“Jeevika, keep these files in a safe place. They are worth of 30 million Euros. You will bring these documents in the evening meeting with European delegates. Remember, I had worked for two years for this project so I don’t want any mistaaaa..” SSO’s words were left in the middle due to a collision with a soft body.

All the documents in the hands of his personal assistant fell down and liquid which fell on them caused it to spoil.

“What the hell. Arr..” SSO cursed but immediately stopped seeing Anika in front of him.

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“Oh my God! The files got torn due the bathroom cleaning acid.” His PA exclaimed while SSO closed his eyes to control his emotions.

“I am so sorry. I was cleaning the corridors and I didn’t see you coming this side …. boohoo..” Anika started crying.

“Anika, stay back you will get hurt.” SSO said and stopped Anika who is trying to touch the acid burned papers.

“But the papers..” Anika questioned?

“Its okay these papers are waste. They are ummm….. TISSUE PAPERS. Yes, they are tissue papers.” SSO lied to calm Anika.

“Pakka na, I didn’t spoil anything na?” Anika asked innocently.

Image result for surbhi chandna cry

SSO found her too adorable and smiled naturally. “Pakka. Now Go.”

Anika immediately wiped her tears and left while Jeevika looked shocked.

“But SSO these documents are very important why did you lie?” Jeevika asked.

“Nothing is valuable than her smile. I can even give my life for her smile.” SSO said absent-mindedly and left to his cabin.

Jeevika clearly saw love and longing in SSO’s eyes when looking at Anika.

Image result for krystal dsouza shock

“Okay SSO, what shall I do for the meeting for evening” Jeevika came running into his cabin.

“Postpone it for a month till then I’ll work on it.” SSO said already working on it.

“But you took two years to complete this project then will you be able to finish in a month?” Jeevika questioned surprised.

“Everything is possible with hard work. Now go get me a coffee” He said in his SSO way.

Jeevika now understood why he is called The successful business man. His hard work is the foundation to his success. With inspiration she headed towards the cafeteria to bring his coffee.


After hours of working SSO felt tired so he decided to close his eyes for a couple of minutes. Immediately Anika..’s smiling face flashed in front of his eyes which made his heart flutter. He decided to have a glimpse of her.

He marched towards the cafeteria only to see Anika smiling and speaking in the phone. For few seconds he was lost in her smile and started to admire her smiling face until he heard Daksh’s name.

“Tell na Daksh. What is the surprise.? I’m really very excited.” Anika chirped on the phone while struggling with her bag.

“Anika wait till evening you’ll know it then.” Daksh said to her and SSO heard it as the phone is on loudspeaker.

“Why don’t you tell me now Daksh! I’ll be working till everyone leaves so I won’t even have time to lift the phone. All thanks to that beast.” Anika pouted.

“Anika I said na you’ll know everything in the evening now don’t argue I’m closing the phone. Bye…” Daksh end the call making SSO furious.

Image result for nakul mehta angry

“That idiot still didn’t get his lesson. Uff… Anyways I need to make my move soon. He is anyhow in Africa and he will come after 5months so I’ll propose Anika today.” SSO thought to himself and filled a cup of coffee and left to his cabin.

He poured the coffee on the floor making it dirty. Smiling with satisfaction he called Anika to clean the mess.

“Anika! Come and clean the mess in my cabin.” He shouted for Anika.

“Uff Pinky why is the beast calling me everyday. First he will call me to clean the spilled coffee. And when I reach there to clean he will ask me to sit and count the papers. What is going on his mind.” Anika sneered.

“I think SSO is having feelings for you” Pinky said dreamily.

“Good joke!” Anika brushed her words and headed towards SSO cabin with mob.

When she was about to clean the coffee SSO stopped her. “Umm Anika leave that. Can you please count the no of pages in this bundle.”

As always Anika cursed him under her breath and started to count the pages. But today he gave her three heavy bundles to count.

SSO couldn’t see her working while he is sitting on a throne so he asked her to sit along with him in the AC room while he admires her secretly. This was his everyday task but not today. He must be quick or else that Daksh will take his Anika away from him.

“Anika you continue counting meanwhile I need to check something so I’m leaving now.” He said and left his cabin to check the place where he is going to propose her.


As soon as Daksh ended the call he smiled looking at the fingering in his hand. “Today I’ll propose Anika. I’ll let her know my love.”

