“Maan, did you find about my husband?” Geet questioned for the nth time.
“I’m working Geet. As we have the imaginary sketch which you described about him, our investigators are working on it. Dont worry we will find soon.” Maan assured Geet with a smile.
“Hmmm Okay.” Geet sighed and left the place.
Its been a month since Armaan got married, Geet remembering her half past, and Maan’s heart-break. Since that day Maan tried every possible way of finding Arnav or Geet’s Husband. The way Geet address Arnav.
“Maan are you okay?” Armaan nudged Maan seeing him lost.
“Yup. Im good. ” Came a monosyllabic reply from Maan.
This is the situation of Maan since the day he came to know Geet will be leaving him forever. He could neigther stop Geet from going from him nor let her be with him. How Ironic the fate is, Isnt it?
“Then why dont you pic up the phone. Its ringing since 10 minutes.” Armaan said pointing towards the Phone.
Maan realised that he must be lost thinking about Geet and immediately lifted the call seeing his investigating team calling him.
“Any update?” Maan asked with bated breath and hearing Maan speak with them Geet sat beside him with keen interest.
“No Sir. There is no information about a person named Arnav Raizada nor Geet Raizada in Chittoor, Kurnool, Vijayawada, districts of Andhra Pradesh. We are still searching in other Telugu speaking districts like Visakhapatnam, Cudapah, Warangal and guntoor etc. We wil inform you again by two days sir.” They said making Maan to close his eyes in disappointment.
“Did they find my Husband Maan?” Geet asked with a huge grin.
“Nope. They are still working on it.” Maan said making Geet smile drop.
“Why is it taking so long Maan. I cant wait anymore.” Geet said with dull voice and left the place making Maan gulp his pain.
“Geet, come and have your dinner. Dont be stubborn come.” Maan said sitting beside her and holding a morsel of food in his hand trying to feed her.
“Maan Im not a kid or sick I can eat myself.” Geet replied with a rude face.
“Oh really, so my Mishty has grown up. Okay then here take the bowl and eat.” Maan said smiling and placed the bowl in her lap.
“What is your problem Maan,huh? Did not you hear what i said? I dont want anything bring my husband and thats all.” Geet said throwing the bowl to the floor.

Hearing the noise Simar came immediately and seeing this infront of her angered her. Okay Geet is disappointed as she couldnt Meet her so called Husband that does not mean that she will take maan for granted. Why cant she see that Maan also has feelings like any other human being.
Maan after seeing Geet screaming felt like seeing a kid who is stubborn for its favorite doll. He pulled Geet towards him softly and embraced her lovingly while patting her head.
This act of Maan made Simar surprised because as far as she know any person in Maan’s place would slap Geet with her behaviour. And Maan being a short tempered should be doing the same but he didnt instead he embraced her like always. Now Simar understood how deep and true are his feelings towards Geet.
“My little girl, I promised you right to bring your husb… Arnav, huh. Then why you are not eating? Did you forget that you trust me huh?” Maan said stroking her hair.

Image result for MAAN GEET HUG
“I still trust you but you are not bringing my husband since long time.” Geet said still in his arms.
“My angel, we are working on that. You know right how difficult it is to find a person only with name? But still your Maan ……I mean your protector is finding na. So like a good girl have your dinner and go to sleep. Ill bring your dinner.” Maan said to Geet and she agreed finally.
“Okay. Maan what is in that room? You always work there but didnt allow me once?” Geet said pointing towards a wooden door.
“Nothing Geet. Its my belongings.” Maan said and asked her not to go there.
“If you find her so called husband will you send her away?” Simar asked maan startling him.
“Geet is my responsibility and nothing more Di. As soon as I find him ill not tell him about geet.” Maan said with serious expression.
Geet who followed him heard his words and left the place immediately.
“Why is Maan saying like that? He promised me that he will send me to my husband then why is he saying like that. Please God protect me from this MAAN.” Geet prayed to protect her from her very own RAKSHAK.
“What do you mean Maan?” Simar asked in confusion.
“Di, I found Geet in a coffin box tied and wounded. She has a difficult past as far as i know as she keeps on getting scared if she gets any of her flashes. She doest rember her past completely except for her husband. And what about that Arnav? Did he tried to find her? Or is he the reason for Geet condition. I have to know all a this.” He took a deep breath.
“Thats the reason Ill first talk to him and then send him to Geet. I cant take any chances of geet being hurt.” Maan continued.
“I understand.” Simar said looking at him.
“Maan come here soon. Urgent I found my husband.” Geet shouted and started jumping.
“Geet what happened? Maan came running towards her.
“Maan look at the TV. He is there.” Geet pointed to the TV where a foreign show is going on.
Maan couldnt identify her husband so he orderd the cd of that episode and it arrived in less than an hour.
“Its a travel show and this episode is in America. Geet watch carefully and spot him.” Maan said all of them sat on the sofa.
“Maan its him.” Geet said and pointed towards a person in the crowd.
“Okay. Ill snapshot this frame. He is in America. Let me locate him.”

“Maan is he participating in this show?” Simar asked him.
“No di. This show is a reality show and Arnav was just passing by the shoot location. Anyways Ill find him. You all go to sleep. Geet here I brought your dinner.” Maan said giving her a dish of food.
“No maan Im not hungry Ill sleep Good night.” Geet said remembering his words with Simar.

It’s arround early morning and Maan was busy searching for Arnav without battling his eyelash for a second. On the other hand Geet slowly tiptoed towards Maans Personal room and Unlocked it to find what Maan is hiding. Geet was shocked to see many pictures of her were filled in the entire room. All of the pics were taken in various occasions. From Day 1 when she is unconscious in the hospital to todays selfies everything.
“What are my pictures doing here? Maan must surely have a bad eye on me. Yes, that’s why he is not letting me go to my husband. Please god Protect me from this evil Maan and let me go to my husband.” Geet prayed using her crazy brain.
Geet saw Maan busy with his laptop and slowly tiptoed towards him holding a vase in her hand. She remembered from some movie that hitting with a vase and running away. So she followed the same and hit him with the vase and started to run towards the door to meet Arnav.
Here the vase hit Maan making him bleed and fell on the floor with pain. Seeing Geet running away from him made him scream her name with pain.

“Geet…!” Maan screamed loudly with pain and lost his consciousness due to excessive bleeding.
Geet in America……….Arnav Geet Meeting……… Some interesting revelations..

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