​Next day geet was in cheerful mood thinking about yesterday night event,she still don’t know why her mother shows affection on her while she was sleeping,as something was stopping her to show love towards geet,like Rano was in dilemma from yrs to smile ya turn her face getting a glimpse of geet,geet always felt that Rano was fighting a war inside her sadly yrs went by but geet yet to knew why her mother shows immune to her pain when inreal she was not. 
Immerse in her thoughts she dont know when she reached CLG,she was still walking in daze and actually banged herself on a walk,no wait it’s not a wall ,it’s a strong muscular body ,she took a step away in impulse thinking she dashed into a human body only to miss her balance but she was straightened by a grip in her arm,her heart was thudding thinking she was again the student of mock,but it never came instead she heard a concerned voice. 
M: r u ok!!? 
Geet slowly opened her eyes and looking at the person who saved her again,she slowly smiled at him blinking her eyes. Before geet could say thanks,h er hand waz rudely freed frommaan grip by ishu,she pointed her ginger at maan with rage in her eyes.
Ishu: don’t u dare!? She was not alone,
 Maan was actually amused seeing ishu protective nature towards geet,he smiled at her but his smile only act as ghee in fire.
Ishu: listen,yesterday  that friend of yours distracted me,but today if u don’t move surely I will punch you.i mean it. 
Geet was trying to talk with ishu but she was kept in ignoring her tries,thinkinv geet waz again fearing of someone.
Raman: haan maan,we should stay away from them,dont u hear,beware of dogs,here we have to beware of Madrasan…..
Now this rubbed exactly wrong side of our ishu who was already boiling
Ishu: u,what u say stupid Punjaban,i am dog….
Raman: no no Madrasan,how can I insult arespectable dog comparing with u,i was just.
.Ishu: what!? What did u say!? How dare you!? Why u always had to poke your nose in others matters,i was talking with him,why u have to drop in between!!
Raman: exactly my friend was talking with that girl geet,why u had to shower your love on my friend.even without knowing what exactly happened!?. 
Ishu: geet was my friend,and thus friend of yours waz holding her arm tight,am I was helping my friend here..
Raman: even when she was not in need!? Wow I am impressed!!!
Ishu and Raman took a step towards each other to strangle each other but maan geetpushed them aside in right tym.
Geet: ishu,relax he was just helping me,he was the one who saved me that day when Arnav tried to….
Masn:Raman chill dude,she waz just talking with me,nothing serious,why u r always ready to fight with her. 
Ishu realised she was at fault while Raman too thought he overreacted.but both were not ready to bow thier heads in front of each other ,so masn took the initiative seeing both glaring at each other with equal intensity.
Maan: ok,relax guys let’s forget everything and b friends ,well let’s start fresh..u both had to stop fighting like this now come-on let’s get introduce formally
.Maan: maan Singh khurana,saying he forwarded his hand towards geet,geet first was reluctant but getting ishu nod she took his hand
Geet: geet handa.Ishu too introduced herself,niw tough part was Raman had to give his hand to ishu ashe already befriended with geet a moment before,how ever thus tym ishu forwarded her hand for peace
Ishu: ishitha IYER
RAMAN:Raman Kumar bhalla.
And thus waz the start of beautiful friend ship between the four,u unaware they weregoing to b more than friends in future,maan was on clod nine as finally he talked with geet other than stalking ,where as geet was still nervous with new persons,ishu and Raman were still busy in glaring.

the day finally passed with some evil eyes on thier happy union like sanam and her gang who had seen the hotties shaking hands with ishu and geet.but they didn’t get tym to confront geet that day,as either Raman r maan was with her after class.sanam dare not to spoil her image before then.w ho knows who will fall for her beauty.thats what she thought when ever she saw either of them. 
Geet day waz easy and happy ,unlike other days today none pick on her.she was quickly going to reach her home as soon as possible,unaware today what she was going to face. 
She was about to step inside when she heard her father tone,she surprised and checked her watch whether she was late by chance,how come he came soon today,n ow how will she reach her room escaping his anger,but to get luck she waz on right tym seems like her father came early today she took a deep sigh to face him,but Rano next words made her numb,she was unable to believe her luck the answers she waited for her whole life to know,was now before her,tge ugly truth why she was not loved by her own parents made her numb.sge still stood thier hearing her father venom filled words but her last thread of patience brokewhen he said.

