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Part 10

“What? Is this Dream girl’s room?” Raman said standing out of the room along with Mihir

“Yes. Why? Where are you going?” Mihir questioned seeing Raman going inside the room. 

“To lit the lamp. My first step in this building was here only. Why isn’t anyone lightening the lamp.?” Raman said arranging the lamp.

“This room is Ms Iyers. So only she is allowed in her room. And remember in this house no one enters in others room. And this is manners got it.” Mihir warned.

“Haan haan ok villains.” Raman muttered under his breath and left the room while Mihir shut the door.

“Ms Iyer eats the same food which you have eaten this morning. And she covers her face with a duppatta and eyes with sunglasses. She doesn’t speak much so be careful.”

“Sab log ek jaise hain. Arrey movie mein kitne cute lagtein hain yeh dono but they are so bitter in real life. Uff” 

“How many times I must say not to speak about RKB like that. He may not be good but he isn’t bad. Got it.” Mihir warned him.

“I know how good he is, your boss that’s why you are supporting him. Anyways I’m not interested in speaking about him. I’m feeling hungry let’s eat poori.” Raman said and left the place.
“When will she come.” Raman asked for umpteenth time after coming to the airport.

“I am warning you again I’ll lock you in a room if you speak again. How many times should I say she’ll come as soon as her flight lands. Till then wait.” Mihir glared at him.

“Mihir I got a doubt. After getting makeover I’m looking like RKB okay then what about voice. How didn’t Mama didn’t identify my voice.” Raman asked .
“There is no problem with voice because no one heard RKB voice. All he gives is a one liner that too once in a blue moon day.” Mihir said.
“Okay.” Raman agreed. 

After sometime 

“Come let’s go to home.” Mihir said to raman who is still waiting for dream girl.

“What but where is dream girl?” He asked.

“She went to the mansion.” Mihir replied.

“But how can she go like that we are waiting for her right!”

“We are waiting here without her knowledge. We are just protecting her and RKB doesn’t wait for anyone. So don’t say to anyone.” Saying that he pulled RKB along with him. 


It was night and raman slowly sneaked into kitchen to eat something spicy but came back as he didn’t find anything. While going to his room he heard soft sobs coming on his left side. Following closely the sound he realized that its coming from Dream girl’s room.
He pushed the door forward and stepped inside the dark room and saw figure in the corner sobbing. 

“Is it you” he asked to the figure and saw the figure trying to runaway but raman held the person’s hand in order to stop from running and switched the lights on.

He saw his dream girl who closed her eyes due to the light and her angelic face drenched with tears. He unconsciously tried to wipe her tears gently. His touch made her to open her eyes and Raman’s heart skipped a beat seeing her expressive eyes. 
“Tum teek ho?” He asked with a gentle voice concerned for her.

Her eyes rounded wide seeing The great RKB speaking with her and that too gently. This incident was too much for her that she fainted and raman caught her immediately.
“Dream girl. Dream girl.” He called and patted her cheeks but there’s no response from her side so he picked her in his arms and laid her on the bed. 

“Dream…” He was about to call her that name but stopped immediately.

“Tum bhi na RKB is this any name to call her. But I don’t even know her name to call.” He thought to himself and took a glass of water and sprinkled on her face slowly.and

She got conscious and blinked her eyes to see RKB concerned for her. She was about to faint again but Raman held her and made sure she drank the hot milk beside her. 

“Tum teek toh ho na? Do you need anything.” Raman asked her who was looking at him with shocked face.

She was about to answer him but stopped and composed herself and said in a rude slow voice “What do you want now?”

“What?” He asked confused.

“The RKB is concerned for me. This indeed a big joke so tell me what made you to come to my room and treat me like a human,huh?” She questioned him all the while punching her fists on his chest. 

“Listen, j…..” Before he could speak anything mihir came to the scene and sushed Raman.

“Mihir please ask him to go from this place or at least let me go from his life.” She screamed  and started crying.

“As you say ms Iyer.” Mihir said and took raman out from her room and she immediately licked the door.

“What are you doing in the room. I asked you not to enter any rooms right. Then why?” Mihir questioned.
“Leave all that why did you pull me out now?”
“Didn’t you hear what she said she asked to leave her alone and we must obey.”
“But she is crying. How can we leave her alone.” Raman said and mihir pulled him to their special dark room to talk with him. 

