Dear maaneetfavo this place is for you for being active on the thread. You know I feel reallly very happy when someone asks Waiting for update in th thread when I didnt update. It shows that how much you love the fiction. Thank you so much buddy *happy tears*

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“Di which one shall I take? Blue one or Green?”Geet asked showing showing the designer lehangas in her hands.

“Am I dreaming? Finally you left Maan for a minute to speak with me? I must surely note down todays date?” Simar joked while Geet laughed along with her.

“Di tell na?” She asked again.

“I  thought Maan will be selecting the dress for you then what happened?” Simar said reminding her words again.

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“Leave it di.  His name must be Most lazy khurana instead of Maan singh khurana. He is ready to buy the entire shop for me because I liked them. Finally after selecting two dresses he said hell buy these two. Now you only tell me what must I do with this man?” Geet said and pouted to which Simar sighed mentally.

“You both are the most rarest species on the earth. Does anyone fight for every small issue huuh?” She was about to continue but stopped seeing Maan in shervani.

“Now are you happy?” Maan asked with a irritated face displaying himself in a royal shervani which has a deep V neck giving a clear view of his rippled chest.

“Woah Chote? I never know that you will wear shervani at weddings! All thanks to our Mishty.” Simar said and pulled geets cheeks.

“Di stop pulling her cheeks she may get hurt.” Maan said geting jealous as Simar is pulling geet cheeks.

“Yeh lo shuru ho gaya Possesive khurana.” Armaan said with a teasing smile along with Rishab.

“What?” Maan asked in his authorative voice making them shut up and the ladies to giggle. ” Anyways Geet Ill pack both the dresses as they are looking good on you. No more arguments.”

“Haaw… how can you say like this maan.I need only one dress for the Wedding. We have already shopped for all the ceremonies so chose anyone dress. And thats final.” She too mimicked Maan making him sigh.

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“Okay fine wear this Green lehenga for wedding..”Maan said and geet smiled looking at her dres “And wear this blue dress anyother time. So Im going to pay for both.” He said smirking while geet to followed him for anther countless fights.

“They are unique di.” Armaan said while Simar too agreed.

It has been nearly one month since geet started to talk with Simar in a normal way. She still rememberd that day which made geet to speak with her.


As usual Simar sent Maan to his office with much difficulty as he isnt ready to leave Geet even for a second. She came to Geets Room to see her sleeping peacefully and started to arrange the bed sheets and curtain.

Suddenly a blood stain on geets dress caught her attention and she understood that Geet must be in her special days so she took out the required Items for those days and started waking geet.

“Geet wake up. Good morning. Come on lets get ready.” Simar said strocking her head.

Geet lazily woke up streching her arms and tried to look for Maan. Feeling him no where near her  her eyes started to get mist only to be stopped feeling a soft touch on her head. She stared at simar for long time and didnt cry like last time instead she tried to sit properly. But a sudden painful cramp in her abdomen made her to curl into a ball feeling scared as she has no idea what is happening to her body.

Simar understood geet feeling and tried to ease her up. So she massaged her head to which geet felt relaxed and moved towards simar.

“Geet its time for bath will you come with me?”Simar asked her.

“Hmmm” Geet replied to her making happy as its the first time that geet responded to her. She helped geet towards bathroom and gave her a good warm shower which relaxed her tensed up muscles. After her shower she made geet to wear a long frock and readied her. Everything was going good until simar brought the things for the special days which made geet to shudder in fear looking at them.

“Shh geet its nothing to get fear. See ill help you with these.” She said but get eyes started tearing and fell on the floor.

“Sorry attayya garu. Ill not come inside from next time. I promise I have not touched anything. Nijanga naku Stomach pain vastunde. Please give me some blanket.” Geet started speaking to the empty space clutching her stomach.

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Though simar couldnt understand her words she felt Geets pain so she immediately hugged her and tried to sussh her.

“Relax geet. You are safe. Im with you look at me shhh no dont cry.” But it didnt stop her from crying.

Simar helped with her things and brought her to the bedroom while geet was clutching her arm and sobbing. Simar tried to leave her arm so that she could bring some warm milk to geet but Geet didnt leave her.

“Please dont leave me di. I am getting scared.” Geet for the first time spoke with Simar and hugged her. While simar agreed to her and placed geets head in her lap stroking her hair softly which made geet to sleep again.

Simar understood that whatever  happened in the washroom must surely be related to her past and it was really torturous for geet. She understood that Geet was mistreated on her periods through her body language and words. She pulled out her phone and searched in google for the words geet used in google translator.

Telugu: Nijanga naku stomach pain vastundi.

English: My stomach is paining.

Simar sighed with the result and typed the second word

Telugu: Attayya garu

English: Mother in law/ Mothers brothers wife/ Fathers sister

“So geet must be begging sorry for this so called attayya woman? Why is Geet requesting for a mere peice of blanket? Why is she proving that she hasnt touched anything? I need to discuss with Maan abou this!” simar thought to herself and was about to dial Maan but he was already home surprising her.