Mohin:she waz the worst mistake of my life,she was not what I want in my life ,geetwas a black mark in my life and Rano u r incapable to give me what I want! So now u can’t question me on what I did!??
Geet couldn’t hear any more words so she ran and ran to the only place she knew,her clg she slumped herself on a bench in garden and woile thing again played before her eyes,making tears flow from hereyes freely ,she never thought her father hates her that much as he considered as amistake in his life,her mother was facing hell every minute because of sheknew why Rano never showed her affection can she when she was the one who ruined her life knowingly r unknowingly..her body was shaking with her cries,she couldn’t stop her tears as herfather words kept on ringing in her ears..
Maan was waiting for his car as the one in which he came broke down ditching him towait,it almost 45 min still there was no sign of his another car frustrated he kept waiting when all of sudden he saw geet came running while crying,confused he followed her only to find her sitting there and crying her eyes out,his heart went out seeing her shaking state,he slowly came close to her fearing of rejection,still his heart wants to console her,contemplating a bit he placed his hand on her shoulder bringing her in real world…
Geet was startled with the touch but on finding maan who was standing beside herwith concern she just hugged him throwing her hands on his waist,while maan slowly patted on her head..he didn’t knew why she was crying but the pain in her eyes brought tears in his too…while geet who just faced the hard truth was in dire need of shoulder to cry…

she didn’t once thought that she was showing her vulnerable side to him,which until ishu too was unaware of…she cried clutching him hard while he let her cry closing his eyes after minutes when her cries subsided maan slowly released himself and sat beside her..while geet was still unaware of things around her..
Maan:kya hua geet..
Maan asked softly,he was not sure was she ready to share what happened ..and that’s when geet actually got what she did and with whom….she didn’t regret becqause she desperately needs someoneto share her miseries…until today she didn’t said anything to ishu thinking of burdening her with issues but today she really had to share ..she was not sure whether to trust him r not..what if he …and like hearing her worry maan replied
Maan:u can trust me geet…I will never disappoint u!we r frnds remember..u can trust me..
Geet just nodded and looked ahead not able to watch disgust in his eyes..
Geet:mein bphoth buri hoon maan,meri waje she meri maa dhuki hai..aur aaj muje patah chala who kyun mujhse kabhie bath nahi khi
Maan was schoked how can she hurt her mom,and how can a mother stay without talking with her own daughter..but he didn’t question he just let her say..what ever she buried in her heart from years…
Geet:meri papa mujhse nafrad karthey hai..kyun khi mein unn khi..she closed her eyes unable to utter those words…mein unn khi nazayish aulad hoon…mein unn khiek rath khi galathi hoon,who shadi shuda hoke bhi unn khi secretary she rista banaya jiska nateza mein..aur meri maa jisne muje janam diya muje meri papa kheypaas chod kar chaligayi..kyun khi unhe kisiraiyez khi rista aaya…
She stopped few seconds fearing maan too may hate her but only find him looking at her with tears and pain..pain for herself..while maan felt utterly disgusted towards her father who was low than animal anf her socalled mother who was a disgusting that woman was with a man who was married even after giving birth to geet she left her…but he felt pain more knowing what geet was facing and bearing from childhood…
Geet:meri papa muje orphanage mein chod diya tha..taki meri maa rano maa koh kuch patah naa chale par meri darji koh sab kuch patah chalgaya….sanaya neh kya kiya meri papa neh kya kiya ….aur meri orphanage bath bhi..unhone muje ghar parlaaye aur rano maa koh dhey diya..kyun khimeri rano maa kabhie maa nahi bansakthi thi..issliye unhone muje apni mane koh kaha..par maa kabhie papa khi dhoke koh bardash nahi karpayi aur mein jo unn khi dhoke khi Nishan muje bhi…maa neh toh naa muje pyar kiya naa nafrad bas muje meri haal mein chod diya..jab tak darji theytab tak mein teek thi..par jabse who gaye harr din papa khi gussa ,papa mama khi jagde badthey gaye…aur aaj unn khi aisi hi ek jagde neh muje meri sachai samne aagayi….Mein bohoth buri hoon maan..meri waje she rano maa harr din dhuki hai..harr pal unhe papa khi dhoka sehne padi…sab kuchmeri waje she…mein kahi chali jaoongi..mein aur maa koh dhukh nahi karsakthi..mein kahi..
she brusted in tyears unable to hold the pain…
Maan:shh shh geet iss mein tumhari koi galathi nahi hai..galathi toh tumhari papa aur uss sanaya khi hai…rano maa koh tumne nahi ,unn dohno neh dhoka diya…tum galath nahi ho geet..plz samhaloapne aap koh..

