“I know it Adarsh you are the best.” Swadeenta said kissing his cheek while holding his promotion letter.

“Its all because of you swadeenta, if not for you I would never have been taking breath this moment.” Adarsh with teared eye.

“Dont say that because you are the best person ever and I love you.” She said to him and remained in his arms.

After suhasinis truth came out swadeentha fell for Adarsh more deeply than before. She now understood why Adarsh kept on calling her the best thing happened in his life because he was depressed. And instead of hating him for his deeds she stood beside him understanding his feelings running through his entire being.

Well its not his mistake Suhasini harrased him since his childhood and the result is before their eyes. She took him to the rehab and made sure that he regains his confidence. Everything went easily because Adarsh too wanted a simple and happy life.

After Adarsh got cured he lost his memory since his childhood which was in a deppressed phase. All that he remembered was Swadarsh moments because these were the only moments which he has lived. Maan stood beside him all the time as a support if not for him Swadeenta would break down seeing adarsh her love of life battling with life and death every moment.

After the treatment Swadarsh started living in Swadeenta house (london) and her parents too accepted him in their life. And today they were celebrating their joy of getting promotion in his job.

Finally Adarsh got free from all the evil breaths and lead his life happily with his love.


Image result for swadarsh


“Listen if you wouldnt come before 5 in the evening Im going to kill you got it?” Priya and Prerna warned their husbands while they laughed.

“Dont worry we will be on time like every karwachaut. Bye.” The men left for the office while their wives smilled.

Both the chachas are now happy in their lives. They came to know the real happiness lies within our family members smiles. They have started their own bussiness which was closed due to their foolishness and now started being like a true gentleman. Except for missing Adarsh and Maan in their lives everything is perfect for them.

But they are happy for both the brothers because they are freed from all the troubles and leading their life perfectly. Being their parent figure they silently prayed for their well being.



“The bussiness man of the year award goes to none other than……….Mr DK. This gentleman started with nothing but now he has his own empire of industries, chain of hotels, hospitals, Line of fashion industres and not to forget many charity foundations. Let give him a round of applause which he deserved.” The host said and the whole placed filled with huge response.

A person in his three piece suit who has been sitting since half an hour is shifting in his seat continously. As soon as his name got announced he almost ran towards the stage hurriedly took the award giving a short thanks.

Image result for maan singh khurana


“Thank you so much. I specially dedicate this award to my family. Love you all.” Saying so he sprinted towards his car and drove towards his Mansion.

His family was sitting infront of the TV and watching the award function while his pregnant wife is muttering crazily to herself.

“Geet…. come lets break your fast.” He said and lifted her in his arms and took her to the balcony where moon can be seen.

“Hoye meri aloo poori kitna sona lag rah hai. Why did you came so soon? Arrey you didnt even stand for a minute on the stage.  Itni jaldi kya hai?” Geet questioned to him.

“Hoyee mera bubble gum What must I do when my crazy pregnant wife is fasting and im not beside her for the past hour huh? And above that you have ordered me to bring Hot jalebis. Only god must know how I had hidden those in my coat so that the AC wont cool them huh? He huffed.


Image result for geet and maan


“Awwe my cute Aloo poori… And ha how many times should I tell you Do not call me bubble gum?” Geet huffed.

“Awee my lovely bubble gum first you stop calling me Aloo poori then ill see.” He said while breaking her fast.

“Ho no you are my Aloo poori thats all. No compromise.” Geet said munching jalebis.

“Okay fine Bubblegum no compromise.” He too said with fake pout.

And both of them burst into laughter.

The Maan Singh Khurana who was a gem and icon to his family the very same day when the harsh truth came out. His empty numb feeling became normal because of geet who assured him of being his side no matter who he is. He silently thanked god for sending an angel into his life who loved him  truly.

He left everything behind which was related to MSK and the lovely husband, doting son and a best friend named DK …..Dev kiloskar was born in him. He now felt lighter seeing his geet beside him and Amma babuji along with Adi. And not to forget his best buddy lucky. Now this is enough for his life.

Both the chachas along with chachis are happy His baby brother is settled with his loove now he is going to be a father. Everything looks perfect now.

“Listen i think the baby is coming.” Geet said holding her stomach while he immediately picked her in arms and ran towards his car instructing lucky to drive the car.

“Ouch…. Aloo poori dont forget to name the babies as halwa and golgappa okay. ” Geet started with her blabber while he listened to her patiently.


Image result for geet and maan baby

“You wont stop loving me right?” She questioned him.

“Never geet….. I may forget to breathe but not you.” He said and kissed her forehead.

“Love you…”

“Love you too..”



“Congratulations Its a baby boy.” The doctor announced making everyone scream in joy.

“How is geet? Is she fine?” He asked the only question.

“Yes aboslutely fine. You can meet her.” The doctor congratulated him.

Geet was looking lovingly at the baby while he sat beside her.

“The baby has your eyes and nose.” Geet said with smile.

” Yeah and it has your complexion and smile.” He said and the baby cheeks.


Image result for geet and maan baby


“I never knew LOVE.. but i never thought my destiny will make me meet u.. one who will fill my life with happiness!! This happiness u have given.. me i cant believe!! Till now. .i dreamt that.. it may just be our hearts.. but no noise but now i want.. this lil CRY of baby to be there!”

“now our life will be full ofhappiness!our love shall remain.. .forever.. !”

And he completes her sentence saying ” yes, like an example people will say..’Mohabbat ho to sirf humaari jaisi”. Till the day.. lovers remain in this world.. our story will remain!’ Their cute family remained in the hug till their hearts content.



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“So it was your brother who has been doing all this?” Geet said while hugging maan close.

“No its not him. Its some one else who is influencing all these  things to him.” Maansaid wiping his tears.

“What?” All of them asked surprised.

“Yes didnt you remember what he said? He said that he killed WITH HIS OWN HANDS WITH GUN. But Dev got shot by his P.A. Mona who has been contracted to kill. So its someone who is trying to blame their deed on Adarsh by influencing him.” Maan said biting back his Sob.

“You are correct. Its not Adarsh but its me who have done all this.” The person said with an evil grin making Maan stumble his feet. May be the time is taking his revenge on him for his goodness.

“MAA?” Maan barely whispered.

Yes. It is Suhasini khurana….Maan’s mother.

