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Part 5


Maan Singh Khurana entered the AR building in his rich black Mercedes. He parked his car in the parking lot and headed towards the reception. Finding no one in the reception he turned towards his left and asked the ladies who were busy gossiping.

“Excuse me. Who is in the reception?”

He noticed how all the girls stopped their gossips and stood up to look at him. All the girls are in age group of early twenties except for Sheetal and Lavanya who are in their late twenties.

Seeing them not responding he again tried to speak. ” I’m Maan Singh Khurana. I want to meet your boss Mr Arnav raizada. Where is his cabin?”

All these girls pointed the cabin with their fingers while he gave a sexy smirk which made gasp for air. He shook his head and headed towards Arnav’s cabin.


He knocked the door to which came an instant come in reply.

“Good morning Mr Arnav I am Maan Singh Khurana.” He came inside the cabin and shook his hands with Arnav.

“Oh Mr Maan who doesn’t know you. And what a pleasant surprise. Please take a seat.” Arnav welcomed him with a smile.

“Thats so nice of you. Well I don’t know how to end or start a conversation so I am coming straight to the main point. I want to invest in your new project and my share percent is your choice.” Maan said in a straight forward tone.

“Thats so tempting offer but why do you want to invest in our company. You see you are having worldwide branches and there are really many better companies than us. So….” Arnav trailed off.

“I understand your insecurities being a business man. When we want something we can go to any extent. So I want no need something from you.” Maan smiling.

“Oh what can I give to the world’s richest person?” Arnav asked smiling.

“Nothing much important now. Let us finish our project then I’ll ask. And buddy dare you reject it.” Maan warned jokingly.


“Chill man. I promise I’ll give whatever you ask but let us finalize this deal.” Arnav accepted not knowing what Maan will ask.

“From my side I’ll finalize the deal and I’ll send you a cheque tomorrow. Here is my address come to my home and collect the cheque.” Maan said placing a visiting card on the table.

“OK. I’ll surely visit your home tomorrow. And if possible shall we see the site tomorrow.” Arnav asked keeping the visiting card in his pocket.

“Oh yes. I’ll come tomorrow to visit the land. I’ll take a leave now.” Maan said and shook his hand with Arnav before leaving the place.

As Maan walked down he saw all the girls closing their eyes and praying looking at the ceiling. Only the two women in their late twenties are drooling over him.

Maan sighed looking at their antics and left the office in his Mercedes.

While driving his car he thought “Mr Arnav you didn’t know what I’m going to ask. The deal is so tempting.!”


As soon as Maan left the office Arnav came out from his cabin and announced to his employs. “Attention everybody! We got a new deal from the Khurana. So you all have to work harder for this as it’s the biggest deal we have ever got.”

“And one more thing I’ll select some of you all for the project and one of you must go and bring the cheque tomorrow. Understand.”

As Arnav announced it Geet, pinky, Sasha, Tasha, started dancing and hugging each other as their wish got fulfilled. In their happiness they forgot that they are standing in their office and dancing in font of their boss.

“Enough. Is it a fish market or office. Go back to your work.” Arnav screamed and went back to his cabin.


“Veveveve fish market nahi vamp Yeh tumhara market.” Pinky cursed her boss.

“Arrey leave it na, Skeleton Raizada ne pehli baar kuch achha kiya. Oh from now onwards we can see Mr prince charming everyday.” Geet said feeling elated and all of them had a group hug.

“OK stop it. Now it’s a time to check to whom does Mr sexy smirk belongs to.” Sheetal said making everyone curious.

“But how?” All of them asked in a union.

“Simple. Lets see who will get many chances to be with Mr sexy smirk. And he will belong to her. Wait a moment. ” Sheetal said and brought a big chart and wrote Sheetal, Lavanya, Geet, Sasha, Pinky, Tasha.

She drew individual columns in between each names and said ” we will mark the points here. The one who will get more points will be the winner.”

“Now the first round Who will be selected for bringing the cheque they gets one point. OK. Ready for the challenge.”

“Ready” all of them said in a union.

Sheetal stuck the chart on the wall and left the place while everyone else looked at it with a longing face.


The day was so exciting for Geet, Maan and Arnav. As one is getting chance to drool over her prince charming, other one with some dark motive and other one got a chance to build a secure future respectively.