Mann kept consoling geet with wors until her cries slowly urned inti hiccups,geet feltabit better after sharing her pain with maan..she don’t knew why,but she trusted him with her pain,both stoodup hearing the horn .and found maan car reached to pick him..maan offered geet to drop her,geet too followed him holding his hand….both didn’t shared a word until they reached geet home and the silence was more comforting because now they knew and trusted a bit more…
Even after dropping geet all maan could think was how much geet suffered and was still suffering because of others….

he remember her words about going far from home and smiled thinking for sure he will take her away from that he’ll…all for himself,…

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Part 7

“Whats the matter? She is beautiful right!” Ishita exclaimed.

Without seeing who asked this question Maan replied absentmindedly “yes! She is the most beautiful girl on the earth.”

“Indeed she is beautiful but you must know that she has a fiery and dangerous friend who will slap hard if anyone tries to mess with Geet.” Ishita warned and slapped Maan.

Though the slap didn’t pain his strong muscular body it sure landed him on the earth from his dreamland. He turned to his left only to see a pair of rage filled eyes.

“What the!” He exclaimed.

“Haan what the hell are you doing here? Don’t you boys have no work other than drooling over girls. Geet may be innocent but I’m Ishita…. Ishita iyer. I’ll pull your eyes from your socket, did you get it.” Ishita warned him.

Maan was too embarrassed to speak anything as he was caught red handed drooling over girl for the first time. “Uh actually I was just passing this way and… ”

Ishita interrupted him and said “and what seeing her you started drooling huh?”

Raman came with snacks to Maan and saw the same girl who gave a lecture to him is fighting with Maan. Immediately he ran towards the scene to support Maan.


“Oye madrasi, what are you doing here. Don’t you have any work other than fighting.” Raman said to her standing in front of Ishita.

“Oye Punjabi, tell your friend to distance from my friend. I’m telling you before hand in not a normal girl.” Ishita warned him.

“Everyone knows that you are not a girl.” Raman remarked.

Seeing the never ending fight between Raman and Ishita Maan sneaked easily from the scene and left to his class.


Seeing Geet alone sanam and her gang came  near her and sat next to her leaving huge gap between her.

“Hey dust bin! What are you doing? Oh reading!” One of sanam friend’s said.

Geet ignored her and immersed herself into the book.

Seeing no response from her sanam tried to invoke her anger “leave it yaar. Other than reading what can miss so called college beauty can do. Poor girl, couldn’t even speak.”

All laughed at her comment and agreed with her.

“Oh she couldn’t speak! What about sensing. I mean she won’t feel even we slap her right.” One of the gang member taunted.

