If there is any name for cruel, self-centered, narrow-minded,gold digger, cunning and etc person then it is Dev Singh. Since his childhood he always wished to be ruling the world. And as he is from middle class family his parents couldn’t afford him in an international school instead he was admitted into a private school. Though the school which he has studied isn’t best it isnt worst compared remaining schools in his area. He many times fought with his parents to change his school to some affluent place but they couldn’t as they are unable to afford. After completing his schooling he applied for education loan of 80 lakhs to pay his fees in Harvard University. This amount was too much to even think for his parents so he ran away from his home leaving his Parents to succumb to death with his ignorant behavior. As there is no one to pay the loan amount the bank auctioned his house leaving Dev homeless in India.

He expected every one to see him like a star as he got some money in his hand and is pursuing his degree in the best university in the world but nothing happened like that sort. Everyone in his class are hard-working and didn’t pay any attention to him. And if possible everyone appreciates a single person who sits aloof in his class and that person is MSK. Yes, Dev used to hate MSK since his college days due to the attention he received.

He hates MSK because the life which he dreamed was the way how MSK lives. He used to envy MSK for his wealth, no nagging parents, full attention of females, appreciation from teachers, luxurious life. He even stole his books so that he could become the topper but nothing changed as always it was MSK who topped. That day itself he decided to stop fighting with MSK instead he shook his hands with MSK for friendship.

From that day he started observing MSK with hawked eyes. He didn’t knew about MSK past or anything except for the facts that he lost his parents at young age and there is only an old woman to look after. He even joined at the same place where MSK worked in part-time but still he couldn’t succeed. At that time he made his mind to destroy MSK as he can’t rise as him.
Faking like an innocent and loyal person Dev joined in MSK’S self established company as his assistant. He got to know about his property details and the techniques to crack business deal. He even thought of establishing his own company like MSK but couldn’t as he didn’t have money. Thats when he decided to marry so that he can get money through dowry.
Dev gave all his details to a marriage broker and specified about the dowry. As his profile was good with a good job and an orphan a family from Bihar has accepted his proposal with the said amount. The girl’s name is Sushma choudhary. She isn’t that educated being from a small village but is beautiful and well-mannered. Her family sold their land to meet the dowry expenses and married her to Dev.

Everything was as planned for Dev he got the demanded amount and a beautiful woman to fulfil his desires at night. He started his business but could not succeed with his ignorant and reckless behaviour so his business went into losses and all his money was dumped.

That day Dev was so frustrated with his life and came to his house. Correction, that house was also given by his in-laws to stay as a part of dowry. He saw his house was decorated with flowers and his in-laws along with Sushma are exchanging happy smiles which irked him.

“What the hell is happening?” DEV SCREAMED.

“Congratulations Son. You are going to be a FATHER.” Sushma’s father said and fed him some sweets.

“Correction Mr its your daughter who is becoming a mother not me.” Dev said and spitted the sweet on sushma’s father face.
“What are you doing?” Sushma immediately stood in front of him trying to act like a shield for her father.

“The. Baby. Is. Not. Mine.” Dev spat with fury holding her neck roughly and pushed her causing sushma to stumble with shock.

“What are you saying son. We trust our daughter and our upbringing it must be some misunderstanding.” Sushma’s father pleaded him.

“Enough. I have fed up with all this inauspicious faces. Open your ears and listen I had not even touched her till today then how come she became pregnant,huh. I can’t handle this anymore I am leaving.” Dev said and packed his bags.

“Son dont speak like this. How can we show our faces tomorrow if you blame and accuse us. Tell us what happened did we make any mistake. But don’t leave our daughter like this. Have some mercy she is carrying your child.” Sushma’s parents fell near his feet.

“I don’t care you can die along with your daughter.” Dev finally left the house and started travelling to Delhi in the train.
His job in MSK’s office is intact because no one knew about his marriage as it was a simple affair.

After remembering todays events he opened his eyes with victorious grin.

“I will marry again.” He said to himself.

At last who will give him money and a one night stand to satisfy his desire. Everything will be easy when he will marry again and again.

He started giving his name as MSK to marriage brokers and would marry some village girls with huge amount of dowry spend a night with them and fly away with the money. All the bad name will go to MSK and the money to him.

Even after his numerous attempts he couldn’t succeed in failing MSK’S rise and his fall.

This continued for some years and he was not satisfied, then he started defaming MSK in his office itself. He started spreading rumors about MSK being womanizer. He used women to give them job on the name of MSK.

He was the one who f***** Jeevika MSK’s new PA in the pretense of MSK. Dev scared her that she need to spend few nights with him or else he would release the video of their first session after she got to know the truth of Dev acting as MSK.

Thats the time he met Geet who is also trying to destroy MSK. He knew MSK got feelings for Geet and its easy for him to destroy MSK using Geet and he would finish her story too when he gets his money.

When he went to marry Geet in her village he thought of taking the money and fly away after spending a night with the bride. But his plan flopped when her father came to know I am Dev and not MSK when he saw Dev speaking on phone. A big fight took place and the bride side got to know his true colors and he along with the arranged groom side people started hitting them till unconscious. He thought that he had killed the bride too seeing her friends coming from the bride room. Little did he know the bride Geet got locked in the room itself and misunderstood the situation and now she is here to take revenge on MSK.
And he would make sure this time that everything is in his control.
Next day,
MSK looked at himself in the mirror. He looked more handsome than any day and most importantly he looked happy. All the credit goes to his Geet.

remembering her he immediately called her from his phone to speak with her.

“Hello.” Geet answered sleepily.

“Dreaming about me?” He teased her.

“Huh..what?” She fully woke up and checked the caller ID realizing its MSK she faked a smile.

“Geet I am thinking to take you out for lunch, what say.” He asked with hope. It will be his first date.

“Ummm Sorry but we can’t go out like that. Let me do something I will make a coffee for you till then you get ready for office.” She said having some plans in her mind.

“Wow I am excited to drink your hand-made coffee for the first time.” He said with glee.

“And your last time too.” She murmured.

“Huh I dint hear you.”

“Uh nothing I am running late bye.” She end the call and immediately dialed to Dev.

“Hello Dev.”

“Good morning Geet. Did you decide?” He questioned her.


“Did you decide about my Love proposal?” He said loosing his cool.

“-Oh I totally forgot it Dev I need time. Promise but listen I am going to prepare a coffee for that beast so I need some poison to mix in it. Can you bring it to the office?” Geet asked him.

“Will you kill him today? Okay I am bringing.” Dev said with happiness and ran to bring the drugs.

“MSK will pay for his deeds.” Geet said and woke up to prepare his coffee.
“Am I dreaming Chote Are you smiling?” MSK’S dadi asked him.

“Umm… Dadi I need to say something with you.” MSK said controlling his smile.

“Dadi … I like someone. Her name is Geet. She is working in my company and you will like her for sure.” He said like a little teenager.

“O h my god You liked a girl? God bless you and what about her? Is it one-sided love” Dadi asked.

“No dadi she likes me too infact she loved me when i stopped loving myself.” He said being little emotional.

“I am so happy for you chote let me meet her today.” She stood up.

“Okay dadi come with me she is waiting for me.” MSK said and drove to his office.

Dadi drinks the poisoned coffee.



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