“Geet…!” Maan screamed loudly with pain and lost his consciousness due to excessive bleeding.
Geet foot steps immediately came to a halt hearing his painful scream. She turned to the opposite direction only to see him bleeding while lying unconscious.
She couldnt step forward as her entire body got rooted to the spot seeing her Maan laying motionless.
“Maan” Simar screamed and ran towards him.
Being a light sleeper Simar woke up hearing Maan’s scream and ran down.
“Maan! Wake up, what happened to you?” She shook him but he didnt wake up and thats when she noticed his head which is bleeding.
“Rishab! Prem ji! Come soon.” She screamed for help as she couldnt stop the bleeding.
Hearing her voice the men came running and rushed Maan to the hospital while Simar brought Geet along with her. She thought Geet was in shock seeing Maan like this. Little did she know is she is the reason for his state now.
“Dont worry Mr Khurana is safe. Due to excessive bleeding he lost his conciousness. We have arranged blood for him so he is now out of danger. You can meet him.” The doctor said coming out after few hours making everyone sigh in relief.
“Thank you doctor.” Simar thanked him and ran inside to meet Maan.
“Bro, are you okay?” Rishab asked with concern while simar held his palm.
All the while Maan’s eyes are on Geet who is standing in the corner of the room with unshed tears.
“But how did this happen?” Simar asked stroking his forehead softly.
“I hit Maan.” Geet admitted.
‘What.” Everyone in the room got shock.
“Why did …..Wait wait….let me guess it its for meeting your husband isnt it?” Simar guessed it correctly making geet drown into guilt.
“Is this true Geet? How can you do this,huh” Everyone asked her making Geet get scared and started to cry.
Before anyone can speak anything Maan asked them to leave him alone with Geet to which they obeyed reluctantly.
“Geet, Come here.” Maan called her softly to which she came running towards him and hugged him while wailing.
“Sorry Maan. I didnt mean to hurt you. I thought you will faint after hitting like movies and I can run away. But no, you got hurt.. booohooo” She started wailing while Maan tried to pacify her.
“So dont you trust me? Huh didnt I promise you? Then why?”
“I saw my photos in that secret room and thought you to be the villian. I thought you will not let me meet my husband.” She cried out loud.
After hearing her words Maan closed his eyes and made his mind to confess his feelings to her.
“Geet! Give me your palm” He took it and placed it  on his chest above his heart.
Geet could clearly hear his heart pumping erratically under her palm.
“This is what happens with me when you are close to me,Geet. I have no control to stop my feelings for you. I feel the powerful yet helples person infront of you. I love you Geet. I cant even think of sharing you for a second with anyone and at the same time I can let you go for your happiness.” Maan said sincerely looking into her eyes.
Understanding Geet’s discomfort Maan immediately added “Dont worry Geet my love is selfless I wont expect you to love me back. As I said my happiness lies in yours. We will go to America this week itself. Okay.”
Geet only nodded as she couldnt form words due to the overwhelming  feeling inside her. She turned her back in pretense of drinking water and held her chest above her heart to stop the heartbeats which are racing.
“Why must my heart beat this fast when Im arround him? Am i also………. Shut up Geet you have gone crazy to think something about Maan like that. Did you forget you are married, huh. Just pack your bags you are now going to meet your husband.” She said to herself and gulped the entire glass in a go.
“We will reach there in another 7 hours Geet until then sleep.” He said to her while she slept closing her eyes peacefully.
“How do I tell the reason I love you, I am unable to express
My eyes would explain the feelings in my heart” He brushed the fringes falling on her forehead.
Though we meet still we are separated,
The distance between us is of miles,
There are unknown incidences of our meeting,
There are dreams of you in my eyes, don’t know why.
“I wish you all the happiness Geet. This may be the last travel with you. I may not see you again.” He said memorizing her face i his mind.
Nigahon mein dekho meri jo hai bas gaya
Woh hai milta tumse hoobahoo
Jaane teri aankhein ya baatein thi vajah…
Hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo
Tum paas ho ke bhi
Tum aas ho ke bhi
Ehsaas ho ke bhi
Apne nahin aise hai hum ko gile
Tumse na jaane kyun, meelon ke
Hain faasle tumse na jaane kyun…
Tu jaane na..
