“Dadi, Goodmorning. Are you feeling better now.” SSO asked helping dadi to sit on the hospital bed.

“I am feeling good now. But happened chote?” Dadi asked making him sit beside her.

“Its food poisoning Dadi. The coffee must have expired. But nothing to worry. Everything is alright.” SSO smiled little and prepared something  for dadi to eat.

“Chote I am scared for you. What if something happened to me yesterday? How will you live, hmm? I want you to settle down before something happens to me chote so that I can rest in peace knowing that you have someone to trust.” She said holding his palm.

SSO immediately stood up and turned his back to control his emotions. Only God knows how scared he was seeing Dadi lifeless and on top it his inner demos are always ready to scare him whenever he is alone. But being SSO he never shows his emotions to others as he thinks people might take advantage of his feelings.

“How long will you runaway chote? Just forget the past and move on. Your parents are just…” SSO interpreted her from speaking.

“They are nothing but cowards, cheaters, dishonest and I hate them.” He completed the sentence with bloodshot eyes while his heart started tearing itself suffocating him.

“Chote!” Dadi immediately closed her mouth with her palm unable to see him carrying the same emotion since childhood  towards his parents.

“Dadi if you want this topic to continue then I am telling you I have many other important work.” He said and started typing on his laptop furiously.

A sudden cool breeze made SSO to stop his work and calm him. He kept his palm on his chest to feel his heartbeat increasing with each passing second. He immediately knew that his angel is somewhere near him.

“Anika!” He whispered and a beautiful smile adorned his face.

“Good Morning Dadi ma.” Anika chirped coming inside dadi’s room and touched her feet.

“Awwe my child come sit here.” Dadi said and gave place to Anika.

Dadi was shocked to see SSO’S expressions changing from Cold to happy in matter of seconds and understood that it must be because of Anika.

“I am sorry Dadi. It’s just because of me you are in hospital. If you didn’t drink the coffee then all this wouldn’t have happened.” Anika pouted feeling guilty about yesterday’s incident.

“Are you sad because Dadi drank it or that I didn’t drink it?” SSO said with a teasing smile making her aware of his presence.

“Uhhh what? Why would I feel sad if you didn’t drink it?” Anika got tensed as she thought he knew about the poisoned coffee.

“Really? You brought a coffee for chote and I drank it. I clearly saw how upset your face became hahahahaha.” Dadi laughed making Anika to sigh in relief.

“Ummmm I need to go to the office.” Anika said and stood up to leave.

“Hmmm Okay. Let me drop you then.” SSO stood up to go.

“What? No. I mean you please look after Dadi I can go by myself.” Anika hurried off as she doesn’t want to stand in presence of SSO and SSO thought she cares for everyone.


Anika agreed for a lunch with Daksh as she is unable to keep her thoughts about SSO in control.  The only thing crossed her mind is to accept Daksh’s Lunch. She was about to go out of SM office but suddenly SSO held her hand.

“missing me?” He asked pulling her close.

‘Ummm…….. N.No.” Anika said finding her voice.

“But I am missing you …alot.” He said smelling her long and soft tresses.

“Anika.” Daksh came there searching for her and was shocked to see SSO and Anika lost in each other so he shouted little loud.

Hearing Daksh’s voice Anika came back to he senses and tried to push SSO but he didn’t budge instead he pulled Anika more close recognizing Daksh’s voice.

“Do you need anything here?” SSO asked raising his eyebrow indirectly telling him to Get lost with capital G.

“Nothing ….. Sir.” He said stuttering while Anika felt sad for Daksh.

“Okay then Go to my cabin and take the Mehta company file. Make analysis of it. And listen I would like you to go for Satpura Forest in this month as I find you very Free and roaming in the office with no work. What say?” SSO scared him.

“No Sir .. I just came out to see how Anika is doing her work. Anyways I am going now.” Daksh said cursing SSO and left to bring Mehtas file.

“Why are you so rude with Daksh?” Anika immediately pushed him.

“Oh dear don’t pity him. He is always a gooseberry in our story.” SSO smiled.

“Anyways Anika let’s go for lunch.” SSO said and held her hand but realized that he left his car keys in his cabin.

“Just five minutes dear I will be back with the keys.” He said and went towards his cabin.

