The entire house was chaotic, with guests swarming around the living room, waiters insisting on serving them drinks and his family greeting everyone. His family, some of whom she’d never even met, were busy dressing her up for the occasion and giggling about how lucky she was.

She sighed when MSK agreed to her for having a simple wedding instead of a gala. Though MSK took time to get convince as he wanted the entire world to know about his happiness having her beside but agreed as he couldn’t say no to her.

She remembered MSK saying he has only his Dadi alive on the earth and she wondered who  these people are, may be some distant relatives. And his Dadi, she is really too sweet that she doubted how come MSK be so beastly. Well it must be greed of money. She couldnt belive why he is after money when he has huge amount which can feed for a big city.

The engagement, mehandi, haldi and not to forget sangeet is a really very sweet memory for her if this wedding is not a sham.  The ever so arrogant MSK danced to cheer up her mood in the sangeet. She really felt on cloud nine when did a small act to impress her. Even if he is acting this gesture would really never erased.

Thinking about sangeet night a shiver ran down her spine. After Dadi’s dance performance on Kala chashma swag she invited MSK and Geet to dance. She agreed with much protest. They slowly started to sway along with the song Dheere dheere se mere zindagi mein aana. She was uncomfortable at first but later she burned along with him in the passion when her eyes locked with his. They still danced even after the song stopped which made her feel embarrass as all the guests started ooh’s and aah’s. Though MSK stood like a shield and his one look was enough to stop them teasing further. She took an excuse for breathing fresh air and walked little far and met Dev there.

He smelled of alcohol and held her arm in a rough grip to which she struggled to free herself.

“Dev, leave me. You are hurting me.”

“Really! But you seem to enjoy when MSK touch you huh? Are you falling for him or did you change your mind about the revenge plan?” He sneered.

“Dev its nothing like that, and I am not answerable to you. Now leave me I need to go.” She said with a straight voice and ran away.

Her arm hurt due to his grip and she swallowed her tears as she couldn’t remove her cold wall around her emotions.

“Geet? Are you okay?” MSK asked seeing her unshed tears.

“I …. am okay.” She lied and MSK can feel her unsaid feeling so he pulled her to the stage and made her sit on the front row and he took the stage.

Suddenly MSK started doing bhangra which made her laugh her heart out while dadi teared seeing him this open. The night was called off with a group hug.

“Mam, please check yourself and let us know if you need any changes.” The designer said making her to land from her thoughts.

“Wow.” The only word escaped from her eyes seeing herself in the mirror. The reflection was the same any girl would dream off in fact she dreamed the same but all crashed due to MSK according to her. Few tears escaped thinking about her parents.

“I wont let him even smile Mumma papa. He will pay for each and every thing. I will make him suffer like no one and if he is a Beast then I am a Brutal Beast.” Geet promised herself.

“Geet! Bless you dear you are looking so beautiful. Let all the evil ward off.” Dadi started praising Geet making her feel motherly love.

“Come. We need to go. Chote is waiting downstairs.” She said and pulled Geet along with her.

MSK looked dangerously handsome in his wedding shervani. His happiness added a mesmerizing glow to his already gorgeous face which made geet to skip few heart beats.

God must be too partial towards him to give all the beauty to MSK she thought to herself.

During the wedding all she did was to drool over him or burn under his intense gaze. Finally they stood up to take the wedding vows and repeated along with the pundit.

“Geet, You are my addiction, my passion, my strength and also my weakness. My heart says we were paired up by Gods own hands to become soul mates because I feel your soul entwined with my soul. I want to share all my dreams with you. I want to overcome my fears by holding your hand. I want you to help me shed my inhibitions. I want you in every stage of my life. I want us to grow old together. I want to pamper you like a baby and give you all my love and care and attention. I want to be with you till my last breath…till the end of time. I want us to be reborn for each other like twin flames.” MSK said with utmost sincerity which made her breathless with all the emotions blocking her senses.

After the wedding both of them stood for the photo shoot with some of his business associates. Seeing no one watching them MSK pulled her close to him while his fingers played on her waist chain causing havoc in her senses.

“Stop looking at me like that Geet, It is a pure torture for me to not touch you when my Biwi is looking at me with so much love in her eyes.” MSK said smelling into her hair.

“Ummm…. I didnt …. look like that…” Geet fumbled for words due to his close proximity.

“Its okay. We have all the night to do many things. We can relax now.” He smirked seeing her eyes popping out and a scarlet blush on her cheeks.

Who said life is short when tonight is going to be the longest’ Geet thought to herself.


Wedding Night

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The Brutal Beast


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  1. Congratulations pearl.
    Thanks for pm. Nice update.maaneet are enjoying togetherness during wedding rituals. But just mare sight of dev is disgusting. Everytime he tried to provoke geet for her revenge against maan. Maan feeling blessed to have geet besides him but geet has confused feelings for maan. Hope she come to know about truth before any damage.
    Waiting for next.

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