“Armaan I need to speak something with you. Come to xyz park.” Asad said to Armaan on his phone.

“No Asad Im in no mood to enjoy all this” Armaan said with disturbed voice.

“Im not calling you here to romance. Just do as i say. Remember if you wont come now Ill come to your cabin and kidnap you.” Asad said making him laugh.

Image result for karan singh grover phone

“Okay fine Im coming.” Armaan said and started to the said place.

“All the best amma armaan is coming.” Asad said to ridhimma and pulled zoya along with him.

“OYE my name is ridhimma not amma.” She screamed at asad while he just shrugged.

“Do  you think this will work?” Zoya asked biting her fingers.

“Just wait and watch. Rest is in their hands.” Asad said.

After few minutes Armaan arrived to the said place and searched for asad but found Ridhimma there instead.

“Ridhimma?” Armaan smiled at her with happiness.

Image result for Asad ahmed khan smile

Though he was hurt by her doings but still he loved her to his core.

“Booo hoooo Im so sorry ……… I didnt mean to hurt you..” Ridhimma cried falling down and squatting her legs. She felt bad about her doings but seeing him smiling at her made her feel very guilty.

“What are you doing? Please stand up everyone are looking at us.’ Armaan said.

“Why are you being nice to me You must slap me or scold me how can you forgive me so easily?” She started crying more.

“Because I love you” His heart screamed and he blushed but didnt say anything to her.

“Okay Ill tell you what happened that day.” She wiped her tears and started narrating what she planned that day.

Image result for Armaan shilpa cry

“Your brother irritated me so much and i thought it was you who have done it thats why i thought to revenge you. I called you at one place so that kush can throw the color water on you. But that idiot got crush on you and he started taking advantage of you and the situation. Trust me I kicked him for doing all this. Im really sorry…..” She again cried.

“Please dont cry? And who is khush?”Armaan tried to stop her tears

“Kush…. VOh its her. Actually he is a cross dresser. His name is khushal and when he dresses as woman her name is khushi. So i call him kush. And he is the only friend i have.” She said pointing to the man of her age who misbehaved that day.

“Hi hotty im sorry.” Kush said still blushing looking at armaan.

Image result for sanaya irani mustache

“Hi…… And ridhimma its okay leave it.” He said pulled her to stand up while standing up her leg twisted and she was about to fall but Armaan caught her in correct time while they shared a intense eye lock.

“Look there he is not angry itseems and since morning he is screaming on everyone, huh liar.” Zoya twisted her mouth.

“Well its common in love baby.” Asad said

“What? Idont believe. Who lies in love?” Zoya said

Image result for zoya khan qubool hai

“OF course yesterday I lied to you na that i love you so its proved.”

“What it means you dont love me?”

“Who said i dont love you. I said i lied it because we can lie sometimes in love.”

“You are confusing me do you love  me or not?” zoya asked confused.

“You tell me are you disappointed that I dont love you or are you happy that I lied.” Asad again confused her..

“I am disappointed that you its not true……..” Zoya realized what she is blurting and shut her mouth.

“So you like to love me?” Asad said smirking and she understood that he is teasing her and stood up immediately to run away from that place.

Image result for Armaan smirk

While she was running she dashed into a well built man who had a burnt mark on his face and a weapon in his hand making zoya to get scared. He gave an evil grin at her and spit the tobacco on the road making zoya disgust.

“What the hell did you just do huh? How can you just spoil the roads.” She shouted at him.

“Oh sorry madam ji kya kare i dont have any manners so will you spend a night with me teaching all manners.” That person laughed evilly at her while pulling her by her waist towards himself.

“Lets start with my fingers. Teach me what can I do with my fingers huh” He laughed and was about to touch her skin but a strong hold stopped him doing further.

Seeing asad here zoya immediately hid herself behind him while asad grip on him was growing strong making that person to wince in pain.

“Let me tell you what all we can do to your fingers.” saying it asad slowly but firmly bent that person fingers making him yell in pain

He slapped for trying to misbehave zoya and finally threw him near zoya feet.

“Touch her feet and ask for forgiveness.” Asad said to that person while that person touched her feet with difficulty.

Zoya immediately moved back with tears and ran towards asad who took her away from this place.

This person looked arround to see all the villagers are laughing at him. It was an insult for a rowdy. Yes he is a dangerous rowdy but asad didnt knew all this and what is going to happen.

Image result for vishwajeet pradhan angry

“You have done a very big mistake insulting me. Ill not leave you and that girl. Mark my words Im going to kill you all in the same place where you have insulted me. And this the promise of Mrityunjay thakur.” He said with his eyes getting more red in anger.


DARAAR……………… Someone is going to die…………. Sad updates…… GUess who is going to dies.

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