Part 9

Part next

“Okay. I’ll act like RKB.” Raman said and Mihir hugged him tightly thanking Raman.


“This is RKB bedroom. Sit here you need a make up. Firstly, you need to shave, RKB has only a small stubble.” Mihir instructed Raman.

“Relax Mihir. What’s the hurry? We still have two days! Dream girl is coming day after tomorrow so let me sleep now. Its very late now.” Raman said yawning.

“Oye chup kar. You have been sleeping since two days and you need sleep now? Listen I have not slept since two days so be dedicated. RKB isn’t lazy so be alert. We have two days for Miss Iyer to come but before that you need to present like RKB in front of others. No one has seen RKB since two days.” Mihir explained the situation.

“Hmm. What? Listen Mihir I’m helping only for dream girl not for RKB. So I don’t care about him.” Raman said to him.

“Teri toh.” Mihir uttered and hit him on his head and twisted his ears. “Dare you disobey me. Now do what I say.”

“Ouch. Mihir I’m a teacher. You don’t have any right to treat me like this. I need respect if not I’ll not help you.” Raman said rubbing his ears.

“Really. If you won’t listen to me then I’ll lock you in this room itself. Now go.” Mihir joked and pushed him into the washroom.


After few minutes raman came out with a towel around his waist. He shaved his beard as mihir instructed.

Mihir turned  towards Raman and gave him a suit to wear it.

“Mihir, who wears suit at night.”

“RKB wears suit 24 hours except in shower. He likes to look presentable at any time. So you must wear the suits 24 × 7.” Mihir handed the suit to him and raman started wearing it.

“Here you must use only this perfume, deodorant, aftershave, hair gel,. And that dark room where we met earlier its the only place where no one comes. That room is only for RKB. If you have anything to say you meet me in that room.”

“Uff ok. Is anyone at home?” Raman asked mihir.

“Hmm yes, Arnav mama is sleeping in his room. I’ll show you his photo so that you will recognize him in the morning. Listen if you don’t recognize anyone just leave the place and go. RKB doesn’t give any damn to anything.”

Mihir showed him the photo of Arnav mama and taught some language and body skills. After a whole night workout raman was transformed into RKB.

“Okay. Now when you are having breakfast Arnav mama will wish you good morning but do not lift your head. RKB doesn’t speak to anyone but observes and judges others.” Mihir took a breath.

“Arnav mama will ask you about your disappearance and you must say that you have jumped out of the car. Speak very little or else anyone might get doubt.”

“Omg ! RKB looks like a prince in movies but in reality he is a demon. Okay I’ll go down to have breakfast , I am feeling hungry.” Raman said and heeded towards the dining hall.


Dining hall

Raman sat on the main chair allotted for him and the servants started serving his food. He was shocked to see bland and plain food being served to him but composed himself seeing Mihir glaring at him.

“Good morning RKB.” Arnav mama wished him but Raman ignored as instructed by Mihir.

“I know you don’t want to answer but can you tell me where were you since two days as I was so tensed about you.” Arnav mama continued.

Raman stopped eating for sometime and took a deep breath before uttering ” I met with an accident. I jumped out of the car in Nick of time.”


Immediately Arnav mama saw the bandages on his face and sighed. “Take care of yourself RKB. I have only you in the world.”

Arnav mama was about to touch his palm but Raman distanced himself like RKB does making Arnav mama sad.

“Shall I send a driver to pick up Ms iyer from the airport?”

“Hmm” Raman hummed in response.

“Okay. Then will you take rest or will you come to the shoot?” Arnav mama asked him.

In reply Raman stood up and left the place asking Mihir to follow him.


“Uff mama ji is very concerned about RKB the so called monster and I have to act like him. Hmpf” Raman cursed himself as soon as he entered his room.

“Calm down. You will not go to shoot until Ms iyer comes back OK. You must just update your status on social media that you are on leave for few days.” Mihir said while sitting in front of the laptop screen.

“Here i have updated your status. Now come I’ll show Ms iyer room. You need to know about her also.” mihir said and took him towards ishitas room.


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Ishra FF: FAN Part 7

“I am Raman Kumar bhalla. I was a RKB fan.”

“Was a fan? Aren’t you now his fan? May I know the reason?” Mihir asked kneeling beside Raman.

“I hate you all. You all are monsters. Devils. You have killed an innocent. Chi. I have to go now. I can’t stand a second more here.” Raman said in a go.

