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Geet as usually came in a palanquin to her college while some of classmates felt jealous of her royality.

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No matter how many times she tried to protest her family didnt agree her to go on bus or anyother transportation. Well, what happened according to her wish in her life. She sighed to herself. Her face immediately brightened seeing her best friend as usually eating her snacks.

“Hey pinky… I need to speak something very important with you.” Geet said sitting beside Pinky.

“Hey geet kya hua. You are looking more dull today?” Pinky asked keeping her tiffin box aside.

“Ummmm you know right My rishta got fixed with some Maliks and I am geting engaged in this month and within two months Im getting married off……” Geet trailed off in a dull voice.

“Tell something new yaar even I was there with you when these are declared along with my family.” Pinky said as she knew all this.

“Listen na, When you all are busy in the temple I got lost and fell in the river. Then a person came to save me.” Geet said while her cheeks got a red hue remembering about Maan. “And he is ……ummmm you know Ajeeb … I mean different.”

“Hey mata rani Is he alien or vampire.” Pinky asked getting scare.

“No yaar he is like us only but he is different from everyone. Like his voice and his eyes and everthing ………. He is really unique.”

“Hmmmmm So should I help you to say thank you?”

“Arrrey no yaar. Ummmm Will you tell me ……why Iam feeling different with him.” Geet asked with a hopeful voice.

“Hmm but how can I tell you without seeing him? Do you know where is He?”

Geet thought for sometime and said “Haan yaar he said he will be near the river for only 30 days as he came for swimming.”

“Okay yaar thats great lets go today to meet him.” Pinky said with excited tone.

“Hmmm but what will we say to our family?” Geet said with low voice.

” We will manage it as usually.” Pinky said and both of them laughed together.

Pinky Raichand is another xerox copy of geet other than Dev. Her family also treats the same way like geets family. As both of them belong to the Royal families of hoshiyaarpur they became best friends easily. At first they didnt like eachother because they thought the other one is same like her family. But after few days they understood eachother very well  as both of cared only freedom and happiness in their life.



“Hello Ma I am going to temple along with Geet/Pinky after my college okay na. The same temple which is near our college.” Geet and Pinky phoned their respective mothers from the college office and they agreed as they are not going alone.

“Uff Lets go now. We need to come back early before the sun sets.” Both of them cheered and ran towards the temple side river.

As usually Maan was busy swimming in the river while the golden rays of sun shone his body making him look more devine than ever. Geet was drooling over him and her body got goosebumps seeing him like that. She came back from her la la land when Pinky nudged her.

“Geet did that Person came? Is he arround somewhere?” Pinky asked as she found many persons swimming as its a swimming camp.

“Hmmm Yaa There he is.” She pointed towards Maan Direction and immediately put it down as maan saw her.

Here Maan is swimming but felt change in his surroundings so tried to understand whats happening then he saw Two girls wearing scarf along their face and were having bags on their shoulders. He couldnt see their faces but understood that they were speaking about him and he chose to ignore it.

“OH MY GOD. Someone please control my heartbeat. Its beating rapidly.” Pinky said holding her breath.

“What? Tumhara heartbeat bhi?” Geet asked with a shock because it happened same to her.

“Tumhara matlab? Tumhara bhi? Oh my god but its ok Iwont get jea;ous  because banda toh aisa hi  hai. He can make anyone loose their sense. Oh my dhak dhak.” Pinky said fanning herself.

Geet didnt like Pinky drooling over Maan because she felt its only her right and immediately cursed what she is thinking. And next sentence of Pinky made her breath stop for a second.

“I think I HAVE FALLEN FOR THIS DHAK DHAK. Geet did I fall in love already?” Pinky said and jumped in glee.

“What the hell Pinky? How can you love him?” Geet screamed at Pinky amaking her eyes get misty.

“Why are you behaving like my family?” Pinky asked with a dull voice hearing her friend scream on her.

“Hmmm Pinky its not like that… How can you love him? I mean we are from royal class and he is just a middle class person we do not match yaar. Its totally wrong.” Geet said with a soft yet stern voice.

“No yaar I smiled only by looking at him and just imagine if I marry him Ill be the happiest person.” Pinky said wiith a dreamy smile.

“And I think Geet even you have fallen for him. But No problem yaar we are best friends so we need to  think about each other happiness. If you love him more than me than Ill not be an obstacle and If I love him more than you then you must be an obstacle. Okay.” Pinky said with a genuine smile.

“Okay.” Geet immediately agreed but took back her words. ” Dammit why would I love him, He is just a middle class and I belong to a royal family of this entire hoshiyaarpur. So stop dreaming.”

“Arrey what is this Middle class – middle class huh? How can you say he is middle class? Do you know him? No na then why are you judging him.” Pinky said with a pout.

“Just look the way he is behaviour. His behaviour speaks volume. Look how is playing in mud along with those middle class kids. Bloody middleclass mentality.” Geet cursed under her breath.