“Ms handa. You and sheetal are going to Mr Khurana house tomorrow to bring the cheque. Is that clear.” Arnav announced to the employs and left the office to his home.

“OMG! Am I dreaming. Pinky pinch me yaar. I can’t believe my eyes.” Geet started dancing as soon as she heard the news.


“Stop dreaming Geet. Boss asked you to come with me which means like an assistant. So be ready at 7 O’Clock in the morning. I’ll pick you from your home.” Sheetal said to Geet.

“Nahi. I’ll come with papa ji. Papa ji  will drop me to “his” house and we’ll bring the cheque together what say.” Geet blushed to take his name.

“Oh my kid. You come with your dad I have my car so I’ll come there by my own.” Saying that she left the office.

Everyone in the office were leaving to their homes as it’s evening and Geet sat in her papa ji’s car while she waved bye to her friends.

“Yippee. Chocolate cake. Thank you papa.” She unwrapped the packet and started eating it. “You know papa today a miracle happened in our boring office. A prince came to our office. He even spoke to us.”

And so on Geet started narrating today’s incidents to her papa and to her mumma as soon as she reached her home.

Her  day ended with a smile remembering today’s event.



As soon as Arnav left the office he went to a shop and bought a gift parcel. He drove to his home feeling happy about the new deal.

Khushi was sitting in the living room eating some snacks when he reached home.

“Khushi, guess what I have a surprise for you.” Arnav said removing his coat.


“Surprise? Show me na. I can’t handle surprise.” She said feeling excited about the gift.

“No baby. First guess then I’ll give it.”

She pouted and guessed some. “Is it the necklace which you promised me two months ago.”

“No.” He smirked.

“Okay fine. I don’t want anything. I’ll take it from you one day.” She too smirked.

“Let me tell you. We got a very big deal from the khurana companies. Omg I can’t believe it, my hardworking is finally getting results.” He screamed on top of his voice.

“Shh. Calm down. I said right everything will be fine. Now give me some party.” She said with a big smile.

“Party toh hoga lekin tum mujhe dogi.” He said and showed her a parcel “This is for you. Wear it for the night.”

She opened the parcel only to reveal a beautiful transparent mid thigh length dress. She smiled understanding his motive behind her dress.

“Will you help me wearing it?” She whispered in his ears.


And that’s the limit he didn’t even let her wear the new dress to complete his motive instead the dress she was wearing was discarded along with his clothes.


On the other side, Maan didn’t sleep though the entire world is sleeping.

He was staring at a photo with a kind of desire in his eyes. And that photo belongs to khushi. He took the photo when she stood up to clean the dress near their table.

As the night turned to be day he kept the photo along with the other bunch of photos of khushi placed on the wall.


He was only boring into the photo all the night with an unknown desire filled eyes. He knew after investing a huge amount in Arnav’s company, Arnav  would be helpless to pay back the amount so he can’t deny whatever he will ask. He smirked at his plan.

He went to take a cold shower to calm down his nerves.



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Part 4


“Geet! Wake up dear. You are getting late.” A woman in her mid 40’s said stroking a beautiful girl’s hair lovingly.

“Ummm….let me sleep mumma.” Geet said placing her head on her mummas lap.

“But Geet, aren’t you getting late to your office?” She asked again.

“Office!” Geet sighed. “You know mumma it’s such a boring place. A boring boss, boring staff, boring work, boring and boring. I didn’t find anything interesting in the office.”

“OK. Then leave the office. And do something which you like.” Her mother suggested which made Geet smile.

“You are the best mom. I’ll surely leave the office as soon as I complete the ongoing project.” Geet said and turned to her left and saw the time. “I’m getting late mumma. I have to run.”

“Pagal ladki.” Her mother said and cleaned Geet’s messy room.


“Good morning papa. Aaj breakfast mein kya banaya aapne?” Geet said as she settled beside her father’s chair.

“Good morning, dear. Actually I thought to make gajar halwa but it got burnt. So you have to eat your mom’s handmade aloo poori.” Geet’s father said serving the breakfast to Geet and himself.

“Really niranjan. Till today have you ever made a perfect breakfast. No! Subah Subah kitchen mein ghuss kar sare saaman kharab karte ho. And finally I have to interfere and make the breakfast.” She said and sat beside Geet.

