Part 19

“No I don’t believe this. You are my friend Dev not some Maan Singh.” Lucky said crying for his friend death.

“What you are the Maan Singh khurana?” They heard ashok handa voice and turned their heads to see Geet and Ashok handa standing shocked near the door.

Immediately everyone stood up seeing the handas here.

“Yes papa ji, he is The MSK.” Geet said to ashok handa making everyone shock except for maan.

“What? You knew about him being MSK?” Ashok handa asked being surprised.

“Yes, papa ji. Maan said everything to me the day when i went to meet him.” Geet said.


“Geet…I want to speak something very important with you. But please listen to the complete truth. I will respect any decision you take even if you want to leave me you can. I assure you I won’t disturb you if you don’t want to see my face.” He said seriously.

“Yash ji, you are scaring me. What are you saying.” She said getting tensed. 

“Geet whatever papa ji is saying about me is truth. I am not Yash scindia. I am not any CEO. And I’m not any “SOCIAL WORKER”. Everything is planned Geet.” He said looking straight in her eyes. 

“Aap…Aap…I…what?..” Geet fumbled for words not believing her ears. 

He sighed and started narrating the truth from the beginning. All the while Geet got to know about him more and more. She didn’t know many things which happened around her. 

When he narrated his complete story he looked at Geet who’s eyes were filled with tears. She was looking so hurt while he is trying hard not to cry in front of her. 

“Geet, I am still saying. The decision is yours.” He said fearing to loose her. 

“I LOVE YOU. Yes I’m in love with you. Not because you are CEO not because you are a social worker. I love all of you. My heart beats increase when you are around me reminding me that I am a girl. Trust me I still love you no matter what you are.” She spoke sincerely while cupping his cheeks lovingly.


“That day itself maan told me about his entire plan to catch the culprit. Even today morning after the karela fight we came to meet Adi. Well maans room has secret room which is connect to his wardrobe.” geet said again making everyone surprise.

Image result for secret passage door


“But who is the person who killed dev?” Lucky asked with confusion.

“I know it must surely be your chachas. They are so greedy for money. Didnt you  remember how careless they are even after knowing that maan is dead?” Ashok handa spoke with rage and everyone agreed.

“Yes dude it must surely be your chachas.” Lucky agreed along with ashok.

“NO. Both the chachas are not involved in this matter. It is someone else.” Maan stated while Adi nodded.

“O Teri. Itna goodness mat dikhana it must surely be them. Even at this point they are trying to eat money using your name.  They havent seen Ashok handa true face  still now. Ill kill them with my single punch.” Ashok said showing his strong fist.

“Yes. I agree they are greedy for money but they are still good at heart. They wouldnt dare to kill others for money. Its just that they forgot to live with emotions. All they know is to lay back and eat without lifting a finger. So its not Chachas work.” Maan said making Ashok handa to feel proud of him.

“Then what are we going to do next?” All of them asked together to Maan.

“First we must make them realize the value of relations and emotions.” Maan said.

“But how?” Lucky again asked.

“This is our family album which has been discarded long time ago as none felt this to be important. The entire khurana memories are there in this album. So lucky you must take this album and show it to the family members. You must pretend that you have seen it for the first time. And Im sure everyone will join you.” Maan said showing a big photo album.

Image result for big book

“But why will anyone think to discard the album. I mean alot of memories will be present.” Geet asked innocently.

“Because not everyone will give importance to feelings.” Maan said gulping the lump in his throat.

Everyone felt Maan unsaid feeling and could clearly understand how lonely Maan was feeling.

“Okay guys let me start with my Album drama.” Lucky said trying to change the topic and disappeared to the living room where all the family members are present.

Dev left the place through this secret passage leaving Maan Geet and Ashok.

“Im proud of you BETA. I have always searched for the best groom for my daughter but you are 100 times more than what I have expected. Im always there with you. And may god give you all the happiness you deserved.” Ashok handa hugged both Maan and Geet while they felt happy.



“Hello everyone. I found this album outside near the plants. Please can you all introduce me the persons in the album.” Lucky asked while Priya came forward to look at the album.

“Oye why are you wasting time in all this shit. Go and tell to suhasini bhabi that maan needs surgery as soon as possible and for that you need 10 lakhs.” Bade chacha whispered in luckys ears.

Lucky felt disgusted with their behaviour. Like seriously just for money. Without wasting a second he slapped bade chacha on his cheek.

“How dare you hit me.?” He asked with anger.

“Voh…….Mosquito.” Lucky said making the situation under his control.

“Suniye look at this you were so young in this photo.” Bade chachi called him and he went to look at his pic.

Indeed he was young and handsome that time as he used to be the topper of his college. Then what happened now? Why is he looking like an eighty year old when he is still in his late 40’s? Why is he already suffering from blood pressure? Is it because that he didnt even move his finger after his brothers death? Or is it because that he has become a selfish?

“And look at this photo, Maan and adarsh along with their chchas.” The ladies showed another pic to them.

It was a photo of both the chachas carrying Maan and Adarsh in their arms happily.There are many pics like that alon with the kids.

Well they loved Maan and Adarsh like their own kids. No more than their own kids. They didnt even want to have their own kids thinking that they might be partial. Their day used to start with the kids and used to end with them.

Image result for cezanne khan

Then what happened now? They dont even know where their dear kids are.  They had never left their side and now Maan is dead while Adarsh is roaming around the world.

Both the chachas are trying not to breakdown infront of the whole family so they excused themselves and came out to take a fresh breath.

Did money became really important to them that they started ignoring the family feelings? When did they start becoming such greedy and selfish persons? As far as they remembered they are the most active and cheerful members then why did hey become lazy?

And their wifes whom they had loved so dearly and couldnt even see a tear drop shedding are crying non stop and they didnt even feel to wipe them. Why the hell did they became like a heartless stone?

Image result for Ram kapoor

They regretted. Each and every moment which they destroyed with their own hands.

“I think we need to stop all this Drama. We will tell everyone that maan is dead and we have brought a lookalike Dev in the place of him.” Bade chacha said and chote chacha agreed.

“Yes bro we need to mend our broken relations. Everyone needs to know about this. Lets say the lookalike to stop the drama.” Saying that both of them marched towards Maans bedroom.


Here Maan is observing everything from the secret camera that Adi has fixed. He was concentrating on everyones expressions but something caught his attention.

It was a nor mal family picture but if we concentrate we can see two men are quarelling holding each other shirt.

Maan recognised one person to be his father but couldnt remember the other person with whom his father is fighting. That face looked familiar to him but still he couldnt remember him.

Image result for Gurmeet choudhary laptop

Finally after thinking for some seconds his sharp mind answered his question. That person was Mr Sharma. Yes he was the same person whom Maan has thrown out of his office due to his chachas mistake.

But why is Mr Sharma there in this pic? He is just a employ in our company and what he is he doing in chote chacha wedding? I need to find out Maan said to himself and messaged Adi to find out all the details of Mr sharma..



Uffffff ………… My fingers are paining. Do comment and let me know how the update came. Well this ff is going to end within 5 chapters maximum.



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