Part 10

“Miss Zoya, your cabin is near the mortuary. So you will deal with the patients near that lane.” Armaan said handing some files to zoya.
“What? But I have scored above 90% in my medicine then why?” She asked being confused.
“So… You were alloted that place yesterday. All I know is you need to complete your work. Now please go.” Armaan said slightly frustrated.
“But Dr Armaan how could you do this. Its un….” Her words were interupted by Armaan scream.Image result for karan singh grover angry
“What the hell is your problem? Huh I have asked you to get the hell out of here then why are you still here. Every damn person does what they wants.” Armaan shouted for the first time in his life making the entire hospital to trmble.
“Whats happening here.?” Asad who saw people gathering around Armaan cabin asked them.
“Woh Armaan saab is shouting on everyone since morning Dont know why?” The worker told him and Asad got worried.
After the incident with Ridhimma Armaan was disturbed so much that he started behaving wierdly with everyone. This surely shocked Priya so she asked Asad to go after Armaan and check if he is alright.
“Okay everyone Go and work. Dismiss.” Asad shooed everyone and went inside to see Armaan and zoya argyuing.
“Stop it guys. Zoya you wait outside I need to speak with armaan.” Asad said to zoya while she agreed wiping her tears.
“Now what do you wanna say?” Armaan spoke with irritation.Image result for karan singh grover angry
“Eat your food now. Mumma is worried with your strange behaviour. Arrey leave it. Thats just a small issue dont concentrate much.” Asad said hinting towards yesterdays event.
“Damn how can I forget it. Its about my self respect. Do you know how i felt that time when everyone are blaming me and no one stood for me. Do you know how it feels when the person whom you love the most is the reason behind your pain. Do you know……”Armaan kept on screaming and asad immediately hugged him not wanting to see his brother like this.
“Be strong Armaan I cant see you weak like this. I know you are feeling weak right now but dont worry I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.” Asad tried to console Armaan.
After few minutes Asad suceeded in makin the situation better and left to meet zoya who was busy cursing asad and armaan.
“If you have completed with your cuursing shall we speak?” Asad asked biting back his smile seeing zoya angry. He found her cute.Image result for surbhi jyoti angry
“No I wont stop Mr bacteria. Tum kya karoge? Its my mistake to join here. And your brother how dare he scold me infront of everyone. Ill not leave him. Ill kill him.” Zoya scribbed.
Asad tried to calm her but it went in vain so he tried in his style to divert the topic.
“I am suffering from blood cancer thats why my brother is like that. You know how does it feel………” He trailed off as if he is really hurt.
“I am so sorry i dont know all this. I act………” Asad intteruoted her with his laugh.
“HAHAHAHAHAHA…. finally you stopped. Thank God. Anyways listen my brothers is the most reserved and calm person he is just disturbed with some incident. So dont anything to heart.” Asad said.
“What happened?” She asked out of curiosity and asad explained her about yesterday events which made zoya also shock.
“This is too much. How can she do like that to him?” Zoya said with disgust.
before asad could say anything they heard Riddhimas voice and turned to see behind. Ridhimma was standing along with that lady who made issue yesterday.
Asad immediately pullled them aside not wanting asad to see her and zoya followed him.
“Im sorry armaaan..”Ridhimma said but asad stopped her.
“Im Asad not Armaan. Pagal aunty.” He said with irritation.
“Idiot everything happened becuase of you. I misunderstood the situation thinking its Armaan.” Ridhimma said and startedhittim him while Zoya held her hand.
“Who the hell are you and how dare you hit him.” Zoya said with little possesive tone which made asad happy.
“Im riddhimma. Armman is upset with me just because of this idiot. I need to say sorry.” Ridimma cried while zoya pusheed her.Image result for Armaan shilpa
“Hold your tongue miss ridhimma you have done so much. Now its enough please get out.” Zoya said with anger.
Asad observed the situation and said “Okay ridhimma you can meet him i xyz park in evening, ILL bring him there.” Asad said making ridhimma happy and she thanked before leavng the place.
“Why did you excuse her hu?” Zoya asked in anger.
” Armaan loves her so i dont want to hurt my brother by hurting her. Arrey everything is fair in love and war.” Asad smiled.
” Love my foot. She looks like a villian and did you forget what she did yesterday?”
“No i remember everything. But we need to move on. And even you too look like villian didnt i love you?” Asad smirked.
“What? Im not a villian. And how dare you compare me with her?” Zoya said not concentrating what he said.
“I think you didnt hear me miss zoya. ” asad said making zoya to rewind his words.
And even you too look like villian didnt i love you?
And even you too look like villian didnt i love you?
Didnt i love you?
Finally it struck her Asad loves her. Her eyes widened and a red color hue formed on her cheeks making him smirk more.Image result for surbhi jyoti blush
‘Take your sweet time to love me back. Ill wait for you no matter what? Asad whispered in her ear and left the place leaving Zoya in her own thoughts.



ARMAAN RIDHIMMA AND ASAD ZOYA falling in love slowly. Ill introduce the lady in next update who is riddhimma friend. Till then enjoy.



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