Anika woke up early in the morning and got ready for her first day at the office. She ate the food which Daksh gave yesterday and checked the groceries to cook for the day. She thanked Daksh heartfully as he is really very good and she had never dreamed in her life that she would meet such pure hearted person unlike the beast SSO. She immediately stopped before she start to think of her new boss aka the beast as she wants her first day to be peaceful.

Completing all her chores she exited the workers quarters and started to walk towards the office. As the distance between the office and quarters is only few feet the workers prefered to walk. Being a cleaner/ safaiwala Anika must arrive before every employee so that shew can clean the office.

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As soon as she reached the office she saw nearly 5o workers only for cleaning.

“Hey bhagvan itne saare log sif safai ke liye. humpff Beast and his attitude.” She cursed SSO under her breath and saw a person supervising the workers.

“Kaka I joined today where must I work?” She asked the old man.

” You sweep the canteen and the corridors attaching it. And ha don’t forget to clean the glass doors and windows. It must be shiny. Pankavathi is already cleaning that place so she will help you with the tools. And remember to come everyday at 7 ‘clock and go only after evry employ leaves. You need to clean the canteen twice.” The old man said and showed her the way to canteen.


“Uff Pankavathi whats this name. I have never heard of it. Like seriously she must surely belong to some other country and must be old lady.” Anika thought to herself and came inside the canteen.

Finding no one in the canteen she gave a voice “Pankavathi ji suniye Pankavathi ji.”

“OYE TAMATO ILL KILL YOU IF YOU CALL ME LIKE THAT.” A girl equal age of Anika threw tomato on Anika warning her.

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“But its your name right.” Anika again tried.

“Forget that name. Call me Pinky. Okay and who are you.” Pinky asked her.

“Okay pinky My name is Anika from today onwards im working here as safaiwala so I need to clean this place along with you.” Anika said introducing herself.

“Oh okay. Here take this broom and clean from the corridors ill be cleaning the floor. And remember My Name Is Pinky Only.” She again reminded her name and both of them started their works.

After some time both of them completed cleaning the alloted place and started to leave.

By this time the office started and the employees started working with a buzz suddenly the entire building became quiet and immersed themselves into their work..

Anika tried to see what happened that the entire building became quiet so she peeked a little from the canteen. The scene infront of Anikas eyes can make anyone go week in their knees and Anika is not exempted from this list.

A hot dashing young man walked into the building along with his bodyguards. His royal suit stuck to his body like a second skin giving a good view of his strong masculine body. Few tendrils escaped from his neatly gelled hair making him more irresistible. With every long stride he took made every girl heartbeat skip and when he passed the musky scent drove them crazy.

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Anika was also drooling at this hot man like every other girl but immediately landed back to the earth feeling something very heavy on her shoulder. She realized that she is drooling on SSO the Beast and immediately slapped herself mentally.

Yes the person is none other than SSO, the only man who has right on the every girls la la land.

“Pinky what happened to you? Are you Okay.” Anika asked seeing pinky who is resting her head on her shoulder.

“Haayee mera DD agaya.” Pinky said dreamily.

“DD? Matlab?”

“DD matlab Dhak Dhak. ” She said fanning herself while Anika rolled her eyes.

“Yuck it’s really disgusting he is a beast. And whats there in him that every one are going crazy. Did you see he walks like a handicapped and blind person and his teeth those must have fallen off thats why he never shows them to anyone. Ufff.” Anika tried mock SSO looks ignoring her heart who is questioning her the same.

“Anika did you ever thought of running for your life in the middle of the day?” Pinky asked her.

“No why?”

“Because im going to chase you if you speak anything against my DD.” She said pointing the mob towards her in a threatening tone.

“Okay so what if he has good looks. His heart his polluted in the extreme way. Look there Daksh is also working along with him and did you see his mere presence brings smiles on our face. That is called the real beauty.” Anika said smiling at Daksh from far.

“Chi who looks at his face. Though he might stand near SSO but we see only our DD. And maybe only like to smile at that spoilt cabbage not us so dont bring his topic.” Pinky said with a frown.

” Haaw what did you say spoilt cabbage? like really you must have gone blind to see a real and pure beauty. It lies in heart not on face.”

“Chal teek hai I love my DD so dont speak about him near me and you love Daksh so i wont speak about him. Deal.”Pinky said both and both of them agreed to the deal.

Daksh heard only the last words when pinky said ‘you love Daksh so i wont speak about him’ and stood there shcocked while Anika to noticed him and realized that he heard their conversation.

Both of them stared into each other and Anika came forward to explain her position.

“Hmmm voh actually ji she tried to speak something bad about you so I defended you. Thats all. Its not lke what your thinking. See you only tell me how can I love you. I mean im not telling that you are unfit to love me its also doesnt mean that you are fit to love. I actuallly…………” Anika started fubling all the words.

