“Khushi.” He finally uttered painfully which made my heart ache.

I immediately had an urge to run straight into his arms to absorb away all his pain but then I realized he just called me Khushi.

The same voice which i have been seeing in my dream. The same pain in his voice. And the same name Khushi.

I didnt knew for how long I have been staring into his deep eyes but I was lost. Really lost into him leaving every damn thing.

But a question rose in my mind which made me to land back.

Who is he? And how did he know me? Is he related to me?


“Umm…Im sorry but I think you have mistook me by someone. I am Sowmya  chauhan.” I blushingly said to him trying not to look at his eyes.

Image result for sanaya irani

Damn it! What wrong with my blush today. I mentally scolded myself for blushing infront of a stranger.

But wait… he is behaving as if he knew meBefore I could ask anything he held my arm ever so gently as I am some  fragile doll and his would break me.

“Tum teek ho?” He asked in his husky voice while his eyes looked so painful.

Image result for tum theek ho

There again. Another one liner with many hidden words.

Whats his problem? Of course I am alight. In fact very good until he met me now.

“Yes.. I am too good. And if you excuse me I need to pick an auto for myself. You see because of your  blabberings I just missed my bus.” I tried to sound rude but ended up speaking like a clown.

Uhhh… Why the hell is looking at me with such intensity.

Hey Mata Rani pull his eyes away. I prayed to God and Immediately Regretted.Since  did  I become so violent?

Its just because of this stranger. Hmmpf. I blamed him for my situation.

“Nothing happened to you Right?” He again asked softly grazing my cheeks with his fingers while his didnt leave me.

Uhhhh So this person is Deaf. Because he i not responding my words instead he is Only speaking what he wants.

I immediately freed myself and tried to leave the place to catch an auto. You see I am already late because of this person and if at all they phone to my home asking about my absence then my parents will surely worry. And I dont want all this to happen.

But all my thoughts came to an abrupt pull by this stranger on my arm.

“Where are you going?”He asked me like a love sick puppy.

OH so now Have to answer him about my whereabouts too. Not bad. I felt like hitting myself for refusing my fathers help to drop me at my workplace. Now Im paying for It.

“And with which right are you asking me all these?” I asked in a fit of anger.

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“Pati hoon main tumhara Haq banta mujhe…….Tumphe..!” He said in his ever so sexy voice which made me feel goosebumps arround me.

It felt too good. I could feel butterflies litterally giving a marathon race in my stomach. All blood became warm while my cheeks and neck must have got a red hue by now. And my little stupid heart is pumping like a maniac.

While I am enjoying this scene I got a flash of something which I havent seen in my entire life.


A blur image of couple who were very cozy in each other arms came into my mind as a flash. They were so close that their breath is fanning over each others face.

“Aaapp…. what are you doing?” The girl in my flash stutered breathing heavily.

“Why? Pati hoon tumhara…. Haq banta hai mujhe….. Tumphe…! ” The man said while grazing her lips with his finger tips which sent shivers to my spine.


Shivers to my spine? But why? That girl isnt me nor I have done those ummm …. ummm… Type things with anyone. Then why am I thinking all this.

Maybe because I started reading many romantic novels these days. I took a mental note to stop reading them from today.

Suddenly I realised that this person is claiming himself as my husband. Which means I am his wife!

Anger rose in me but its being replaced by my blush. Damn it! Stop blushing. This person has called you as HIS WIFE for godsake. You need to bash him an earful. I gave myself an imaginary karate kick to be alert.

Image result for sanaya irani angry

“What nonsense are you speaking,huh? Okay I did not say anything to you which doesnt mean that you keep on speaking all the rubbish about me. Listen Mr someone you are crossing your limits. Im not your wife nor some khushi… I am Sowmya Chauhan and the daughter of Suraj chauhan. We are from respectable family so better dont mess with our kindness. And ha you look week so just go to your home and take rest. And one more thing I am not an innocent girl to get scared of all this nuicence I have karate belt. Got it. Just one kick and you will be screaming for your life.” I kept on going without giving him any chance to speak for which I mentally pat my back with glee.

After giving him a huge lecture about my capacity I gave him a DONT-MESS-WITH-ME look and tried to move away.

After moving away for few feet probably I felt like turning back to have a glimpse of him. I didnt know why?

As soon as I saw him I was dumbfounded. He was holding his head tight in his palms while his eyes were shut and few tear drops escaped from his eyes.