“Don’t dare to call me Maa. I have beared all my life hearing this word from that fool maan and you are just lookalike so its faraway.” Suhasini spoke with disgust.

“Why?” Geet asked with anger as Maan is too numb to speak.

“What do you mean by why? Oh yaa are you asking why did I kill that fool. Then listen its because he is on the way ro my dream and career. And you people just get the hell out of my house. I know you people are from Mumbai trying to act as Maan Now its no need. And remember if any of you will open your mouth Ill kill you in the same way like Mr Sharma.” Suhasini said as a matter of fact thinking Maan as Dev from Mumbai.

“What? You have killed Mr sharma? But why?” Geet asked with shock while looking at the numb Maan.

“Because he is speaking more and had listened something which he shouldnt.” Suhasini laughed.

Image result for punar vivah shobha


Mr Sharma was very hurt due to todays incident as Maan didnt believe him. After some time he decided to meet Maan personally so that he can defend himself. When he reached Khurana mansion he saw Suhasini hitting little Adarsh and cursing him.

“Did you just see your brother is living a life of prince and you are living like a slave just because you are the illegitimate son. Shame on you Adarsh. You can do nothing you are waste material on the world.”

“Maa its paining ….. Please …aahh ahhh…” Adarsh tried to free himself from his mothers grip not understanding what his mother is trying to instigate.

“Madam?” Mr Sharma said with shock.

Suhasini immediately left Adarsh and taking this as chance he ran away leaving Suhasini and Mr Sharma alone.

“What you trying to do? Why are you cursing the kid without his mistake?” Mr SHarma continued.

“Hey do not cross your limit. You are just a mere employ so be like one. And yes its all that Adarsh fault why did he just born if he couldnt fulfil my dreams.”Suhasini said while Mr Sharma stood shocked.

“I married the khurana elder son so that I can have all the money and fame.But No all iam doing is to serve the family like a slave.   After this MrKhurana was dead I thought ill be the owner for the entire khurana companies but no that old fool has named everything on Maan and asked him to takeover the buussines even if he is a minor. Damn it! Why? Didnt that old fool thought me to be deserving and what about the no use garbage Adarsh huh? I was happy when this Adarsh was born thinking him to be the owner but no my every dream got crashed because Adarsh is his step son..” She sighed.

“From that time I decided to make people dance on my tunes. I started filling the ears of both these Mr khurana brothers (Ram and Anurag). Those fools easily fell for my trap and slowly started loosing interest in work. Now its time for Adarsh… I need to manipulate him so that he can go against MAAN.” Suhasini blurted everything in frustration and realised what blunder she has done.

“You are such a pathetic women. Just wait and see Ill reveal your face to everyone.” Mr Sharma said and started marching towards the khurana mansion.

Suhasini got scared and tried to stop him from revealing the truth so she planned to divert him.

“Oho Mr Sharma where are you going, huh. Poor you. Maan along with his chachas went to your house to meet you and you are are trying to meet someone who isnt here. tchk tchck..” She lied easily.

“No one can save you today.” Mr Sharma said and started to go to his house believing Suhasini words.

“Poor Sharma.” SUhasini said and immediately followed him by her car seeing him almost nearing his house she accelerated the speed and dashed him while he fell on the road with a thud and his head collided with road making him die on the spot.

She wrote a suicide note on behalf of Mr Sharma and made it look like a suicide.


“Isnt it an amazing plan?” Suhasini smirked.

“You are really a pathetic women. But why must take your frustration on Maan and Adarsh?” Geet spoke with disgust.

“Because My dreams will get fulfilled when all these khuranas die and the the entire property comes to my hand. Thats why I started to manipulate all the family members. I made sure to make Adarsh hate Maan till his core. I had arranged a contract killer to kill Maan. At the same time I dragged a unconscious adarsh who is in a drug state and layed him beside Maan’s dead body. I asked the contract killer to keep the gun in adarsh hands so that he will imagine himself as the murderer. And voila. It worked. Isnt my plan good. One shot and two birds.” Suhasini laughed evilly.

Every word from Suhasinis mouth is slicing Maans heart painfully and making him more numb. Geet stared at suhasini with disgust.

“You have killed an innocent soul Mrs Suhasini. He was Dev whom you have killed and the person sitting infront of you is Maan … Maan singh khurana….. The very Maan whom you tried to kill is dying now seeing your real face.Shame on you.” Geet spat on her.

Image result for geet angry

“I dont care if he is Maan or Dev all I know is Ill kill each and every person who comes in my way.” Suhasini said and pointed the gun towards Maan and Geet.

Maan was still trying to tolerate the bitter truth which was infront of his eyes. He would even give his life if his mother asked. Yes he has never treated her like a step mom. He loved her so dearly and now he just kneeled infront of her submitting his life for his mother.

“Maan,,” Geet screamed and pushed him seeing Maan submitting himself and the bullet just missed. It hit his Right arm making him to come into his sense.

Maan looked at suhasini with painful eyes and saw only selfishness, merciless and betrayal in her eyes. Slowly everything played infront of his eyes. All her drama, all her fake love, all her fake care etc…. He thought of his chachas who became selfish due to her, his little brother who became messed up person, his best friend Dev who was killed. Everything came infront of his eyes like a splash.

He opened his eyes to see the gun is pointed towards Geet.

Image result for maan singh khurana

No He couldnt loose another person because of this woman. He thought to himself and with a lightening speed he pulled geet towards himself and threw a flower vase on Suhasini hand making the gun fal down. Before Suhasini could pick up the Gun she was shot till death by the police who arrived along with Adi.

Now everyone are safe and surrounded Maan to cure his wounded arm but Maan’s entire concentration is on Suhasini dead body.

“Maa” with a final whisper Maan fell down unconscious………………



Maan opened his eyes and saw his surroundings and realised that he is in hospital. Suddenly he remembered  all the events. A tear started making down his cheeks remembering his mother. But he WIPED it away as soon as he saw geet sleeping beside him holding his hand.

He decided not to waste his tears on her and move on in his life…… if not for him atleast for Geet he will smile.

“I love you.” Maan kissed Geet forehead while she smiled.

“Geet lets go to home Im fine.” Maan smiled.

“Home? which home?” Geet asked with confusion.

“Mumbai……. I promised amma that ill return soon.” Maan said remebering Devs family.

