless. I ran as fast as I could searching as many rooms as possible: the living room, Ansh’s room, the dining room and the kitchen. Everywhere I could think of, I searched without success. Suddenly, it also struck me that along with my wife, my son was missing. 

Heart racing, I restlessly wondered if she had left me. Won’t she come back to me? Tears filled my eyes blurring my vision. I had to blink several times to clear them and grapple the dreadful feeling of seeing my whole world crash.

I started screaming her name loudly while pulling fistfuls of my hair. In helplessness I sank to the floor shaking to come to terms with what could have happened.

That was when my son’s chatter, followed by my wife’s voice, made me look up. They didn’t leave me! A grin of relief broke out on my face. They didn’t leave me. They didn’t! Standing up I almost ran to them.

Wearing my favourite saree, she looked nothing short of divine. My chatterbox of a son was talking as usual while his mother smiled at him.

I embraced them both feeling like I was in heaven. I don’t remember the last time I hugged them, perhaps four years back. I missed them so much.

“Please don’t leave me, I blurted out letting them go when I felt her stiffen.

“Papa, are you crying? Why? My son asked me while my wife looked away. Bending down to his height I held him in my arms.

“Nothing beta, I thought you had left me all alone. I was scared that’s why. Please don’t leave me. I whispered the last few words while looking at my wife. Again she didn’t even meet my eyes.

“Oho papa, don’t cry. We won’t leave you. Never. Today is momma’s birthday so we went to the temple,” My son explained. 

Again, I looked at my wife. Today was her birthday? I didn’t even remember! It dawned on me that for the last three years we didn’t celebrate her birthday. Standing up I took small steps towards her. I tried to wish her but courage failed me.

“Umm…ha…ha…ha…had your breakfast?” I said. Damn, what was that? Shit, I have failed. With just one brief glance at me she immediately left followed by Ansh.

I tried to wish her but every time fear gripped me. Plenty of chances arose only to be wasted. In the end I thought of gifting her something special? I purchased a most costly and in demand saree for my wife. 

Akhir, she is so special for me. It would arrive within three hours so I had to wait. I decided not to go down and face her for the fear that I would be unable to say a word. 

After three hours, the parcel finally came. I ran to the door and took it.

I searched for her to find her in the kitchen preparing dinner, where her mere presence made my son happy.

I waited for dinner to be over and for her to put our son to bed before she came to our room. Clearing my throat I tried to wish her once again but once again failed. She looked at me for a bit before attempting to step aside from me. 

That’s when I took a hold of her hand. She struggled to free herself therefore I held on a bit firmer. Eventually, she stopped struggling.

“I bought this for you,” I said showing her the parcel.

For the first time she spoke to me, “I don’t want anything from you,” She stated.

“What? Do you know what this is? The whole world is fighting for this damn saree which I’ve purchased just for you, and you’re telling me you don’t want it? I asked feeling confused.

Flaring her nostrils slightly, she glared at me. “Didn’t you hear me? I. Don’t. Want. It.” She repeated.

I let go off her arm at seeing that angry face. Her arm was red where I had gripped it tight. It was probably hurting top.

“What did you think? Did you think if you gave me some money I’d fall to your feet again? You wanted to buy me with a gift? she accused rubbing her arm. 

No, I thought. Not at all! I wanted to say I love her. I wanted to explain that I only wanted to give her the best of the world because she deserved it. I couldn’t though. As a man of few words, these failed me. Shit. 

As she looked at me with those hurt eyes, I felt pained. I made her cry on her birthday and that made me tear up. I couldn’t bear to stand there anymore so left along with my car keys. Her tears made my chest feel suffocated. 

After several long hours of driving absentmindedly I returned home. I wanted to give her everything but I realised truly I had nothing left to give.

I found her sleeping like a new born. Sitting beside her I moved the fringe covering her face. I let my fingers travel to her cheeks to cup them and allow myself to bend forwards to kiss her forehead. I deliberate let my lips linger.

“Happy birthday Jaan. Listen, the reason I bought you that saree wasn’t to buy you. I swear. You deserve the best, that’s why I bought the saree that everyone else wanted. Ever since you came onto my life I’ve been successful and it’s all because of you.

Mat jao, please mat jao. If you’re not here, then it doesn’t feel the same. Seeing your face first thing in the morning and the last at night is what it’s all about. Us. It’s about us. I want us. I want you, me and our son.

Please Jaan, please stay. Please,” I beseeched her sleeping form.

I knew sleeping deeply, she wouldn’t hear me but I felt more peaceful telling her these truths.

Wiping my tears made me realise that I’d been crying as well. I was about to move when the calendar stopped me and broke my heart slowly.

It was marked “2” today. Already two days have gone, leaving only eight days left…


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