Everything was fine that day. Zoya has accepted his proposal, his ever so shy brother also proposed to his love. Everything looked perfect but there is something amiss which Asad couldnt configure.
He brushed these thoughts thinking it to be his over imagination.
Suddenly the calm and serene surrounding was filled with a painful shrill making Asad to shiver. That voice belonged to Armaan but he didn’t turn towards the direction of the voice as he isn’t having strength to face it.
‘It must be my imagination. If I wont turn it would pass away.’ Asad thought to himself. But fate is not in his hands today. The sound became more loud and close which made him to run.
Armaan was dragging himself covered with blood drenched clothes towards Asad. His nose was bleeding while the fore head formed a dent. Some one must have hit him brutally.
The thought itself made Asad to burn in rage and smash the person who caused this position to his beloved brother. But Alas! He was unable to move an inch seeing him like this.
He still didn’t realise that he became numb seeing his mirror image battling life and death in front of his eyes.
Zoya was already beside Armaan trying to tend him. She looked for Asad to help who was looking lost and rooted to the spot.
“Asad! Asad! Come soon his chest and stomach are punctured. We need to take him to the hospital.” Zoya screamed making him to flinch as the harsh reality struck him.

Image result for KARAN singh grover crying
“Arm..aaan… bhai….” Asad ran towards him with unsure steps and fell beside him.
“Dont worry bhai you’ll be okay. Hospital is very near …… you’ll be okay.” Asad said to himself more than to Armaan and tried to pick him in his arms but Armaan stopped him.
“Asad … The knife already stabbed me in my heart, i CAN FEEL IT. I don’t have much time….Asad SAVE HER PLEASE….” Armaan moaned in pain while giving Asad a chain with locket.
“Sorry Asad I couldn’t take care of this.” He kept the chain in Asad palm and held his heart with pain stricken face.


Image result for KARAN singh grover crying
“Bhai, I bought two chains for us. It has A&A Letter engraved on it which stands for Armaan and Asad. Here wear it.” Asad chirped.
“And May I ask why?” Armaan asked with a smirk.
“Oho What do you mean by why? Because to remind you that we will be together every time and everywhere. So one chain for you and one chain for me. Isnt it filmy like Karan Arjun etc.” Asad laughed.
“My dear brother why don’t you say you are JEALOUS of Ridhimma huh?” Armaan raised his eyebrow.
“What? Are you serious? Why would I be jealous of that Aunty.” Asad pretended.
“Really Asad?”
“Okay fine im jealous of her because you started spending more time with her than me. I know you will soon forget me too.” Asad addaed a dramatic touch to it.
“Hahhaahha …. Seriously Asad. You are thinking like this. Okay I’m wearing this chain like you, now happy.” He wore it and took Asad into his Arms.
“Ye dosthi…. hum nahi chodenge… hahaha” Both the brothers sang and laughed out loud.
“Bhai.. don’t talk nonsense. Get up.” Asad said to a lifeless Armaan in his Arms. He knew it. Armaan has left his last breath but still him being a stubborn kid couldn’t accept the reality.
“Bhai… now stop playing. Get up now or else…… or else bhai please get up ….. I need you .bhai…” Asad started wailing and punching him to wake up.
Zoya couldn’t control her tears seeing the scene in front of her. But suddenly she remembered something.
“Asad … The knife already stabbed me in my heart, i CAN FEEL IT. I don’t have much time….Asad SAVE HER PLEASE….” Armaan moaned in pain while giving Asad a chain with locket.
“Oh my God! Ridhimma? Asad where is she?” Zoya covered her face with shock.
It then crossed Asad that Ridhimma is missing. He totally forgot about her.
“Okay bhai. So you are not listening to me na. I’ll bring Ridhimma to you. Listen to her and wake up okay.” Asad said and stood up to search Ridhimma.
‘Armaan was already dead. I can’t leave Asad alone.’ Zoya thought to herself and started walking with Asad.
“Zoya, what are you doing here? Armaan is alone there. Go and stay with him. Till then I’ll bring Ridhimma.” Asad still believing Armaan to be alive.
“Asad, please …. ill come with…” Her sentence was left in the middle seeing a brutal scene in front of her.” Asad look there.”
A man wearing a hoodie was stabbing Ridhimma with a knife continuously. His face and entire body was covered except for his wrists and eyes.