Tu jaane na
“Will I be able to live without you” He held her palm and rested it on his heart as if attaching her to himself.
After checking out they both reached towards the hotel where Maan booked for himeself and Geet. After getting refreshed they both started traveling towards Arnav’s house. His detectives has traced his location in one of the Apartment.
As soon as they reached to the Apartment Geet looked at it with hope and happiness.
“Thank you Maan.” She said with happiness to which Maan only nodded as he felt a starved lion is eating his heart looking at her going away from him.
They asked the Apartment watchman to show the way towards the flat No 703. Once he showed the way he left them alone.
A big blue numbers were engraved on the door of the flat indicating the flat numbers. Geet couldnt control her exitement and started ringing the bell.
A man in his early Fifties opened the door with a blond hair and fair skin wearing a t shirt and shorts.
“How may I help you?” The man asked looking at Maan.
“Uncle can you please help us with something? Actually we are finding someone….” Maan said to that person.
“We? But I dont find anyone beside you?” He said making Maan look beside him to see Geet Bending to tie her shoe lace. He immediately asked her to stand up.
As soon as Geet stood up and came into the view she immediately hugged that person. “Oh where have you been. I have been searching for you.”
“Geet do you know this person?’ Maan asked completely confused along with the man who is trying to free himself from her.
“Of course Maan He is my HUSBAND how can I not know him.” She said hapily.
“Is he Arnav you are talking about?” Maan asked.
“Yes.” Geet said.
“Enough! What the hell are you people saying?” That person said in his perfect American accent.
“Why are you speaking like that? Dont you know me?” Geet asked with hurt.
“I Dont Know You Girl. My name is Adam Samuels and I am the owner of The Food Restaurant here. And what husband are you saying huh you look like you are in your twenties and I am in my 50’s.” He said pushing them out of his house.
“Geet are you really sure that he is your husband?” Maan asked unsure as this person looks no where to what Geet described.
“Yes Maan He is my Mama” She said making all of them shocked.
“Wow girl. Till now you are calling me as your husband and now you are calling me your uncle. Are you Mad?” He shouted.
“I married my Mama Ji only” She said making them loose their cool.
“You know one thing just get lost or else Im going to complain to the police.” Adam Warned them.
“What’s happening?” A woman in her late 40’s came out wearing a knee length skirt and a shirt with a blond hair matching Adam.
“Khushi?” Geet said with shock.
“Now who is she according to you huh? Your sister or mother?” Adam asked with sarcasm.
“She is kaam wali bai, khushi.” Geet said to Maan who is looking lost in the situation.
“Shut Up. She is my wife Jessie Samuels. You have crossed your limits Im going to call the police.”Adam said and dialed the Police.
“Hello Police Station. I am Adam Samuels. A girl is doing nuisance infront of my house  please come soon.” Adam said and end the call.
“Now you will get your treatment from the police.” He said with anger.
“Let them come till then ill kill this chudail. How can you marry my husband khushi..  You have been eating our food then how can you?” Geet said and started pulling her hair.
“Hey man stay back. Ms Geet you are under arrest come with us. Now.” A group of Policemen arrived and pointed gun towards Geet and Maan.
“Listen I am a detective in India………..” Maan was about to continue but they didnt listen and dragged Maan Geet along with them to the police station.
“Trust Me Maan, I am telling the truth.” She said with teary eye.
Maan was completely numb with the situation all he know was there is something missing which w must know.
How is the update?

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  1. update!!!Maan screamed and lost his conscious due to excessive bleeding…..Geet’s foot came to halt immediately to see him bleeding while lying unconscious ….Simar is worried about Maan…Geet admitted that she hit Maan and she apologises to Maan…Simar was so much angry on Geet but Maan console Geet…Maan confess his love for her…Geet have unknown feeling about maan….Maan takes her to America and reached Arnav’s house….OMG!!Arnav is 50+….she said that Arnav is her Mama and his wife Kushi is maid..its make them all shocked….Arnav called Police to arrest Maaneet….Maan was completely numb with the situation….OMG!!I’m also so confused about it…..something fishy…..Loved it so much….waiting for the next update….

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