I could clearly feel his pain. But the next moment he fell on the floor with a thud and I heard him whispering the name again.


I didnt know why felt that he called me. As if on reflex I came running towards him screaming “ARNAV” with my voice as loud as possible.

I pulled him in my lap and patted his cheeks but got no response so I asked the nearby shop keeper uncle to help him carry till my house.



“He is so weak and he is not supposed to roam outside in the sun. The wounds are fresh and if he goes in the sun light for long time then his blood pressure will rise for sure. Please take care of him properly.” The doctor said and left the place.

Now I saw his wounds which were present on his handsome skin. I felt very hurt looking at this hansome and huge man lying down lifeless on the bed.

Well as soon as i brought this fainted form My parents got tensed and as I explained the situation they relaxed and we immediately called the doctor who came immediately by gods grace and gave some prescriptions.

I havent said everything about this person like how he claimed himself to be my husband and how I felt connected towards him instead I said that I found him fainting infront of me. Of course which is half truth.



Its been two days since this stranger was in my home sleeping peacefully while making me tensed of his health. He has now occupied my house, my room, my bed, and most importantly my mind. Like seriously how can a pperson be such multi taking.

Anyways I observed him scrunching his eyebrows which means he got his conscious. I immediately called my parents who came running while my father held his body to suport him to sit.

He sipped the medicated drink everyday even being unconscious so his energy did not get drained.

As soon as he opened his eyes my parents enquired him about his health but he ignored everything and started staring intently at me while giving his sexy smirk making my heart skip a beat.

“You havent left me right!” He said in his husky voice while streching his tired muscles.

Shit! Now my parents are looking at me. What am I going to answer them? I must have left him in the bus stop itself. Hey mata rani help me.

“Well beta… you were found unconcious on the road so we brought you here. Tell me your details so that we can contact your family members.” My father tried to intervene his talks which made him angry.

“Do not intervene while Iam talking to my WIFE. Got it!” He screamed making everyone including me stumble.

He must surely be a demon. I was sure that he will now hurt me. But his next act made me surprised.

“Khushi…. relax. Where have you been till now?” he asked in a very gentle tone.

Look now he has again transformed himself into that Hero from just being a villain.

I didnt answer him instead I kept knotting the ends of my dupatta.

May be my father got my act as being scared so he immediately stood for my help.

“Look Mr Whoever you are She is my daughter and you are currently in my house so it would be better if you maintain some respect.” My father said politely.

“Why the hell are you not getting,huh? I dont like anyone interfening in between my talks and if it is especially with my wife. Listen you old man Arnav singh Raizada doesnt like to repeat his words So be careful from next time.” He stood and marched towards me holding my arm he said “STOP ALL YOUR GAMES NOW. KHUSHI I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU ….. ALONE”

And thats the limit my parents immediately fumed in anger seeing some stranger calling their daughter as his wife. Immediately fatherly instincts provoked my papa and he immediately stopped that stranger and tried to free my arm from his hold.

This act made this stranger angry and he immediately helt my father’s neck and pinned him to the wall. ” Dare you people lay a finger on my wife, I swear Im going to burn you all alive.”

And I couldnt tolerate my father  being mistreated by someone so I immediately pulled him away and shouted.

“You are claiming me as your wife right, Then tell me do you find any sindoor on my forehead. Do you find anything on me that screams I am your wife, huh?” I said these words immidiately but regretted instantly after knowing his next act.

“Your wish khushi.” He said and slammed his fist on the mirror causing it to break and his palm smear with his blood. He rubbed his palm on my forehead marking me his.

“Is this enough Mrs Khushi Arnav singh raizada.” He said in a possesive voice.

Image result for sanaya irani sindoor

Everything went blur for me. My parents are arguing with him and he is warning them to stay away from me. His palm is still dripping. I touched my forehead and his words revibrated in my mind.

‘Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada”

‘Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada”

‘Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada”…………..

And everything went blank infront of me. The last thing I remember was fainting into His arms while he picked me in his strong arms.



Sorry for the late update. And ha I need 100 likes for this ff updates. You might be thinking I am asking too much but dont think like that because I am sending 300+ pms and I am asking only 100 likes so that Ill know how many of you are reading my works. And remove me from your list if you arent interested in my works. So sorry if I sounded rude *holding ears*Image result for holding ears



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