“Of course yaar, if you won’t believe I’ll prove it to you.” Sanam said smirking.

“How will you prove it?” They asked her.

In response sanam started walking towards Geet making her grip the book tightly in fear.

“Look friends she is a non living thing. She doesn’t even feel pain.” Sanam said pulling Geet’s hair roughly.

Geet could do nothing else other than to cry silently. She didn’t even lift her eyelash from the ground.

“Hey now look here magic is on the way. This school beauty’s book will be flying.” Sanam said and threw her book away which landed near Ishita and Raman.

Seeing the book near their feet they stopped their argument and bent down to pick it up. Ishita identified the book belongs to Geet and turned to look at her direction.

The scene in front of their eyes shocked both Raman and Ishita. Sanam is slapping and misbehaving with Geet. Immediately they made a run towards Geet.

“What the hell are you doing Sanam.” Ishita screamed at her.

Seeing Ishita there Sanam left Geet’s hair and stood up to answer her ” Ishita you are misunderstanding the situation. Geet tried to pull my books and hit me. I am just defending myself.”

“Oh really. Your books. But I don’t think you even know the spelling of Books. Stop lieing. Shall I complaint to the principal. So that you can join your friend arnav.” Raman warned her.

“I’m so sorry Raman please don’t do it. My parents will be hurt if they comes to know about it. Ill not repeat it next time.” Sanam said sweetly not missing a chance to impress this hot guy.

“Get out from my sight before I break your bones with my bare hands.” Raman warned her making  Sanam to leave the place.

Meanwhile Ishita was checking on Geet’s wounds cursing Sanam under her breath.

“Geet why don’t you slap Sanam when she is misbehaving with you?” Raman asked with concern.

Geet did not look at him and moved little back seeing a stranger talking to her. Seeing this Ishita assured her that he is not like arnav or Sanam.

“Ill try to do next time.” Geet replied softly.

“Very good. You need  practice to hit Sanam for that slap Ishita everyday for an hour so that you can hit her easily. What say Ishita?” Raman joked and laughed along with Geet while Ishita glared at them.


When Geet came home limping she saw her parents arguing blaming each other. Sighing sadly she thought to move away from the place but stumbled and fell on the floor.

Mohinder saw Geet and screamed at her before leaving the house.” Chi manhoos kahike. Now my work will not happen seeing your bad omen face. You are just like your mother A Bad Omen in my life.”

Geet immediately looked at Rano to see that she closed her eyes when Mohinder uttered the words and left to her room.

Geet gathered herself and limped towards her room and lied on the floor not bothering to tend her wounds nor changing her clothes as she is feeling too weak to move.

Around midnight Geet felt something cool on her wounds. She slowly opened her eyes to see Rano tending her wounds while rubbing her tears frequently.

Geet smiled seeing Rano caring for her and didn’t let her know that she is awake. She knew that if she wakes up Rano again becomes cold towards her and she couldn’t bear seeing that look.

So she enjoyed the moment, her mothers care towards her. Rano gave a final look before covering Geet with a blanket and left the room.

Few tears immediately left from Geet’s eyes feeing both sad And happy. She didn’t know why Rano behaves like this towards her.

Rano tends her wounds but when Geet asks her she gives cold answer and leaves the place. Geet doesn’t even remember the last time she spoke with her. May be ten times in her entire life she spoke and that too some cold or monosyllabic answer.

At least Mohinder screams at her and slaps her but Rano never speaks to Geet.


Sighing sadly Geet closed her eyes to sleep.



Maan giving strength to Geet.

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Devastated…… shattered soul Part 6

Part 6

Maan was still looking at the way geet was disappeared,but was brought back by a hand on his shoulder.

Sanam who hid behind bushes seeing Arnav  getting beaten up and recruiting by principal,saved herself behind bushes but finding maan there alone she came to flirt with him ,she was totally flat with his physique and his looks,she wants him for herself and being a goody goody she came before him.