“So you have witnessed the murder. But how did you enter this room at first place.” Mihir asked Raman.

“I climbed all the floors to meet my God, sorry the devil. Yes, I have seen everything with my own eyes. Ab kya will you kill me also, huh?” Raman said with a tinge of anger.

“Leave all that, I have seen you lying here two days back. Don’t get surprised, it’s three days since you are in this room. Now the time is 12 o’clock in night. I have gathered all your information so I know much more than you. I have asked you all these questions just to know your character.” Mihir paused.

“I think I can trust you.” He continued.

“But why? Whats the use of collecting my information?” Raman spoke confused.


“I need your help, Raman. WILL YOU ACT LIKE RKB? FOR SOMETIME?” Mihir asked hopefully.

“What? Why must I act like RKB? Aur voh monster kaha gaya? Is he busy killing someone that I must act in his place?” Raman taunted.

“RKB is dead. He was burnt into ashes in the car accident yesterday morning.” Mihir said staring at his fingers. 

“RKB….. RKB dead..? RKB burnt..? Life…breath….pain must be.. crying…. alone again…” Raman uttered some incoherent words.

Mihir tried consoling Raman but he isn’t in the state to listen. He lost his senses hearing his life, his God is no more. Finally Mihir slapped Raman which made him come out of the shock.


“How did this happen? My RKB….. how can he leave me? Oh God RKB is still a young man to take his life. What have you done?” Raman started crying falling on the floor.

This sight of Raman made Mihir also sad but he composed himself as there is no time.

“Raman, now it’s not the time to cry. Understand, please we need your help.”

“What help? I am rea…..” Raman stopped speaking abruptly remembering all the events.

“Let the monster die. I don’t care of him anymore. Let him die. God has done a good thing to kill him. He is a monster. He has killed  innocents.” Raman spoke gritting his teeth ignoring the tears  which are flowing from his eyes.

“Raman, I can understand your feelings. I can’t say anything to you now, all I can say is all that glitters is not gold. I am not saying that RKB is innocent but I’m saying RKB is not a monster. Trust me you don’t know why he has to take such a drastic step.” Mihir explained to Raman keeping his palms on his shoulder.


“If he is not a monster than tell me why did he kill that old man, huh?” Raman questioned.

“I have told you Raman, I can’t say anything to you. Remember that you are just a man from no where. You have no rights to ask about RKB.” Mihir retorted.

“OK fine. I’m going. You people can kill each other and die I don’t care.” Raman took his empty bag and shoved some things and was about to move forward but stopped on his tracks listening to Mihir.

“Then atleast care about the innocent lady, Dream girl, Ms iyer.” Mihir screamed.

Mihir saw Raman who stood rooted on the spot and came forward facing him.

“You hate RKB, it’s OK. But what about Ms iyer. She went to her town as her only relative has died. She still didn’t recover from the sadness, and how can we break the news that her fiance RKB is no more. Try to understand, Raman.” Mihir spoke softly.


“She is so delicate when it’s related to relationships.” Mihir whispered.

Raman closed his eyes feeling helpless. He always used to be excited seeing dream girl and RKB on screen. Now his God was dead and after knowing the news about RKB death she will be devastated. No! He couldn’t loose her too.

If RKB is a monster than what’s wrong with her. She is innocent and why must she pay for RKB sins. I’ll be a protector for her, no matter what happens. A protector and nothing else! Raman thought to himself with a determination and opened his eyes to look at Mihir who is waiting for his answer.

“OK. I’ll act like RKB.” Raman said and Mihir hugged him tightly thanking Raman.


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Ishra FF: Fan. Part 7

Part 7

Raman woke up with a jerk and squinted his eyes to figure out where he was. Suddenly all the previous day events came in his mind.

He took a long deep breath remembering the man being killed on the orders of RKB. Rubbing his face with his palms he stood up on his feet to move from this place.

He stumbled few steps as he was feeling weak. His stomach started making grumbling sounds indicating he was too hungry.

Being a dark room he couldn’t see anything apart from hearing his own breath. He traced the walls with his fingers to find any windows or doors. Unfortunately he found nothing like that except the smooth walls and curtains.

Raman wanted to leave this place as early as possible. He couldn’t stand this place where his God, his life, his role model was nothing but a monster.

“Open the door. I said open the door. Any one there. Please open the door.” Raman started banging the door screaming on top of his voice.

