Indian Television Best Actor

Voting lines open till 31st August 2017


18 thoughts on “Indian Television Best Actor

  1. I dont understand how come an flop actor like param singh (i dont even know his shows..) is leading than a superstar Barun sobti. That param is unlucky whenevwer he acts that channel closes eg shq channel v closed now ghulam life ok close every time fighting with co actors Barun sobti deserves this poll he rokzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    • Excuse me whoever you are, Every actor has their respective fame, Do not under rate anybody. Vote for your Fav and Move on. There’s no need for expressing your cent views Thank you and By the way you may not know Param Singh, many does!! Google out and update your dictionary.

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    • aww you don’t know his shows but knows he works on sadda haq and ghulam and also knows the channel name lol and also that which channel he works for it and that gets close down lol you also knows that he fights with his co-stars every time please name 2 3 who were these co-stars. you have more knowledge than me. Barun is superstar of tv but you god insecure with flop actor param. feels really bad for you. Why are you giving your attention to flop actor like him. praise your superstar and vote for him 🙂

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  2. @Barunrocks: Kindly support your fav and leave!
    I love Param Singh, Ppl claiming not knowing him rather post comments on Him says it how much a well known celebrity he is.

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