“Anjali, ek na ek din mein zaroor challenge jeetunga. I’ll prove that I can cook better than you.” Niranjan said feeding a poori piece to Geet.

“Yeh baat adat hogai. Its 20 years since you started this dialogue. And nothing changed.” Anjali murmured.

“As if you changed. You are the same beautiful lady I have met 25 years ago.” Niranjan winked at her earning a smack on his shoulder.

“OK Geet, it’s time go safe.” Anjali said kissing her forehead.

“Bye mumma.” Geet said and sat in the car while Niranjan ignited the engine.


“Bye papa. Don’t forget to bring the cake when you pick up me at evening.” Geet said closing the car door.

“OK dear. Here have this chocolate. Bye.” Niranjan gave her a chocolate to which Geet started eating immediately after she entered the office.

“Geet boss is calling you to his cabin.” The receptionist said with a smile.

“Sasha! Why don’t we kill the boss.” Geet said and both of them laughed.


“May I come in Sir?” Geet knocked her boss cabin door which has her boss name Arnav Singh raizada engraved on it.

“Come in.” She heard a short reply from the other side.

She took a baby steps and wished him Good morning to which he nodded.

“What the hell. Ms handa you are 23 years old and you behave like a kid. DON’T you know how to come to the office. And why the hell are you eating a chocolate.” Her boss screamed at her.

‘Oh shit. I forgot to keep in my bag. Now what will I say to this vamp. Geet think something. Yes got an idea.’ She thought to herself.

“Actually sir, I was diagnosed with diabetes today morning. So doctor asked me eat chocolate and I am following. Thats it sir.” Geet said faking a sad face.

“Am I looking like an idiot to believe all your crap. Just get lost from here and complete the project.” Her boss screamed on top of his voice.

She ran as soon as he screamed and bumped into her fellow mates. 
“Geet, uss heroine ne kya kaha.” Pinky asked Geet.

“Pinky voh heroine nahi, voh chudail hain, Vamp kahike.” Geet cursed her boss.

“Why must we get such a boring boss. I have done something wrong in my previous birth.” Shasha said joining them.

“Ha yaar, I will leave the office as soon as I complete the project. Babaji ke kripa se boss ko dengue, malaria, filaria, chicken pox, abolo, heart attack, liver cancer, brain tumour, coma, HIV, hepatitis, etc etc sab kuch ek saat hamla karna chahiye.” Geet said it dramatically while her friends nodded their heads in approval.

“Excuse me. Who is in the reception.” All the girls who were busy cursing their boss stopped in their tracks hearing a husky masculine voice.

They stood up to see the owner of the voice only to freeze seeing a very handsome face. Every girl who saw him was rooted on the spot and the man smirked at them and repeated.

“I’m Maan Singh Khurana. I want to meet your boss Mr Arnav raizada. Where is his cabin?” He said with a sexy smirk making all girls to point out their fingers absentmindedly towards their boss cabin.

The man shook his head and walked towards the cabin and closed the door behind him with a bang which made everyone to come out of their la la land.

“Oh my God, my heart beat.” Sasha said as she collapsed into her chair along with everyone.

“He is my DD aka my DHAK – DHAK.” Pinky said gasping for air.

“Oh mein marjawa. He is my dreamy dude.” Tasha said dreamily.

“Finally I found my prince charming.” Geet said blushing.

“He is mine.” Sheetal said bringing everyone from their lands.

“No he is mine.” Lavanya said making the rest to fume.

“Hahaha keep dreaming lav. He is so fair and you are too dark. How will he become yours.” Sheetal taunted.

“So what? He has a toned body and I have a toned body unlike you fatso.” Lavanya said to Sheetal.

“Shut up everyone. My name is Sasha and his name is Maan so our names are sounding too good together. So he is mine.” Sasha said proudly making others fume.

“No no no. He is my prince charming. Our names sounds good together not yours. Your both names are sounding like new genetic tested animal.” Pinky blabbered.

“No Maan smiled at me not at you all. So Maan is mine and see how are names sounding. Maan Geet which means Maaneet.” Geet said smiling widely.

“So what Geet. You look ugly besides him. He is too hot to handle and I’m the hottest girl in the office. So he is mine.” Lavanya smirked at everyone’s fallen faces.

“Stop it guys. everyone’s heartbeat increased when we saw him. But did his heartbeat increase looking at us. We must find out yaar.” Sasha announced making everyone to nod their heads.