He knew if someone opens the door he will be at great risk. But he needs to get out of this place at any cost. He doesn’t even know the time is day or night.

Even after few hours of screaming no one opened the door. He sighed sadly and threw his bag on the floor. Running his fingers in his hair he sat on the floor.

He opened his bag and saw all the gifts greetings for RKB are lying. He wished to give RKB all these things.

His day used to start with RKB and  ends with RKB. But now he saw the real face. Raman has been thinking his entire life how he will speak in front of RKB, how he will behave in front of him. But now it’s no use. He is a monster.

“I HATE YOU RKB. YOU ARE A DEVIL, MONSTER.” Raman screamed to the empty space.

He threw all the gifts from his bag which were now scattered across every corner of the room. This again made him mad as he was seeing RKB everywhere.

“Why am I not able to hate you. Why? Why did you enter into my life when you are meant to destroy my dreams. Why am I still loving you. Why RKB? I called myself as Jr RKB, then why did you turn out to be the monster? Please show me a way! I have no one except you.” Raman cried painfully.

He found a chocolate packet near his bag. It was given by his neighbour to gift it to RKB. He tore the packet and started eating it. After finishing the entire packet his hunger satisfied. Now he got his energy.

Without thinking twice he blurted out “Thank you RKB”. He smiled sadly.

Suddenly someone opened the door startling him. Raman closed his eyes with his palm blocking light. The person who opened the door closed it again making the room dark again.

The person came forward and took out a battery lamp and lit it. Now Raman could see everything in this room.

The room was painted in black, there is rich black cushion chair on the corner and a small table where the battery lamp is now resting.

The unknown person stood in front of Raman and said “I am Mihir Arora. RKB ‘s assistant. Who are you? ”

Raman craned his neck to look at Mihir Arora and said “I am Raman Kumar bhalla. I WAS A RKB FAN.”


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Ishra FF: Fan. Part 6

Part 6

Raman was still sleeping in the dark room. It is already ten o’clock in the morning but as he was sleeping in a dark room it didn’t show any difference from yesterday to today.


As RKB ordered the man was killed and thrown into a deserted area. But the place no more seemed deserted as the media surrounded the lifeless body and started clicking photos.

REPORTER 1: “As you all are seeing this person has been killed in most horrible way. His face has been damaged so we couldn’t identify him. Who is he? Why has he been killed? For more updates stay tuned to our channel.”

REPORTER 2: “Breaking news! We found a chain in the victim hand. It has RKB Locket. Is it related to The Superstar RKB? Stay tuned.”

REPORTER 3:  “Shocking news. Our source informed that the victim has met the superstar RKB few days back. Is really the superstar back of this issue.”

REPORTER 10: “Bulletin update! Is it a suicide or murder.? Is RKB the murderer? Or…….”

Media started reporting whatever their creative mind came up with. Police department informed that the case is in enquiry stage.

This news has started circulating everywhere. Why not? Its a hot topic for everyone. The superstar RKB involved in a crime.


The news even reached in RKB house. RKB is sitting on his royal dining chair and having his breakfast. He stirred his drink with the rich silver spoon and sipped it.

He stopped having his breakfast as he heard his name attached with a crime scene and concentrated on the news channel displaying on his huge LCD HDTV.

Being a man of few words none can say what he is thinking right now. As soon as the screen zoomed over the lifeless body and RKB chain he screamed loudly.

“Mihir! What the hell was that? How the hell my chain reached there?”

Mihir stepped forward shrugging his strong shoulders indicating he doesn’t have any idea about it.

RKB threw the drink glass which he was previously sipping on the HDTV making the drink spill over the screen and floor.

The drink glass also couldn’t stop the TVs voice and it made furious to RKB. RKB stomped his foot on the glass pieces which pierced his foot even through his thick boots but he didn’t care. He grabbed his car keys and held the key in such a way that the metal dug into his palm.

He started driving his car in a high speed on a lonely road. Though his eyes are focussed on the road his mind is busy thinking something else.

After few minutes of driving his nerves calmed down little bit so he thought of taking a u turn. But the car has gone out of control.

RKB tried to apply the brakes but nothing worked. And when he saw in his front there is nothing but a huge rocks. He tried opening the car doors but they are jammed. Within seconds his car dashed into the rocks following a blast sound.

“RKB” Mihir screamed seeing the scene in front of him. He followed RKB as he was driving insanely and he was not in his mind. When he reached he saw RKB trying to open the car doors and finally burning in the car.