Image result for maan geet hospital

In this response Geet just nodded and kissed his forehead. Lucky came inside while Maan is about to kiss Geet and disturbed their moment.

“Lets play holi…” Maan said to lucky and stood up to chase him.

He is back……………

********************THE END ********************

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This is for everyone who thought its swadeentha….. Common guys what will swadeentha get if she kill Maan ….

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This is for everyone who guessed it suhasini……

Part 19

Here Maan is observing everything from the secret camera that Adi has fixed. He was concentrating on everyones expressions but something caught his attention.

It was a normal family picture but if we concentrate we can see two men are quarelling holding each other shirt.

Maan recognised one person to be his father but couldnt remember the other person with whom his father is fighting. That face looked familiar to him but still he couldnt remember him.

Image result for Gurmeet choudhary laptop
Finally after thinking for some seconds his sharp mind answered his question. That person was Mr Sharma. Yes he was the same person whom Maan has thrown out of his office due to his chachas mistake.

But why is Mr Sharma there in this pic? He is just a employ in our company and what he is he doing in chote chacha wedding? I need to find out Maan said to himself and messaged Adi to find out all the details of Mr sharma..

“Maan who is Mr Sharma?” Geet asked being confused.

“He is the same man whom I had fired him from my company when I was in my teenage.” Maan said and drifted to his past.


2003, khurana office, Maan cabin, new Delhi.
“Mama, Mama ” shouted Maan looking at some file in his hand.

“Kya hua beta” came running into his cabin while asking.

“What is it? We have a record stating that according to this project we must give the worker’s 2000/- rs per day and here in worker’s register it was written 200/-rs per day. Where is the remaining money going? ” asked a confused Maan.

“We don’t know beta, mr. sharma Deals with daily wages account so let’s ask him” saying so bade mama asked the security to call Mr sharma upstairs in their cabin.

“So Mr sharma can you please explain me where is the remaining amount going which is meant for the workers daily wages? And why are the workers getting only 200 rs when it is 2000 rs per day?”asked Maan politely.

“Sir… vo…sir…vo…money…me…I… sir…means…” sharma fumbled with his words.

“What vo sir vo sir,ha? Bolti band ho gayi Kya after your truth getting exposed,hmmm? Not more I have given you chance So that you will change but today you crossed it, now I’ll tell your complete truth to Maan beta” shouted chore Mama.

“What truth” “beta, this sharma has been cheating since he joined in our company. Even your father also was cheated by him. He has been writing fake accounts and eating the money which is meant for the worker’s. I have been giving him chance so that he will change one day but no,he didn’t ” explained bade mama.

All the while Mr sharma was sweating and breathing heavily. “Sir…I…means…no…me…you…money…” again started fumbling but was cut by maans roaring voice which made everyone stumble.

“Enough, why did you do it ,ha? My father trusted and he treated like a family member but you, you have broken the trust. Didn’t we give you everything even before you asking,then why. Congratulations, you lost your place in our family. Now get out from here” screamed Maan.
It was two days after that incident but still he couldn’t believe sharma could do this. While he is going to his room he heard sharmas name from one room. Following the voice he went forward only to be shocked seeing his bade and chote mama talking about sharma.

” oye you are really very brave, I was really scared when Maan was asking about records, but you blamed everything on sharma.” Said bade mama.

“Arrey nahi toh Kya uss sharma ne mujhe warning diya, he gave me chance for changing, how dare he? And you are not less ha what an idea sir ji” saying so both the mama’s are laughing but suddenly stopped listening maan’s voice.

” Aap log ne mujhe dhoka diya,ha. Kyun didn’t you get your wishes being fulfilled, then what is need to steel money. Hell you can just ask me money, but because of you I have blamed a innocent soul. Chii ”

” sorry beta please forgive us, we will never repeat the mistakes again. Please don’t tell anyone about it. “They both pleaded him.

” I may forgive your deeds for the sake of the family but I will never forget it” saying so he went from the room. Both of them were happy as Maan didn’t say about it to anyone.


“Its okay Maan you were young at that time you didnt know the difference between good and bad.”Geet tried to comfort him seeing him sad.

The silence in the room was disturbed by a phone ringing. Maan lifted the phone to see its from Adi.

“Yes Adi did you get any information about Mr sharma?” Maan asked as soon as he lifted his phone.

“Actually there is a shocking news Sir. Mr Sharma was dead long back. I mean he commited suicide by jumping from his building the when ……. you fired him from his job.” Adi said in a go making Maan shocked.

“What? Dammit I have killed him! I should have trusted Mr Sharma instead of Chachas. Shit just because of me an innocent soul  got punished.” Maan kept cursing himself and closed his eyes with deep regret.

“Maan please dont be week its not your fault. You have just joined bussiness that time so you are of course innocent. May be Mr sharma shouldnt have taken this big step just because of his job. Please dont feel bad.” Geet kept on trying to comfort maan.

After few minutes Maan felt little better with Geet being his side and thanked her for being in his side. While they were busy talking Both the chachas along with lucky and Ashok came inside and locked the door.

“Well Dev Kiloskar Im thinking to stop this drama. We really regret the things we have done till now so please lets stop this drama. And we both will reveal about Maan beta being ………..dead and about this drama as soon as the party finishes today.” Chachas said together with misty eyes.

“Okay. But please can we stay here for a week in this place. You see we have no place to go this sudden…….”Maan trailed off and lucky agreed to his words.

“Okay stay here for a week but stop being Maan beta after today . And thank you.” Saying this both chachas left the place.

“Lets get ready for the party.” Everyone started to get ready.


The mansion was filled with different kinds of people, food, drinks, lights etc making the place look more royal. This party is conducted for one of the success party of some deal which values crores.

Every Khurana is having smile on their faces and everyperson enjoyed the party. Suddenly the music stopped and both the chachas stood on the centre of stage seeking attention.

“Attention everybody. We need to tell you all something very important. Its just that we are once again opening the Khurana textiles which has been closed since many years.” As soon as they completed the sentence there was a huge sound of murmuring.

“Well you must have been forgotten that it was the same company which Ram and I together strted it as soon s we completed our MBA. But stopped it after our beloved brothers death due to some resons. Anyways we started it to secure our lives with +our lady love’s that time.” Both the chachas said making every khurana gasp with surprise. Because as far as they knew both of them are too lazy to even lift their fingers and now they are speaking about handling their own bussiness.

