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​”Omg bhai you aren’t still ready? Come on hurry up the pandit will be arriving any time.” Geet said and handed him the royal decorative pin to fix his collar

“And Rishab why are you sitting so peacefully huh? Its your brother’s wedding and you must dress him up. Learn something from Maan he is working since yesterday not even taking rest.” Geet scolded rishab.

“Oho jagatmata stop dragging Maan bhai with your each sentence. I have a better idea why don’t you find a girl for him in this wedding and marry him off?” Rishab said cocking his eyebrows.

“I am already searching two girls along with simar di.” Geet said arranging the flowers on the door.

“Two girls? Don’t you all know bigamy is crime?”

“Wow… You have so much knowledge. One girl for Maan and another one is for you.” Geet said smiling seeing rishab reaction.

“Oye stop dragging me into this marriage talks. I’m just bachelor okay.” Rishab said checking his face.

“Your wish, marry now or else god knows at which time you are going to marry. Anyways get ready soon I need to help Maan in welcoming guests.” Geet said and sprinted off.

“Don’t you think Maan and Geet are made for each other. Maan bhai too loves her we can see it clearly in his eyes.” Rishab said to Armaan.

“Its not the matter Rishab. We don’t know about Geet’s past. And Maan is busy in finding her past So don’t encourage his feelings towards her. What if Geet is married? We are not ready to see Maan breaking down.” Armaan said with a sad voice.

“So what if geet is married? It must not matter in love. All I know is Maan loves geet truly and that’s the truth.” Rishab said stubbornly.

“Don’t behave like a kid Rishab we can’t afford Maan breaking down. He has already bared so much pain. And dare you speak all this with Maan I’m going to kill you.” Armaan warned him fearing for Maan.

“Come soon the pandit has arrived.” Simar di along with her husband prem came and dragged Armaan out towards the wedding hall.
“Geet careful.” Maan screamed seeing geet who was about to fall and held her.
“I’m fine Maan anyways you are there na to catch me.” Geet said jovially.


Geet felt something stir in her heart but she brushed it off thinking it to be tiredness. She always feels like this with him but she couldn’t understand. According to her Maan is the world’s best person who deserves the best of best.

“I know it. Anyways come soon pundit ji has arrived.” She said and pulled him along with her while he followed with a smile.

Maan couldn’t believe his that this brightly coloured and decorated Mansion is the very same place where he used live like a living corpse among the dark walls. Of course nothing remained same after Geet coming into his life. The less spoken and aloof MSK is now chatting non stop that to with a person who is holding his hand. Maan felt like he has achieved everything in the world when Geet was his side.

“Here take these flowers.” A lady gave them flowers to bless the bride and groom.
Slowly all the wedding rituals started and now it’s time for saat phere. The couple started taking vows while Maan is busy admiring Geet.
Here Geet is getting some flashes of couples getting married with all smiles…. Someone kneeling with a rose in their hand…. She held her head unable to join the dots. 
Maan immediately came towards her seeing her standing with a lost look.
“Geet are you okay?” He asked her not knowing her answer will shatter his world.
“I’m married….. Yes I remember Maan I’m married to Arnav Raizada.” Geet spoke in a daze while became numb hearing her next words. “I need to go to my Husband.”
And that’s the limit Geet was too overwhelmed that her sight got blurry and within seconds she fainted in Maan Arms.

“Her blood pressure got high. Nothing to worry. She will be okay within few hours.” Armaan said checking geet pulse. 

Everyone heard what Geet said in the wedding hall and looked with pity towards Maan.

“Okay fine. You people carry on with the grihapravesh etc rituals until then I’ll just have a walk.” Maan said and laid Geet from his lap to the soft pillow and marched away from the room without giving a look back.

Maan came out towards his garden and slowly Geet words revibrated in his mind.

I need to go to my husband.

I need to go to my husband.

I need to go.

I need to go.

Geet will go away from him.

“Nooooo” Maan gave a spine chilling cry and fell on his knees..
Before his head could contact the ground Simar held him and Maan immediately kept his head on her lap.

“Di…. She said she will go…. ” Maan sobbed trying to control his urge to cry.

“Let it go Maan….. You can cry …..” Simar said feeling her brother’s pain.

As soon as Simar assured him to cry his dam of tears broke and only increased with each passing seconds.

“Di….. I can’t live without her. Please ask her to not leave me. Please….” Maan begged simar.

Simar understood that Maan is now not in his senses as he is emotionally weak so she tried to make him understand the situation making him strong to face this reality.

But whatever it is the Truth Hurts…..

“Maan loves me? He is really a dangerous person. He must surely have a bad eye on me. I need to do something  so that I can meet Arnav.” Geet thought to herself seeing her photos all over Maan study room.




Maan was working is laptop while geet slowly tip toed towards him holding a vase in her hand. In a lightening speed Geet hit Maan with the vase on his head causing his head to bleed while she ran towards the door to escape and meet Arnav.
“Geeetttt…” Maan screamed with pain seeing her going away from him and lost his consciousness due to excessive bleeding. 

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