Hello friends I am sorry for the late update. I again forgot to drink water which caused me dehydration …. I tried updating but couldnt cause my head is paining and all thanks to kalpana di aka Maaneetfavo who came to help me. She only wrote this update after giving the synopsis. Such a sweet person she is and kalpana di thank you so much even though I have the synopsis you penned it beautifully for me. Thank you. Now scroll down for update.


The person comes running to Maaneet room and breaks it as the room is not being opened after knocking for ten minutes. He gets shocked to see maaneet dead and geet head touched in maan cheeks..

Man screaming “no nothing happen to maan..he cannot die and man placed geet body to bed, he turn maan body from geet lap as lay in bed and but maan held geet palm tightly.  he tries to wake ONLY maan by giving  punching his heart etc but no use. He gets frustrated as he cant save maan…

Man: no i want save him at any cost..with angry voice..

Neighbour and hotel staff enter in maaneet room hearing man screaming .

Staff : what happened to them..with worried tone.

Man: plz help me and bring him to hospital with frustrated voice.

Staff scared : ok sir..others also helped man and  take them to car..he cannot stop them as they take geet also to car..


Man shout : doctor ..

Doctor come outside his cabin and look at man

Doctor: who r u, why r u shouting..

Man grabbed doctor and point out maan: save him. as doctor checked maan and geet

 The doctor says both maan and geet are in critical position and cannot save them. But the person begs to save MAAN at any cost and doctors say they will try The reception asks him who he is to patient then it will reveal his name is DEV SINGH. Yes he will save MAAN. After giving his details he will sit on chair and thinks flashback about why he is saving maan and how he came here.



In flashback when dev came to know that geet will kill maan after marriage in the breakfast he left to Mumbai so that he can wont be a suspect in murder.

 In mumbai

Dev tapped one man shoulder and man turn back look at dev.

Man: hi dev…what r u doing  and if maan sir also come with u with surprised face

Dev: no lawyer sir, i come for office work with hestitate r u sir with sugar coated voice.

Lawyer: iam fine dev..last time maan sir asked about his property details, i thought if he come with u in Mumbai..i will discuss about his property detail.

Dev smirked hearing maan property: sir, u know very well , maan sir have no sibling even close relation except dadi..if maan sir is dying.( Lawyer look at dev weirdly)not think me wrong if suppose anything happen to maan sir  then his property belongs to which person with curious face

Lawyer: why u suddenly ask about property detail dev with doubting face.

Dev: sir, just for knowegde..maan sir not only my boss..he is my friend also.

Lawyer: i understand dev ur concern about ur friend

 The lawyer tells him that the property belongs to orphanage if maan dies. And dev gets shocked

Dev: u saying, if anything happen to maan.his whole property going to orphanage with shocked face

Lawyer : yes dev ,ok dev..i need go now..tell maan sir..i come meet him in delhi.

Dev grinned teeth: sure lawyer sir

Dev mind thought: if geet killed maan ..whole property goes to orphanage..dammit..i want stop geet before she do any crazy thing..

 he calls to office

employee: yes , dev sir with irriating voice

Dev: where is maan sir..he is alright with worried voice.

employee: ofcourse he is alright, he went to Mumbai.

Dev relief maan came for Mumbai not with geet after sec he think , if geet also company with him.

Dev: where is geet..she is in delhi right.with bossy tone

employee got irritated hearing his bossy tone : hello mister, u already fired in job..dont do any bossy voice with me.u r cheap character as abusing jeevika .u r bossing me.

Dev realised (mind) : maan know about jeevika what i will do. First i want confirm as nothing happen to maan with pulling his hair

Dev voice become soft tone: iam sorry..plz say maan sir going to Mumbai alone right.

Employee: he have beautiful wife with him..why he going alone to Mumbai with taunting tone.

Dev screamed : what geet also went to Mumbai with maan.

Employee: yes sir, what is ur problem with mocking tone.

Dev: plz say, where they stay in Mumbai.