“Whats the need for you guys to work? We……” Suhasini spoke making them stop her.

“No bhabi till today you have been bearing us with our lazy brains. But its really a very high time that we need behave like a man. My dear love, please forgive us for all the time we have been ignoring your feelings. Now let us give another chance and start everything afresh.. Will you be with us?” Both of them kneeled and forwarded their palm towards their lady love respectively.

There  is no stop for Prerna and Priyas happiness seeing them behave just like the way they used to behave when they were newly married. It was really a good feeling for them that they ran into their respective husbands arms making everyone smile wholeheartedly.

“Let me tell the whole truth to them?” Chachas said as soon as the party finished.

“No …..Not now. You have just started everything afresh so Dont spoil everything with this news. Lets tell them anyotherday.” Maan tried to explain.

“But the guilt is eating us.. and…”

“Please not now lets tell any other day.” Maan said in a authorative voice making them agree as they felt like their maan beta is telling them.

Related image

“Okay we will tell them once we started the business….”Saing it chachas left them alone.

“Good night everyone go to sleep.” Maan said to his geet and lucky who went to their rooms to sleep.

While Maan started to go to his room he felt a huge pain on his head. He held it tightly and turned back to see a maan with a satisafactory grin holding a metallic rod.

“Adarsh?” Maan said in a whisper.

” Yes Adarsh…… Adarsh khurana. The only one man ………….. Only successful…….” Adarsh screamed loudly and started laughing while Maan slid his body on the ground.

“Are you too feeling jealous of me Mr Dev Kiloskar? Just like that looser Maan?” Adarsh said with a smirk making maan to get shock.

“Kya hua surprised? That I know you are Dev and not Maan? Well I know more things than you can imagine. I know that Maan is dead and chachas brought you here to act as maan. You have accepted it for money right?”

“How do you know all this? And how can you say that maan is dead?” Maanquestioned him while geet lucky and ashok stood beside him but did nothing as maan asked. While Adarsh was speaking everything absentmindedly.

“Oh I heard your drama company talks when you people were discussing. I came here as soon as I came to know that you are here. I was staying in different room along with my love swadeentha so that none notices me. And I know Maan is dead because I HAVE KILLED HIM WITH MY OWN HANDS.” Adarsh said making them shock.

“But why? Maan used to love you like his own blood? Then why did you kill him?” Maan asked him.

“Like his own blood? Damn it he is a monster. He only gives a show off that he cares for me but the truth is he is jealous of me. He tries to show the world that he is best and Im just a step brother who is just a slave for him.” Adarsh said with disgust.

“Just because of this you have killed your own brother.” Ashok shouted at him and adarsh replied as he is not even in the situation to realize who is around him and who is speaking. He is speaking whatever comes in his mind thats all.

“Its not a small thing dammit! Do you how does it feel when you love someone so dearly and they just feels disgusted to see you. I love my maan bhai like anything but he used to feel disgusted about me just because he feels jealous of me. Do you know why he used to act like he was happy with me because he want to mock me being a slave. And….. do you know why he sent me away from his place to world tours because …………. Because he hates to see my face, MY MAAN BHAI HATES ME. Aaaaaaaahhh” Adarsh started crying like his life is getting stopped within next second.

Image result for Harshad arora crying

Maan felt his eyes tearing seeing his baby brother thinking all this about him and he has been suffered from childhood but he didnt knew. Maan tried to cup his cheeks to which adarsh came willingly towards him like a baby.

“Hmmm I waited since childhood that my maan bhai would love me back at least once but no he didnt instead he started to fake his feelings. And do you know how it feels being like that. I was so depressed that I started taking drugs to overcome all this.” Adarsh said making maan gasp.

“What the hell adarsh why did you take drugs?” Maan slapped him

“I wish bhai slaps me instead of playing with my feelings.” Adarsh cried hard along with Maan. Both the brothers were crying like they have lost something valuable.

But suddenly Adarsh satrted to laugh hysterically making maan confused ” That why in order to end all this I have killed maan bhai with my own hands. With every bullet I shot him made me feel peace. After that I met my love swadeentha. And i was so happy for the first time in my life. Everything became normal as soon as maan was dead. HAHAHHHAHAA I killed my maan bhai. Yaaaaay Im so happy man today. Now no one will play with my feelings….” Adarsh kept on laughing while his eyes are not stopping to tear.

“When everything is going good why did you come in his place? You also want to prove me a waste creature right? Please go away Ill give all the money I have please dont play with me I want to have a beautiful life with my love swadeentha. Please leave us.” Adarsh kept begging him holding Maan legs.

Maan couldnt bear more than this so he left the place while swadeenta who witnessed everything came towards Adarsh.

“So it was your brother who has been doing all this?” Geet said while hugging maan close.

“No its not him. Its some one else who is influencing all these  things to him.” Maansaid wiping his tears.

“What?” All of them asked surprised.

“Yes didnt you remember what he said? He said that he killed WITH HIS OWN HANDS WITH GUN. But Dev got shot by his P.A. Mona who has been contracted to kill. So its someone who is trying to blame their deed on Adarsh by influencing him.” Maan said biting back his Sob.

“You are correct. Its not Adarsh but its me who have done all this.” The person said with an evil grin making Maan stumble his feet. May be the time is taking his revenge on him for his goodness.


Did you all like the twist hehehehehe I know Im devil in this ff so dont worry my first ff is going to end within 2 to 3 updates so just chill and comment.



Part 19

“No I don’t believe this. You are my friend Dev not some Maan Singh.” Lucky said crying for his friend death.

“What you are the Maan Singh khurana?” They heard ashok handa voice and turned their heads to see Geet and Ashok handa standing shocked near the door.

Immediately everyone stood up seeing the handas here.

“Yes papa ji, he is The MSK.” Geet said to ashok handa making everyone shock except for maan.

“What? You knew about him being MSK?” Ashok handa asked being surprised.

“Yes, papa ji. Maan said everything to me the day when i went to meet him.” Geet said.


“Geet…I want to speak something very important with you. But please listen to the complete truth. I will respect any decision you take even if you want to leave me you can. I assure you I won’t disturb you if you don’t want to see my face.” He said seriously.

“Yash ji, you are scaring me. What are you saying.” She said getting tensed. 

