“Geet here is the poison. Mix the entire quantity so that the poison will slowly kill him suffocating him to death.” Dev said with epitome of hate.

“Thank you Dev. You dont know how good you are. MSK is a beast who spoiled many lives and I dont care dirtying my hands in killing him but why must you spoil. You dont deserve this. ” Geet said while mixing the poison in MSK coffee.

“Geet I love you and I am ready to do anything just to see your happiness. Your happiness lies in killing MSK and mine in your happiness. So I will always be with you dont worry.” Dev lied and stroked her cheeks which made Geet uncomfortable.

She immediately stepped back causing Dev to close his fist in frustration as he couldnt touch Geet.

“Okay Geet let me go from here now before anyone sees me. All the best. If there is anything wrong dont hesitate to call me.” Dev said and left to his cabin.

After few minutes Geet’s mobile rang and she picked up without noticing the caller ID.

“Where is my coffee?” MSK said looking from his glass door to see if Dadi is coming back after looking around the office.

“So now you remembered about my coffee. I thought you must be busy.” Geet said as he didnt call her for coffee even after two hours of his arrival.

“So my tigress is angry with me. Okay let me woe her. But for that you need to come to my cabin in 2 minutes with my coffee.” MSK said smiling.

He came two hours back with dadi but was excited and nervous to show Geet to dadi and understanding him dadi gave him space in pretense of looking around the office. As soon as dadi left MSK immediately called Geet.

He was waiting for her to come inside when he heard a sudden knock. He immediately stood on his feet and opened the door to welcome Geet while bowing his head down.

“Welcome my Princess.” He said welcoming her in a royal style.

“Thank you my grandson but I think your princess hasnt arrived.” His dadi smiled making MSK to look up.

“Dadi you? I thought its Geet. But you went to roam around the office na then how come you arrived so early.” MSK said in a go.

“Am I dreaming MSK is speaking non stop. Now I need to look at the Princess.” Dadi said smirking making the MSK blush.

Before they can speak further they heard a soft knock and MSK instantly knew it was Geet. His hearts wont lie. He opened the door and stood staring at her without moving.

“Ahem Ahem Chote will you move aside so that I can meet her. And I promise the balance eye lock session can be done afterwards.” Dadi said causing MSK to embarrass and geet to shock as she didnt expect others  at this time.

“Come on dadi I am not staring its just that I am feeling full after the heavy breakfast so I am taking fresh air.” Maan lied and sat on his chair while hiding his face under the file pretending to engross in work.

“Okay then let me have the coffee as you are feeling heavy and busy.” Dadi said and took the coffee from Geet’s hand and started sipping it while hiding her smile seeing their fallen faces.

“Oh how I wish it was me who will be drinking Geet’s handmade coffee but no I need to use the business  brain.” MSK started cursing himself.

Here Geet was shocked as everything went wrong her tongue got tied she came to her sense only when she heard Dadi coughing holding her heart.

“Dadi what happened? Are you Okay?” MSK tried patting her back but of no use.

The poison started showing its effect and started coughing for breath holding her chest. Blood started oozing from dadi’s mouth which made MSK scream for help.

Hearing his screams Dev and Jeevika came running and was shocked to see the situation. Jeevika immediately called the ambulance.

Geet and Dev were happy with the situation. She was happy seeing MSK sad and destroyed. What if he didnt drink the poisoned coffee and destroyed physically he is emotionally getting weak. She smiled in happiness but suddenly something in her heart stirred seeing MSK numb eyes. He is slowly numbing off and didnt settle her seeing dadi fighting for life.

“Geet your target is MSK then why are you killing an innocent soul?”Geet said to herself and made a run to the pantry.

She dissolved a handful of salt into a jar of water and ran towards dadi. She made dadi to drink the salt water continously without giving her a break. Due to excessive of salt water dadi immediately vomited all the contents from her stomach. Geet made sure that dadi vomited everything until she passed out and at the same time ambulance arrived taking Dadi and Geet along with them. MSK followed them absent-mindedly while Dev immediately sat down on the floor and started clearing the coffee vomiting etc on the floor. (Jadhu Pocha lol suits you Dev)

Jeevika saw Dev washing the floor and felt it fishy and secretly took the coffee cup without his notice as she felt Dev is somewhere related with Dadi’s attack.

After cleaning everything so that there is no evidence against this act he moved to the hospital where dadi was admitted and saw MSK sitting alone and geet was standing afar from him so he slowly tip toed towards Geet and asked her.

“Who asked you to save that old woman. If she would have died our route would have cleared.” Dev blurted in anger.

“No Dev she is innocent our revenge is with MSK not his dadi. If we kill his dadi then there is no difference between us and that MSK.” Geet explained him.

“Enough Geet I am fed up with your mahaan avathar. If that old woman died MSK would get emotionally weak and we can easily kill him. But no you need to spoil at the very last moment. I think you have started having feelings for him.” Dev shouted at her and left the place in anger leaving Geet alone in her thoughts.

She saw MSK sitting alone and staring into the hollow space like a lost kid. This was not the MSK she knew. He is different and she didnt like it. She didnt know which force made her to move towards MSK but she sat beside him and kept her palm on his shoulder and uttered

“Dont worry Dadi will be okay.”

As soon as MSK saw dadi coughing blood he went numb. All his strength vanished and slowly a dark hallow pit started pulling him to consume him entirely. He couldnt hear his own heartbeat and heck with the surroundings. All he could hear is the evil demons with whom he is trying to fight since his childhood.

“Hahaha what happened chote? Didnt I say you are unwanted and deserved any love? Now look your Dadi is also leaving you. What will you do now,huh?” His Mother’s voice echoed in his ears.

“Your mother is right Chote why dont you except that you are unwanted and coward? Accept you are coward Accept it!” His father started laughing.

A childhood image of MSK stood in front of him kneeling and curling into a ball with fear and met his eyes.

“I am tired of fighting. I am hungry I think I will die out of thirst. I have no strength everything is scaring me.” His childhood image cried.

MSK was already losing himself into darkness until he felt a palm on his shoulder and heard a supporting voice “Dont worry Dadi will be okay.”

The entire scene disappeared and MSK came to his senses. Thats when he realized his strength is sitting beside him and he immediately slumped on her resting his entire weight on her shoulder.

MSK felt all the troubles vanished in a second and slowly drowsed off without realization.

Geet came to the workers quarters at late night leaving assuring MSK in the hospital. She tried stopping her erratic heartbeat which is thumping in her chest since the time she saw MSK numb.

“You are falling for him.” She remembered Dev words.

“No I still Hate him.” She screamed.

“Then prove it.” Her heart answered.

“Only way to prove is accepting Dev’s love proposal.” Her mind answered and she immediately decided to call Dev.

“Hello Dev I am accepting your proposal.” Geet said in a go.

“What Geet are you serious. I cant believe my ears You love me. Yaay…” Dev was faking his happiness.

“Yes. Okay Bye.” Geet replied in a monosyllables and end the phone.

She didn’t know why she is feeling so heavy in her heart as if something is going wrong. Brushing all the thoughts aside she called the night off.

“Your Dadi is fine MSK. It’s good that she vomited all the contents in her stomach. Its food poisoning. She will be alright by tomorrow morning.” Doctor said and left .

MSK thanked the doctor and sat outside thinking about Geet. His life is very beautiful when she is beside him. He gets all the energy to fight against the world. He decided to start the marriage before he loses his strength not knowing that he would be in a situation where he could leave nor hold her.


MSK Geet wedding preparations, Jhor Ka Jhatka for Dev


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