Mihir fell on his knees and started crying.


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Ishra FF: FAN. Part 5

Part 5


Raman stood in front of RKB house waiting to meet RKB.

He reached Delhi at early hours of morning. He brushed his teeth and wore some decent looking clothes in the railway station restroom.

He is so eager to meet his God that he ignored his breakfast. After getting refreshed, he straight away took a auto to RKB HOUSE.

It’s been 5 hours, Raman was still standing in front of RKB HOUSE. He showed his appointment letter to the watchmen and the bodyguards but they didn’t allow him to meet RKB instead they asked Raman to stand outside the gate.

There are nearly 100’s of people in front of RKB HOUSE waiting for him like Raman. Each and everyone are the winners of the contest from different cities and all are die hard fans of RKB.

None of them wanted to miss the chance to look at their superstar even if it means a small glance.

People started pushing each other to have a glimpse of RKB as soon as RKB waved his hand to the crowd. Raman tried to look at him but he couldn’t do due to the huge crowd.

He screamed RKB ‘s name many times but Alas! Due to the heavy crowd his voice couldn’t reach RKB.

Within few minutes RKB went inside blowing a last final kiss to his fans. Even though it’s been hours RKB left the place people didn’t move instead started taking selfies  in front of RKB HOUSE.

They started moving from the place as the bodyguards started hitting them to leave the place.

Raman felt really bad as he didn’t get a chance to see RKB leave meeting him. He dreamt of many things with RKB but all his dreams got broken.

He need to meet RKB. He has been dreaming for this day and he couldn’t see it destroying in front of his eyes.

He turned to his left and saw the watchmen and bodyguards are busy with the crowd. Raman took this as a chance and slipped from the crowd and took a half round of the building.

There is a strong pipe attached to the wall of the building. The pipe was elongated till the terrace of house. Raman first tested the strength of the pipe by hanging when he was sure about it he started climbing without anyone’s notice.

On the eighth floor the window door was opened and Raman sneaked into the room without making any noise. Raman looked here and there for a way to meet RKB.

The room was very big, in fact it’s too huge like a single room looked like a bungalow. From the window Raman straight away landed on the softest bed which smelled of jasmine. It looked too girly. Though the room is painted dark the decorations were bright and girly.

He stood up from the bed and saw Goddess Durga Mata idol.

“Why didn’t anyone lit up the lamp near the idol.” Raman said to himself and lit the diya. Now the place looked heavenly.

May it’s a good sign in his life or a bad one only God can decide.

He saw the door of the room and slightly  opened it only to witness some men in black suits and guns following RKB.

Raman smiled happily seeing RKB this close. He silently followed them and sneaked behind the curtain of the dark room where RKB stood surrounded by those men.

There is a man tied to the chair and RKB is staring at him intently.

“Why didn’t you stop it?” RKB asked in a husky voice which made every person shiver with his cold tone.

“Chote Saab, believe me I was helpless. Trust me. You have misunderstood everything. Please listen to me. Only I know the truth and you please listen to me without jumping into any conclusion.” The man begged RKB with much difficulty as his mouth is bleeding due to the slaps given by RKB men earlier.

Without hearing anything further from the man RKB marched away from the room and his men followed him while two of his men stood beside the bleeding man.

After few seconds the men who followed RKB came back and said with a authoritative voice.

“RKB sir ordered to cut this man’s face into pieces so that none can identify him, remove his ribs from his body and kill him in the worst possible way and leave his dead body in a deserted area. OK.”

Four men came forward and started beating him with a hammer on his face giving a deaf ear to his pleas and painful screams.

  Though they felt pity for the man who is about to be killed but they can do nothing other than obeying their boss RKB words or else they have to face the worst.

After killing him in a most painful method they packed him in plastic wrap and picked him to leave this dead body in a deserted area. By now it’s already night which made their work easy.
Remaining members cleaned the floor erasing all the traces.

Raman closed his mouth with his palm to stop his screams. It was a really horrifying sight seeing a person being murdered in front of his eyes that too instructed by RKB, his God.

He fell on his knees and few tears escaped from his eyes. He cuddled  with his knees bringing close to his chest. His bag is still hanging on his back but he didn’t care to remove it.

He never expected this scene in front of his eyes. Today’s events made him too weak to move his finger and on top of it he didn’t eat anything since morning. Before fainting in the dark room he whispered RKB ‘s name.


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