Part 1


I got this idea when I saw Shagun was taunting Raman for money in yeh hai mohabattein episode 292. The pain in Raman’s eyes motivated me to write this fiction.

It was a sunny afternoon and I am standing in the sunlight and explaining the design for this new construction to the workers. It is hell tiring start for the day. Well why wouldn’t it be, I am a govt engineer.

I have many works on my shoulder. I have to complete this design and finalize it, then I must buy new necklace for my wife, and then buy the marigold flowers for the haldi function of my nephew, and science record book for my younger son.

It has been  three years, my  elder sister died. She was a pillar for our family. She got married at the age of ten and took responsibilities since then. She was so selfless. She never thought about her happiness. Well, she was the one who took responsibility of our marriage.

We are 5 kids .She is the elder one.  my brother and me are 3 and four respectively. Rest all are my sisters. All are marriages are done by her only. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see her own son’s wedding.

Now it’s our responsibility. My nephew is like my son.

A phone ring broke my thoughts. I picked the phone from my pocket and answered it.

“Hello” I said.

“Namaste ji, you can take the mangalsutra. It is ready. ” came the response from other side.

Hmm it’s a call from the goldsmith.

“Okay. I’ll be coming in a hour to take it.” I said and end the call.

I will surprise my wife with this mangalsutra. She will be so happy. How I wish to see her smile all the time.

Our marriage is so beautiful. Though its a arranged one ,I love her a lot. Its not that we have never fought, but those are petty things.

My wife is a silly woman. She is like a kid, too stubborn. So what I am patient with her, so no need to worry.

“Sir, please have your lunch. You haven’t ate anything since morning. ” I heard my subordinate say.

“Hmm, just a little bit is left, hardly ten minutes more. So don’t worry I will have it once I reach home. “I said turning towards him smiling.

Finally I completed this work and gave the copy to the workers. As I thought to move one of the worker informed me about the view from top is not working.

Sighing, I marched towards the Crane and switched it on. Within seconds I rose 50 feet from the ground. The view looked so scary but I must do it for my family. Only if I earn I can give a bright future to my kids and a happy life to my wife.

I was breathing heavily due to the hot weather and the height. Ignoring it I started instructing  them how to shape it.

Once again a phone call interrupted me. I took out the phone and saw the caller Id. The phone call is from my home.

Scrunching my eyebrows I took excuse from the workers and turned my back towards them till standing on the Crane.

“Hello” I said.

“Chotu,” I heard my mother’s voice. It sounded tense, pain, sobs .

“Ma, what happened?” I asked already fear gripping my heart.

My heart stopped beating for awhile listening her reply.

I felt my eyes dropping not due to the height but the due to the news my mother gave.

I felt numb.

I felt suffocated in the open atmosphere. 

The phone dropped from my hands and slipped to the ground breaking into pieces. That is when the workers noticed my position and immediately switched the Crane.

As soon as I landed down to the ground the workers surrounded me asking what happened to me. But I couldn’t hear anything. All I know is to leave this place and go to my home.

I started driving with a high speed so that I could reach my home as soon as possible. The news which I heard was still re vibrating in my ears.

“She left the house. “

“She left the house”

“She left the house “




“My wife left our home.”


So friends here is the first part of marriage… a sacred bond. Please do hit likes and make it success like first season.


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