​Next day geet was in cheerful mood thinking about yesterday night event,she still don’t know why her mother shows affection on her while she was sleeping,as something was stopping her to show love towards geet,like Rano was in dilemma from yrs to smile ya turn her face getting a glimpse of geet,geet always felt that Rano was fighting a war inside her sadly yrs went by but geet yet to knew why her mother shows immune to her pain when inreal she was not. 
Immerse in her thoughts she dont know when she reached CLG,she was still walking in daze and actually banged herself on a walk,no wait it’s not a wall ,it’s a strong muscular body ,she took a step away in impulse thinking she dashed into a human body only to miss her balance but she was straightened by a grip in her arm,her heart was thudding thinking she was again the student of mock,but it never came instead she heard a concerned voice. 
M: r u ok!!? 
Geet slowly opened her eyes and looking at the person who saved her again,she slowly smiled at him blinking her eyes. Before geet could say thanks,h er hand waz rudely freed frommaan grip by ishu,she pointed her ginger at maan with rage in her eyes.
Ishu: don’t u dare!? She was not alone,
 Maan was actually amused seeing ishu protective nature towards geet,he smiled at her but his smile only act as ghee in fire.
Ishu: listen,yesterday  that friend of yours distracted me,but today if u don’t move surely I will punch you.i mean it. 
Geet was trying to talk with ishu but she was kept in ignoring her tries,thinkinv geet waz again fearing of someone.
Raman: haan maan,we should stay away from them,dont u hear,beware of dogs,here we have to beware of Madrasan…..
Now this rubbed exactly wrong side of our ishu who was already boiling
Ishu: u,what u say stupid Punjaban,i am dog….
Raman: no no Madrasan,how can I insult arespectable dog comparing with u,i was just.
.Ishu: what!? What did u say!? How dare you!? Why u always had to poke your nose in others matters,i was talking with him,why u have to drop in between!!
Raman: exactly my friend was talking with that girl geet,why u had to shower your love on my friend.even without knowing what exactly happened!?. 
Ishu: geet was my friend,and thus friend of yours waz holding her arm tight,am I was helping my friend here..
Raman: even when she was not in need!? Wow I am impressed!!!
Ishu and Raman took a step towards each other to strangle each other but maan geetpushed them aside in right tym.
Geet: ishu,relax he was just helping me,he was the one who saved me that day when Arnav tried to….
Masn:Raman chill dude,she waz just talking with me,nothing serious,why u r always ready to fight with her. 
Ishu realised she was at fault while Raman too thought he overreacted.but both were not ready to bow thier heads in front of each other ,so masn took the initiative seeing both glaring at each other with equal intensity.
Maan: ok,relax guys let’s forget everything and b friends ,well let’s start fresh..u both had to stop fighting like this now come-on let’s get introduce formally
.Maan: maan Singh khurana,saying he forwarded his hand towards geet,geet first was reluctant but getting ishu nod she took his hand
Geet: geet handa.Ishu too introduced herself,niw tough part was Raman had to give his hand to ishu ashe already befriended with geet a moment before,how ever thus tym ishu forwarded her hand for peace
Ishu: ishitha IYER
RAMAN:Raman Kumar bhalla.
And thus waz the start of beautiful friend ship between the four,u unaware they weregoing to b more than friends in future,maan was on clod nine as finally he talked with geet other than stalking ,where as geet was still nervous with new persons,ishu and Raman were still busy in glaring.

the day finally passed with some evil eyes on thier happy union like sanam and her gang who had seen the hotties shaking hands with ishu and geet.but they didn’t get tym to confront geet that day,as either Raman r maan was with her after class.sanam dare not to spoil her image before then.w ho knows who will fall for her beauty.thats what she thought when ever she saw either of them. 
Geet day waz easy and happy ,unlike other days today none pick on her.she was quickly going to reach her home as soon as possible,unaware today what she was going to face. 
She was about to step inside when she heard her father tone,she surprised and checked her watch whether she was late by chance,how come he came soon today,n ow how will she reach her room escaping his anger,but to get luck she waz on right tym seems like her father came early today she took a deep sigh to face him,but Rano next words made her numb,she was unable to believe her luck the answers she waited for her whole life to know,was now before her,tge ugly truth why she was not loved by her own parents made her numb.sge still stood thier hearing her father venom filled words but her last thread of patience brokewhen he said.

