Anika sat on a beautifully decorated bed with flowers and scented candles surrounding the bed. The heavy lehanga on her made it difficult to move an inch so she slumped slightly on the soft pillow behind her. 

Shivay slowly turned the knob of the door and locked it behind him which made Anika to stiffen and stand immediately on th floor. 

He started taking measuring towards Anika which made her palms get sweaty. His each step made her breath quicken. When there was a few inch gap between them Shivay stopped and stood there looking at her for few seconds..

Taking this as her chance she tried to speak. “Shivay… voh actually…”

But he didnt allow her to speak  by placing his finger on her soft rosy lips.

“Shhh……. not to-night.”

He dimmed the lights of the room, made sure the doors were locked, curtains shuts and picked her up in his arms carrying her to their bed.

Gently placing her in the middle, he lay next to her.

“You will enjoy this” he whispered kind words, trailing his hand over her body.

Anika felt  goosebumps form on her arms at his touch. She silently prayed to her God to take care for her.

Tucking her hair behind her ear Shivay placed a kiss on her forehead. He continued on each eye, nose, cheeks, chin, along the jaw line and then lightly blew on her lips.
She shivered and closed her eyes even tighter.

“Anika open your eyes, look at me” his breath washed over her face.

Hesitantly she looked at him and saw his face get close.

“Finally” he mumbled against her mouth and pressed a kiss.

He roamed his hands over her stomach, up her thighs, over chest and squeezed a breast.

She gasped loudly at his sudden squeeze and immediately closed her eyes again.

“Anika open your eyes.” he said with a stern `voice this time and she closed her eyes even tighter making him little angry.

He removed her veil which previously covered her body which scared her to the core.

“Shivay I….. I am not rrr….ready for this.”She stuttered making his ego hurt.

“So what? I am ready for this and you will get used to it. No problem.” He said and proceeded to suck and bite her soft flesh making her wince in pain.

She tried pushing him with her both hands but he pinned them with his single hand which made her feel helpless under him. 

Tears leaked from her eyes and pain filled her heart making it difficult for her to breathe.

“Remember one thing Anika, I get what I want.” Saying this he tore the last piece of cloth covering her body making her to shriek in fear.

“Nooooo…!” Anika cried

She opened her eyes only to see that she is alone in the room fully dressed and has been dreaming.

Heaving a sigh of relief she picked her heavy skirt and stood on the floor.

“Though its a dream for now, it is going to be real soon. A man who uses woman like toy can easily have his wife and none can stop him.” She thought to herself and few tears escaped from her eyes.

“I am ready to get destroyed to destroy him Amma.`I have nothing to do in this world except for  revenging him.” Anika got ready to submit herself to him tonight.

“Let this night pass I will see his end tomorrow morning.” She smiled remembering her plan.

She turned towards the door when she heard it open. And there comes the most handsome man on the world.

“Dadi is too much..” He said and proceeded towards Anika.

Though Anika was ready to sacrifice herself tonight her female instincts warned her to run away from this mesmerizing face. Obeying them she made a run when Shivay tried touching her arm. He was quicker than her, so he caught her before she took any further step.

“Careful woman, you were about to slip on the floor. And what is the need to show your running skills here.” He asked her holding Anika in his arms.

Of course she would fall if he didn’t catch her on right time! How did she forget that her heavy dress didn’t allow her to move an inch. But why did he catch her? She remembered his promise to her that he would never leave her and would catch her if she fell. Is he really trying to be a good person or pretending to be so?

“Anika Are you okay?” His concerned voice made her to come out of her thoughts.

“I am not ready for this.” Anika said in a go closing her eyes fearing his reaction.

“I understand but what is the need to run?” His calm answer made her to open her eyes wide.

“What? Arent you angry with me that i have hurted your ego? Wont you hit me?” She asked making him to chuckle.

“Come sit here.” He made her sit on the bed and he sat beside her “I think you watch many saas bahu dramas. Why would I do something like that, huh? I understand that it is very difficult for you to accept a person like me as your husband but still you can trust me on these matters. Remember one thing Anika, hurting you is the last thing i want.” He said kissing the back of her palm.

“What do you mean by ‘difficult to accept a person like you'”She asked him making him shift in his place.

“Anika, I am in a big mess now but remember that this mess loves you. I need a lot of courage to open up about my past which is not that important now.” He said and stood up giving her place to stand “You must be tired with this heavy dress, wear this pyjama” He handed one from the cupboard and she took it immediately and disappeared into the washroom.