Image result for shilpa anand sleeping
“Hey!” Asad screamed at that person and held his hand when he was about to run.
That mask man tried to stab Asad but he bend down causing the knife to slash in air. Asad noticed a tattoo on his wrist while bending. Before he could make any move that mask man ran away leaving him with a wailing Zoya.
“Asad….. Ridhimma is no more. She is dead.’ Zoya wailed.
Ridhima’s body was also punctured like Armaan’s the only difference is her body has smaller punctures comparing to Armaan.
“AAAH…… aah ahha…” Asad screamed loudly not knowing what to do.
Everything was perfect till an hour then what has happened that their lives turned 360 degrees.
Asad there looking numb at his parents wailing on Armaan and Ridhimma dead body. Khushi and Zoya are standing near his parents and consoling them.Image result for surbhi jyoti crying

Seeing Asad not crying, every one thought him to be strong person but he is anything than that.
He was broken crumbled and shattered. The tears and emotions are long back died. The deep pit of numbness is swallowing him slowly. He felt nothing. Nothing more.
Their house is no longer the same. It was empty. Priya became too weak that a home nurse was appointed and Zoya being a doctor gave her occasional visits. In the pretense of Priya she used to sit with Asad.
Ram became a workaholic more than before. He became aloof. Though he is working 24×7 Asad understood that he must be crying inside.
As usually Zoya sat beside him giving him support silently.
“I killed my brother. I killed Ridhimma.” Asad these words after two days of being him numb which shook Zoya.
“I couldn’t save him. He asked me to save ridhimma at least but I didn’t. I failed.” Asad said caressing the locket which has A&A.
“Asad you didn’t. According to the reports, Ridhimma was dead before an hour. She was dead even before Armaan came to us. The mask man was just stabbing a dead body.” Zoya informed.
“What?” Now this is  news for him. “Why would a person stab with such a force even after death. Zoya do you know anything else?” Asad asked her with hope.
“Nope. I’m just a Junior doctor and I’m not allowed to do all this. I got this information as my cabin was alloted near the mortuary and I overheard the Sr Doctors speaking.” Zoya stated.
“There is something missing. I don’t understand…. I…………….Wait. Zoya do you remember the place where Ridhimma dead body was found?” Asad asked having something in his mind.
“Yes, I remember. But….. Oh my God. Asad its the same area where we had a fight with the local goon.” Zoya covered her mouth with shock.
“Exactly! That scumbag must have killed Armaan thinking it to be me and as Ridhimma was beside him that goon killed her too. I swear Im not going to leave him.” Asad said and dashed towards his washroom.
He took his shower and wore his clothes. And while gelling his hair he looked at his reflection which was a xerox copy of ARMAAN. absent-mindedly, Asad trimmed his beard, wore a formal clothes tucking them neatly and gelled his hair which was quite opposite to him.
The reflection in the mirror made him feel complete. As he felt like seeing his brother in front of him. He felt suffocated thinking that Armaan is no more. His heart is being squeezed with a clawed weapon of pain until he felt breathless.
He coughed and touched his reflection. A tear trailed on his cheek which he immediately brushed off.
“I will not cry now. Let the pain be with me. This pain in my heart will give me strength to punish the criminal. I swear each and every person responsible for their death would pay. I will hunt them even if they are hiding in the corner of the world.” Asad swore to his reflection.
That moment a fun-loving man died. A naughty child who would make sure his parents are irked with his mischief was dead. A passionate lover died. He was dead.
And then from the ashes a brother who is hunting justice, who is in thirst of vengeance was born.. A destroyer was born.

Image result for KARAN singh grover crying
Asad and zoya hunting for the criminals.



​Two months later…….

“Armaan I’m sending you the address through mail. Check it and come as soon as possible.” Riddhima said to Armaan.

“Okay. I’ll reach there in 20 minutes.” Armaan said and ended the call. 

He took some files and opened the door while wearing his coat only to see Asad and Priya standing there with teasing smile.

“Ahem..ahem… So my brother is going on a Date?” Asad cocked his eyebrows.

“Uhhhh…. No… Its just that ….. Uhmmm….. Yes … Some important meeting.” Armaan said and tried to escape.

“Oh…. Did you listen Asad. IMPORTANT meeting… Let him go na.” Priya said trying to control her smile.

Taking this as chance Armaan immediately ran away while these two broke into huge grin.

“I can’t believe my eyes. The innocent Armaan is in love.” Asad said with smile.

“Now you dont act like an kid.. You are nothing less. Bith the brothers fell in love and acting like innocents,huh?” Priya said and twisted his ear.

“Mummma… Its paining.” He said and freed his ear.” In my case Zoya has fallen for me but she is being stubborn to accept it. But in Armaan case both of them fell for each other but neighter of them is forwarding. They are too shy.”

“Hmmmm.. Then let me ask her hand for marriage.” Priya said thoughtfully.

“No mumma… Let Armaan propose her first. Then we can continue with all the marriage etc. Remember ill marry only after Armaan getting married.” Asad said in a dramatic tone. 

