Part 19

Here Maan is observing everything from the secret camera that Adi has fixed. He was concentrating on everyones expressions but something caught his attention.

It was a normal family picture but if we concentrate we can see two men are quarelling holding each other shirt.

Maan recognised one person to be his father but couldnt remember the other person with whom his father is fighting. That face looked familiar to him but still he couldnt remember him.

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Finally after thinking for some seconds his sharp mind answered his question. That person was Mr Sharma. Yes he was the same person whom Maan has thrown out of his office due to his chachas mistake.

But why is Mr Sharma there in this pic? He is just a employ in our company and what he is he doing in chote chacha wedding? I need to find out Maan said to himself and messaged Adi to find out all the details of Mr sharma..

“Maan who is Mr Sharma?” Geet asked being confused.

“He is the same man whom I had fired him from my company when I was in my teenage.” Maan said and drifted to his past.


2003, khurana office, Maan cabin, new Delhi.
“Mama, Mama ” shouted Maan looking at some file in his hand.

“Kya hua beta” came running into his cabin while asking.

“What is it? We have a record stating that according to this project we must give the worker’s 2000/- rs per day and here in worker’s register it was written 200/-rs per day. Where is the remaining money going? ” asked a confused Maan.

“We don’t know beta, mr. sharma Deals with daily wages account so let’s ask him” saying so bade mama asked the security to call Mr sharma upstairs in their cabin.

“So Mr sharma can you please explain me where is the remaining amount going which is meant for the workers daily wages? And why are the workers getting only 200 rs when it is 2000 rs per day?”asked Maan politely.

“Sir… vo…sir…vo…money…me…I… sir…means…” sharma fumbled with his words.

“What vo sir vo sir,ha? Bolti band ho gayi Kya after your truth getting exposed,hmmm? Not more I have given you chance So that you will change but today you crossed it, now I’ll tell your complete truth to Maan beta” shouted chore Mama.

“What truth” “beta, this sharma has been cheating since he joined in our company. Even your father also was cheated by him. He has been writing fake accounts and eating the money which is meant for the worker’s. I have been giving him chance so that he will change one day but no,he didn’t ” explained bade mama.

All the while Mr sharma was sweating and breathing heavily. “Sir…I…means…no…me…you…money…” again started fumbling but was cut by maans roaring voice which made everyone stumble.

“Enough, why did you do it ,ha? My father trusted and he treated like a family member but you, you have broken the trust. Didn’t we give you everything even before you asking,then why. Congratulations, you lost your place in our family. Now get out from here” screamed Maan.
It was two days after that incident but still he couldn’t believe sharma could do this. While he is going to his room he heard sharmas name from one room. Following the voice he went forward only to be shocked seeing his bade and chote mama talking about sharma.

” oye you are really very brave, I was really scared when Maan was asking about records, but you blamed everything on sharma.” Said bade mama.

“Arrey nahi toh Kya uss sharma ne mujhe warning diya, he gave me chance for changing, how dare he? And you are not less ha what an idea sir ji” saying so both the mama’s are laughing but suddenly stopped listening maan’s voice.

” Aap log ne mujhe dhoka diya,ha. Kyun didn’t you get your wishes being fulfilled, then what is need to steel money. Hell you can just ask me money, but because of you I have blamed a innocent soul. Chii ”

” sorry beta please forgive us, we will never repeat the mistakes again. Please don’t tell anyone about it. “They both pleaded him.

” I may forgive your deeds for the sake of the family but I will never forget it” saying so he went from the room. Both of them were happy as Maan didn’t say about it to anyone.


“Its okay Maan you were young at that time you didnt know the difference between good and bad.”Geet tried to comfort him seeing him sad.

The silence in the room was disturbed by a phone ringing. Maan lifted the phone to see its from Adi.

“Yes Adi did you get any information about Mr sharma?” Maan asked as soon as he lifted his phone.

“Actually there is a shocking news Sir. Mr Sharma was dead long back. I mean he commited suicide by jumping from his building the when ……. you fired him from his job.” Adi said in a go making Maan shocked.

“What? Dammit I have killed him! I should have trusted Mr Sharma instead of Chachas. Shit just because of me an innocent soul  got punished.” Maan kept cursing himself and closed his eyes with deep regret.

“Maan please dont be week its not your fault. You have just joined bussiness that time so you are of course innocent. May be Mr sharma shouldnt have taken this big step just because of his job. Please dont feel bad.” Geet kept on trying to comfort maan.

After few minutes Maan felt little better with Geet being his side and thanked her for being in his side. While they were busy talking Both the chachas along with lucky and Ashok came inside and locked the door.

“Well Dev Kiloskar Im thinking to stop this drama. We really regret the things we have done till now so please lets stop this drama. And we both will reveal about Maan beta being ………..dead and about this drama as soon as the party finishes today.” Chachas said together with misty eyes.

“Okay. But please can we stay here for a week in this place. You see we have no place to go this sudden…….”Maan trailed off and lucky agreed to his words.

“Okay stay here for a week but stop being Maan beta after today . And thank you.” Saying this both chachas left the place.

“Lets get ready for the party.” Everyone started to get ready.


The mansion was filled with different kinds of people, food, drinks, lights etc making the place look more royal. This party is conducted for one of the success party of some deal which values crores.

Every Khurana is having smile on their faces and everyperson enjoyed the party. Suddenly the music stopped and both the chachas stood on the centre of stage seeking attention.

“Attention everybody. We need to tell you all something very important. Its just that we are once again opening the Khurana textiles which has been closed since many years.” As soon as they completed the sentence there was a huge sound of murmuring.