Employee say  he is in mumbai xyz hotel along with geet. When he heared this he is running to hotel and knock the door to stop geet as she is not lifting phone. Then he gets angry as maan is dead and all property will go to orphanage so he tries to save him thats why he did not care about saving geet. Now he saved them by admitting in hospital



Dev walking in hospital corridor one side to another side.

Dev : why doctor take more time come out from room..plz god save maan for not him sake .for my sake.

After few minutes

Doctor come out to room and dev almost bumped to doctor..

Dev: u saved him right, nothing happened to him.he cannot die right without take single sec breathe.plz open ur mouth, doctor.

Doctor: u stop only, i talk right..nothing happened to them..

Doctor say that maan and geet are saved as they pumped all the poison blood now they are unconcious. Doctor asks to wait for another two days for rest after that they will say maan is fine as he is strong but geet is still very week and maan got concious so he can meet maan and geet is week dont meet her.

Dev not worried about geet if she is alive or not

Dev: thank u doctor.

Doctor smiled : man really lucky got u like good friend and left the place

Dev grinned teeth: good friend, he is one only enemy in my life but today  i saved him in my own u escaped from ur die but ur dead because of mine only, maan with evily face.

Dev enter maan room with fake worried face.

Maan got conscious and murmuring geet name .

Dev : he always thinking geet only.

Maan open eyes and his vision has blur.because of drugs effect and hearing dev voice.

Dev:maan sir with fake worried voice.

Maan: dev ..maan closed his eyes and then opened as his vision cleared.

Maan: dev, what r u doing here..where i am, he remember geet..where is geet.

Dev: sir, geet alright..she is still weak but she is alright.

Maan: what she weak..what happen with her..he tried wake up in bed but dev controlled him

Dev: sir..nothing happen to geet..she is safe..

Maan relaxed: what happen with me..i cannot remember anything after i ate kheer..i become stupor.

Dev: i think someone mixed poison in ur food..thank god i reached corrected time..i save both of u with little fake happy face.

Maan: poison..with doubting face.

Dev: dont worry i will take care everything afterall iam ur employee

Maan hand gestured stop to talk: thank u for saving my geet , i already fired from u r job but i cant give your job back because you abused jeevika.ur good time , u saved my geet then only i am not say arrest u for jeevika matter.

Dev: maan sir, plz trust me..i didnot abused her..u mistaken me. Dont fired from my job with fake crying face.

 dev tries to request maan but he wont listen to give him job and says ask anything except for your job.

 Dev fakes sadness and goes away asking him nothing.

Dev come out to maan room and hit his hand to wall

Dev:  i never enter in  Kc anymore and my last hope , geet only..she such a emotional stupid..she do what i am saying  with smirked face

 Next he will go to meet Geet even after knowing she is week he will wake her up from sleep

Geet not open her eyes and he tapped her cheeks little forceily

Geet : maan with slow voice.

Dev got angry (mind):after wake up from her unconscious ,she also saying his name like maan did

Geet look at dev face: maan, how  maan is

Dev angry glaze to geet and starts his questions like why did you not tell me before mixing poison , why u didnot inform me .but geet not caring his angry ,her mind only thinking about maan..she want know he is alright or not.even she not worried about her…she did not know why she worried about him..why her heart screaming for his safety.why heart saying ,if u heart beating as he heart also beating.

 geet asks how maan is

dev shout: he is alright .i only saved u both from ur poison food

geet confused look at dev ( mind) : why did dev save maan .

dev faked lovely voice and cupped her cheeks: because of u, i save him..i love u geet. I want u in my whole life.i dont want u go to jail and i cannot see ur die.i have plan for ruin him with smirked face

geet :what plan..

 Then Dev say a plan to Geet about why he saved and what they must do next making her shock

Geet says I am week I cant

Dev got angry but control himself : dont say u fallen love with fake maan love with little hurt tone.

Geet : no, its not true..

 dev reminds her about her dead parent and destroyed friends etc and make her agree. Finally Dev smirks evilly thinking about his plan.






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  1. Thɑt is such a fun ggame and we had a perfect birthɗay Daddy.?
    Larry added. ?Can we play ?What?s thе very best thing aboit God?
    tomorrow too?? he beցged his Mommy.


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