“Nautanki…. Even you havent proposed Zoya. So you both are going to propose today evening and thats final. Let me arrange the places for you both.” Priya said and started googling best lavish places for the proposals.

“Book two different places mumma so that both the girls wont get confused seeing us together.” Asad said and laughed remembering how Zoya and Ridhimma looked at them for the first time.

“Done. The tickets will be arriving soon until then make sure your brother agrees for this.” Priya suggested.


“Are you mad? I cant propose her. She thinks me as a friend and what if she hates me after proposing her,huh?” Armaan denied as he is afraid to lose ridhimma.

“Oh hello 1900 ladka. How can you say that she will hate you? What if she accepts you and you both has the happily ever after tale huh?” Asad tried to encourage him.

“This sounds good but what if she leaves me. Asad I cant afford to loose her.” Armaan said feeling bit emotional.

“Oho… Think positively nothing of that sort is going to happen. So common be like a man and get dressed for tonight.” Asad finally convinced him.


“Hey mata rani! Why must you both dress alike huh? Now see even i cant recognize you” Priya said and pouted. 

“Mumma Pleasw give the tickets we are getting late.” Asad took tye tickets in a hurry and gave two for Armaan and Two for himself. 

Kissing Priya a goodbye both of them left the house to meet their lady love.

“Careful kids.” Priya shouted absentmindedly. Since morning she has been feeling weired like this and inorder to cope up she asked them to propose so that theyll get settled in their lives.

“Mata rani,… Please protect my kids.” She prayed to God and sat on the sofa.


Asad was waiting for Zoya since 20 minutes with bated breath. This the most important moment in his life. The place was beautifully decorated with scented candles on the sea shore.

Suddenly His heartbeat increased gesturing the arrival of Zoya. He turned towards her only to get awestruck by her beauty. For the first time he saw her in saree that too in his favorite color Green.

“You look beautiful.”he whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek while she blushed.

“Have this.” He gave her a drink and she started sipping. 

Suddenly she felt a metal in her mouth and took it out only to see a beautiful ring. She looked up to see asad kneeling infront of her with a rose.

“Zoya,.. I didnt knew when i fell for you but when i realized i have fallen very deep for you. I want to see your face in the morning and the last at night. I want to smile, fight, cry with you. So will you give me a chance to love you? Will you be my life partner?” Asad proposed her

Even Zoyas stubbon heart melted at his act and immediately hugged him. “Yes I will. And i love you too.”

Both of them remained in each others arms for few minutes and zoya asked him “Waise bhi who taught you this most idiotic proposal lines huh?”

“Dont blame me Zoya go and ask Laughingpearls. She is the one behind all this.” Asad said while Zoya giggled.

Breaking the silence Asad phone rang.” Hello mumma? What happened?”

“Nothing shona I just called you to confirm if you have reached the correct place. Baat yeh hain ki You have taken the tickets in a rush and the organizer said no one has reached.” Priya asked with concern.

“Mumma I reached here accordingly but Armaans plan got changed. They arent meeting in hotel instead they are meeting nearby park.” Asad said and laughed.

“Okay then both of you enjoy.” She gigled and ended the call.


“Ridhimma give some reaction you are scaring me. As i said if you dont like me its okay but please be friends..” He said still kneeling infront of her.

“Hahahahaga” suddenly she broke into huge laughter and hugged him ” Are you serious Armaan. I love you sooo much. Well to say the truth i have fallen for you at the first sight itself.” She said while both of them hugged each other tighter.



He could do nothing execpt to run as fast his legs could. The painful screams are slicing his heart. As soon as he reached the place he understood that it was too late……

Nothing can be repaired now…. Nothing is in his hands…… Maybe the destiny is very cruel…,….

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“Armaan I need to speak something with you. Come to xyz park.” Asad said to Armaan on his phone.

“No Asad Im in no mood to enjoy all this” Armaan said with disturbed voice.

“Im not calling you here to romance. Just do as i say. Remember if you wont come now Ill come to your cabin and kidnap you.” Asad said making him laugh.

Image result for karan singh grover phone

“Okay fine Im coming.” Armaan said and started to the said place.

“All the best amma armaan is coming.” Asad said to ridhimma and pulled zoya along with him.

“OYE my name is ridhimma not amma.” She screamed at asad while he just shrugged.

“Do  you think this will work?” Zoya asked biting her fingers.

“Just wait and watch. Rest is in their hands.” Asad said.

After few minutes Armaan arrived to the said place and searched for asad but found Ridhimma there instead.

“Ridhimma?” Armaan smiled at her with happiness.