Maan jerked her hand from his shoulders and glared at her with a look saying how-dare-you- touch – me one. But sanam showed her teeth faking innocence.


S: thanks for saving my frnd,she is really dumb can’t even oppose Arnav.

Maan who was irked with her presence now boiled hearing her words: is it so..!? Why don’t u raise your voice against Arnav,u too were watching silently,when she was bearing that idiot.

S: woh..mein..woh in order to cover her blunder,she yet again faked caringly..u r hurt,let me see

Before she could touch him,maan took two steps back and held his hand before his eyes with a smile,feeling her touch still with in and afraid to b touched by a creature,he quickly said before leaving.


M: I am ok.

Sanam kept looking at him still he was out of his sight,and silently took a oath to make him fall for her beauty,least she knew he had already fallen for the girl whom he just met and saved.

Maan entered in his class and find his frnd was sulking alone. maan tapped on his shoulder to get his attention.

M: what happened raman,u look upset?

Raman:arey,woh ladki,uss neh dimag kahraab kiya mera?

M: koun!?

R: arey thi koi,jo khudh toofan khi tarah aayi muje takrayi,aur itna,lamba chouda lecture Sunadiya..muje raman bhalla koh lecture diya,uss khi toh mein!!!

M: ladki!? Koun ladki!?

Raman finally looked at maan and noticed his state and questioned about his hand.

R: what happened to your hand!?

Maan narated the whole fiasco still looking at his hand, and her teary eyes kept flashing infront of his eyes making him restless.


raman too noticed his restless whole day and his concentration wavering from the lecturers. Maan didn’t pay any interest in lessons which their professor is teaching. HE tried his level best to bring maan back from his thoughts.

On the other hand ishu scolded geet for her silence,if she had raised her voice against Arnav  from day one he would never dare to act this cheap. she was scolding geet to voice her feelings mayb its discomfort ,anger r pain ,she should give voice to her feelings,if not everyone will take her granted.

Ishu: plz geet,try to defend yourself,god too will help those who will help themselves,s top behaving like a damn shell,its good today a stranger helped you,but not every tym geet.u should help your self,b brave geet,if u still maintain your silence then one day this silence wil ruin your life,voice your thoughts,fight for your safety geet. plZ take care of yourself.” Saying few drops of tears escaped from ishu eyes.


Geet who can bear anything but not her dear ones pain promised to ishu.

Geet:ishu plzz na,dint cry see I am fine,o k Ipromise I wil take care if myself ,but plzz don’t cry.

After consoling both made thier ways to thier class,at the end of the day ishu took geet to her house,knowing none was bothered about geet at home. They spend thier evening doing thuer works and watching thier fav8 shows and discussing about thier day,and ishu narrated to geet how she bumped into a guy while reachingher class and blasted on him,both laughedtill thier stomach hurts with their tales.

finaly geet bid bye to ishu and made her way to home,only to find her mother in hall watching TV and her father was no where in sight. She clearly understood that her mother was yet again angry seeing her changing channels ,knowing another argument on thier way she quickly locked herself in her room even without bothering about her dinner.

she was concentrating on her books ,when she heared her parents argument,she sighed thinking they were again fighting,she had became routine now a days their fight,arguments if she by fault came in her father sight,he will reward her with a punch r slap,and her mother with a look of cold which would make her shiver with her disgust,but now at this age she was normal to all this things.she sometimes wonder how they slept in the same room after this fight,and how come she in this world if they were fighting like this from day one. She never noticed love btn them nor they loved her.

she sighed thinking about love,it was just her darji who loved her she had vague images of him speaking to her while she was a kid.after him none cared about her.


suddenly her memories took her today’s incident and her strange guy thoughts,she felt a sense of protectiveness around him. she slowly dozed off thinking about him.