“But how will we find it. I mean he came to meet our boss so he will go away na after meeting.” Pinky said chewing her lips.

“Idea. We will pray to God to let him stay here or let our boss give him a job in our company.” Geet said innocently to which everyone nodded their heads and closed their eyes to pray except for Sheetal and Lavanya.


“Come on kids open your eyes. Mr sexy smirk left the office long back.” Sheetal said smiling.

“Oh our prayers backfired yaar.” Everyone said with a dull voice.

“I’m leaving the office now.” Geet said and stood up to leave.

Author’s note

Geets character will be similar to me so bear with the craziness.

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Part 3


“Arnav, look at this! The media revealed about sanam not being our daughter. Uff And look what all rubbish they have written.” I screamed as soon as I saw the newspaper.

“Relax, khushi. Its OK.” Arnav said calmly.

“Relax? Arnav, What if sanam gets to know one day? I am scared? I just don’t want to loose our small world. I can’t bear it.” I said being emotional.

“Nothing will happen like that. And you are too dramatic. Aaj Sunday hai, let’s enjoy.” Arnav said trying to ease my mood.

“I don’t know. You suggest something.” I asked completely forgetting about my tension.

“OK. Lets have a candle light dinner tonight at a hotel. Until then let’s do something else.” Arnav said coming close to me.

“What else? I don’t understand. Arrrrr….” Before I could complete my sentence I am involved in a mind numbing kiss.

Arnav hands started to roam freely on my body while my hands are itching to unbutton his shirt.

“Eager to touch me!?” Arnav spoke panting as we broke the kiss.

Oh so he is teasing me! Let me show how eager I am.

“Come out of your dreams Mr So called Irresistible. And let me show who is eager to touch whom.” Saying it I pushed him to the sofa where he settled himself comfortable waiting for my next move.

I took a tie which was laying on the floor, fortunately and held it behind my form so that he couldn’t see it. I took few measured steps and leaned over him. I traced my fingers on his lips which made him close his eyes automatically.

“Try to free yourself, Arnav.” I purred in his ear.

He opened his eyes startled and looked his sides only to find himself being tied to the sofa which made him immovable.

“What the ***k, khushi untie me now.” He screamed.

“No. Not at all.” I said removing the last piece covering my body.

I leaned again towards him making sure that my body touches his at my every move. I noticed his reaction towards my touch and patted my back mentally.

“Accept it Arnav.” I whispered unbuttoning his shirt.

“What.” He asked confused while panting.

“That you are eager to touch me.” I said discarding the last piece on  his body. 

“Dammit. Untie me first.” He groaned as I sat directly on his part.

“Accept it.” I once again whispered in his ears plastering my bare skin to his.

“Oh! Stop it for God’s sake. He screamed loosening the knots and pinned me under,him in a fraction of second.

“Now it’s interesting. Lets start the game.” He smirked ignoring my pleas and tied me the same way if possible a little tighter.


After spending hours of our challenge in the daylight and that too in the living room he carried me to the shower and we had another session in the bathroom.

“OK. Now stop. We need to go to the hotel.” I said trying to free myself.

“OK.” He freed me from his grip and got readied in minutes.


We both walked into the five star hotel and as usual the paparazzi. After escaping from their questions we seated ourselves on the rich soft red chairs. A menu card was present in front of us on the table.

I held it tight in my palms looking at the price of the items.

“Kya hua? Didn’t you like anything? ” Arnav asked me as I didn’t place an order since five minutes.

“They are too expensive here, right. ” I said biting my lower lip.

“Oh come on.” He took the menu card and ordered the waiter. “Get the costliest thing in your hotel.”

“Sir, its xyz. And it’s 200000/- . Shall I place the order.” Waiter asked us.

“Yes.” Arnav shook his head.

“You know how to impress a woman easily, don’t you? ” I asked as soon as the waiter left the scene.

“As you say. And I guess you are impressed.” Arnav said raising his eyebrows.

“As you see.” I said and we both laughed. I didn’t notice the waiter standing behind me while placing our order on the table and I by accident pushed the plate and drink glass directly fell on me emptying the contents in it.

Holy shit. I was drenched with the most expensive drink. I looked at Arnav expecting to shout at my carelessness but he mouthed “You have to pay for it.”