Image result for Asad ahmed khan smile

Though he was hurt by her doings but still he loved her to his core.

“Booo hoooo Im so sorry ……… I didnt mean to hurt you..” Ridhimma cried falling down and squatting her legs. She felt bad about her doings but seeing him smiling at her made her feel very guilty.

“What are you doing? Please stand up everyone are looking at us.’ Armaan said.

“Why are you being nice to me You must slap me or scold me how can you forgive me so easily?” She started crying more.

“Because I love you” His heart screamed and he blushed but didnt say anything to her.

“Okay Ill tell you what happened that day.” She wiped her tears and started narrating what she planned that day.

Image result for Armaan shilpa cry

“Your brother irritated me so much and i thought it was you who have done it thats why i thought to revenge you. I called you at one place so that kush can throw the color water on you. But that idiot got crush on you and he started taking advantage of you and the situation. Trust me I kicked him for doing all this. Im really sorry…..” She again cried.

“Please dont cry? And who is khush?”Armaan tried to stop her tears

“Kush…. VOh its her. Actually he is a cross dresser. His name is khushal and when he dresses as woman her name is khushi. So i call him kush. And he is the only friend i have.” She said pointing to the man of her age who misbehaved that day.

“Hi hotty im sorry.” Kush said still blushing looking at armaan.

Image result for sanaya irani mustache

“Hi…… And ridhimma its okay leave it.” He said pulled her to stand up while standing up her leg twisted and she was about to fall but Armaan caught her in correct time while they shared a intense eye lock.

“Look there he is not angry itseems and since morning he is screaming on everyone, huh liar.” Zoya twisted her mouth.

“Well its common in love baby.” Asad said

“What? Idont believe. Who lies in love?” Zoya said

Image result for zoya khan qubool hai

“OF course yesterday I lied to you na that i love you so its proved.”

“What it means you dont love me?”

“Who said i dont love you. I said i lied it because we can lie sometimes in love.”

“You are confusing me do you love  me or not?” zoya asked confused.

“You tell me are you disappointed that I dont love you or are you happy that I lied.” Asad again confused her..

“I am disappointed that you its not true……..” Zoya realized what she is blurting and shut her mouth.

“So you like to love me?” Asad said smirking and she understood that he is teasing her and stood up immediately to run away from that place.

Image result for Armaan smirk

While she was running she dashed into a well built man who had a burnt mark on his face and a weapon in his hand making zoya to get scared. He gave an evil grin at her and spit the tobacco on the road making zoya disgust.

“What the hell did you just do huh? How can you just spoil the roads.” She shouted at him.

“Oh sorry madam ji kya kare i dont have any manners so will you spend a night with me teaching all manners.” That person laughed evilly at her while pulling her by her waist towards himself.

“Lets start with my fingers. Teach me what can I do with my fingers huh” He laughed and was about to touch her skin but a strong hold stopped him doing further.

Seeing asad here zoya immediately hid herself behind him while asad grip on him was growing strong making that person to wince in pain.

“Let me tell you what all we can do to your fingers.” saying it asad slowly but firmly bent that person fingers making him yell in pain

He slapped for trying to misbehave zoya and finally threw him near zoya feet.

“Touch her feet and ask for forgiveness.” Asad said to that person while that person touched her feet with difficulty.

Zoya immediately moved back with tears and ran towards asad who took her away from this place.

This person looked arround to see all the villagers are laughing at him. It was an insult for a rowdy. Yes he is a dangerous rowdy but asad didnt knew all this and what is going to happen.

Image result for vishwajeet pradhan angry

“You have done a very big mistake insulting me. Ill not leave you and that girl. Mark my words Im going to kill you all in the same place where you have insulted me. And this the promise of Mrityunjay thakur.” He said with his eyes getting more red in anger.