On the other side maan was watching her handkie which she tied around his hand and with a smile he took her name GEET.

the next few days were asusal for geet but not for maan,he kept on stalking her when ever she was free,from library to canteen,,from ground to her classes he was behind her,t he more he saw her laugh,her pout ,her antics,tge way her hands moved while she was saying something to ishitha,the more he wants to watch her. How many tyms he wished to clear her trendils that disturbed her view,how he wished to ask her not to chewher lips,h oo how he wished!?He only wished not only this ,he wished many more thi ya but refrained himself from nearing her,not that he was afraid but knowing the fact geet never interacted with anyone other than ishitha was keeping him still,what if he extended his hand for frndship but she denied!!?? Her deny was the thing he was afraid to face.


He was still watching her from behind a tree like always,she was smiling with ishitha on something, he kept looking  at her when someone snapped thier fingers before him.



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Devastated….. Shattered soul. Part 5

Part 5 

From the moment Ishita spoke with Sanam her mood was off. Though Geet tried to cheer her she didn’t budge a little.

“Oho ishu, ab Kya hua. Leave it na. Now tell me what about our lunch. Arnav ate my lunch and I spilled your lunch. Aren’t you feeling hungry. ” Geet tried speaking to Ishita.

“Why for you. You are a robot na you won’t feel hungry. If at all you are feeling come with me uss uncle Arnav ko sabak sikhana hain “.started Ishita again.

“Oho jhansi ki Rani, stop your lectures. Come let’s have something to eat. Other wise you will faint here itself. Its getting late, if I won’t go to my house on correct time baabu ji gets angry.” Said Geet while pulling her hand.

“Ha OK. Hey look there golgappa. Come let’s eat it. “Said Ishita.

Both Geet and Ishita ran to the stall but Geet saw her father  mohinder standing there with rage filled eyes. She got scared and bid bye to Ishitha and started going to her home.


“You don’t worry Sanam. I will  teach that Geet a lesson. After  Tomorrow I will make sure that she would never show her face.” Said arnav  giving a dirty smile showing his yellow teeth.


Next day

Geet is walking towards her school and as usually she expected the bimbo gangs waiting for her.

Only if she knew that today gonna change her life forever.

Arnav blocked her way standing in front of her. He is not that strong that Geet couldn’t push him. He would be flew away for 10 miles if someone blows air little strongly. But she is scared of everyone and everything.

“Hey, school beauty. Kya hua aaj itni late kyun aayi. You know I am waiting for you to take revenge for yesterday.” Said arnav.

Though Geet is getting scared by his words she didn’t lift her eye lashes. She kept staring at the floor.

“Now don’t act innocent. You have insulted my friend yesterday right now  I’ll show you what INSULT means. You have to kiss the person who comes first from this gate. Remember HE not she. If you won’t I will kiss you hard. Choice is yours.” Arnav completed showing his yellow teeth.

Tears started streaming from Geet’s eyes. How she wished someone to support her but instead the whole block is looking at the scene. If Ishita would be here she surely will stand by her side. But alas! Ishita is from separate block. So only at the lunch break they can meet.

As Geet didn’t move a step from the time arnav gave her warning he started moving towards her.


“So you want only me to kiss you. OK I am ready. And you don’t worry I’ll give you 5 rupees for the kiss. Because you don’t deserve more than that.”

Geet knew it is the end. Even if he tries to touch her she would surely die. She felt defeated as arnav was nearing her.

There is only single feet distance between arnav and her then Geet closed her eyes tight and prayed for her God.


“Please save me, baba ji”

As if God heard her, a strong muscular arms held her instead of Arnav’s bony arms. She opened her eyes to see what is happening.

Though Geet could not see the persons face she felt safe hiding behind his huge and strong form. She felt like God has sent this saviour to protect her against all evils.


“Hmmm… chacha ji, what are you doing. You are playing with kids here. Too bad. You have to play with your age group, see there on the opposite of the school there is a old age home. Go and play there. Everyone are of your age group only.” Geet heard a husky voice saying it.

