Daksh it’s not what you are thinking its different. She tried to explain.

“Then what is it? You always hated him. You said that I’m your friend than why didn’t you share all this with me. Daksh questioned her.

“Enough Daksh. I still hate him did you get me. Nothing has changed if possible my hate for him is increasing more. Did you remember what I said when I joined the office. I said he will fall on his knees and beg me now look today he fell on his knees like a beggar. She gave an evil smile remembering SSOs face while proposing.

“Anika I can’t understand anything! Daksh said with confusion.

“I joined the office to Kill him. Destroy him.

“What? But why? He still couldn’t understand.

“He is a beast Daksh. A brutal beast. He deserves to die a brutal death. Anika said with a cold and evil voice which could sent shivers to anyone’s spine.


“My name is Anika Handa.” She continued.

“Handa?  But you said you are an orphan from Jaipur?” Daksh enquired her.

“I lied Daksh. I have changed my name so that Beast couldnt identify me. And I am from a small village called Berahampur  in Amritsar.” She said sitting on the chair near her.

“Berahmpur.?” Daksh exclaimed in shock.

Anika started narrating her past absent-mindedly looking into the hollow space.


“Hey Anika the baarat has arrived.” A girl in her mid twenties approximately at the age of Anika screamed with glee.

“Amma I am nervous. I don’t want to leave you all.” Anika said with a thin layer of tears forming on her eyes.

“Shh… No need to get nervous. We got such a best proposal that trust me you will be so happy. The groom is the owner of SM company in big city like Delhi. And their family so sweet. Very lucky ones gets such a mother and father in law.” Anikas mother said and applied the remaining make up.

“But ma, if they are that rich why did they chose our family and why did they demand our family the 5 acres land and why is the wedding happening in the wedding hall away from our village?” Anika asked as she got the chance to speak now.

“Hey Bhagvan. Kitne bolti ho tum? It’s a tradition from centuries that the girl’s side must give what the groom side asks. And our village is too small to have this grand wedding na thats why the grooms family arranged the wedding here. Look how great they are?” Anikas mother again praised the Grooms family.

“But Ma even I had completed MBA so Im not anything less than that so-called groom. So there is no need to praise them all the time. In fact I dont even remember his name.” Anika said with little jealousy.

“Arrey haan even I dont remember his name Except for the fact that he is khurana. You see these people came just day before yesterday for alliance and now you are getting married. Everything is going so fast that I didnt even got time to speak with you whole heartedly.” Anikas mother said being emotional.

“The groom’s name is Shivay Singh Oberoi” Anikas father said witnessing the scene between the duo. “Itni jaldi aap log bhul gayi? Anyways the wedding has started Savitri (Anikas mother) Come soon we need to hand the dowry to the Grooms family. All the relatives are waiting there. Anika you wait here along with your friends.” Anikas father said lovingly and the place leaving Anika along with her two friends.

After few minutes Anika heard some yelling sounds as the door is slightly open.

“Reema something is wrong I will go and check.”Anika said and stood up to go out of the room but her friends stopped her.

“No Anika you must not come out until the auspicious time comes and the priest invites you down. Priya and I will check dont worry.” Both the woman said and covered their faces with the veil until it reached till their mid waist.

Coming out of the room they locked it as they are sure Anika would come out even after their warnings. And if she comes out they are scared for her future.

The sounds were not reachable to Anika as her friends locked her inside the room. Getting no response after much she stood up herself to check the situation. She tried banging the door but she could get no response from the other side so she stood on the chair and peeked from the little glass decorated on the door.

Anika could see that her parents and relatives are lying down struggling to escape but the groom side family are kicking her family with their boots making them feel helpless. After few rounds of beating, the groom side family threw some liquid filled in big cans on Anika family.

Anika then understood that the groom side people are killing her family. She screamed to stop but as she is in a closed room her voice didn’t reach there. She was invisible to their eyes by gods grace that they left her alive and killed her parents and relatives by burning them alive.

Anika fell down as she couldn’t stand on her legs anymore. The burning bodies of her family is scaring her and she is burning with rage on the grooms family who did this to her family.

After few hours she saw her family body are burnt into ashes. She went inside the bathroom and hit the ventilators making a way through to it and hung the curtain so that she can climb down.

After climbing down she came to the entrance hall and saw her entire family burnt to dead.

She cried sitting on her knees seeing this in front of her. After some time she stood up to go back to her village but again took back her decision.

“No I cant go to my village. How can I show my face to them? They will not accept me after knowing this. They will call me bad luck. I have nothing to do in my life. I cant live without my parents I will also go to them.” Anika said and ran towards a river to end her life.

She almost left her two feet in the air but she was pulled back immediately.

Anika turned to see who saved her and was shocked to see her friend Rithika here.

“Rithika? What are you doing here? You are married right? Why are you looking so pale?” Anika looked shocked as far as she know she must be in delhi then what is she doing here that too with rugged clothes.