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Part 10

“Miss Zoya, your cabin is near the mortuary. So you will deal with the patients near that lane.” Armaan said handing some files to zoya.
“What? But I have scored above 90% in my medicine then why?” She asked being confused.
“So… You were alloted that place yesterday. All I know is you need to complete your work. Now please go.” Armaan said slightly frustrated.
“But Dr Armaan how could you do this. Its un….” Her words were interupted by Armaan scream.Image result for karan singh grover angry
“What the hell is your problem? Huh I have asked you to get the hell out of here then why are you still here. Every damn person does what they wants.” Armaan shouted for the first time in his life making the entire hospital to trmble.
“Whats happening here.?” Asad who saw people gathering around Armaan cabin asked them.
“Woh Armaan saab is shouting on everyone since morning Dont know why?” The worker told him and Asad got worried.
After the incident with Ridhimma Armaan was disturbed so much that he started behaving wierdly with everyone. This surely shocked Priya so she asked Asad to go after Armaan and check if he is alright.
“Okay everyone Go and work. Dismiss.” Asad shooed everyone and went inside to see Armaan and zoya argyuing.
“Stop it guys. Zoya you wait outside I need to speak with armaan.” Asad said to zoya while she agreed wiping her tears.
“Now what do you wanna say?” Armaan spoke with irritation.Image result for karan singh grover angry
“Eat your food now. Mumma is worried with your strange behaviour. Arrey leave it. Thats just a small issue dont concentrate much.” Asad said hinting towards yesterdays event.
“Damn how can I forget it. Its about my self respect. Do you know how i felt that time when everyone are blaming me and no one stood for me. Do you know how it feels when the person whom you love the most is the reason behind your pain. Do you know……”Armaan kept on screaming and asad immediately hugged him not wanting to see his brother like this.
“Be strong Armaan I cant see you weak like this. I know you are feeling weak right now but dont worry I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.” Asad tried to console Armaan.
After few minutes Asad suceeded in makin the situation better and left to meet zoya who was busy cursing asad and armaan.
“If you have completed with your cuursing shall we speak?” Asad asked biting back his smile seeing zoya angry. He found her cute.Image result for surbhi jyoti angry
“No I wont stop Mr bacteria. Tum kya karoge? Its my mistake to join here. And your brother how dare he scold me infront of everyone. Ill not leave him. Ill kill him.” Zoya scribbed.
Asad tried to calm her but it went in vain so he tried in his style to divert the topic.
“I am suffering from blood cancer thats why my brother is like that. You know how does it feel………” He trailed off as if he is really hurt.
“I am so sorry i dont know all this. I act………” Asad intteruoted her with his laugh.
“HAHAHAHAHAHA…. finally you stopped. Thank God. Anyways listen my brothers is the most reserved and calm person he is just disturbed with some incident. So dont anything to heart.” Asad said.
“What happened?” She asked out of curiosity and asad explained her about yesterday events which made zoya also shock.
“This is too much. How can she do like that to him?” Zoya said with disgust.
before asad could say anything they heard Riddhimas voice and turned to see behind. Ridhimma was standing along with that lady who made issue yesterday.
Asad immediately pullled them aside not wanting asad to see her and zoya followed him.
“Im sorry armaaan..”Ridhimma said but asad stopped her.
“Im Asad not Armaan. Pagal aunty.” He said with irritation.
“Idiot everything happened becuase of you. I misunderstood the situation thinking its Armaan.” Ridhimma said and startedhittim him while Zoya held her hand.
“Who the hell are you and how dare you hit him.” Zoya said with little possesive tone which made asad happy.
“Im riddhimma. Armman is upset with me just because of this idiot. I need to say sorry.” Ridimma cried while zoya pusheed her.Image result for Armaan shilpa
“Hold your tongue miss ridhimma you have done so much. Now its enough please get out.” Zoya said with anger.
Asad observed the situation and said “Okay ridhimma you can meet him i xyz park in evening, ILL bring him there.” Asad said making ridhimma happy and she thanked before leavng the place.
“Why did you excuse her hu?” Zoya asked in anger.
” Armaan loves her so i dont want to hurt my brother by hurting her. Arrey everything is fair in love and war.” Asad smiled.
” Love my foot. She looks like a villian and did you forget what she did yesterday?”
“No i remember everything. But we need to move on. And even you too look like villian didnt i love you?” Asad smirked.
“What? Im not a villian. And how dare you compare me with her?” Zoya said not concentrating what he said.
“I think you didnt hear me miss zoya. ” asad said making zoya to rewind his words.
And even you too look like villian didnt i love you?
And even you too look like villian didnt i love you?
Didnt i love you?
Finally it struck her Asad loves her. Her eyes widened and a red color hue formed on her cheeks making him smirk more.Image result for surbhi jyoti blush
‘Take your sweet time to love me back. Ill wait for you no matter what? Asad whispered in her ear and left the place leaving Zoya in her own thoughts.



ARMAAN RIDHIMMA AND ASAD ZOYA falling in love slowly. Ill introduce the lady in next update who is riddhimma friend. Till then enjoy.


Part 9

Armaan was waiting for Riddhima with a smile on his face and turned back to see a lady in her late thirties with a paint bag in her hand. Scrunching his eyebrows Armaan asked her “Ji what can I do for you?” 

In reply the lady hugged him with a huge force making him stumble few steps back. He tried to free himself from her grip but could not as her hold was becoming very tight on him. 

“Where did you go leaving me all alone?” She said kissing his masculine chest making Riddhima eyes go round with surprise.