“Di Is Geet okay? Did she cry?” Maan asked panting settling beside geet.

“What the? Chote what are you doing here at this time? I asked you to be at office right?” Simar said with anger because Maan was getting attached to Geet more deeply. She knew her stubborn brother has fallen deeply and madly for Geet that he could sense her every feeling from miles away. But she is scared aftter today maybe Geet is married and she isnt meant for him.

Here Maan cleared the tears on geet face very gently fearing that his touch may hurt her. He is never going to hurt her or let her shed even a tear.

“What happened di?” Maan asked still cuddling Geet with him like a Small baby.

Simar sighed and narrated him about todays events making maan to close his fists angrily. 

“Ill kill every damn person whoever tried to hurt geet in her past.” Maan said to himself and cursed under his breath.


From that day Geet started talking to Simar addressing her as Di and started to heal fastr in Maan Presence. For him Geet is his Little glass doll which needs to be protected from the cruel world. Simar still feels that Maan Geet are soulmates but is scared that Maans hopes might shatter in a flick so she chosed to stay mum.

“Di the wedding is Armaans not mine so why must I wear this pagdi.” Maan said making faces looking at the Bright pink pagdi.

“Why whats wrong with this pagdi? Mr MSK dont you dare to wear this! If not ill wear it instead of you.” Geet said.

“Dammit I look like a Cartoon if I wear this.” Maan said pointing towards it.

“Maan you like a cartoon  even without it so whats the big deal if you wear it or not.” Geet said laughing out loud.

“What? Did you call me cartoon?” Maan said coming forward.

“Yes I said.” Geet said coming forward.

Before they could fight again Simar di came forward to stop their silly fights.” Stop it both of you. Wont you even look at your surroundings when you are both together? The entire mall is looking at you all as if they came to circus. Now both of you shut up and come soon.” Simar di said while she stumbled causing her foot to get twisted.

“dammit Di whats the hurry to walk? What if something happens to you.” Maan, Rishab and Armaan started to shout at her and she just pouted.

“You guys are oveer reacting. Its just a small sprain and Im fine. Itll get get cure in matter of MInutes.” Simar said and stood up to go but was stopped as she was sweeped from the ground.

“Chote put me down Im fine.” Simar said while Maan glared at her.

“Ya I can see that how fine you are. Now dont speak anything until we reach home.” Maan said while Rishab and armaan too agreed.

Geet sat beside maan in the car while he was driving and both the brothers along with simar di are sitting backside. She saw their bonding and smiled looking at at maan who was worrying for his simar di. She remember the day when simar di told her that She is Armaan and Rishabs sister while Maan considers her as his own ister. 


Geet was going through the childhood pics of Maan which simar is showing to with great interest. Geet found many pics adorable and cute as maan was ver little. She couldnt believe the strong well built man infront of her was once a cute kid.

“Di why arent you there in any of his pics?” Geet questioned as there are only Maan along with his parents.

“Because we didnt meet that time dear. We met him when he was back from harward that is when he is 21 years old.” simar said to her.

“What? But you are his sister right?” Geet again asked her.

“No geet. Maans parents and my parents were friends cum Bussiness partners. When Maan was a Kid may be in his early teanage his parents met with an accident leaving him all alone in this world. He was so shaken that he ignored every shoulder to cry and went to london to complete his studies. Only after coming here we again saw him in one of the bussiness parties. Though he stayed aloof and maintained proffesional with my parents  he considered me as his own sister because he used to feel that I look like his mother.” Simar laughed wiping her tears.

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“What? Is he living all these years alone in this big bunglow?”Geet asked her being shocked.

“Yes geet. This would always be dark without lights and only after you coming this place started get bright.” She said to her.

“So that chipku is also your brother?” Geet asked reffering Rishab as chipku because he always irritates Maan.

“Yes. Armaan and rishab are my blood brothers while Maan is no less.” Simar said smiling fondly which made geet heart proud seeing his care towards Simar even if she is not his sister. 

Maan is so special and best. She thought to  herselves.


“Geet I know Maan is handsome because he is copying my dressing style but iska matlab yeh nahi ki you will keep on staring him” Rishab joked while Geet blushed.

“Rishab did ever think of jumping out of a moving car for your life?” Maan  questioned him.

No! But why?”

Because if you wont stop your chatter Im going to kill you and youll be jumping out of the car for your life” Maan said making him gulp in fear and everyone laughed while Maans attention is only on Geet who is laughing along with others

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“Stay like this geet, Happily laughing like a flower with no worries.” He said in his heart.


The wedding day……Maan accepting his feelings for geet…….Maans newly built world getting destroyed…… Geet remember her half past…..

I hope I havent made you all feel yuck with this update. Get ready for the More dark past of Geet with some handkerchiefs ready for next update.



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