“Geet whatever papa ji is saying about me is truth. I am not Yash scindia. I am not any CEO. And I’m not any “SOCIAL WORKER”. Everything is planned Geet.” He said looking straight in her eyes. 

“Aap…Aap…I…what?..” Geet fumbled for words not believing her ears. 

He sighed and started narrating the truth from the beginning. All the while Geet got to know about him more and more. She didn’t know many things which happened around her. 

When he narrated his complete story he looked at Geet who’s eyes were filled with tears. She was looking so hurt while he is trying hard not to cry in front of her. 

“Geet, I am still saying. The decision is yours.” He said fearing to loose her. 

“I LOVE YOU. Yes I’m in love with you. Not because you are CEO not because you are a social worker. I love all of you. My heart beats increase when you are around me reminding me that I am a girl. Trust me I still love you no matter what you are.” She spoke sincerely while cupping his cheeks lovingly.


“That day itself maan told me about his entire plan to catch the culprit. Even today morning after the karela fight we came to meet Adi. Well maans room has secret room which is connect to his wardrobe.” geet said again making everyone surprise.

Image result for secret passage door


“But who is the person who killed dev?” Lucky asked with confusion.

“I know it must surely be your chachas. They are so greedy for money. Didnt you  remember how careless they are even after knowing that maan is dead?” Ashok handa spoke with rage and everyone agreed.

“Yes dude it must surely be your chachas.” Lucky agreed along with ashok.

“NO. Both the chachas are not involved in this matter. It is someone else.” Maan stated while Adi nodded.

“O Teri. Itna goodness mat dikhana it must surely be them. Even at this point they are trying to eat money using your name.  They havent seen Ashok handa true face  still now. Ill kill them with my single punch.” Ashok said showing his strong fist.

“Yes. I agree they are greedy for money but they are still good at heart. They wouldnt dare to kill others for money. Its just that they forgot to live with emotions. All they know is to lay back and eat without lifting a finger. So its not Chachas work.” Maan said making Ashok handa to feel proud of him.

“Then what are we going to do next?” All of them asked together to Maan.

“First we must make them realize the value of relations and emotions.” Maan said.

“But how?” Lucky again asked.

“This is our family album which has been discarded long time ago as none felt this to be important. The entire khurana memories are there in this album. So lucky you must take this album and show it to the family members. You must pretend that you have seen it for the first time. And Im sure everyone will join you.” Maan said showing a big photo album.

Image result for big book

“But why will anyone think to discard the album. I mean alot of memories will be present.” Geet asked innocently.

“Because not everyone will give importance to feelings.” Maan said gulping the lump in his throat.

Everyone felt Maan unsaid feeling and could clearly understand how lonely Maan was feeling.

“Okay guys let me start with my Album drama.” Lucky said trying to change the topic and disappeared to the living room where all the family members are present.

Dev left the place through this secret passage leaving Maan Geet and Ashok.

“Im proud of you BETA. I have always searched for the best groom for my daughter but you are 100 times more than what I have expected. Im always there with you. And may god give you all the happiness you deserved.” Ashok handa hugged both Maan and Geet while they felt happy.



“Hello everyone. I found this album outside near the plants. Please can you all introduce me the persons in the album.” Lucky asked while Priya came forward to look at the album.

“Oye why are you wasting time in all this shit. Go and tell to suhasini bhabi that maan needs surgery as soon as possible and for that you need 10 lakhs.” Bade chacha whispered in luckys ears.

Lucky felt disgusted with their behaviour. Like seriously just for money. Without wasting a second he slapped bade chacha on his cheek.

“How dare you hit me.?” He asked with anger.

“Voh…….Mosquito.” Lucky said making the situation under his control.

“Suniye look at this you were so young in this photo.” Bade chachi called him and he went to look at his pic.

Indeed he was young and handsome that time as he used to be the topper of his college. Then what happened now? Why is he looking like an eighty year old when he is still in his late 40’s? Why is he already suffering from blood pressure? Is it because that he didnt even move his finger after his brothers death? Or is it because that he has become a selfish?

“And look at this photo, Maan and adarsh along with their chchas.” The ladies showed another pic to them.

It was a photo of both the chachas carrying Maan and Adarsh in their arms happily.There are many pics like that alon with the kids.

Well they loved Maan and Adarsh like their own kids. No more than their own kids. They didnt even want to have their own kids thinking that they might be partial. Their day used to start with the kids and used to end with them.

Image result for cezanne khan

Then what happened now? They dont even know where their dear kids are.  They had never left their side and now Maan is dead while Adarsh is roaming around the world.

Both the chachas are trying not to breakdown infront of the whole family so they excused themselves and came out to take a fresh breath.

Did money became really important to them that they started ignoring the family feelings? When did they start becoming such greedy and selfish persons? As far as they remembered they are the most active and cheerful members then why did hey become lazy?

And their wifes whom they had loved so dearly and couldnt even see a tear drop shedding are crying non stop and they didnt even feel to wipe them. Why the hell did they became like a heartless stone?

Image result for Ram kapoor

They regretted. Each and every moment which they destroyed with their own hands.

“I think we need to stop all this Drama. We will tell everyone that maan is dead and we have brought a lookalike Dev in the place of him.” Bade chacha said and chote chacha agreed.

“Yes bro we need to mend our broken relations. Everyone needs to know about this. Lets say the lookalike to stop the drama.” Saying that both of them marched towards Maans bedroom.


Here Maan is observing everything from the secret camera that Adi has fixed. He was concentrating on everyones expressions but something caught his attention.

It was a nor mal family picture but if we concentrate we can see two men are quarelling holding each other shirt.

Maan recognised one person to be his father but couldnt remember the other person with whom his father is fighting. That face looked familiar to him but still he couldnt remember him.

Image result for Gurmeet choudhary laptop

Finally after thinking for some seconds his sharp mind answered his question. That person was Mr Sharma. Yes he was the same person whom Maan has thrown out of his office due to his chachas mistake.

But why is Mr Sharma there in this pic? He is just a employ in our company and what he is he doing in chote chacha wedding? I need to find out Maan said to himself and messaged Adi to find out all the details of Mr sharma..



