Geet was chatting happily with Dev until MSK entered and stood infront of her. Her smile immediately dropped making MSK to burn his anger.

“Ms Geet, why are you chatting in office hours?” MSK asked controlling his anger seeing Geet smiling to Dev.

“Because he is a human unlike you, Mr Beast.” Geet immediately answered.

“I Dare you raise your voice infront of me again!” MSK warned.

“Yes I will raise my voice, What can you do more other than crying and burning in jealousy? Hahahaha you know what, you deserve to be alone in your life.” Geet and Dev both laughed at MSK.

Gurmeet Choudhary & Drashti Dhami as Maan & Geet

“Enough! I can fire you both with a click of my fingers. Do not forget that I’m The Powerful MSK.” He tried to stay confident though his knees are going weak.

” Hahaha Powerful? Chote are you really powerful? Hahaaha then why did your parents leave you huh? Because you are the most unwanted thing in the world.” MSK’s parents laughed at him.

“Ma! Papa! I am powerful. See I have constructed my own empire. Now no one can break me Papa. I’m not unwanted thing Ma, see the world is begging for a glimpse of me.” MSK fell on his knees and pleaded to believe his words.

“Hahaaha do you think all these are true? Accept it, You are jus A UNWANTED THING ON THE EARTH.” His parents laughed.

“You are a looser MSK, Geet will choose only me.” Dev laughed at him.

“Ofcourse Dev, Why would I chose a person who is a looser and unwanted. You are meant to be alone MSK, Hahaha.” Geet laughed and held Dev’s hand while giving him a disgusted glance.




“No Geet Please don’t leave me I’ll bring the world under your feet.” MSK woke up with a start. He realized that he slept on the cold marble while drenching in rain and dreamt of his painful past again.

Brushing off all the thoughts like everyday he stood up to have a hot shower to relax his mind.

“Chote have your breakfast and go” Dadi said arranging his breakfast.

“No dadi, I need to go. You please eat. I’m busy.” MSK said in a busy tone and left to his office.

Dadi sighed again. This is his daily routine he will come to home at late nights will sleep on the floor or will be sleepless.




Maan entered his office and saw Geet chatting happily with Dev and he remembered his nightmare.

“I need to take action immediately.” MSK said to himself and and screamed at Dev.

“Dev, Stop your chatting and come to my cabin.” He ordered and left for his cabin.

“Uff rakshas, As soon as he came he started oredering.” Geet huffed.

“Whatever it is Geet You have missed a great chance. I mean who wouldnt like to be kissed by the hottie?” Pinky said dreamingly.

“Shut up Pinky. He is lucky that I did not slap him.” Geet said pointing towards yesterday.



Geet closed her eyes tightly seeing MSK coming forward to kiss her.

Having no choice she pretended to faint so that she can escape. But to her surprise MSK became emotional and lost his consciousness.


“But still MSK got tensed for you Geet.” Dev said.

“Toh kya Dev, dont be innocent or else Beasts like MSK will always dominate.” Geet said and all of them laughed.




MSK again saw Geet laughing with Dev and decided to speed up.

“Dev, this is for you.” MSK handed him a envelope.

“What is MSK? Ticket for Africa.” Dev said opening the envelope.

Gurmeet as Maan Singh Khurana (170377) size:1366x768

“Yes, I’m thinking to open a branch in africa. So you will stay there for six months and analyze  a location.” MSK said smirking seeing the dull face of Dev.

“But why me MSK? Why dont you ask anyone to do it.” Dev was clearly disturbed.

“Do as I say or you will be fired.” MSK gave a final smirk and asked him to leave.




“I know that beast is doing this on purpose. He doesnt want me to smile thats why he is sending you away.” Geet shouted.

“Geet, I have planned many things for this week but I couldnt do. Koi baat nahi I’ll complete my work ASAP and comeback. And Geet here take my phone number Dont forget to call me everyday.” Dev said in a sad tone and sat in his car.

“I miss you Dev. You are my only friend here.”  Geet said wiping her tears.




Here MSK saw everything and grinned evilly to himself.

“One problem is solved. Now I must get close to Geet. Hmmmm……… Dev gave phone number to Geet, which means both of them will get close even if I sent him abroad. I need to think something soon.” MSK thought to himself.

“Yes, I’ll give Geet my number too! But how?”

“Oh Yes. I got it.” MSK punched in the air with happiness.




“Attention everyone. As our company is  launching a new branch I have decided to gift you all New Android. I request you all to accept it and share the happiness.” MSK said and dissapeared into his cabin.

“My first step towards our relation.” MSK smiled in happiness seeing Geet using the phone.






Image result for maan geet phone

Maan Geet getting close ………… Maan proposal……….. Geet Reaction




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