“What? Excuse me please leave me. Who are you.” Armaan questioned her freeing himself with huge difficulty.

By this time the people around them surrounded and started gossiping. Armaan felt nervous as everyone is looking at him with accused eyes. 

“Dekhiye ji please leave me. I think you are misunderstanding the situation. I actually came for someone. She must be waiting for me.” He said with sincerity in his voice as he don’t want to be touched by anyone except Riddhima.

“Someone? What do you mean by that. Did you move on? But how can you do this to me and what about our daughter chutki? You cheated on me heeeeheeeeehweeeee” she again started wailing hugging Armaan. 

By this time some men came forward to hit Armaan thinking him to be a the lady’s husband who cheated her.

“Oyye badmash how dare you to cheat on her. Shut your mouth and take your wife to your home.” One of them man said and slapped on Armaan face.

“Dekhiye she is not my wife I ….” Armaan tried to say controlling the pain but another men came forward and punched him on his stomach. 

All the while the lady is hugging him and occasionally kissing his chest. Riddhima was rooted on her spot seeing the mess created by her. She couldn’t even move an inch from her place And Armaan being a respectable and soft spoken person couldn’t fight back or stand for himself in this situation. 

He immediately took out his phone and dailed to Asad who is the only person who can save him. He narrated the situation to Asad while receiving some slaps from the crowd. 


“So, where do we start Miss Zoya?” Asad smirked causing her to widen her eyes.
Zoya he is not Mr Bacteria so be calm and concentrate.

She took out an antibacterial lotion and applied to her palms and wore her gloves to shake her hands with Asad “Good morning Dr Armaan. Good to see you.”

Asad saw all this and smirked to himself. He wantedly didn’t shake his hand with her instead he folded his hands and said “Good morning Miss Zoya. Your hand is dirty so I don’t like to pass the germs to my hands. Please sit down.”

This words of him made her to surprise because this is the first time some one called her dirty. She took out few sheets and spread it on the chair while spraying the antibacterial around her. “But Dr Armaan didn’t you see I have cleaned my hands with an ANTIBACTERIAL LOTION. So I’m not Dirty.”

Asad smirked at her attempts to sit on a chair and said “Miss Zoya you have cleaned your hands only once and these lotions only clear 99% of germs which means you are still having 1% germs IN YOUR HAND.” 

“CHEEEE” Zoya immediately said and emptied the lotion on her palm cleaning for umpteenth time. 

After few minutes she was about to sit but stopped hearing Asad voice “Didn’t you hear Miss Zoya I asked you to Sit DOWN not on the chair.”

“What? But why? I have arranged this chair for nearly half an hour to sit and you are asking me to sit on the floor, Are you serious?” Zoya said confused.

“Yes I’m too serious Miss Zoya. I don’t want you to dirty my furniture with your germs so please sit down.” Asad said biting back his laugh.

“Mr Armaan how can you call me dirty again and again huh? For your kind information I have sterilized my bath tub shower and my clothes before my every bath okay.” She raised her voice.
“When did you take your bath. I mean how long back?” 


“Answer my question?”

“Okay nearly four hours back.” She said casually. 

“Yuck. Dammit stand ten feet away from me. You haven’t take your bath since four HOURS? How dirty you are.” Asad acted like he is feeling suffocation and moved towards the window to gasp some air.

“You are insulting me.” Zoya screamed at him.

“Shut up. I take my bath every 30 minutes. Got it. Now get lost from my cabin who knows since how long you haven’t brushed your teeth.” Asad said doing a mental dance as his plan worked very well.

“How dare you insult me. I hate you. I don’t want to work in this stupid hospital. Seriously, who will take a bath for every 30 minutes. You are stupid your brother is stupid your father is stupid your hospital is stupid and your FAMILY GERMS are stupid.” She said wiping her nose with her palm not caring about the bacteria and asad noticed this.

“Stop crying dammit your tears have bacteria which will dirty my cabin. Just get out.” Asad said to her.

Zoya closed her ears as she couldn’t hear more than this. This was a pure torture for her since ten minutes and she will not stand quiet like this getting tortured by him. She stood up immediately to leave the place but stopped immediately as soon as she heard his voice.

“People around you are feeling the same Zoya. When some one called you dirty you felt so bad then how do you expect others to be happy when you call these words?” Asad said with a friendly approach.

Zoya looked at him for some time and said” you are not Dr Armaan you are that MR BACTERIA right.” 

She fumed in anger and marched towards him to smash his face but Asad escaped from her every punch. Both of them ran in the cabin messing it off and stopped when asad received the call from Armaan. 

“Bolo Armaan.” Asad received and zoya stopped chasing hearing his voice serious.