“Haaw Geet you became so bad. Chalo katif. I will not speak with you.” Pinky said and turned her back towards geet.

“Very good Pinky Now you are supporting that person over me. You changed pinky now you dont like me anymore.” Geet said with misty eyes while a sob escaped from her lips making Pinky to pull her into a big hug.

“Chal Rona mat. Even if I get Moon my first priority will be you.” Both of them smiled crazily while come out the river to wipe his body.

He didnt give a glance at them and kept on singing song while wiping his body.

Mood aashiqana hai Subah ghar jaana hai

Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya Lamha yeh suhana hai

Time nahi gawana hai Jeene ka mazaa le saathiya

[Tu kheech meri photo

Tu kheech meri photo

Tu kheech meri photo Piya..

While Pinky and geet blushed seeing him this close and that too hearing his magical voice.

“He .. umm hellllllo jii.” Pinky spoke with much dificulty and immediatly Maan turned around making the water droplets on his hair fall on them.

“Yes.” He raised his eyebrows.

“Ummm voh nothing.” Geet immediately said making Maan to think about this voice as felt he heard it before.

” Oh Mishty….. Is it you ?” Maan said and geet widened her eyes thinking how did he come to know it is her as she covered her face. Immediately removed hers and Geets scarf revealing their faces while Maan burst into big laughter.

” OMG you both looked like terroists. Hahahhaaa and the bag behind you both really suited your college uniform… HAHHAHHA..” He kept on laughing while Geet and Pinky felt their lips streching into smile as they had very often seen people around them laugh.

Maan’s infectious laugh made them smile too hard until their cheeks hurt.

“Okay so mishty you came to meet me?” Maan gave a friendly smile.

“Uh no… Why would I like to meet SOMEONE like you, huh. I came here to the temple and huh dont daydream okay.” Geet flared her nose in anger just to mask her emotions.

“Okay relax….. Why are you scaring me with your horor voice.” Maan said and laughed along with Pinky. Though Geet felt like laughing but she controlled herself as she doesnt want to speak someone low class.

“Okay. Its your wish if you wanna visit the closed temple to have a glimpse of me. Ill make it easy for you do you wanna be my friend?” Maan asked teasingly while both of them turned to see the temple was closed and immediately they bit their cheek for getting caught with their lie.

Before Geet could deny his friendship Pinky came forward to accept it. ” Hmmm You look like a good Person so You tell us about yourself and we will tell about oursself If we like can be friends okay.

“Hmmm okay let me start first. Well my name is Maan Singh Khurana and Im from Delhi. I am busy travelling places and this month I came to hoshiyaarpur may be to meet an angel faced microwave and a sweet teddy bear. Well I have lost my parents at the age of 8 and I have the most lovely dadi in the world. Oh I am loving the swimming and I love to eat all the spicy street foods.” Maan said closing his eyes.

“Now my turn” Pinky said and started speaking “My name….”

“Hey close your eyes and speak otherwise youll say lies.” Maan said to pinky.

“No i cant close my eyes. I am standing infront of stranger so how can I?” Pinky said.

“Thats why. When you close your eyes your concentration will be on the surroundinngs and you will have less chances to speak lies.” Maan explained.

” And who said all this?” Geet asked

“Scientist Laughingpearls said it. Now common close your eyes.” Maan said and pinky did as said.

First pinky got scared and closed her eyes shut and she started blurting whaterver came in her mind.” My name is pinky raichand. i am rhe only Child to my parents while geet is my best friend. I have laughed for maybe ten times in  my life and today I saw a hatta khatta naujawaan swimming in the river. He is so sweet ill be lucky if he will be my friend… and my friend tooo…”

Geet immediately stopped pinky from saying anything further and pushed her to open her eyes.

“Hey Mata rani what crap did i just utter” pinky said realizing what all she said.

“Pinky its okay its just the truth. next geet its your Turn.” Maan said making geet to gulp.

” No im not going to do anything like that.” She said feering that she may blurt something like pinky.

“But why?” Both of them asked.

“Because its my wish. Listen my name is Geet handa the princess of handa family. I hate persons who are mannerless imperfect and most importantly if they are from MIDDLE CLASS.” She stressed the last words making them to widen their eyes hearing her rude words.

“oye Lady hitler, Are you trying to scare me huh? OK now go and think about our friendship. As i said ill be here for 30 days and not more. Now 28 days are left.” He said.

“Yes maan ji … a big yes. We will be meeting from tomorow here.” Pinky said and pulled geet from that  place before she destroys the scene.

“Hey why did you accept his friendship. He has no job no manners not perfect and most importantly he belongs to middle class.” Geet assumed him to be middle class because he didnt introduce himself like them ‘i belong from a royal family etc etc.

“Geet only love and friendship can break all these barriers to accept others.” Pinky said making geet think deeply.

“Really ? can I really accept Maan even with all these flaws?” Geet questioned herself.

Only time will decide………………..

Hmmmm Shall i separate Maan and Geet in the end or unite them. Hahahhha *evil grin*


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