Meanwhile Shivay changed into his night-clothes and laid on his bed waiting for Anika. Finally he will get freed from his inner demons with whom he fight everyday. From today he need not struggle to stop sleeping fearing of any scary nightmares as his powerful angel is there beside him to stand with him.

He gave a break to his thoughts seeing Anika standing in front of the bathroom with a towel hanging on her shoulders while wiping her wet hairs. She looked like an angel in her blue coloured pyjama. Even though she is free of any make up and wearing a simple cloth she looked divine to him.

“Ummm……. Where must I sleep?” Anika said looking here and there finding no place to sleep.

“Of course beside me, I think you can see this spacious bed.” He said pointing towards his king sized bed.

“What? No! I think you forgot what you said!”

“Nope. I clearly remember saying giving you space and time to get accustomed that doesn’t mean that I am allowing you to sleep somewhere else. So without any noise my lady please lay down here.”

“As if I will listen. I will sleep on the floor no problem and good night.” She said and laid on the floor which is thankfully covered with thick fur carpet.

But before she completely lay her body she was pulled up in Shivay arms who leisurely took her to his bed.

“No you cant bring me like this. Its cheating..”She wriggled in his arms and tried to move away as soon as he laid her on the bed.

“God! I am going to tie you down here if you move an inch” he warned her which made her attempts to stop and twitched her mouth while closing her eyes.

She felt his weight beside her and she turned her back to him.

He moved forward and kissed her cheek and said softly “Okay I am Sorry. Now turn this side I have something to show you.”

“No I wont you are a liar and cheater.”

“Oh too bad dearie how can I let you sleep on the floor when I am sleeping on the bed, huh?”

“Why cant you? Think that you are still unmarried than problem solved.”

“No way I am going to think something like that, If you sleep on the floor even I am going to follow you.” He said puling her close.

“And may I ask why?”

“Because I need you very much beside me” He said in a no-nonsense tone which made her look at him.

“Okay I will sleep here. Good night.” She said trying to close her eyes but he didn’t allow her to do.

“First look what I have for you.” He said handing her a long cylindrical gift box.

“What is in this?” She wondered and unwrapped the gift to see a remote. He asked her to lie down and operate it.

After pressing the power button the concrete ceiling slowly disappeared and revealed the glass which is showing the starry sky.

“I saw you speaking to your parents believing them to be stars so I made this for you, so that you can see your parents everyday.” He said pulling her close to him and she came without any protest this time.

“Thank you.” She said heartfully while tears glistened in her eyes.

“I did this to see your smile not these tears.” He said wiping them away.

“He is at least trying to change. Maybe he is not that bad.” Both her heart and mind agreed before she closed her eyes to sleep.

The moon was a witness for these two innocent souls sleeping peacefully after a long time.


Anika stretched her arms lazily after a good sleep. She smiled feeling a warm body beside her and soft mattress under her.

“Good Morning.” A husky voice wished her making her to sit upright immediately.

“Woah! You will break my bones one day.” He said rubbing his chin which Anika hit.

“I am sorry but did I miss breakfast?” She asked glancing around.

“Oh my glutton we are still waiting for you at the breakfast. Get ready and come soon.” He said making her to run for her bag and pick up few things before she left for bathroom.

A bright bridal glow was lingering on her face which made something in her heart to flutter.

She looked at the paper which she brought along with her to mix in her first meal which she needs to prepare in this house. But this time she will make sure that only Shivay will get poisoned and not Dadi.

After getting ready and morning prayer she entered the kitchen to prepare the lunch as she saw the workers already prepared the breakfast.

“Aye Anika dear, what are you doing here.” Dadi came into the kitchen.

“Voh dadi I am doing rasoi pooja which must be done by the new bride.” She said pointing towards the kitchen.

“No dear not in our house. According to our tradition the new bride will not enter the kitchen until she completes a month in her in laws house. So get ready to be pampered by us, now go-go.” Dadi said and pushed her out of the kitchen.

“What 30 days? Why is God favouring him so much when he has done nothing but crimes? May be because of dadi’s prayers he is still live. Poor woman as soon as he gets destroyed I will take care of her.” She thought to herself accepting dadi as her family.



Daksh out of their lives for two months. Anika getting  to know more about Shivay.


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