And I know what he meant. I blushed slightly before clearing my throat.

“I’ll just come back.” I said and headed to the washroom.

I loosened my dress from back and lifted from my ankle till it rested on my bosom.

I stood semi naked with my panties on and body until my bosom bare. I started cleaning myself with the wet tissues and stopped when I heard a masculine voice.


I immediately turned around and saw a handsome yet well built man staring at my bare skin.

I became conscious and covered myself properly.

“Who the hell are you. Don’t you have any manners to enter in Women’s washroom?” I asked rather screamed.

“Cool babe. First of all it’s a common wash room. And secondly you must lock the door and thirdly you must use the private rooms to your left.” He said all the while roaming his eyes over me.

“So what you have commented me delicious.” I still argued knowing that it’s my mistake.

“I am speaking about the juice flowing from your body sweat heart!” He said pointing towards my dress but I clearly understood that he is flirting with me.

“Shut up. I know what you are speaking.” I warned him and left the place while I heard him say “Amazing figure”.

I was about turn back to bash him but stopped as I saw Arnav waiting for me.

Arnav stood up as soon as I stood near him and we both started to leave the place as it’s late. Before exiting the door I turned back to see the man whom I met in the washroom giving a cheque to waiter who accidently spilled the drink.

I felt something fishy, but I ignored to tell Arnav as I didn’t feel important.


GEET ENTRY. Maaneet first meet.

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Part 2


I stood in front of the holy pyre and sat down when I was instructed by the priest. Arnav was already present and is repeating the words which the priest was saying.  All the while the media was taking snaps of us not paying any heed to the situation we are in.

Asad photo was placed in the center while a Garland was adorned around it. Arnav was being lost for sometime and I immediately pressed his palm with mine gently assuring him that I am always with him. I know he was remembering Asad.

It took an hour or so to complete the anniversary and I was asked to give a interview facing media. This is moment I feared. Am I a celebrity who came to an award function to give a interview. But alas! The interview is much needed one, I am doing this only for Arnav if not for his I would like to hide again without facing the world.

I sat on the royal cushion chair and leaned little back to support myself. The interviewer sat in front of me arranging everything for the interview while giving smiles.

“Good afternoon, madam. Its good to see you after a very long time. How do you feel.” The interviewer asked me.

“Good afternoon! If my husband is not standing beside me than I wouldn’t even come out today.” I said.

“Are you planning for any new projects this year. As far as we know every year on this day you are planning something or the other.” He asked me.

“Yes. This year we are planning to open a engineering college.”

“But why only colleges. Your business is food industry and you are planning only colleges for this occasion every year. Can we know the reason?” He asked politely.

“Actually Asad believes that every person must be educated to grow high in his life. When he was alive he used to concentrate on construction rather than food industry. So….” I trailed off.

“OK. I understand. You had a love marriage with Asad and when he was dead you were newly married. Then how did you easily move on in your life. I mean see you had a child of years with Arnav.” He asked while giving a awkward glance.

How cruel is it going to be. I just wanted to scream at his face but Arnav spoke with his eyes to control. He is giving me support silently. I closed my eyes tightly and opened after few seconds.

“It wasn’t so easy as you are saying. It was the most painful moment in my life. And yes we had a love marriage but may be we are not destined to be together. I was pregnant at the time when Asad was pronounced dead in the car accident. Sanam is Asad and my daughter.

Asad and me are very happy with the news of expecting a baby in our family. He thought of buying something to celebrate this moment and he met with a accident.

I held lifeless Asad in my lap and shouted, pleaded him to come back but he didn’t.” I wiped my tears glancing at Arnav who was also trying hard to stop his tears.

“I felt alone and hollow. I went into depression. Doctors told me that I may suffer a miscarriage if I won’t come out of my shock. And my saviour Arnav entered into the scene.

You won’t believe me, I have never noticed Arnav when I was with Asad. I have seen him for the first time in the hospital when he filled my forehead with vermilion to bring me out of the shock and it really worked.

I started screaming and slapping Arnav for his foolish act for which he maturely handled the situation explaining me about to take care of the baby.

From that moment till now Arnav stood like a pillar to me. Arnav is a fairy tale hero which any girl dreams. I some time feel that I don’t deserve him, but he made understand giving me time to adjust.

Slowly we developed feelings towards each other. May be it’s six months since I accepted his love.” I continued looking lovingly at Arnav.