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Part 18

“Damn it. Its already two hours since they both went inside. Ill kill you all if anything happens.” Ashok handa warned everyone who are present in the room.
“Dev bhai will play holi as soon as he comes outside. I hope he will stay inside for a year.” Lucky muttered under his breath and Ashok handa glared at him.
Finally, after few hours Dev and geet came outside from the washroom dressed in a fresh clothes.

“HAAAAW. What is this? Where are your clothes? You both have changed your clothes inside the batroom?” Lucky said raising anger level of ashok handa.
Before Ashok handa could utter anything Dev stormed towards Lucky making him take few steps backward “Ab tu gaya Lucky. LET US PLAY HOLI.”
Dev started chasing lucky and threw everything on him which came ito his hands. Though lucky is not getting hurt with Dev hiting him but still he screamed on top of his voice as if some one is killing him.
Luckys scream towards Dev chasing made Ashok handa to gulp down his anger as he thought the next victim of Dev holi is him so he chosed to be quiet.
Both dev and Lucky were running inside the room which made easy to get hitted by Dev so lucky opened the doors and started runnning outside to escap from dev. As this khurana mansion is new to him lucky lost the wayand finally reached towards the backgate of the mansion.
“ADI BHAYYA?” Lucky whispered to himself.
“Adi bhyya. Adi bhayya.” Lucky screamed and started running towards Adi as Adi is increasing his pace towards the exit.
Finally after few minutes lucky reached to Adi and stopped him from running away from him.
“Adi bhayya. Why are you running away from me? And what are you doing here?” Lucky questioned Adi.
“Ummm…. voh…. i.. actually…” Adi fumbled for words not knowing what to answer Lucky and this made lucky to doubt on Adi.
“Adi are you hiding something from me? Why are you here?” Lucky questioned him again.
“Yes. He came to meet maan singh khurana.” Both of them heard a sharp voice from behind and turned to see Dev with a cold face.

“What? What are you saying bhai? And how do you know that Adi bhayya came here to meet Maan?” Lucky questioned him again.

“Because I’m the MAAN SINGH KHURANA.” Dev said making lucky to gasp.
“I’m unable to understand anything.” Lucky said being confused about the situation.

“Come with me.” He pulled lucky and Adi towards a secured way which is filled with different types of security locks.

“Lucky first take a deep breath as you may be having different mood swings after knowing everything.” He said to lucky and sat beside him while Adi eyes filled with unshed tears.

“Yes I’m not your friend Dev kiliskar but I’m the Maan Singh khurana. Do you remember Dev going to abroad along with Adi for job?” He asked lucky making him to think about their past.


“Dev.” Avdoot screamed at 15 year old Dev kiloskar. “Why are you always involved in the fights? Why don’t you become like your brother?” 

Lucky who was a classmate of dev was giggling at Dev trying to maintain a straight face. This irked Dev and slapped him hard on his face and both of them were rolling on the floor within no time. 

“Leave me dev.” Lucky said while throwing the curry on Dev.

“Lucky, let’s play holi.” Dev said and started quarrelling.

“Enough you both.” Kalindi said pulling them apart. “Beta, why must you fight for everything. Look at your brother Adi, he completed his degree and now working in a big company. Please be a good boy.”

“No amma, I am a Action hero so I must fight.” Dev said in a filmy style.

“It won’t work.” Avdoot said and called Adi who was 23 years old.

“Adi beta, take dev along with you in this summer vacation, just for two months. This mischievous kid will eat everyone’s flesh if he will stay at home for whole 2 months. You are the only person with whom he stays quiet.” Avdoot requested him. 

Being a devoted son Adi agreed to take Dev with him for two months and drop him back after his vacation.
“Adi bhai, look there he is the business tycoon Maan Singh khurana whom everyone are speaking about? Omg he looks like my age but how did he become such great.” Dev spoke pointing towards a sixteen old Maan. 

“Due to hard work dude.” Maan said smiling to him after hearing to his words and Dev blushed. 

“Well may I know who you are?” Maan asked him seeing a boy of his age and liked him instantly.

“Well I’m Dev kiloskar brother of Adi Kiloskar your personal assistant.” Dev said and Maan nodded.

“So you are that mischievous kid. Well you need behave good because it isn’t easy dealing with msk. You will be under my observation 24x 7” Maan said making dev gape at him.

Adi was the most loyal and trusted person for Maan so he agreed to straighten Devs twisted behaviour.


“Amma I’m liking this place very much. You know here in London its too cool and I got a new friend too. His name is Akdoo” Dev laughed as he narrated his day events.

After Dev reached London along with Adi he loved this place and a strong friendship was formed between Dev and Maan. Both of them shared almost everything with each other. 

To make Dev future bright Maan enrolled in London college and after completing it Dev was asked to look after London branch as Maan is looking after many branches as he didn’t trust anyone. 

Whenever Maan used to visit the London branch both of them used to have a great time enjoying each other company.

Even today Dev was waiting for him as Maan is coming to London.

“Missing me?” A 27 year old maan asked Dev who was equally handsome as him.

“Yes dammit.” He hugged him with all his force.

“Dev its high time, why don’t you spend your time with your parents at least for this vacation?” Maan settling himself while Adi hugged Dev.

“I will surely go as soon as I complete this project. Finally I’ll be meeting my parents after 12 years. I hope they’ll recognise me” he said joking.

“No dude I’m sure they won’t recognise you. You were so rough and small when you came here but now you are a lookalike of Maan Singh khurana. I guess if anyone sees you then they’ll surely mistake you as MSK.” Adi joked not knowing that its gonna be true. 

“Okay jokes apart. Dev you and Adi deal with xyz project here I’ll deal with ABC project okay.” Maan announced and left the place to the project place while Adi and dev started eating their breakfast.

“Oh damn, your face got rashes man. Bhayya you are burning with fever.” Dev said and realized that Adi has eaten garlic to which he is allergic.

“Bhayya drink this water you’ll feel better.” Dev gave him a glass of water and called the doctor.


“Well he is burning with fever. Let him rest for a day or two and he’ll be okay.” The doctor said and left the place.

“Bhayya you take rest I’ll come back soon after finishing this deal.” Dev said not knowing that its the last time he is seeing his brother.

Dev wore his scarf around his face as he was feeling cold and moved towards the exit to find the PA who came along with Adi and msk waiting. Both of them drove towards the office and completed the work. 

