Laughingpearls FF Halla bol


I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or believes through this fiction. 
A girl in her mid teens probably around 15 years of age wearing a cute blue skirt and white blouse and a grey colour coat is covering her blouse. She came out to buy some books to complete her homework given by her teachers.

“Always walk left side of the road.” She rememberd what she was taught in the school and obeyed.
The entire market is crowded with almost all kinds of people vendors, travvelers, sellers, buyers, onlookers, etc etc. Even though There is avery little place between a person to person she maintained a safe distance and moved further.
After buying the books she tried to go back to her home but a man was blocking her way and leaning over her. Thinking that there is no place to move she gave him space and tried to go from other side. But Alas! As its a crowded place it surely takes time to move further so she stood patiently and walked slowly.
She noticed a uncomfortable touch on her private parts since long time but ignored it thinking it to be some unwanted touch. But the touch is increasing and she immediatly realised that someone trying to take advantange of this crowded place and trying to molest her.
“Do not stay quiet if anyone touches you in an unapprotriate manner. Just slap that person right on his face and push him down.” She rememberd her martial art teacher words.
Without wasting any second she slapped the person who is behind her with her book and pushed him hardly making his nose bleed and eyes blur.
“What the hell are you doing? You bloody scoundrel.” She screamed making everyone around her to stop on their tracks.
“What happened child?” The onlookers asked her.
This person who misbehaved with her was sure that she wont raise her voice and tell about the incident because she is a female. But he was wrong she took a step ahead.
“This raskal is trying to molest me.”She said with a raging voice making everyone gossip about the situation.
“Hey girl, why are you making this a big issue,huh? Dont you have shame to speak all this in public.” A lady from the crowd said with a disgusted face.
“Why must i be ashamed if he did mistake. This person must be punished for his deeds.” She again screamed.
“Oye hello shameless girl. First look at your clothes and speak. You are wearing such revealing clothes to attract men and now you are acting as if you are some poor soul. Just because of you our country is getting destroyed.” The man who misbehaved with her stood and spoke confidently and people arround agreed with him.
She was shocked as people were supporting this scroundrel and calling her characterless. She still want to argue but stopped seeing a girl in her early twenties slapping him right on his face and punched him in the stomach.
” Oh really those clothes are revealing than what me? I dont see any of my flesh being exposed to the dirty society. Then why the hell did you touch me?” She said pointing towards her modestly covered jeans.

“Oho now look who has come another godess. Look how your curves are visible through this body hugging clothes. Your clothes clearly shows that you are purposely inviting for s*x.” Some person along with that molester said without shame on her face.
“Then what about me? I didnt show any flesh nor i am wearing a body fitting dress. Then why am I a victim of this molester.” A girl in her twenties came forward ignoring her mothers pull on her arm and pointed towards her loose fully draped chudidar on her body.

“Shut up choti. Why are you getting involved in this matter. Come lets go.” Her mother tried to pull her away fearing for the society.
“No maa. We should not be quiet. These bloody b******ds are roaming freely as they are thinking us to be dumb. Why must we be quiet when its his mistake.” She questioned her mother.
“Anyone will molest you seeing your wild behaviour. Dont you have any shame to speak like this. You are behaving like a b***h. You are woman so behave like one. Who knows with what intension you have come out. We very well know how girls like you trap men for money.” Again the society taunted and badmouthed her.
“Really what about me? I am like your mothers age then why did you touch me. Will you tell me that I am a desperate woman?” A lady in her sixties in a saree step forward.
The people were again ready to point her character but before that all the ladies slapped everyone who was about to speak making them stuble.
“The problem is not with our clothes you morons its with your disgusting thoughts.” All of them shouted and stated hitting those persons.
“Please stop it Mams we will take them with us. This person will be arrested for molesting and these people will be arrested for public nuisance. Let the law do its work.” The police intervened in the scene and arrested them.
Before going to the police station they turned and saluted the school girl for her braveness. If not for her no one would raise their voice against this brutal act.

Awareness in school and colleges
Training for self deffence
Societies thought about women
Character being measured by clothes
Gender bias


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