Geet and Pinky are scribbling their notes in pretense of practicing for the exam. They have already completed their homework’s and are ready for the exam but their teacher postponed the test for unknown reasons. Every student in the class are busy with chatting their friends or bunking the class through the window. And as Geet, Pinky belong to a Royal family with capital ‘R’ they are not supposed to speak with the students of low-class. To speak frankly it’s not these girls who abandoned the class instead it was done by the whole class. Their classmates are scared of them seeing their Royalty. All thanks to the  palanquins and army of workers standing in front their college for security.

“Pinky …I’m getting bored.”Geet nudged Pinky.

“Me too.” Pinky sulked.

“Hmm…What shall we do now?”  Geet asked having Maan in her mind.

“Shall we meet Maan?” Pinky spoke her mind out.

Geet got excited hearing his name but immediately masked them with “I-DO-NOT-CARE-ABOUT-HIM” look. “We have many  things to do other than meeting that middle class”

“Really? Okay then Ill eat my snacks now. I got my time pass.” Pinky huffed and started stuffing the food in her mouth.

She didnt argue with Geet for taunting Maan as Middle class as she knew how stubborn her friend is, akhir stubbornness runs in their family blood.

After five minutes Geet again nudged Pinky who is sleeping completing her snacks.

“Pinky how can you sleep when Im bored here,huh. Wake up yaar lets do something.”

“Muh tod dungi teri, I have already suggested meeting Maan but no you have many things to do right so please immerse yourself in them and let me sleep.” Pinky again laid her head on their bench.

“AAArgh…. okay. Fine. Lets meet him.” Geet said as if she is favoring Pinky by meeting him.

“Sacchi.? But its only 9:15 in the morning and Maan will be coming to the at evenings so how will we meet.” Pinky said thinking.

“Arrey his house must be near to the river. Come lets search.” Geet stood up and immediately sat down with dull face.

“What happened? Arent we going to meet Maan. Why are sitting.” Pinky asked confused seeing her again sitting.

“How can we meet Maan now. We are in our college. Our doli is still in front of our college and our Principal Sir will be roaming in our corridors.”

“Toh kya? Look there we can go from the window like other students. Come.” Both of them stood to jump from the window but again sat down as their class teacher came inside.

“Geet you are a tube light. Why cant you be little fast,huh. If not for you we would have already jumped from the window.” Pinky cursed Geet.

“Oh really? Why cant you give this idea little early instead of eating the snacks you could have said it before.” Geet retorted back.

Their bickers came to halt as their teacher started speaking rather announcing something.

“Dear class

Our Principal Sir fell down from the stairs and got hurt in the morning so all the staff is going to meet him in the hospital. As we all wont be attending the classes you can either go home or stay here until evening.”

Though entire class was happy as there wont be any class today but they pretended to be sad for Principal Sir. But Geet and Pinky got really happy as they can now meet Maan and started giving Hi fi while hugging each other.

“Miss Geet and Miss Pinky, are you both really happy that Principal Sir got admitted in the hospital?” Their asked as she was shocked to see them dancing with this news.

“Yes Mam…I mean No mam we are ….very sad to …hear this.” They both said in a union and their left their class sighing with the students behavior.

“Okay now come lets go.” Both of them for the first time bunked their class jumping from window.

“Geet Im tired yaar. I cant find his house lets sit for some time. Look there is a tent on the right side we ll sit in the shade. Come.” Pinky dragged Geet along with her.

It’s nearly an hour since they both came for Maan and couldnt find his house. Geet silently wished at least he must have a three story building so that she can atleast find a plus point to be friend him.

Dragging their feet towards the tent they slowly bent to inside but got shocked to see Maan sitting inside streching his arms lazily.

“Maan?” Both the girls said in a union making Maan jerk.

“Yes, I would like to have a meeting with them. Do connect me with them after the fall. And ask them to update their stats too as we have got an old one.” Maan laid in his tent and was having his conversation with the manager of Mumbai branch manager.

He thought of not attending the call as he is relaxing in the trip but the  businessman in him couldnt control the urge to work.

“Okay fine. Let me know if anything goes wrong.” He end the call after solving that branch problem and kept his laptop in the bag.

“Oh My Mata! Im so tired.” He said stretching his arms lazily and thats the moment the girls arrived.

“Maan?” They spoke making him confuse seeing them here.

“What are you both doing here?” Maan asked them sitting upright.

“We must ask you the same. What are you doing here.” They asked him indicating the tent.

“I am living in this tent of course but I suppose you must be in your college right.” Maan said giving them place to sit.

“Chi you live in a tent? You dont even have a house?” Geet asked thinking him to be homeless.

“Seriously Geet you need to grow up. How can I bring a house in a bag for my every summer camp huh? LOL I think this tent is very easy for camping.” He said not understanding Geets thoughts.

“Then what about your parents? Are they also living like you in tents or dont they have that too?” She taunted him.

“No they dont have the need to use tent as they are with the God and why are you asking about them I have already told you right that I have lost them at the age of 8 years.?” Maan said preparing them a drink.

“Oh so he is an orphan too along with being a homless, hmpf.” Geet muttered under her breath and luckily only Pinky heard her words.

“Will you please shut up Geet?” Pinky scolded her for her rude behavior. To which Geet shrugged off.

“Here I made a hot chocolate for us all. Now have it and tell me why you are here?” Maan said handing them the cups.

Pinky thanked him immediately and blushed while Geet asked him to put the cup down and didn’t touch it.

“Voh actually we have no classes today and we got bored but immediately felt happy as we can meet you today. I hope we didn’t disturb you?” Pinky said with soft and shy voice.

Before Maan could answer Geet interfered and said “Of course Pinky He is free 24×7. Is he any Prime minister to have any work?”

Maan being Maan took it as a joke and said “She is right you both are always welcome akhir Friends jo hai.” and winked at them making Pinky to stand immediately.

“Oh my God I can’t Breathe it’s too hot here.”Pinky said fanning herself.

“What can we do Pinky, we cant have Air Conditioner inside a tent that too on the riverside.” She again taunted him.

“No it’s not about the place it’s about Maan. Oh My God you are so Hot Maan I am turning jelly.” Pinky blurted and immediately shut her mouth and ran outside cursing herself.

“Haahahaa its okay Pinky.” Maan laughed and took the cups to clean but saw Geets cup still untouched and asked her “Geet wont you drink it?”

“No. I dont want. Actually I hate it.” She saidd with a disgusted voice.

“Oh you should have told me earlier before mixing for you now see itll be wasted.” Maan said as his favorite chocolate being wasted.

“Dont worry Ill pay for it.” Geet said as she thought he is speaking about the money being wasted and gave him few notes.

“Your moneys wont bring whats gone right!” He said and left the tent to meet Pinky without taking the money.

“Bloody middle class attitude.” Geet threw the notes away and stood up.







I know I have updated after a loong time but what to do you are not showing interest in my ffs so im losing my interest. Isiliye you show interest than ill show my interest. I know you’ll show interest because im interested in your interest.



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