“So it was your brother who has been doing all this?” Geet said while hugging maan close.

“No its not him. Its some one else who is influencing all these  things to him.” Maansaid wiping his tears.

“What?” All of them asked surprised.

“Yes didnt you remember what he said? He said that he killed WITH HIS OWN HANDS WITH GUN. But Dev got shot by his P.A. Mona who has been contracted to kill. So its someone who is trying to blame their deed on Adarsh by influencing him.” Maan said biting back his Sob.

“You are correct. Its not Adarsh but its me who have done all this.” The person said with an evil grin making Maan stumble his feet. May be the time is taking his revenge on him for his goodness.

“MAA?” Maan barely whispered.

Yes. It is Suhasini khurana….Maan’s mother.

“Don’t dare to call me Maa. I have beared all my life hearing this word from that fool maan and you are just lookalike so its faraway.” Suhasini spoke with disgust.

“Why?” Geet asked with anger as Maan is too numb to speak.

“What do you mean by why? Oh yaa are you asking why did I kill that fool. Then listen its because he is on the way ro my dream and career. And you people just get the hell out of my house. I know you people are from Mumbai trying to act as Maan Now its no need. And remember if any of you will open your mouth Ill kill you in the same way like Mr Sharma.” Suhasini said as a matter of fact thinking Maan as Dev from Mumbai.

“What? You have killed Mr sharma? But why?” Geet asked with shock while looking at the numb Maan.

“Because he is speaking more and had listened something which he shouldnt.” Suhasini laughed.

Image result for punar vivah shobha


Mr Sharma was very hurt due to todays incident as Maan didnt believe him. After some time he decided to meet Maan personally so that he can defend himself. When he reached Khurana mansion he saw Suhasini hitting little Adarsh and cursing him.

“Did you just see your brother is living a life of prince and you are living like a slave just because you are the illegitimate son. Shame on you Adarsh. You can do nothing you are waste material on the world.”

“Maa its paining ….. Please …aahh ahhh…” Adarsh tried to free himself from his mothers grip not understanding what his mother is trying to instigate.

“Madam?” Mr Sharma said with shock.

Suhasini immediately left Adarsh and taking this as chance he ran away leaving Suhasini and Mr Sharma alone.

“What you trying to do? Why are you cursing the kid without his mistake?” Mr SHarma continued.

“Hey do not cross your limit. You are just a mere employ so be like one. And yes its all that Adarsh fault why did he just born if he couldnt fulfil my dreams.”Suhasini said while Mr Sharma stood shocked.

“I married the khurana elder son so that I can have all the money and fame.But No all iam doing is to serve the family like a slave.   After this MrKhurana was dead I thought ill be the owner for the entire khurana companies but no that old fool has named everything on Maan and asked him to takeover the buussines even if he is a minor. Damn it! Why? Didnt that old fool thought me to be deserving and what about the no use garbage Adarsh huh? I was happy when this Adarsh was born thinking him to be the owner but no my every dream got crashed because Adarsh is his step son..” She sighed.

“From that time I decided to make people dance on my tunes. I started filling the ears of both these Mr khurana brothers (Ram and Anurag). Those fools easily fell for my trap and slowly started loosing interest in work. Now its time for Adarsh… I need to manipulate him so that he can go against MAAN.” Suhasini blurted everything in frustration and realised what blunder she has done.

“You are such a pathetic women. Just wait and see Ill reveal your face to everyone.” Mr Sharma said and started marching towards the khurana mansion.

Suhasini got scared and tried to stop him from revealing the truth so she planned to divert him.

“Oho Mr Sharma where are you going, huh. Poor you. Maan along with his chachas went to your house to meet you and you are are trying to meet someone who isnt here. tchk tchck..” She lied easily.

“No one can save you today.” Mr Sharma said and started to go to his house believing Suhasini words.

“Poor Sharma.” SUhasini said and immediately followed him by her car seeing him almost nearing his house she accelerated the speed and dashed him while he fell on the road with a thud and his head collided with road making him die on the spot.

She wrote a suicide note on behalf of Mr Sharma and made it look like a suicide.


“Isnt it an amazing plan?” Suhasini smirked.

“You are really a pathetic women. But why must take your frustration on Maan and Adarsh?” Geet spoke with disgust.

“Because My dreams will get fulfilled when all these khuranas die and the the entire property comes to my hand. Thats why I started to manipulate all the family members. I made sure to make Adarsh hate Maan till his core. I had arranged a contract killer to kill Maan. At the same time I dragged a unconscious adarsh who is in a drug state and layed him beside Maan’s dead body. I asked the contract killer to keep the gun in adarsh hands so that he will imagine himself as the murderer. And voila. It worked. Isnt my plan good. One shot and two birds.” Suhasini laughed evilly.

Every word from Suhasinis mouth is slicing Maans heart painfully and making him more numb. Geet stared at suhasini with disgust.

“You have killed an innocent soul Mrs Suhasini. He was Dev whom you have killed and the person sitting infront of you is Maan … Maan singh khurana….. The very Maan whom you tried to kill is dying now seeing your real face.Shame on you.” Geet spat on her.

Image result for geet angry

“I dont care if he is Maan or Dev all I know is Ill kill each and every person who comes in my way.” Suhasini said and pointed the gun towards Maan and Geet.

Maan was still trying to tolerate the bitter truth which was infront of his eyes. He would even give his life if his mother asked. Yes he has never treated her like a step mom. He loved her so dearly and now he just kneeled infront of her submitting his life for his mother.

“Maan,,” Geet screamed and pushed him seeing Maan submitting himself and the bullet just missed. It hit his Right arm making him to come into his sense.

Maan looked at suhasini with painful eyes and saw only selfishness, merciless and betrayal in her eyes. Slowly everything played infront of his eyes. All her drama, all her fake love, all her fake care etc…. He thought of his chachas who became selfish due to her, his little brother who became messed up person, his best friend Dev who was killed. Everything came infront of his eyes like a splash.

He opened his eyes to see the gun is pointed towards Geet.

Image result for maan singh khurana

No He couldnt loose another person because of this woman. He thought to himself and with a lightening speed he pulled geet towards himself and threw a flower vase on Suhasini hand making the gun fal down. Before Suhasini could pick up the Gun she was shot till death by the police who arrived along with Adi.

Now everyone are safe and surrounded Maan to cure his wounded arm but Maan’s entire concentration is on Suhasini dead body.

“Maa” with a final whisper Maan fell down unconscious………………



Maan opened his eyes and saw his surroundings and realised that he is in hospital. Suddenly he remembered  all the events. A tear started making down his cheeks remembering his mother. But he WIPED it away as soon as he saw geet sleeping beside him holding his hand.

He decided not to waste his tears on her and move on in his life…… if not for him atleast for Geet he will smile.

“I love you.” Maan kissed Geet forehead while she smiled.

“Geet lets go to home Im fine.” Maan smiled.

“Home? which home?” Geet asked with confusion.

“Mumbai……. I promised amma that ill return soon.” Maan said remebering Devs family.

Image result for maan geet hospital

In this response Geet just nodded and kissed his forehead. Lucky came inside while Maan is about to kiss Geet and disturbed their moment.

“Lets play holi…” Maan said to lucky and stood up to chase him.

He is back……………

********************THE END ********************

Next update EPILOGUE. 

This is for everyone who thought its swadeentha….. Common guys what will swadeentha get if she kill Maan ….

Image result for funny kiss

This is for everyone who guessed it suhasini……

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