“Im in xyz place. Some woman is claiming me as her husband and people here are not allowing me to move” Armaan said on the other line. 

Asad heard the lady’s voice and people slapping Armaan too and gripped his phone tightly in his fist.

“I’m coming Armaan don’t worry.” Asad ended the call and hurried to go to Armaan.

Before leaving the place he turned to Zoya and said “Think again about your behavior.” He said leaving zoya in deep thoughts.


Asad reached the mentioned place and saw Armaan who was finding difficult to move from that place. He saw Riddhima on his right side who was looking towards him and Armaan with surprise. 

Now asad understood everything that Ridhimma is behind all this. And casually moved towards the scene.

Asad held a man’s fist tightly in his palm who was about to hit Armaan. “How dare you to touch my brother.”

Saying that Asad punched each and everyone’s face who all hit Armaan. 

“Oyee what the hell are you doing huh? Your brother cheated that girl and now poor girl has nothing left with her.” One man said pointing towards the lady who is still clinging to Armaan and is surprised to see dual role of them. 

“She is my wife dammit. How can you send her to other man?” Saying that Asad punched everyone’s face again. 

After getting few punches from him people got scared and left the place. Now he turned towards the lady who looked terrified seeing Asad.

Asad freed armaan from her hold and pulled her towards him and she tried to run away but he didn’t give any chance. 


”How can you forget me dear? And why are you hugging another man huh. Are you trying to cheat me?” Asad turned the table making them shock. 

“No. Please leave me I’m sorry.” That Lady said while asad didn’t leave her instead his grip grew stronger on her wrist.

“Asad leave her she is a woman and you must raise your hand on woman.” Armaan suggested.

“Arrey bhai This person is not woman its a Man.” Saying that he pulled out the wig on the head revealing spikes.

“What? How did you know?” Armaan asked getting shock.

“I felt some male part and didn’t feel woman part from this person. And ha everything is done by that Pagal aunty only.” Asad said pointing towards Riddhima.

“Riddhima?” Armaan whispered her name with disbelief.

“I’m sorry. I actually asked her to pour the paint on you but this woman spoiled everything.” Riddhima tried to explain but Asad stopped her.

“Enough. Bhai let’s go from this place.” He took Armaan along with him who was hurt by Riddhima actions. 

Part 8

Part 8

“What the hell is happening? Who is she and what is she doing in my cabin?” Ram roared and left to his cabin to set the mess Riddhima has created.

“Armaan! Where are you?” Asad started searching for him as he want to go to home.

Hearing his voice Armaan came out from the restroom covering his nose with handkerchief and Asad was confused with his new avatar.

“Are you OK, What happened to your nose.”

“Voh Riddhi……voh kaha hai. Where is she?” Armaan started searching her.

“Who? Arrey why are you blushing?” Asad asked him.

“Huh….nothing. Did you see any girl waiting for me?” Armaan asked him.

Oh god! Is he speaking about that jhalli aunty? Tum bhi na Asad why will he ask for her.

“No. Everyone left the place before half an hour. Only papa and Arnav uncle are here. That’s all. Come let’s go to home.” Asad said and dragged Armaan along with him and he followed with a heavy heart as he couldn’t spend time with Riddhima.

Next day,

“Asad you are having a sharp mind. Why don’t you join our business?” Ram said to asad while munching his breakfast.

“What? No. I have just completed my studies. Let me enjoy my life papa.” Asad said gobbling his food.

“Dam it.  Are you serious? Look at your brother he is looking after the hospital taking care of my business. And you are doing nothing but sitting in home and passing your time.” Ram lectured him.


“Papa, did you ever thought of mumma. Just look at her, even she is a human and even she wants a company to live. Bas you don’t even have time for us, and you started making Armaan too like you. Bechara. But I don’t want to be like you all.” He said and stood to leave as he completed his breakfast.

“OK. Then what do you want to do in your life?” Ram came to the point.

“I just want to be the reason for everyone’s smile. That’s all.” He smiled and left the place which angered RAM to peaks

“Priya, did you see? You have pampered him too much that he is speaking illogical things. I don’t know what you are going to do I want him to join the business. Got it.” He said and started wearing his coat after getting a positive response from Priya.

“Armaan, where are you lost. Its 17 minutes and 36 seconds and you must complete your breakfast within 34 seconds and here take this file with you and take down the names of the interns who has scored more than 90 percent. The remaining ones will be alloted near the mortuary.” Saying that he stormed out speaking in his Bluetooth.

“Beta what’s bothering you.” Priya asked Armaan cupping his cheeks.

“Voh maa, I didn’t get enough time to spend with her.” He blurted absentmindedly.