“Anika, Our family got cheated. The groom is a cheat. He only came for the dowry we gave. After the wedding night he left the house along with money. I dont even know what to do. I tried to kill myself but seetha saved me. You know seeta also was cheated like me and the surprising thing is we both got cheated with the same person.” Rithika cried along with seeta.

“What is his name?” Anika asked feeling something wrong.

“Shivay Singh Oberoi from delhi.” They said and Anika immediately fell down.

“What happened Anika? And what are you doing  here?” They questioned her while comforting her.

“Its the same with me friends. He cheated me too. You know he even killed my family too by burning them.” Anika cried harder.

“Lets go to our village and let them know yaar” Anika said wiping her tears.

“No Anika how can we show our faces to our families. If we go there our families will not accept us. They will call us bad luck.” Both the friends cried.

“No they wont think anything like that. If we stay here then everyone’s life will get spoiled. But that beast will be roaming happily while destroying the innocents life’s” Anika said with hatred.

“You are right. But our village will accept the widows but not the people who are separated from their husbands. They will not even let us to enter the boundary of our village.” They cried with helplessness.

They are right. Anika understood that how traumatic it can be for a separated women in this world and most importantly in their village.

“Anika it’s not only we both. There are ten more members who got cheated by him. We all are here near the river side away from the village and the world.” They said pointing towards a small man-made hut.

“Okay we will not go to the village. We can at least punish that beast who had ruined our lives?” Anika suggested.

‘No Anika. We at least have a hope that our families will any time except us but that Shivay Singh Oberoi is very powerful. We can not even stand in front of him.” They said being hurt and scared.

Anika clearly understood their position. As its not easy for her friends to come out of this place as they are emotionally broken. Afterall who can tolerate their world collapsing in front of their eyes. And her friends are not educated as her too have the courage fight against the injustice.

“Fine. I will destroy the beast… alone.” Anika said with determination and her friends agreed with much difficulty.



“I have then applied for the post of safai wali as that was the only position which didnt require any details or personal information. I have changed my slang and behaviour so that he would never get doubt.” Anika said in a whisper.

“Do you remember Daksh the first time I was locked in store-room for burning the file? Well I did it intentionally to destroy him slowly. That file was related to Amritsar our village and I have burned it. You know from that day onwards I have intentionally started causing him pain.” She said with evil grin.

“Do you remember that day when SSO screamed for coffee and fainted?”


“Coffee.” SSO screamed holding his throbbing head while ringing the bell to his PA.

Anika was spraying the pesticide in the corridors so she heard his order for coffee. As no one is there in their surroundings she thought of bringing it.

She went to the coffee machine and added the ingredients and mixed it thoroughly while muttering all the nonsense in the world. She came inside SSO cabin and kept his coffee on the table.


“I mixed the pesticides in his coffee so that he can die while he would struggle with his breath. But No, to his luck he fainted that day and just missed. And today I have burnt the million dollar contract with the bathroom acid. Actually that acid was for him but his assistant was beside him. The same shameless woman who supported him even after he ****ed for her job.” she spitted her anger.

“Anika did you see SSO AT THE TIME OF WEDDING?” Daksh asked with bated breath.

“No. I didnt see him. Girls in our village are not supposed to lift their viel from their faces so I couldn’t see him and he couldnt see me. I dont even care if he saw me all I know is I will kill that beast.” Anika said with rage

Daksh thought for sometime and immediately bent on his knees and tried removing SSO s ring but it didnt come as it was tight. So he slipped the ring which he brought for her on the other hand.

“Anika let me help you. I will stand beside you every time even at the time of destroying SSO. Anika I have fallen for you on the first day itself  but waited for the right time to propose you. May be it’s now. You can take your own time Anika I wont hurry. I will be waiting for you.” Daksh said with small smile.

“You dont hate me knowing that I am trying to kill your boss?” Anika asked with shock.

“No Anika my love has increased for you now. I know how worst SSO is but was silent as I couldnt raise my voice but not anymore. I love you Anika.” Daksh said and left the house while Anika was looking at her both hands with the rings on them.

Daksh entered his car and started to drive crazily remembering all the the words Anika told him. He stopped his car at a lonely place and dialed to someone on his phone.

“How the hell DID THE BRIDES FROM BERAHAMPUR ARE STILL ALIVE? Didnt you kill them?” Daksh screamed to his phone.

“We killed them boss. We burnt some of them and threw some girls in the river.” The man on the other said making Daksh to scream in frustration.

“How on earth can I do such a blunder by leaving them alive. I have killed everyone then how did Anika and other Girls Survive.?” Daksh screamed and closed his eyes recalling the past.

“THE BEAST WHOM Anika IS THINKING IS NOT SSO BUT ME.” Daksh opened his eyes with a cunning look.



The Brutal Beast Part 2




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