Mohin:she waz the worst mistake of my life,she was not what I want in my life ,geetwas a black mark in my life and Rano u r incapable to give me what I want! So now u can’t question me on what I did!??
Geet couldn’t hear any more words so she ran and ran to the only place she knew,her clg she slumped herself on a bench in garden and woile thing again played before her eyes,making tears flow from hereyes freely ,she never thought her father hates her that much as he considered as amistake in his life,her mother was facing hell every minute because of sheknew why Rano never showed her affection can she when she was the one who ruined her life knowingly r unknowingly..her body was shaking with her cries,she couldn’t stop her tears as herfather words kept on ringing in her ears..
Maan was waiting for his car as the one in which he came broke down ditching him towait,it almost 45 min still there was no sign of his another car frustrated he kept waiting when all of sudden he saw geet came running while crying,confused he followed her only to find her sitting there and crying her eyes out,his heart went out seeing her shaking state,he slowly came close to her fearing of rejection,still his heart wants to console her,contemplating a bit he placed his hand on her shoulder bringing her in real world…
Geet was startled with the touch but on finding maan who was standing beside herwith concern she just hugged him throwing her hands on his waist,while maan slowly patted on her head..he didn’t knew why she was crying but the pain in her eyes brought tears in his too…while geet who just faced the hard truth was in dire need of shoulder to cry…

she didn’t once thought that she was showing her vulnerable side to him,which until ishu too was unaware of…she cried clutching him hard while he let her cry closing his eyes after minutes when her cries subsided maan slowly released himself and sat beside her..while geet was still unaware of things around her..
Maan:kya hua geet..
Maan asked softly,he was not sure was she ready to share what happened ..and that’s when geet actually got what she did and with whom….she didn’t regret becqause she desperately needs someoneto share her miseries…until today she didn’t said anything to ishu thinking of burdening her with issues but today she really had to share ..she was not sure whether to trust him r not..what if he …and like hearing her worry maan replied
Maan:u can trust me geet…I will never disappoint u!we r frnds remember..u can trust me..
Geet just nodded and looked ahead not able to watch disgust in his eyes..
Geet:mein bphoth buri hoon maan,meri waje she meri maa dhuki hai..aur aaj muje patah chala who kyun mujhse kabhie bath nahi khi
Maan was schoked how can she hurt her mom,and how can a mother stay without talking with her own daughter..but he didn’t question he just let her say..what ever she buried in her heart from years…
Geet:meri papa mujhse nafrad karthey hai..kyun khi mein unn khi..she closed her eyes unable to utter those words…mein unn khi nazayish aulad hoon…mein unn khiek rath khi galathi hoon,who shadi shuda hoke bhi unn khi secretary she rista banaya jiska nateza mein..aur meri maa jisne muje janam diya muje meri papa kheypaas chod kar chaligayi..kyun khi unhe kisiraiyez khi rista aaya…
She stopped few seconds fearing maan too may hate her but only find him looking at her with tears and pain..pain for herself..while maan felt utterly disgusted towards her father who was low than animal anf her socalled mother who was a disgusting that woman was with a man who was married even after giving birth to geet she left her…but he felt pain more knowing what geet was facing and bearing from childhood…
Geet:meri papa muje orphanage mein chod diya tha..taki meri maa rano maa koh kuch patah naa chale par meri darji koh sab kuch patah chalgaya….sanaya neh kya kiya meri papa neh kya kiya ….aur meri orphanage bath bhi..unhone muje ghar parlaaye aur rano maa koh dhey diya..kyun khimeri rano maa kabhie maa nahi bansakthi thi..issliye unhone muje apni mane koh kaha..par maa kabhie papa khi dhoke koh bardash nahi karpayi aur mein jo unn khi dhoke khi Nishan muje bhi…maa neh toh naa muje pyar kiya naa nafrad bas muje meri haal mein chod diya..jab tak darji theytab tak mein teek thi..par jabse who gaye harr din papa khi gussa ,papa mama khi jagde badthey gaye…aur aaj unn khi aisi hi ek jagde neh muje meri sachai samne aagayi….Mein bohoth buri hoon maan..meri waje she rano maa harr din dhuki hai..harr pal unhe papa khi dhoka sehne padi…sab kuchmeri waje she…mein kahi chali jaoongi..mein aur maa koh dhukh nahi karsakthi..mein kahi..
she brusted in tyears unable to hold the pain…
Maan:shh shh geet iss mein tumhari koi galathi nahi hai..galathi toh tumhari papa aur uss sanaya khi hai…rano maa koh tumne nahi ,unn dohno neh dhoka diya…tum galath nahi ho geet..plz samhaloapne aap koh..

Mann kept consoling geet with wors until her cries slowly urned inti hiccups,geet feltabit better after sharing her pain with maan..she don’t knew why,but she trusted him with her pain,both stoodup hearing the horn .and found maan car reached to pick him..maan offered geet to drop her,geet too followed him holding his hand….both didn’t shared a word until they reached geet home and the silence was more comforting because now they knew and trusted a bit more…
Even after dropping geet all maan could think was how much geet suffered and was still suffering because of others….

he remember her words about going far from home and smiled thinking for sure he will take her away from that he’ll…all for himself,…

Precap:hmmm pearl khi marzi he he he


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