“What is wrong with me? How can I fall week in front of that beast? How can I forget that he is the reason for my parents and friends death? But still I stood like a stupid when he proposed for marriage.” Geet cursed herself sitting on her bed.

“Now why is Dev calling? Poor him, he cares for me too much but I am became selfish. I agree that beast looks charming and has something in him which attracts me but still he is the reason for all the destruction.” Geet said to herself seeing Dev calling her on the phone.

“Hello Dev!” She answered the call.

“Geet what happened? What did that MSK do? Did he misbehave with you?” Dev questioned her.

“Umm.. Actually Its different. He proposed me for marriage.” She said with hesitation.

“What? How dare he do that? And dont tell me that you have agreed to it. Geet you are mine remember that!” He warned her.

“I … Accepted. Actually I dont know what happened to me I couldnt say No when he proposed. He looked so weak and hopeful..” She said remembering MSK’S face.

“So? You accepted. Really tomorrow he will ask you to spend a night with him will you do that too, huh? How cheap can you get Geet. You say you love me and you are ready to marry him. Wow.” Dev screamed at her in frustration.

“Just shut up Dev. This is my life and I will do as I like. Its my wish to marry him or not. Its my wish to kill him or not and its my wish to love him or not. And you are no one to question me got it. Okay so if this is called love then I am sorry I dont want your love.” She cried over the phone.

“Are you rejecting me …. Dev Singh?” His anger rose to no limits.

“Yes, in fact I never accepted you to reject. I only said  yes because you forced me to do. Anyways I thought you will understand me. Did you remember what you said to me You said that you will be with me no matter what happens. I already told you that I have no place for love and etc but you will wait for me. And now you are imposing.” She whispered in a broken voice.

“Get lost you B***h.” He cursed her and threw away the phone.

Geet immediately closed her mouth hearing his words. Its not that she is upset on his choice of words but its just that she couldnt digest the fact the person whom she trusted is now speaking like this.

Missing her parents and cursing MSK for her situation she slowly drifted into sleep.

“How dare she reject me? I need to show that b***h her place.” He picked a sharp knife from his kitchen and proceeded to go towards Geet to stab her.

A sudden thought crossed his mind causing him to stop on his tracks. “If I kill Geet now then who will destroy MSK. That b***h must live to fulfil my desire.”

He immediately changed his mind and threw the knife away and picked few flowers decorated on his table while going to Geet’s house. He knocked on the door few times but got no response from her so he waited for some time more

“What are you doing here?” Geet said opening the door.

“Yuck how ugly she looks.” Dev said to himself seeing her in a messy state.

“I am sorry Geet.” He masked his disgust with a smile.

Geet didnt feel his words like she felt when MSK said sorry. So she nodded her head negatively.

“Geet trust me I am sorry for speaking those words. You are right you can do what ever you want but I got scared that time. I was scared to loose you. I was brought up in a orphange Geet. I have no one in my life except you. I got scared that you will leave me and go to that MSK.” He played a victim card to get her attention which worked.

“Dev I am sorry but I am ready to get destroyed in my revenge but I can’t love anyone. You are a great friend for me who helped me in my critical days. I am indebted to you but….”Geet trailed off.

“I understand Geet and remember I will never let you get hurt. I am always there with you as a fried and as a lover I will wait for you all my life.” He acted as if he meant it but Geet was not affected this time.

After speaking with her Dev left the house and two tear drops escaped from her eyes.

“I just want to live my life with my parents again, with no restrictions, and hurt. How I wish I was dead that day along with my parents but see I am dying with all these things. I just want a day with no Dev or no MSK who will control my life or my mind.” She cried looking at the sky as if speaking to her parents.

“It hurts when you don’t know what is happening with you”

I know its a short update but couldnt help posting it I just felt like showing how Geet and Dev’s mind think. Will post a long update soon.


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