“And one more thing. Please do not write anything about our baby Sanam. Arnav treats her like his daughter and she doesn’t know about Asad. So please do not write anything about it.” I pleaded them looking tensed.

“OK madam. Did you and Arnav got physical with each other. I mean did you both consummate your marriage.” He asked with a straight face.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat with this shameless questions.  And again my saviour Arnav came and interrupted asking  them to leave the place and end this interview.

They obeyed him and left the place making me breath. As soon as they left Arnav came to me and enquired whether I am OK. I immediately collapsed into his arms feeling tired.

He kissed my hair and picked me in his arms and tucked me on bed while he slipped beside me lulling me into sleep.

PRECAP: Maan Singh Khurana entry.


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Part 1


Part 1

Its a cool evening with a lot of women surrounding me. One for the make up, one for the hair styling, one for checking my dress, one for shoes and blah blah blah. Though I am surrounded by ten to twelve women I’m still feeling alone.

They came here just to work and they will go away once they are finished with it.

I felt suffocated even in this cool weather. As soon as they completed their work they bent their head and left the room leaving me alone in this huge room.

I took a deep breath and I started staring at my reflection in the mirror. I could clearly see the change in me.

I wasn’t like this before than what happened. Why did I change? It felt so difficult to adjust in such lifestyle.

My heart started beating so fast that I have to put my palm on my chest to stop it. But it didn’t. I still remember the last time when it started beating so fast.

I gave a little smile remembering it. I need a support for now. At this moment. I startled feeling a hand on my shoulder but relaxed immediately when I recognised the person.

My husband. Arnav Singh Raizada. He stood beside me as soon as I felt helpless.

“I’m feeling nervous. Its my first time. “I said to him.

“Shh! Don’t worry. You can do it. Just trust me. I am always with you. “He said kissing my lips.

“Hamesha….Hamesha….”we both said in a union as we broke the kiss.

When he is at my side there is nothing to worry about. I feel comfortable in his presence so I stood up and prepared myself for the upcoming events.

Today is the 5th death anniversary of my EX HUSBAND ASAD SINGH RAIZADA. And all the media is Waiting for me down like I am their prey.

And I don’t understand why must media always interfere in personal lives. Cant they understand the emotions of others. Doesn’t they understand how I feel suffocated in their presence.

I have been in my room all alone  without participating in his death  anniversary just because of these media people.

Every anniversary was been taken care of my husband for his BROTHER as I am unable to prepare myself mentally.

But it’s enough. Now I have my husband Arnav Singh RAIZADA support with me. I know he will stand beside me.

I started walking forward to participate in my dead ex husband anniversary. As I reached to the living room where the preparations are going on I saw all the cameras turn and taking snaps of me as I heard my name from every person mouth.

“Khushi Singh RAIZADA.”


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Betrayal…… For you



ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA: Older brother of Asad Singh Raizada and husband of Khushi. A business man.

Khushi Singh RAIZADA: Wife of Arnav Singh RAIZADA. Her first husband died in a car accident when they are newly married and she was pregnant.

Asad Singh RAIZADA: Ex Husband of Khushi and younger brother of Arnav.

Sanam Singh RAIZADA: 5 years old. Daughter of Asad and Khushi. But she doesn’t know that Asad is her father as he was dead before she came onto the earth. Arnav treats her as his own daughter.

GEET HANDA: Works for Arnav Singh raizada. A complete filmy and dramatic. Believes in fairy tale love and happily ever after marriage.

MAAN SINGH KHURANA: Doesn’t believe in love or marriages. He thinks world revolves only around money. Obsessed with khushi and can do anything for her.

More characters are introduced as the story progress.


ARNAV: I love you. I will do anything to keep you with me forever. Even if it means to betray.

KHUSHI: I know Arnav. Every thing will be fine don’t worry.


MAAN: Nothing will be fine khushi until and unless you accept my deal.

KHUSHI: I will never accept it and It will never happen.

……………. …………

GEET: It will really happen MAAN. Not only in fairy tales but in real life also. Love is the most beautiful thing. I love you MAAN, till my last breath.

MAAN: I don’t do love Geet. I enjoy only a single  night with women and pay them a huge amount for their services.  “Use and Throw” types.   I am not a fairy tale hero,  so stop dreaming a life with me.