“Oh girlfriend problems. No problem you can meet her again and this time make sure you meet her in some park other than office.” She ruffled his hair while armaan blushed and ran away taking the file to his room.


Armaan room,

“What happened to me? Why am I always thinking about her? I’m normal until I met her but then what happened?” Armaan questioned himself.

“Jo kuch bhi ho, I’ll not think about her again and I’ll not see her.” He vowed to himself not knowing that he will break his promise to see his dream girl.

All his thoughts came to an end when his phone started ringing.

“Hello,” he answered with dull voice.

“Hello ji, may I talk with you if you aren’t busy.” Came a sweet voice from the other side.


“Riddhima!” He recognized her voice and smiled brightly.

Uff he identified my voice. Ok let me change my plan. She thought for some time and spoke again.


“Yes its me. So you remembered me?” She asked gritting her teeth.

“Of course Riddhima. Where did you go yesterday. I was waiting for you in office.” He said and this angered her as she is thinking he is lieing too easily.

“Haan haan beta, tume chocolate laane gaye the hum. Will you come to xyz place I’ll give you your CHOCOLATE.” She stressed her words.

“I’ll be in 10 mins.” He said and straightened his shirt to meet her not even concentrating on her words. All he knows that he needs to meet her.

As he was about to go he saw the file lying on his bed which RAM asked to work in hospital.

He immediately ran to Asad room asking for help.

“Asad where are you.” He scanned the room with his eyes but couldn’t find him

“I’m here.” Asad said and saw him hanging upside down from the wall and watching TV.


Seeing him like this Armaan took a second thought for giving him this work or not. But anyhow he doesn’t have any choice.

“Voh….I need your help asad. Please take this file to the hospital and allot the places for the interns. See there are 10 interns in this branch and those who has scored more than 90 percent you allot them to work near my cabin and for the ones who got less than 90 percent allot them near the mortuary. Ok.” He said in a go as he is running out of the time.

“What. No! I don’t want to go to that place. Vaha voh Miss Shudh sahiba bhi hogi. Mujhe unki Shakal bhi nahi dekhna hai. And why aren’t you going there?” Asad stated.

“Voh I have some work and papa gave this important work. Please asad. “Armaan requested him with a blush.

“Hey why are you blushing too much nowadays huh? So you are meeting your girlfriend right.” Asad teased him.

“Aisa kuch nahi hain. She is not even my friend. Ok bye I have to go. Thank you for the help.” Armaan said and ran away.

“My innocent brother too got a girlfriend but me…… Kyun bhagwan kyun. Please send me a girlfriend too.” He winked at god and left to the hospital.



Zoya as usually tiptoed into the office grabbing many eyeballs to her attention due to her walking style. Before sitting down on the chair she spread the sheets on it and sprayed the antibacterial spray around her.

Everyone are waiting outside Armaan cabin with their certificates so that they’ll get allotted their cabin.


Asad saw Zoya and turned his face away from her which made Zoya confused with his behavior as she thinks him to be Dr Armaan.

All the 9 members are allotted their cabins near Dr Armaan cabin and the 10 member is Zoya due to  her alphabet.  She was called inside and she gave a polite smile to asad to which he ignored her and this made her think whether he is Asad or armaan.

Tum bhi na Zoya why will Mr bacteria sit here. Now go and take your allotment.

She is confident as she secured 97 percent in her medicine. Little she didn’t know is the person sitting here is Asad and he is going to use his crazy brain with her.

“So, where do we start Miss Zoya?” Asad smirked causing her to widen her eyes.



Here Armaan is waiting for her since one hour but she didn’t come. Actually Riddhima is hiding behind a tree and watching him closely. She is waiting to take revenge on him due to yesterday’s event. So she planned something with her crazy mind.

She showed a thumbs up to the person who now approached Armaan and kept their hand on his shoulder.

He turned back to see a woman in her late thirties is smiling at him and before he could ask her anything she hugged him with all her force shocking both Armaan and Riddhima.




Zoya closed her ears as she couldn’t hear more than this. This was a pure torture for her since ten minutes and she will not sit quiet like this getting tortured by him. She stood up immediately to leave the place but stopped immediately as soon as she heard his voice.

Armaan is speechless seeing her doing all this and he was scared to the core that something might happen now. He immediately took out his phone and called asad to save him from this mess as he is unable to control the situation.

I know you might be thinking who will allot the cabins etc in the hospital but it happens in my fiction you see crazy mind works like this. And this arrangement is very important in this fiction. I’ll not reveal anything now but you must remember even a small issue in the ff or else you may not connect. Because as i said this ff is full happy shappy, gussa vussa, sad bad, etc etc.

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