“I know it Adarsh you are the best.” Swadeenta said kissing his cheek while holding his promotion letter.

“Its all because of you swadeenta, if not for you I would never have been taking breath this moment.” Adarsh with teared eye.

“Dont say that because you are the best person ever and I love you.” She said to him and remained in his arms.

After suhasinis truth came out swadeentha fell for Adarsh more deeply than before. She now understood why Adarsh kept on calling her the best thing happened in his life because he was depressed. And instead of hating him for his deeds she stood beside him understanding his feelings running through his entire being.

Well its not his mistake Suhasini harrased him since his childhood and the result is before their eyes. She took him to the rehab and made sure that he regains his confidence. Everything went easily because Adarsh too wanted a simple and happy life.

After Adarsh got cured he lost his memory since his childhood which was in a deppressed phase. All that he remembered was Swadarsh moments because these were the only moments which he has lived. Maan stood beside him all the time as a support if not for him Swadeenta would break down seeing adarsh her love of life battling with life and death every moment.

After the treatment Swadarsh started living in Swadeenta house (london) and her parents too accepted him in their life. And today they were celebrating their joy of getting promotion in his job.

Finally Adarsh got free from all the evil breaths and lead his life happily with his love.


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“Listen if you wouldnt come before 5 in the evening Im going to kill you got it?” Priya and Prerna warned their husbands while they laughed.

“Dont worry we will be on time like every karwachaut. Bye.” The men left for the office while their wives smilled.

Both the chachas are now happy in their lives. They came to know the real happiness lies within our family members smiles. They have started their own bussiness which was closed due to their foolishness and now started being like a true gentleman. Except for missing Adarsh and Maan in their lives everything is perfect for them.

But they are happy for both the brothers because they are freed from all the troubles and leading their life perfectly. Being their parent figure they silently prayed for their well being.



“The bussiness man of the year award goes to none other than……….Mr DK. This gentleman started with nothing but now he has his own empire of industries, chain of hotels, hospitals, Line of fashion industres and not to forget many charity foundations. Let give him a round of applause which he deserved.” The host said and the whole placed filled with huge response.

A person in his three piece suit who has been sitting since half an hour is shifting in his seat continously. As soon as his name got announced he almost ran towards the stage hurriedly took the award giving a short thanks.

Image result for maan singh khurana


“Thank you so much. I specially dedicate this award to my family. Love you all.” Saying so he sprinted towards his car and drove towards his Mansion.

His family was sitting infront of the TV and watching the award function while his pregnant wife is muttering crazily to herself.

“Geet…. come lets break your fast.” He said and lifted her in his arms and took her to the balcony where moon can be seen.

“Hoye meri aloo poori kitna sona lag rah hai. Why did you came so soon? Arrey you didnt even stand for a minute on the stage.  Itni jaldi kya hai?” Geet questioned to him.

“Hoyee mera bubble gum What must I do when my crazy pregnant wife is fasting and im not beside her for the past hour huh? And above that you have ordered me to bring Hot jalebis. Only god must know how I had hidden those in my coat so that the AC wont cool them huh? He huffed.


Image result for geet and maan


“Awwe my cute Aloo poori… And ha how many times should I tell you Do not call me bubble gum?” Geet huffed.

“Awee my lovely bubble gum first you stop calling me Aloo poori then ill see.” He said while breaking her fast.

“Ho no you are my Aloo poori thats all. No compromise.” Geet said munching jalebis.

“Okay fine Bubblegum no compromise.” He too said with fake pout.

And both of them burst into laughter.

The Maan Singh Khurana who was a gem and icon to his family the very same day when the harsh truth came out. His empty numb feeling became normal because of geet who assured him of being his side no matter who he is. He silently thanked god for sending an angel into his life who loved him  truly.

He left everything behind which was related to MSK and the lovely husband, doting son and a best friend named DK …..Dev kiloskar was born in him. He now felt lighter seeing his geet beside him and Amma babuji along with Adi. And not to forget his best buddy lucky. Now this is enough for his life.

Both the chachas along with chachis are happy His baby brother is settled with his loove now he is going to be a father. Everything looks perfect now.

“Listen i think the baby is coming.” Geet said holding her stomach while he immediately picked her in arms and ran towards his car instructing lucky to drive the car.

“Ouch…. Aloo poori dont forget to name the babies as halwa and golgappa okay. ” Geet started with her blabber while he listened to her patiently.


Image result for geet and maan baby

“You wont stop loving me right?” She questioned him.

“Never geet….. I may forget to breathe but not you.” He said and kissed her forehead.

“Love you…”

“Love you too..”



“Congratulations Its a baby boy.” The doctor announced making everyone scream in joy.

“How is geet? Is she fine?” He asked the only question.

“Yes aboslutely fine. You can meet her.” The doctor congratulated him.

Geet was looking lovingly at the baby while he sat beside her.

“The baby has your eyes and nose.” Geet said with smile.

” Yeah and it has your complexion and smile.” He said and the baby cheeks.


Image result for geet and maan baby


“I never knew LOVE.. but i never thought my destiny will make me meet u.. one who will fill my life with happiness!! This happiness u have given.. me i cant believe!! Till now. .i dreamt that.. it may just be our hearts.. but no noise but now i want.. this lil CRY of baby to be there!”

“now our life will be full ofhappiness!our love shall remain.. .forever.. !”

And he completes her sentence saying ” yes, like an example people will say..’Mohabbat ho to sirf humaari jaisi”. Till the day.. lovers remain in this world.. our story will remain!’ Their cute family remained in the hug till their hearts content.



Yipppe…. my first story got completed….. Ill miss my readers comments for this ff……. Love you all for being with me till this update


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