​Two months later…….

“Armaan I’m sending you the address through mail. Check it and come as soon as possible.” Riddhima said to Armaan.

“Okay. I’ll reach there in 20 minutes.” Armaan said and ended the call. 

He took some files and opened the door while wearing his coat only to see Asad and Priya standing there with teasing smile.

“Ahem..ahem… So my brother is going on a Date?” Asad cocked his eyebrows.

“Uhhhh…. No… Its just that ….. Uhmmm….. Yes … Some important meeting.” Armaan said and tried to escape.

“Oh…. Did you listen Asad. IMPORTANT meeting… Let him go na.” Priya said trying to control her smile.

Taking this as chance Armaan immediately ran away while these two broke into huge grin.

“I can’t believe my eyes. The innocent Armaan is in love.” Asad said with smile.

“Now you dont act like an kid.. You are nothing less. Bith the brothers fell in love and acting like innocents,huh?” Priya said and twisted his ear.

“Mummma… Its paining.” He said and freed his ear.” In my case Zoya has fallen for me but she is being stubborn to accept it. But in Armaan case both of them fell for each other but neighter of them is forwarding. They are too shy.”

“Hmmmm.. Then let me ask her hand for marriage.” Priya said thoughtfully.

“No mumma… Let Armaan propose her first. Then we can continue with all the marriage etc. Remember ill marry only after Armaan getting married.” Asad said in a dramatic tone. 

“Nautanki…. Even you havent proposed Zoya. So you both are going to propose today evening and thats final. Let me arrange the places for you both.” Priya said and started googling best lavish places for the proposals.

“Book two different places mumma so that both the girls wont get confused seeing us together.” Asad said and laughed remembering how Zoya and Ridhimma looked at them for the first time.

“Done. The tickets will be arriving soon until then make sure your brother agrees for this.” Priya suggested.


“Are you mad? I cant propose her. She thinks me as a friend and what if she hates me after proposing her,huh?” Armaan denied as he is afraid to lose ridhimma.

“Oh hello 1900 ladka. How can you say that she will hate you? What if she accepts you and you both has the happily ever after tale huh?” Asad tried to encourage him.

“This sounds good but what if she leaves me. Asad I cant afford to loose her.” Armaan said feeling bit emotional.

“Oho… Think positively nothing of that sort is going to happen. So common be like a man and get dressed for tonight.” Asad finally convinced him.


“Hey mata rani! Why must you both dress alike huh? Now see even i cant recognize you” Priya said and pouted. 

“Mumma Pleasw give the tickets we are getting late.” Asad took tye tickets in a hurry and gave two for Armaan and Two for himself. 

Kissing Priya a goodbye both of them left the house to meet their lady love.

“Careful kids.” Priya shouted absentmindedly. Since morning she has been feeling weired like this and inorder to cope up she asked them to propose so that theyll get settled in their lives.

“Mata rani,… Please protect my kids.” She prayed to God and sat on the sofa.


Asad was waiting for Zoya since 20 minutes with bated breath. This the most important moment in his life. The place was beautifully decorated with scented candles on the sea shore.

Suddenly His heartbeat increased gesturing the arrival of Zoya. He turned towards her only to get awestruck by her beauty. For the first time he saw her in saree that too in his favorite color Green.

“You look beautiful.”he whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek while she blushed.

“Have this.” He gave her a drink and she started sipping. 

Suddenly she felt a metal in her mouth and took it out only to see a beautiful ring. She looked up to see asad kneeling infront of her with a rose.

“Zoya,.. I didnt knew when i fell for you but when i realized i have fallen very deep for you. I want to see your face in the morning and the last at night. I want to smile, fight, cry with you. So will you give me a chance to love you? Will you be my life partner?” Asad proposed her

Even Zoyas stubbon heart melted at his act and immediately hugged him. “Yes I will. And i love you too.”

Both of them remained in each others arms for few minutes and zoya asked him “Waise bhi who taught you this most idiotic proposal lines huh?”

“Dont blame me Zoya go and ask Laughingpearls. She is the one behind all this.” Asad said while Zoya giggled.

Breaking the silence Asad phone rang.” Hello mumma? What happened?”

“Nothing shona I just called you to confirm if you have reached the correct place. Baat yeh hain ki You have taken the tickets in a rush and the organizer said no one has reached.” Priya asked with concern.

“Mumma I reached here accordingly but Armaans plan got changed. They arent meeting in hotel instead they are meeting nearby park.” Asad said and laughed.

“Okay then both of you enjoy.” She gigled and ended the call.


“Ridhimma give some reaction you are scaring me. As i said if you dont like me its okay but please be friends..” He said still kneeling infront of her.

“Hahahahaga” suddenly she broke into huge laughter and hugged him ” Are you serious Armaan. I love you sooo much. Well to say the truth i have fallen for you at the first sight itself.” She said while both of them hugged each other tighter.



He could do nothing execpt to run as fast his legs could. The painful screams are slicing his heart. As soon as he reached the place he understood that it was too late……

Nothing can be repaired now…. Nothing is in his hands…… Maybe the destiny is very cruel…,….

Hmmmm so how is the twistwala precap. Get ready with your handkerchiefs in the next update.. Untill then guess who is going to die….



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