“It’s a poison Madam. That too a rare type. Its found only in Africa.” Jeevika’s ears are still vibrating with these words.

She gave the coffee mug for test and the lab analyst informed her about the poison. Daksh is the only person who went to Africa recently and he even cleaned the entire cabin not caring about his ego. After connecting Dots she was sure Daksh is behind SSO’s dadi attack.

She immediately felt disgusted and stood up to complain about him to SSO. She opened the door and saw Daksh standing having his back towards her. In her excitement she couldn’t figure that this short figure is not SSO and started narrating the truth.

“SSO I have a very important news. Dadi’s attack was not accidental it is done by Daksh only. He mixed poison in the coffee. I have proofs of them.” She said and was shocked seeing the dangerous Daksh with angry eyes.

“What the hell are you thinking huh? I must a very good research huh.” Daksh came dangerously close to her face and held her neck in strong grip making her to choke while his nails poked to her soft skin.

“I think you forgot that this job is very important for you. What about your son who is fighting for his life in the hospital huh. And what about this video. Shall I post this video on social media, huh. I have morphed my face in this video but how about you. Let your In laws come to know about you spending nights like this then the custody of your child will go to your Husband Viren, what say.” He scared her showing the video which was secretly recorded in that room when she gave herself to him in exchange of job.

“Please …don’t do that..” She pleaded him scaring for her Son’s life.

He left her with a jerk and tore the proofs and slapped her before going. Jeevika slid down crying on her fate. Hearing some foot steps she immediately wiped her tears and covered the marks  with her scarf.

“Jeevika? What are you doing here?” SSO who came  for the car keys asked her.

“I thought of joining the office in the afternoon Sir.” She said trying her level best to stop crying.

“But you were on leave to meet your son right? So no hurry Go and spend the entire day.” SSO said to her which made Jeevika to cry.  She immediately wiped her tears and left the cabin. This made SSO feel something fishy.

“I need todays CCTV footage of my cabin right now” He said to the security team to which he received a positive reply.

“Sir it will be ready in half an hour.” They said.

As soon as he end the call he saw his phone blinking with Anika name.

“Sorry Anika I got busy. I will be there in a minute.” SSO said and ran towards Anika grabbing his car keys.

“I know how busy you are.” Anika spat as soon as she cut the phone.

Anika saw Jeevika coming out of SSO cabin wiping her tears while trying to cover her marks with the scarf and Anika mistook the whole situation and though SSO must be spending a quality time with this woman. After all she has heard how good they both scream each others names.

“Come lets Go.” SSO said and walked towards his car.

SSO brought her to a restaurant which was not so expensive instead it looked beautiful. A soft music was playing in the background and the staff stood with their welcome outfit.

“Why isn’t any other customer here? Did you book the entire hotel?” She asked finding no other person except them to eat.

“Sort of… This is my hotel.” SSO said making Anika shocked.

“What? How many do you have like these? Is entire India on your name?” She said gaping at him.

“Not in India I have them Internationally too but for me this hotel is special.”  He said and ordered the food and asked the staff to leave them alone.

After completing their lunch they started walking around the hotel to feel the cool breeze. After walking for a while SSO stopped near a huge tree. He held that trees bark and softly touched the names engraved on it.

“What happened?” Anika asked seeing him lost in response he made her sit on the nearby chair and kneeled in front of her.

“Do you know why this place is special to me?” He asked her to which she nodded a NO.

“Because this is the last place where I was happy. I left my laughs and joy here. My last birthday was celebrated here, my last smile, my last moment, my last memory my every last thing was here. I lost my everything as soon as I stepped out of this place. The little naughty innocent Shivay was dead here and the cold-hearted beast started evolving.” He said with a lost face and looked up at Anika who has tears in her eyes.

“These tears made me realize that I am a human too who can feel. Anika, I want to live…. I want to live with you. I want to smile and laugh again. I want to love myself and all this will happen only when you are beside me. Will you be my side always Anika? Will you marry me?” He asked wiping her tears.

“Yes.” Anika said truthfully this time with no intentions and plans in her mind. She didn’t know why but she wanted to be by his side and heal him. She wants to be his smile and memory.

“Anika yahoooo….. I got my happiness back again at this place.” SSO Screamed loud and twirled her in the air making her laugh whole heartedly for the first time.




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