“Maya any other works pending?” Dev asked her while she assumed him to be MSK and said “Yes sir XYZ project. We need to look at the sight now as the clients are waiting for you.”

“Okay then let’s go now.” Dev said and started going towards the place. As its midnight no one is present in the place where they are standing.

“Maya you said clients are waiting right then where are they?” Dev questioned her. 

“Let me check sir.” She said and started checking in the laptop while Dev went little away from the place to make call to Adi.

“Bhai, Are you feeling better?” Dev asked him.

“Yes Dev a little headache and I’m fine.” Adi said in a weak voice.

“Okay I’ll be back within 30minutes………Aaah”Dev couldn’t continue his words as a bullet shot him and he fell down to see his PA shot him.

“Dev what happened? Dev?” Adi was tensed on the other side of the call.

“Happy journey Mr maan Singh khurana.” His PA shot him not even confirming whether its Msk or not. Dev phone got smashed with one of the bullet which she shot him.


“Shut up Adi. Nothing will happen to Dev.” Maan scolded Adi not believing his best friend’s death.

“No maan he left us. See he broke his promise. He said he’ll come back within few hours but see he didn’t.” Adi kept on crying on devs dead body. 

“Aaaaaaah no no no.” Finally maan broke out and started wailing for their best buddy. They are so hurt that they forgot their surroundings. 

After few hours of crying both of them woke up and completed the final rituals with heavy heart. 

“I’ll not leave the culprit who was the reason for your death Dev.” Both of them took an oath.

Adi told everything to maan about this situation and both of them searched for Dev and finding him like this broke them. 

Adi heard the words Happy journey Mr maan Singh khurana which means someone wanted to hurt MSK and thinking dev to be Maan they shot him.

“It must be someone very close to you msk as this project was a sudden schedule and none knows about this. Only people who keeps a close look on you must know about this.” Adi said gulping down his pain which maan noticed and hugged with moist eyes.

“I’m sorry. Dev died just because of me. It was for me but he died instead.” Maan cried with pain.

“Maan you must be strong to punish the culprits. Please don’t break down.” Adi suggested and maan decided to be strong at least for the sake of Dev.L

“Maan I have a plan as the killer  thinks you are dead we must continue this act to catch him. You stay in my house as Dev. Even my parents also won’t get any doubts as you both look alike.” Adi smiled sadly with a small memory of Dev.

“But what about your parents. Look they’ll be hurt when they’ll know that Dev is no more but remember one thing you are always my family.” Maan said to Adi.

“No MSK we have only this plan to catch the culprit. Please agree to this” Adi begged in front of him. 

“Okay.” Maan agreed finally. 

After this Maan pretended to be Dev kiloskar and roamed in the streets of Mumbai while Adi stayed in the secret room of msk in khurana mansion and started gathering information. Both of them used to meet at some secret place to discuss about their plan.


“No I don’t believe this. You are my friend Dev not some Maan Singh.” Lucky said crying for his friend death.

“What you are the Maan Singh khurana?” They heard ashok handa voice and turned their heads to see Geet and Ashok handa standing shocked near the door.


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Part 15

“OK. Now dev as you are acting like Maan you need to know about him. See this is his family photo. She is maans mother, she is Chore mama wife and she is my wife means bada mama wife. Next he is chore mama, he is adarsh his brother.” Bade mama explained pointing to the photograph while dev, lucky, Geet, and ashok are listening.


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“Oye, are we going today or after few years huh. We can’t remember in this short time.” Ashok handa shouted.

“OK. I have another plan, Dev you must act as if Maan is in coma and slowly you can gain consciousness after few days.” Bade mama suggested.

“What? I can’t be in coma. Arey I have recently fallen in love and we didn’t even spend some quality time with each other.” Dev said and Geet blushed.


Seeing Geet blushing to dev talks Ashok temper rose and stood up ” Kitne baar Maine kaha tumse mere beti se door raho. And ya I like this coma plan.”

“Ashok, you must control your words or else our plan will fail. You must act like a dumb doctor from London and Geet, lucky will be your juniors.” Bade mama explained further.

“Goonga. Hahaha sasur ji aap ka character mujhe bahot pasand aya. Haha.” Dev started laughing while Ashok burned in anger.


“OK. Let me call the ambulance. You must act like a patient and Ashok you are doctor and you both juniors. Remember this from now onwards you must call him Maan Singh khurana.” Bade mama reminded them again.


Their ambulance arrived at khurana mansion and both Ashok handa and lucky gaped at the huge mansion.

“They are too rich man.” Lucky said it loud.

“Aur nahi Toh kya, every human lives to earn money and buildings not like you people who cheat on people.” Ashok muttered under his breath.

“Papa ji, please.” Geet whispered stroking dev hand lovingly.

“Ashok ji, be quite we have arrived start your acting.” Bade mama said as he opened the ambulance door.


Everyone in the khurana mansion are shocked to see the sight in front of them. Bade mama is walking inside the mansion along with a man lying on the stretcher while three person in white coats are assisting the person.

All of them followed bade mama who is moving towards Maans bedroom.

“Maan beta.” Priya uttered seeing dev on the bed which made everyone come out of their trance seeing him.


“What the hell is happening here. Tum yaha kya kar raha ho. And what did you do to Maan.” Chore mama held bade mama shirt roughly.

“Please do not disturb the patient, aapko Jo bhi baat karne hai please bahar jaakar kijiye.” Geet said in a sweet professional voice.

All of them left the room and settled themselves in the living room.

“Now will you explain what is happening.” Suhasini said wiping her tears.

“Bhabi, Maan beta met with accident and he is in coma now. The day when I left the house I found him on the road lying lifeless. I saved his life and gave him the best treatment available.  He is Ashok handa a senior doctor poor him, he can’t speak he is dumb. She is Geet handa his daughter and he is lucky. Both of them are junior doctors.” Bade mama explained.

“Why must Maan meet with accident? Bechara kitna dard mein hua hoga.” All the ladies cried while Geet felt emotional seeing them crying.

“Enough guys. Now everything will be fine. Stop crying.”Bade mama consoled them. “And Bhabi please arrange rooms for the doctors also.”

“Hmm yes. Ramu kaka show them their rooms.” She instructed the servant.

“Bhabi, voh I need to pay for the doctors who have treated Maan. So..” bade mama started acting.