Image result for daksh in ishqbaaz

“Sir you have arrived to Delhi.” The cab driver said and Daksh looked out to see that he indeed reached.

He couldn’t stay more than a month in Africa so he immediately booked his return tickets and came back to India. Now he is fully prepared to propose his love to Anika.


After making sure that all things were going good SSO called Anika to come to xyz place with the given paper bundles. He thanked God as she agreed without any further arguments.

After an hour Anika reached towards the said place and was shocked to see a heaven in front her eyes. The place was beautifully decorated with soft breeze flowing while the beach waves are softly touching her feet. The white curtains were draped like a small palace while the fairy lights were glowing adding glory to the already beautiful place.

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Anika was lost in the place until she heard her name. “Anika.”

She turned behind to see SSO in his tuxedo casual aura on him. Even the mountain of ice can melt looking at him. God must have been too mercy to create this handsome personality.

Anika thought to herself and immediately came out scolding herself mentally.

“What is all this?” She asked him to which he asked her to walk along with him few feet.

Halting near the beautiful place SSO kneeled down before Anika and looked into her eyes.

“Anika I don’t know when and how it happened but I’m sure it happened. Until you came into my life I thought no one can break me, but you did. You broke my shell of sadness. I never know what is the meaning of peace until you smiled. And I never know where my heart is until you looked at me. Do you know for the first time I could feel my heart beating whenever you look at me it increases.” He took a deep breath and continued.

“Anika, I love you.” He said in a go making Anika stumble backwards.

She was about to nod her head negatively but SSO held her hand assuring her more than himself.

Image result for nakul mehta cry

“I know Anika I have never given you a chance to trust me due to my behavior but believe me whenever I hurt you I have bared the pain. I tried to move away from you so that you can live happily without looking at me but every time you came back near me. The more I tried to go the more you came closer. Then I have realised you are the only cure for me.”

“Anika I promise you I’ll be a good person to you. I will never hurt you. I’ll even bring the whole world under your feet but let me be your slave. I can’t live without you, Anika. Will you accept me?” SSO asked with a hope still kneeling in front of her.


Daksh tried calling Anika from his phone but she didn’t pick it as it was in vibration. So he decided to call pinky to know about her.

“Pinky, I’m Daksh. Where is Anika ? Can you pass the phone to her?”

“Daksh, she is not here. Voh SSO sir called her to xyz place to give the papers so she went there. But why are you asking, is there anything that I need to know?” Pinky answered Daksh.

“Hmmm nothing. I’ll myself go there.” He closed the phone and drove to xyz place where Anika is present.

As soon as he reached the place the scene in front of his eyes shook the ground below his feet. SSO was proposing Anika.


Both Daksh and SSO are waiting with a bated breathe for Anika’s response. After few seconds Anika finally nodded her head positively accepting his proposal making SSO to jump in joy.

“Thank you. Thank you so much Anika. I love you so much.” SSO said and slipped the diamond ring on to her finger and hugged her tight.

Here Daksh dropped the ring and drove back to the servants quarters to speak with Anika. He waited for nearly few hours and Anika arrived with a smile.

“Had a great time huh?” Daksh spoke suddenly making Anika stumble.

“Omg Daksh, when did you arrive …okay so this is the surprise right?” Anika said and smiled.

“When did you start liking SSO huh?” Daksh questioned her all of a sudden.

“Daksh what are you..”

Image result for surbhi chandna

“Don’t deny it I’ve seen you spending great time with him.”

“Daksh it’s not what you are thinking its different.” She tried to explain.

“Then what is it? You always hated him. You said that I’m your friend than why didn’t you share all this with me.” Daksh questioned her.

“Enough Daksh. I still hate him did you get me. Nothing has changed if possible my hate for him is increasing more. Did you remember what I said when I joined the office. I said he will fall on his knees and beg me now look today he fell on his knees like a beggar.” She gave an evil smile remembering SSOs face while proposing.

“Anika I can’t understand anything!” Daksh said with confusion.

“I joined the office to Kill him. Destroy him.”

“What? But why?” He still couldn’t understand.

He is a beast Daksh. A brutal beast. He deserves to die a brutal death.” Anika said with a cold and evil voice which could sent shivers to anyone’s spine.



The Brutal Beast

Image result for surbhi chandna cry


So how is the update? Sad or shocking? Next update basing on your response.


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