“Just do as I say. No more arguments.” MSK said in his asusual bossy tone making the workers shiver.

“Dont look at him geet. Just ignore him…and do your work.” Geet muttered to herself while cleaning the surroundings.

Few days passed since Geet joined in the office and nothing changed. She would usually wake up with MSK thoughts and brushes it off immediately cursing him and comparing him with Dev. She will be  always roaming near the Beast Den and catches him always with one of his female employee in his cabin. When she would get scolded by MSK her saviour Dev comes and saves her from the Lion.

Today is no less this will be repeating today too….

“Coffee.” MSK screamed holding his throbbing head while ringing the bell to his PA.

Geet was spraying the pesticide in the corridors so she heard his order for coffee. As no one is there in their surroundings she thought of bringing it.

She went to the coffee machine and added the ingredients and mixed it thoroughly while muttering all the nonsense in the world. She came inside MSK cabin and kept his coffee on the table.

As MSK was completely lost in some files he didnt see the person who brought his drink and was about to sip it but stopped as soon as he heard jingling sounds. He lifted his eyes only to see Geet who is busy playing with her dress edge.

Anger rose in MSK. Every fibre in his body started to burn in rage and immediately threw the coffee cup on the floor.

“What the hell are you doing in my cabin, Dammit?” MSK screamed on top of his voice making Geet shiver in fear.

Image result for MAAN singh khurana

“Vooh……….I actually thought…..” Geet stuttered.

“Thought what? And how dare you ……” MSK stopped in the middle and closed his eyes to control his anger and opened them.

“Ms Geet, just get the hell outta my sight before I do something which will be regretted later.” MSK tried to sound calm and tried his best to not to scare Geet.

“What will you do huh? Nothing. You can do nothing except of using women, hmpf” Geet immediately retorted.

“Ms Geet do not provoke me of something which you have no idea.” He again tried to calm his breath.

“No. You have to tell me what you are you thinking about women. Do you think they are some USE AND THROW type dolls? Then change your mindset abouuuttt………..” Her words were left incomplete.

“Just shut up dammit.” MSK said and pinned her towards her the nearby wall while staring at her intently.

His eyes slowly moved towards her lips which are shivering due to their close proximity. This was the first time he was this close to her and this felt really very different and warm to him.

Image result for MAAN Geet kiss

Their breath was fanning each others face while goosebumps appeared on their skin. Only few inches were left between their lips which sent shivers down their spine. MSK was about to close the distance between them but stopped as he found Geet lying lifeless in his arms.

“Ms Geet……….. Ms Geet..” He called her while patting her cheeks but she didnt responded.

MSK felt darkness consuming him seeing geet lying lifeless infront of him. He tried to shout for help but no voice came from his mouth. He felt numb at this moment for unknown reasons.

His whole body started sweating while his heart started beating low and his breath got uneven. All he knew was Geet lying lifeless in his arms and before he could think anything more he feel on the cold marble floor of his cabin with a thud.

“MSK” His PA shouted immediately seeing MSK lying lifeless. She came inside to find Geet to lying lifelessly. She immediately shouted for help and the workers along with Dev came inside to help them.




“Papa….Papa….” A little boy of six years who was playing with his toy car stood up and called his papa who was lying lifeless while the blood was dripping from his body.

“Ouch.. papa help me na.” The little boy tried to stand up but fell down as the room was very dark and he felt scared.

“Mumma…. Im hungry… Its very dark here….” The little boy again called for his mumma to get no response.

That kid was scared to be all alone in the darkness and he couldnt understand what is happening to his surroundings. Before he could think anything the little kid fainted due to weakness and his body fell on the glass pieces on the floor. He winced in pain but no one was there to help him. Because he was all alone.

He was alone.

He was alone.

He was alone.

He was alone.



MSK immediately woke up from his haunted nightmare only to see himself in his office attire breathing heavily while a doctor is trying to comfort him. Many asisstants of the doctor are helping him while he still felt scared because he was still that 6 year old kid ………..

His thoughts immediately went towards Geet. He immediately stood up to search for her and make sure she is safe.

He stopped in his tracks seeing her happily chatting with Dev and Pinky in the canteen while munching some snacks. He immediately sighed in relief seing her safe. Now his breath became normal.

But suddenly everything stricked in his mind. “What the hell am I doing? Why am I behaving like this? Why am I giving so much importance to her? I am the MSK  and I am the MONARCH.” He said to himself and immediately put his mask.

To add the ghee in fire he saw Geet laughing happily with Dev while he blushed to her talks. Both of them are so comfortable in each others presence the why is she so different with MSK.

“What the hell is happening here?” MSK screamed arching his eyebrow.

All the three immediately stood up hearing his voice.

“MSK what are you doing here? You must be taking rest right.” Dev immediately said looking at him with fear.

“I need to ask the same Dev what are you doing here….. In the office hours?” MSK asked.

“Ummm… … MSK the office hours got completed. Its 8’oclock now. The cleaners are cleaning the office and I was just ……..” Dev trailed off his words.

‘Oh so I was unconscious till now.’ MSK said to himself but didnt show this on his face.

He looked at Geet and felt peace. He couldnt take off his eyes from her and this angered him more.

‘No. This must not happen. We both are different. I need to show her place.’ MSK said to himself.

“Ms Geet. Go and clean the parking lot. It was jammed due to rain water and it must be cleaned now. Remember do not leave until you finish it.” MSK said in his full authorative voice.

“And Dev schedule the meeting now.” He turned towards DEV and said him.

“Okay MSK Ill schedule the meeting now but is it necessary for Geet.. I mean Ms Geet to that work. You see its raining heavily ……” Dev left his words incomplete seeing MSK raging eyes.

“So What? Aint I paying them to work.” He said and left the place asking Dev to follow him soon.



“Beast beast beast. How heartless…’ Geet cursed MSK while taking the required things to clean the parking lot.

“Yes…. he is heartless because his heart is with me…” Pinky said dreamily.

“Laughingpearls did very good thing Naming you Pankhavathi…” Geet said angrly.

“Do not call me with that name idiot…..  Ill kill that laughingpearls for naming me Pankhavathi…” Pinky screamed while Geet left the place long ago..



MSK completed the meeting and got ready to go to his House. He glanced at his writch watch to see the time 11’o clock at night as usual. He came near to his car and saw Geet drenching in  Rain while while doing the work.

Geet sensed someone and turned to see MSK staring at her intently. Their eyelock was broken by Dev who came down.

Maan spoke with Dev for few minutes all the while glancing at Geet and zoomed his car away leaving a hurt geet behind.

Image result for Geet hurt

“Geet its very late come.” Dev said while putting a umbrella on her.

“But I still didnt complete the work.” Geet said pointing towards her work.

“Leave it off. Any ways MSK left the office so no one will know whats happening. Come na its too late now.” Dev said to her while she agreed.

“Take this.” Dev said and wrapped his coat arround Geet seeing her shivering with cold while she accepted it with uncomfotably and thanked him.

Dev brought some hot food from the restraunt for Geet and dropped her till the workers quaters. Both bid bye to each other and end their day peacefully.

But on the other hand MSK was standing ALL ALONE in his balcony while the rain is pouring on him. The rain is hurtiing his eyes but he didnt care and was staring unblinkingly into the darkness.

And like every other day he slept in his balcony leaving all the lights of his bedroom switched on and drifting into haunted sleep.




MSK separating Dev from Geet………………. And MSK trying to come closer to Geet.




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