By this time every student from different blocks gathered here. Ishita came running to Geet and she lunged herself on Ishita. Ishita started consoling her while Geet cried more.

“Oyye who the hell are you. And how dare you talk to me like that. “Said Arnav.

” What? being A senior most student you must know everyone right chacha. Let me tell you I am  Maan Singh Khurana. ” he said while holding Arnav’s bony arms in his palm.

“Chacha ji, now say sorry to this girl. Or else you will end up in the hospital. ” Maan said hitting Arnav  on his stomach.

“Tu saale, just leave me ones I’ll tell you with whom you are messing with. ” said Arnav while getting punches from Maan.

“Achha. OK I’ll leave you chacha ji.” Said Maan and left him.

As soon as Maan left him he turned to hit Maan but got hit his head on maans shoulder. Arnav  started screaming in pain.

Maan pulled him by his shirt which is ready to tear. “What are doing Ha? Kissing a girl. Shame on you. Its the reason you are studying still in the same class though you are 39 year old.”

Everyone gasped listening to this new information. But Maan did not stop hitting him. Though Maan isn’t using his full energy to hit Arnav  is getting hurt.

“Arrey principal is coming” someone screamed.

Everyone ran to their respective classes leaving a limping Arnav  in the hold of Maan and crying Geet in the arms of Ishita.

“What is this Maan? Why are you in this block. You must be in your class right” said the principal.

“I was going to my class only sir. But didn’t know why I crossed this block. But it’s good that I am here. This skeleton is misbehaving with this girl. He is trying to kiss her. So  I have to enter into the scene” Maan explained the principal.

The principal saw around and saw Geet. Now he came to know what happened. Even he knew how Geet is being treated but couldn’t do anything. So he looked at Arnav  and said ” you are suspended from the school for one month. Get out”

After warning Arnav the principal left from the scene. While Maan was looking at the principal’s retreating figure he felt something soft touch his fingers. It was a hand kerchief.

Squinting his eyes he met his eyes with Geet who is still sobbing. She signalled him towards his hurt.


“Thank you ji. Take this kerchief you got hurt.”

“Whats your name? ” he asked.

“My name is Geet……Geet handa ” she replied.

While Ishita pulled her and took her to washroom so that she could clean her face.

And here Maan mesmerized by Geet is repeating her name as if it is his favorite song.

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Devastated…… Shattered soul. Part 4

geet was drinking water to control her hunger,when a delicious smell made her close her eyes devouring its yummy fragrance for a moment. on opening she witnessed a pair of rage filled eyes,she gulped knowing she  exactly knew what happened. she was about to open her mouth. when that girl  placed the box on bench on garden where geet was relaxing rather waiting for her. but that girl didnt spared a glance at her placing her box that girl turned and about to leave. geet quickly made a move and stood before that girl  holding her ears. anyone can melt with her cute gestures and that girl too almost melted but she hold on thin thread to show her,she is  still mad at her. Geet pouted seeing that girl still glaring at her.

Geet: ok,i am sorry now plzz come on smile now. i can’t stay talking without you.plzz naa

Ishita : why don’t u give back thier words yaar,how many tyms you will let them insult you.this is going from years still you r calm that too to them.they dont deserve it geet. Hearing Ishita  lashing out geet made a puppy face and turned to Ishita  pleading with eyes.

Ishita : no,not again this look won’t work ok,u always have your way with me  geet but now this is the limit of thier nonsence. Geet sighed and finally looked at her Jhansi khi rani,yes that’s what geet called her best buddy the reason is SHE was always ready to fight with the one who messes with geet. mind you fight is literally slapping r punching,so geet decided that name her that. geet giggled thinking how this name always riled her buddy.

ISHITHA: That good for nothing Varun again snatched your lunch and you happily gave it,why can’t u stand for yourself geet,why you always give up without fighting.

