“Chote, complete your lunch and go!” Dadi said seeing him going towards his studyroom.

“I will be back in an hour dadi, Its an important call.”SSO said and left the place making Anika curious.

“Dadi I will give him the lunch.” Anika said and followed him with the lunch plate.

“So they are not agreeing, hmm. Then I need to meet them personally. They will pay for standing against SSO.” He end the call with anger.

“Oh my God! He must be going to destroy some other family. I need to stop this at any cost.” She said to herself and knocked the door showing her presence.

“Anika, why are you knocking? Its your house too come inside.” He said placing the lunch plate on the table carefully so that his file doesn’t get spoiled. “And did you eat your lunch?”

“Haan yes, I completed it long ago along with Dadi. I thought to bring your lunch as you were busy in your office works. And let me see whats so important that you ignored your lunch.” She said all the while eyeing the papers which were previously in his hands.

“No Anika dont touch the file for god sake.” SSO screamed in horror and snatched the file from her hands.

“Why?” Anika asked with confusion.

“Because this file is very important and you will surely spoil it by some of your antics.” SSO said remembering all his encounters with Anika.

“Haaw…. how can you say like that? I am not careless okay.” She said with anger and saw the file named as ‘LAKSHMI NAGAR, MUMBAI’

She thought to speak about this file with Daksh but remembered that Daksh is not answering the phone calls so she decided to meet him personally in the office.

“Hmmm I am thinking to join the office from tomorrow if you are okay.” She said mentally praying that he must agree.

“No you are not going to join as a cleaner if you want you can come as my wife or a partner.” He said relishing his lunch.

“Why? Are you ashamed to have a cleaners your wife?”

“Anika, try to understand I love you as you are and your job doesnt matter. Its just that I love to lay the world in front of your feet. So please let me be your slave my princess.” He said bowing a little.

“Hmmm okay let me at least meet my friend Pankhavathi” She lied.

“Okay you can meet her now and come with me I will drop you there as I am going to office anyhow.” He said completing his lunch.


“Pnkhavathi do you know where Daksh has gone? He is not answering my phone.” Anika asked her.

“Oye firstly dont call me pankhavathi next why do you need that lizard when you have a hot husband. Arrey stop thinking over random stuff and enjoy your life with MR. Dhak Dhak.” She said brushing her talks.

“Uff tell me na where is he?”

“I dont know about that lizard he is not coming to office since SSO’S Wedding.” She said still uninterested speaking about Daksh.

“Hmmm okay let me find out myself.” She said and left to SSO cabin.

“Did you meet your friend? And Anika as you have discontinued your studies I am thinking to re join you in open school, What say?” SSO asked her.

“Hmm, its not needed.” She said with little hesitation.

“Hmm but you need to do something for me, will you do it?” He said pulling her to himself.

“Huh…why ,..I mean what..” She started stuttering with their close proximity.

“Call me with my name, Shivay.”


“Yes, call me.” he encouraged her.

“Umm voh I ..” She didnt know why it became difficult for her to utter his name when she used to curse him every second. Maybe due to their closeness or his breath which is fanning over him or maybe he crazy heart.

Before she could utter a word she freed herself trying to find an excuse while SSO laughed at her antics.

“What is this?” SSO said seeing a CD on his desk.

“Oh yes it must be the CCTV footage which I asked for!” He said remembering why he asked for it.

“CCTV but why?” Anika asked fearing that she might be caught in any of her misdoings.

“I dont know what happened but the day when we went on a date I saw Jeevika crying in my cabin So I asked the security to give me the footage. It must be that one.” He said and played the video on his laptop.

As the video started playing both their  eyes bulged from their sockets seeing Daksh abusing Jeevika. Without wasting any further second SSO called Jeevika through his intercom.

“Yes Sir, you called me?” Jeevika came with her notepad.

“Ms Jeevika May I know what happened that day in my cabin. Now please don’t lie because I have seen the CCTV footage. Whats happening here.” He asked in a non sense tone.

“jIts some misunderstanding Sir nothing else.” She said trying to stop her tears which both Shivay and Anika noticed.

“Well it’s clearly shown in this video that Daksh is abusing you and you are simply bearing it without defending yourself which means there is some reason which Daksh is blackmailing.” SSO asked her while Anika stood blank not understanding anything.

“Sorry Sir I need this job at any cost All I can say is I am helpless Please don’t ask me more.” She said and ran away crying leaving them in thoughts.

“Damn it Where the Hell is Daksh? What do you mean by he is not coming to office since three days? Well let him know that I have fired him.” He said and end the call with anger.

“Dont you think you are judging him just  by a mere video? What if there is something a strong reason for him to behave like this.” Anika tried to defend her friend Daksh.

“Anika my dear please don’t be too sensitive. Whatever the reason is one have no right to others and abusing in my office is a way far thought. And I hate the persons who take advantage of helpless persons.  He is lucky that I have just fired him as he is once my classmate if not he would have faced the wrath of SSO.” He said and left the cabin.

“Why are you two-faced Shivay? At one moment you destroy the worlds into pieces and at next moment you act as if you care. How easy it’s for you to change the faces.” Anika wondered.


“Anika I am going to Mumbai on work. I will come back in three days in the mean time you can spend your time with your friends or dadi.” He said to her putting the Mumbai file in his bag.

“Ummm Shivay… I want to come with you, please.” Anika faked her sweetness and requested him as she got that he will be working on the Mumbai file which according to her is destroying some other person’s life.

“Really? Will you come with me. Okay then immediately pack your bags.” He said as he was really happy thinking Anika wants to spend her time with him unaware about her intentions.

“Okay let me book your tickets too.”


“Shivay dont buy any food from out I will be cooking for us” She said stopping him from ordering food from out.

Anika mixed the poison in the bowl of kheer which is to be served now. As SSO will start his plan tomorrow she thought to end his life before he commits anymore sins.

“Shivay here is the dinner.” She served him and herself and completed the dinner. Before he retired to bed she stooped him” Shivay wait I prepared something for you. And you can sleep peacefully after that.”

“Really, okay then bring it I am waiting.” He seated himself on the sofa while she served him the kheer in a bowl.

“Anika, you made kheer for me?” SSO asked in a whisper remembering his past.”It is really very tasty.” He said relishing the taste.

After eating few spoons he felt dizzy so he closed his eyes for few seconds “Anika May I sleep in your lap for few minutes. Trust me just for few minutes.” He asked and Anika agreed with heavy heart.

He held her palms in between his and said “Kheer was my favorite dish Anika. I was only 4 years old when I ate this for last time. My mother….made it….. for me” His voice slowly became heavy while his breath started going slow along with his eyes which started closing.

“I love Anika” He uttered his final words and his hand slipped to the floor and Anika understood that Shivay took his final breath.

Her eyes started tearing looking at a lifeless Shivay in her lap while her heart started digging a painful hole which became unbearable for her. “I have killed him Ma Papa, He payed for his sins then why am I feeling pain. I must be happy right then why?”

She questioned her parents while her fingers unwantedly moved to his hair and started stroking.

“I am sorry Shivay.” She said absent mindedly and the remaining Kheer and ate it.

“I have nothing else to do on here Ma Papa. I will come to you. I can’t bear this pain in my heart let me end this pain once for all.” She said and closed her for the last time.



“Shivay you can not die dammit. Wake up.” He tapped his face and pumped Shivay’s chest with all his muscle power but of no use.

Seeing Shivay not taking his breath he stumbled and ran his fingers into his hair with helplessness.



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