“Well you must have been forgotten that it was the same company which Ram and I together strted it as soon s we completed our MBA. But stopped it after our beloved brothers death due to some resons. Anyways we started it to secure our lives with +our lady love’s that time.” Both the chachas said making every khurana gasp with surprise. Because as far as they knew both of them are too lazy to even lift their fingers and now they are speaking about handling their own bussiness.

“Whats the need for you guys to work? We……” Suhasini spoke making them stop her.

“No bhabi till today you have been bearing us with our lazy brains. But its really a very high time that we need behave like a man. My dear love, please forgive us for all the time we have been ignoring your feelings. Now let us give another chance and start everything afresh.. Will you be with us?” Both of them kneeled and forwarded their palm towards their lady love respectively.

There  is no stop for Prerna and Priyas happiness seeing them behave just like the way they used to behave when they were newly married. It was really a good feeling for them that they ran into their respective husbands arms making everyone smile wholeheartedly.

“Let me tell the whole truth to them?” Chachas said as soon as the party finished.

“No …..Not now. You have just started everything afresh so Dont spoil everything with this news. Lets tell them anyotherday.” Maan tried to explain.

“But the guilt is eating us.. and…”

“Please not now lets tell any other day.” Maan said in a authorative voice making them agree as they felt like their maan beta is telling them.

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“Okay we will tell them once we started the business….”Saing it chachas left them alone.

“Good night everyone go to sleep.” Maan said to his geet and lucky who went to their rooms to sleep.

While Maan started to go to his room he felt a huge pain on his head. He held it tightly and turned back to see a maan with a satisafactory grin holding a metallic rod.

“Adarsh?” Maan said in a whisper.

” Yes Adarsh…… Adarsh khurana. The only one man ………….. Only successful…….” Adarsh screamed loudly and started laughing while Maan slid his body on the ground.

“Are you too feeling jealous of me Mr Dev Kiloskar? Just like that looser Maan?” Adarsh said with a smirk making maan to get shock.

“Kya hua surprised? That I know you are Dev and not Maan? Well I know more things than you can imagine. I know that Maan is dead and chachas brought you here to act as maan. You have accepted it for money right?”

“How do you know all this? And how can you say that maan is dead?” Maanquestioned him while geet lucky and ashok stood beside him but did nothing as maan asked. While Adarsh was speaking everything absentmindedly.

“Oh I heard your drama company talks when you people were discussing. I came here as soon as I came to know that you are here. I was staying in different room along with my love swadeentha so that none notices me. And I know Maan is dead because I HAVE KILLED HIM WITH MY OWN HANDS.” Adarsh said making them shock.

“But why? Maan used to love you like his own blood? Then why did you kill him?” Maan asked him.

“Like his own blood? Damn it he is a monster. He only gives a show off that he cares for me but the truth is he is jealous of me. He tries to show the world that he is best and Im just a step brother who is just a slave for him.” Adarsh said with disgust.

“Just because of this you have killed your own brother.” Ashok shouted at him and adarsh replied as he is not even in the situation to realize who is around him and who is speaking. He is speaking whatever comes in his mind thats all.

“Its not a small thing dammit! Do you how does it feel when you love someone so dearly and they just feels disgusted to see you. I love my maan bhai like anything but he used to feel disgusted about me just because he feels jealous of me. Do you know why he used to act like he was happy with me because he want to mock me being a slave. And….. do you know why he sent me away from his place to world tours because …………. Because he hates to see my face, MY MAAN BHAI HATES ME. Aaaaaaaahhh” Adarsh started crying like his life is getting stopped within next second.

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Maan felt his eyes tearing seeing his baby brother thinking all this about him and he has been suffered from childhood but he didnt knew. Maan tried to cup his cheeks to which adarsh came willingly towards him like a baby.

“Hmmm I waited since childhood that my maan bhai would love me back at least once but no he didnt instead he started to fake his feelings. And do you know how it feels being like that. I was so depressed that I started taking drugs to overcome all this.” Adarsh said making maan gasp.

“What the hell adarsh why did you take drugs?” Maan slapped him

“I wish bhai slaps me instead of playing with my feelings.” Adarsh cried hard along with Maan. Both the brothers were crying like they have lost something valuable.

But suddenly Adarsh satrted to laugh hysterically making maan confused ” That why in order to end all this I have killed maan bhai with my own hands. With every bullet I shot him made me feel peace. After that I met my love swadeentha. And i was so happy for the first time in my life. Everything became normal as soon as maan was dead. HAHAHHHAHAA I killed my maan bhai. Yaaaaay Im so happy man today. Now no one will play with my feelings….” Adarsh kept on laughing while his eyes are not stopping to tear.

“When everything is going good why did you come in his place? You also want to prove me a waste creature right? Please go away Ill give all the money I have please dont play with me I want to have a beautiful life with my love swadeentha. Please leave us.” Adarsh kept begging him holding Maan legs.

Maan couldnt bear more than this so he left the place while swadeenta who witnessed everything came towards Adarsh.

“So it was your brother who has been doing all this?” Geet said while hugging maan close.

“No its not him. Its some one else who is influencing all these  things to him.” Maansaid wiping his tears.

“What?” All of them asked surprised.

“Yes didnt you remember what he said? He said that he killed WITH HIS OWN HANDS WITH GUN. But Dev got shot by his P.A. Mona who has been contracted to kill. So its someone who is trying to blame their deed on Adarsh by influencing him.” Maan said biting back his Sob.

“You are correct. Its not Adarsh but its me who have done all this.” The person said with an evil grin making Maan stumble his feet. May be the time is taking his revenge on him for his goodness.


Did you all like the twist hehehehehe I know Im devil in this ff so dont worry my first ff is going to end within 2 to 3 updates so just chill and comment.




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