Geet: he didn’t bring his lunch and asked….Ishu glared knowing geet was covering

Ishu: geet learn to say NO,for the things others dropped on your head,if not now mayb in future you will find yourself in a place where you can neither return nor move for letting others rule you. Saying ishu made her way out of garden ,geet looked at the box which is untouched knowing well ishu was still empty without lunch ,she took the box and made a run for ishu only stopped by bumping into the famous bimbo of clg Sanam ,making her and her very short dress bath with her lunch.

Sanam was shoked to find the mess and her eyes turned fury seeing geet,she was about to blast on geet when ishu took geet behind her.

Ishu: arey its ok Sanam ,its just dress,u can afford another I guess.

Sanam: its not about affording ishu,she did it knowingly,to take revenge from me.

Ishu: HIW I WISH SHE DID IT KNOWINGLY!? but alas! No it was a mistake,well its ishitha for you not ishu. just my close frnds cal me that,we r not even frnds let alone close.

Sanam: ohh come on ishitha,my father and your father r working together and we knew each other from we r kids.

Ishu: haaaa correction,your father is working under my father as an employee,so we share owner employee relation,so for now you cal me ishitha when I took over business you can cal me ishitha mam,ok now will u excuse us.

Saying ishu took geet hand and left from there  while the other students who just gathered are laughing. Sanam gritted her teeth looking at them and promised herself to revenge geet tomorrow.  she well know to hurt ishu geet is the target.


Arnav: yday you insulted my frnd right,now you have to bear punishment school beauty,now who ever comes from this gate u have to kiss him , remember him not her ok ,if not I will kiss you hard,now choice is yours.


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Devastated…. Shattered soul. Part 3


A seventeen year old GEET is walking to her school as usual. It’s not that her family didn’t have money for her transport, but they didn’t feel important taking care of her.

But GEET is a best daughter anyone could get. She never asked anything but accepted everything with a smile.


After a 45 minutes of long walk she reached her school. As usual a bimbo gang was waiting to insult her.

A group of 5 boys stood near the classroom corridor. One of them was very thin, and old compared to the others in the group. He came forward and stood in front of GEET 
“Hey ugly, what’s up. You are looking so energetic today. What say boys” he asked to a tired GEET.


“Arrey Arnav. You are correct. “Said another boy supporting Varun.

The boys in their group started laughing at her. But GEET didn’t even raised her eyes instead she moved from there to her classroom.

But her problem isn’t solved. Another bimbo gang is waiting for her in the classroom.

A group of 4 girls who are wearing richest clothes are sitting In their classroom. As soon as GEET entered the class there were a lot of murmuring.

“Hey look here, our school beauty came. “Taunted one girl.

“Welcome to 12th standard miss beauty.”taunted  another girl.

“Oho another more year to see this beauty” taunted another girl.

But GEET ignored all these taunts and comments as usual. She knew it, all these words are pricking her heart but she learned in these years to ignore.

She went to the last row and sat on the last bench. No one likes to sit with her so the seat beside her is always empty.

As the bell rang every student settled themselves in their seats and a professor came inside.

“Good morning students, welcome to your new academic year. My name is Mr Singh. I am your new class teacher. And my subject is physics. So all the best for your bright future “introduced the new teacher.

As soon as the class completed it was a lunch break. Everyone opened their lunch boxes and had their lunch while chatting and making fun of GEET.

“Arrey dekho, our school beauty is eating aaloo poori….dekho beauty if you eat it, then you will become more ugly than you are. So I will eat it.” Arnav said to GEET and took her lunch box and ate it.


While GEET was helplessly sitting in her place and opened her book to divert her mind. She was so hungry that her stomach is giving grumbling sounds.

It is a usual sight for her. She opens her handmade lunch to eat and Arnav eats her food commenting her looks.

She feels like giving a tight slap for his behavior, but she knew she is alone and none will support her.

Sighing sadly, she tried concentrating on the book ignoring the hunger. Just one person support all she needs…….

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