MG FF: Kyun kwabon pe tere saye hai

A blur image of a happy couple looks at each other with a beautiful smile adorning thaier faces. Suddenly their smiles vanished and horror screams escaped from their throats while blood drenched their faces. An evil laugh was heard behind them but they couldnt turn back as their energy was completely drained. Both of them tried to come closer holding their hands but Alas! They were separated mercilessly from each other.wp-1484751916712.jpeg

Trying reach him she came forward but fell down after getting hit with something but before closing her eyes she heard a painful voice screaming “GEET!”







I immediately woke up with a jerk as if that person in my dream is calling me. Yes, its a dream. Well an unforgetable dream. I dont even understand why am i seeing this dream everyday. JI, yes Im seeing this everyday and Ill be waking up crying without control.


“Sowmya are you okay? Did you see the same dream?” My mother asked coming inside my room and hugged me.

“Yes ma, and papa dont worry Im fine.” I tried to smile while clearing my tears.

“That good for nothing doctor…..ill see his end. Bade aya treatment karne but see my angel is still suffering.” My papa said giving me the breathing tube and my mother patted my back.

After some time my breathing came to normal but the worry on my parents face didnt subside.

“Ma, Papa why am I seeing this dream everyday? Am I going to die or something?” I asked with my most innocent face making them emotional.

“Shhh never speak about death dear. We have only you. If anything happens to you our heart will stop beating.” My parents said while we had a group hug.

“Oh my god ma, Its already late. I need to go.” I said kissing their cheeks just to lighten the atmosphere and sprung into the washroom taking my clothes along with me and making the room mess.


“Why must she tolerate this pain? Sowmya is so innocent and fragile and i dont understand about her nightmare which is torturing her everyday. Please ji change the doctor I want the best doctor to cure her.” I heard my mumma say these words.

“Yes, I am going to change this doctor and search for the best doctor. Our angel deserves to smile always.” My father said and marched to change the doctor while my mother started to clean my messy room.

Hmmm! This is the routine task for us. Ill be screaming after the dream and my parents consoles me and next theyll change the doctor.

Hahahaha. I laughed thinking about the no of doctors they had changed for me. But I need to stop changing this doctor again. You see we are just upper middle class family so we couldnt waste money like this. Anyways the mistake is with me and not with doctor.

But why am I seeing that dream everyday? Who is the couple? And why is someone calling Geet name? Who is geet? And why am i feeling pain when that person cried in pain?

I need to stop thinking all this before my head explodes. Sighing to myself I took a quick shower and ran to the breakfast table to see my parents waiting for me.

“I need to run to workplace ma. Its already late.” I said trying to escape the breakfast but my mom came running towards me while she started feeding me the breakfast trying to match my steps.

“okay bye.” I bid a bye and ran to the bus stop.

Well my bus will be arriving at anytime so ineed to wait for few more minutes.

Suddenly I felt my heartbeat changing and the surroundings seemed different. I dont why it changed like this?

I turned towards my right side to see a warm pair of chocolate brown eyes staring at me. Mmm those eyes were the amazing things I have seen in my entire life.

My eyes traveled towards his remaining features to admire him. This person was about six feet height and had a muscular body which is looking little week now and has a greek god looks.


I immediately blushed realizing what I am doing. Well its not the first time i have admired a man but it was his intent stare on me made me blush under his gaze.

“Geet.” He finally uttered painfully which made my heart ache.

I immediately had an urge to run straight into his arms to absorb away all his pain but then I realized he just called me Geet.

The same voice which i have been seeing in my dream. The same pain in his voice. And the same name Geet.

I didnt knew for how long I have been staring into his deep eyes but I was lost. Really lost into him leaving every damn thing.

But a question rose in my mind which made me to land back.

Who is he? And how did he know me? Is he related to me?





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