“Money is not a problem. But make sure Maan beta cures soon.” Suhasini wiped her tears and gave him some money and left the place.

Next day

Bade mama was so happy as he is enjoying the luxurious again while chote mama burned in jealousy.

As usual bade mama tried some tricks to get money. “Bhabhi, voh I need money. Voh Maan beta needs some medicines for treatment na so….”

“How much?” Suhasini asked while being engrossed in some files.

“Just ten lakhs Bhabhi.”

“Hmmm. Here take it.” She gave the money from a suitcase beside her.

“Thank you Bhabhi.” He said while chote mama came behind him.

“Arrey give me some money yaar. What will you do with this much money.” Chote mama pleaded him.

“Why for you? Why must I give you you have betrayed Me na and just because of you I have spent all these days without AC and money. You must be enjoying here right.” Bade mama huffed.

“I got tensed when they said Maan beta is missing and in order to look like good man I blamed on you.  I thought after you going out from this home I’ll get more attention but na all the time I have to console these ladies.” Chote mama felt sad.

“Haha you deserve it. Why must you stress your brain when you have nothing huh? OK don’t worry as I’m back we can share the money. For now this money is for me. OK.” Bade mama mentioned about the ten lakhs.

“OK but where did you find Maan beta?” Chote mama asked him.

“Shhh he is not our Maan he is a lookalike of our Maan. I brought him here to act like Maan. This money is for them only. Those doctors are also fake.” Bade mama whispered.

“What? Then where is our maan.”

“I think he is dead. Anyways tell me what all happened in our home in my absence.”

“Let Maan betas soul rest in peace anyways nothing changed yaar. After few days of maans missing Suhasini bhabi got heart stroke and was too weak to move in depression. After that there is no one to look after the business. Adarsh said  he wants to enjoy his world tour so he didn’t want to involve in business. And with no choice Suhasini bhabi started looking after business.” Chote mama explained.

“OK so bhabi is taking care of business. We must do some kalakari in front of babhi to get money. And dare you blurt about the fake Maan beta.” Bade mama warned him.

“Of course yaar. Why will I leak our plan. Thank god you are back now we eat the money without doing any work. Hahahaha.” Both of them laughed together.


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Betrayal …….by whom part 14


“Arrey why did you agree to them. they are looking too dangerous.” lucky said coming out from bade mama place.

‘Thats why i agreed. they are too dangerous. what if they do something. i cant risk anyones life. but yaar did you  see the photo same to same looking like me. i thought it happens only in movies but i am seeing in real life too.” dev said rubbing his palms together.

“Ha yaar, i still cant believe my eyes. tere humshakal uff. by the way yeh paagal ladki..”lucky trailed as soon as he saw devs angry eyes  “i mean geet bhabhi. Everything happened because of your papa ji. look there geet bhabi your father is coming towards us.” lucky pointed towards the direction from where ashok is coming.

“Geet, are you ok. did they harm you.” ashok handa asked concerned.

“i am fine papa ji. but why did you trap dev here. you know na they are too dangerous.” geet questioned her papa.

“Dev? but he is yash na?” ashok handa asked.

“no he is dev kiloskar. and yes even after knowing it i still want to marry him. papa but why did you take this huge step.” geet questioned again.

“i dont like him as my son in law. he is a cheat.”

“no papa he didnt cheat he lied and he had his own reasons for it. but papa you tried to cheat, you asked to come here in pretext to talk but you planned something else.” geet argued in a little high tone.

“calm down geet. you must not speak to papa ji like that.” dev suggested her softly.

“if you say then ok.’ geet said blushing making ashok handa temper to raise.


“you dev. dare you speak with my daughter infront of me ill kill you.”ashok handa shouted making them giggle.

“shut up. geet lets go home. these people need dev let them do what they want but you come with me.”

“no papa i wont come. i cant leave him alone in that place.” geet said taking a step back.

“who said he is alone. his tail will accompanies him where ever he goes you dont worry.” ashok handa said pointing lucky.

“no no one must come with me. i cant risk your lives. i will go alone.” dev declared.

“paagla gaya  kya. how can i leave you alone at an unknown place. i am coming with you and that’s final.” lucky declared himself.

“ha even i am not leaving you. i will also come with you.” Geet said holding his hand.

“geet  i cant leave you alone at that place. dont go there.” ashok handa warned.

“then papa ji, ask them to leave our dev also na. then all can stay here happily.” geet chirped.

“thats impossible. they wont back off from this deal.” he said.

“ok, ill go with lucky and dev then.’ geet said and pouted.


“fine then i  will also come with you all as I cant leave geet alone with you all.” ashok handa said with a finality in his tone.

“yaay” geet,dev and lucky cheered loudly.

“i am not running any charity homes to feed you all. my deal is only with dev kiloskar so you people need not come.” bade mama said from behind.

“if they are not coming then even im not coming.” dev said with little authority.

And this commanding and authority voice made bade mama to memorize Maan Singh Khurana and he felt something stir in his heart remembering Maan.

“but what will i say to everyone.” he asked.

“thats your problem.” dev smiled and left the place along with ashok , geet and lucky.


“No! You are not going anywhere.” Kalindi said irritated.

“Amma! Its just few days and it’s good job.” Dev tried to convince her.

“First your brother and now you. Why to search jobs away from our homes. Why don’t you find here. And Delhi is too far.” She said concerned.

“Amma please agree na. I’m not going alone even lucky is coming with me. Its a very good job Amma. Please agree.” Requested Dev.

“Ha Kalindi agree for it na.  Let him settle in his job.” Avdoot instructed her.

“Ha Amma agree na. Even I’m going with him.” Lucky requested.

“OK. But beta you must take care. I’m agreeing only if you promise me That You Will Come Home Soon.” Kalindi asked for a promise.

“I promise Amma. Ill come back soon.” Dev promised.

After Kalindi giving permission he packed his bags for the travel. He made an excuse of job to go to Khurana mansion. If he said the truth he knew Kalindi and avadooth won’t agree to risk his life.

“OK Amma, baba. Bye.” He bid bye to them and left the home along with lucky.

“Suniye, I’m feeling something big  is going to happen. Everything will be  OK na?” Kalindi questioned herself rather than asking him.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” Avdoot consoled her.


She didn’t know that she is right. Yes, now his life is going to take a 360 degree turn which he couldn’t even think in his dreams.


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