“Hey bhagvan whats happening with me why the hell am i feeling like this plaease help me.” Anika said to herself and Daksh calmed her.

“Relax Anika its okay. I understand.” He said with a smile and Anika couldnt stand there anymore so she left th place running.

un known place

“Anika once again you have landed yourselves in trouble. Now where will you go. I dont even know how to come out from this isolated place.” Anika said to herselves.

Finally after some time she saw SSO marching towards her with great speed which made Anika scared and hid herself behind the wall. To her luck he didnt came near her instead he went inside a room leaving the doors open.

“Tum bhi naa Anika why will he come behind you he came here for some work. And as soon as he leaves just go out from this place.” She said to herself and waited.

Suddenly she heard a jingling sound and bang of the door. There was sudden change in the wheather the curtains started flying while the jingling sound became more clear to Anika.

“Hey bhagvan is it really a ghost coming or my imagination. Please shoo all the Dakshils away from me.” She chanted some mantras and peeked to see a girl of her age is going towards the same room where SSO went.

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“OH its just the wind and its her bracelet sound its not some ghost Anika. But why is this girl going towards this room. She was asked to wait in the waiting room na she will be getting interview within few minutes for her job then why?” Anika thought something is surely happenng and slowly followed her and saw the door was locked now.

As she couldnt see she pressed her ears on the door to hear the voices.

“Oh SSO slow down please. Ahhh… Baby im sore …UHHH slow down.” The girl kept moaning.

” Oh really if you cant handle for three rounds of s*x then how do you expect me to give you the job, huh. Your are usesless then get lost. I wont give you the job in my company.” He groaned with frustration.

“No please…I need this job… I am ready for another round.” The girl cried while Anika gasped hearing all this with her own ears.

“Chiii voh dono kar rah hai voh bhi yaha. And uski toh……what must I do now?” Anika started to think biting her nails.

“Wow I enjoyed it. Come tonight for xyz hotel we can enjoy more.” Anika heard his rasps while the girls voice was too slow to hear.

“SSO my job?” She asked him with difficulty.

“Of course you are the most deserving assistant for SSO. You are appointed.” She heard him say.

Anika understood that they are going to come out anytime soon so she hid again in her same place trying to control her breath.

After some time she heard the door opening and their footsteps nearing her. She peeped slowly out of curiosity.

SSO was walking along with her with a victorious grin on his face while the girl was trying to maintain a happy face. Anika immediately looked at them with disgust and left the place as soon as they left.

As she didnt know the way she bumped into his cabin where he was about dictate and stopped seeing Anika.

“Miss Anika what a surprise? I think you are late and your place is not upstairs.” SSO said tauntingly.

“Sorry… I just missed my place. I am just trying to figure out the door to go out.” She said controlling her anger.

“Bloody every coward says the same word. Doing mistakes and finally asking for forgiveness. Now get out. I have work.” SSO said with anger.

“Its not me but you are a coward thats why you are hiding from everyone and doing disgusting things with yous assistants.” Anika also mocked him.

SSO understood that Anika is hinting towards the things he have done to his new assistant in that room.

“Hmmm so you have seen it. Now shut up and get lost.” SSO said casually.

“You bloody beast how can you spoil a girls life like that? You heartless. Learn to respect woman.” Anika started bashing him.

“Oh please now dont act like an innocent lady. You women are like this just manipulate for money and fake some tears to prove yourselves innocent. Now dont make this a issue as you are going to see this everyday. If you cant you can just ask my forgiveness and leave the office.” SSO said like a matter of fact.

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“How can you think about only yourselves? Did you ever thought about how must she be feeling.” Anika asked little softly.

“Ask her if she feels bad something.” He said Anika asked the same to the girl.

“Im really very lucky to get the work for SSO. He is just a god for me.” She said looking down.

“OHO Just few bundles of money and every person is a god. So Miss Anika I hope your doubt got clarified. Now get out.” SSO said and got back to his work.

“No im not going to sit quiet Im going to show your true face infront of everyone.” Anika said and started to move out of the office cabin.

Daksh who was passing by heard their coversation and stopped their fight.

“SSO please leave the topic Ill speak to her.” Daksh calmed the situation and pulled Anika along with him towards his cabin.

“Daksh leave me… Ill kill that beast.” Anika struggled.

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“Are you mad Anika. What are you speaking in the cabin huh?”

“Its the truth he is using women to give the jobs. He is is beast and sick.”

“Everyone knows it but we must not raise voice. Our jobs will be at risk. Remember where will you go when you wont have the job. You got this job with difficulty right?” Daksh explained.

“Then should we stay quiet?” Anika still questioned.

“Unfortunately yes. We must just do as our Boss says for our jobs.” Daksh explained to her while couldnt digest the truth.


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