part 3 (shivika)

Anika looked arround her new room alloted for all the workers and smiled.
“So Anika did you like the room.?” Daksh asked with a smile.
“Hmmm Yes. Its beautiful. I didnt see such a big place in my life.” Anika said and looked at her room again.
The room has a hall, small kitchen and small bedroom with attached bathroom. The whole house is empty and Anika must fill her belongings. Though the house is small but for Anika its really huge as she hasnt ever seen such big places.
“Hmmm okay. Anika shall i help you in arranging the house?” Daksh asked pointing towards her belongings.
“hmmm No. Its okay. Anyways i have only three pairs of clothes So i can arrange it within five minutes.” She said smiling making him gasp.
“What? You dont even have minimum needs to live. Damn it. I dont think you have anything to eat now. Wait let me order something for you to eat.” Daksh said and ordered the food ignoring her pleas.


“Daksh whats the need to do all this. You have given me job and thats more than enough you need to do all this.” Anika said being little emotional.

“Awwe you hurt me. You told me im your friend but see you arent treating me like that. Anyways now eat this aloo poori and here Im keeping the grocceries in the kitchen. I have brought some food too for morning. It wont get spoiled so you can happily eat it in the morning.” Daksh said smiling at her.
Anika felt really emotional that her eyes started to tear. She immediately wiped her tears before Daksh could see them but its too late. He saw her wiping her tears.
“Anika are you okay. Shall i bring anything else?” He asked coming near her while few more tears escaped from her eyes.
“Shh its okay dont cry.” Daksh said and wiped her tears slowly looking straight into her eyes. Anika and Daksh both were looking into each others eyes until his phone rang and both of them moved apart feeling uncomfortable.

“Hmmm Anika eat soon na its gettin cold.” Daksh tried to clear the atmosphere and Anika sat to eat it.
“You too eat na.” Anika said and started gobbling her food.
Daksh understood that she might be too hungry and didnt join her to eat.
“Hmmm no. I will eat at my home. Anyways Anika its late now i need to go. Okay take care. Bye.” Daksh said looking at his watch which is showing 7 o’clock in evening.
“Ok Bye.” Anika said with a happy smile and he left to his house while Anika cleared her place and arranged her bed to sleep. There is a four poster bed with no mattress so she slept on it spreading one of her saree.
“People like Daksh do exist. He is so good just like a Prince unlike that Beast SSO who knows nothing but hurt.” She dozed off thinking about todays events.


It was around 2 ‘oclock in the mid night SSO reached his Royal Mansion after completing his work in the office and most of the time cursing himself thinking about Anika.
“Chote, come soon lets eat the dinner. Im very hungry.” SSO ‘s dadi called him trying to sound chirpy.
“Dadi? Why are you still awake? How many times shall i tell you its not good for health to stay awake.” He said and immediately picked her in his arms and laid her on her bed.
“Robin, Get the food here.” He screamed for their chef who came immediately and served the food and left the place.
“Chote, if you want to see me taking care of myself then you too take care of yourself. You are there for me to take care but what about you? Will you be alone in your entire life? Im very scared for you chote.” SSO’S dadi said with crackling voice.
“Dadi im happy being alone. I dont want any one in my life who will disturb my peace.” He said and started feeding her food while humming occasionally to her words.

“Chote are you missing your parents.” She asked him only to recieve a cold glare from him.
“I DONT HAVE ANY PARENTS. THOSE USELESS COWARDS ARE DEAD.” SSO said in a cold voice which can send shiver to anyone but not dadis as she was used to these words since twenty years.
“Good night dadi. Dont think about all these shit. Please take care of yourselves.” He said in a soft voice and sat beside her until she sleeps and left to his room.
After dressing into his night dress he stood in his balcony to see the stary sky. Without his knowledge he moved towards his cupboard and opened an old box which has some photos.
He took a photo which has a happily married couple along with a boy of five years all smiling at the photo.
He traced the scribbles on the photo with his fingers remembering the day when he scribbled furiously on the photo. He immediately threw in inside the box with disgusted look on his face and laid on his soft cushioned bed.
“Every damn person is either a coward or eighter a gold digger…………….just like that Anika.” He said and immediately realised he is again thinking about Anika.
He cursed himself for giving her so much importance and dozed off with a nightmares following him.



Anika followed the girl who went to meet SSO and pressed her ears towrds the door to hear them out of curiosity.
“Oh SSO slow down please. Ahhh…. Baby im sore …..UHHHHH slow down.” The girl kept moaning.
” Oh really if you cant handle for three rounds of s*x then how do you expect me to give you the job, huh. Your are usesless then get lost. I wont give you the job in my company.” He groaned with frustration.
“No please…I need this job… I am ready for another round.” The girl cried while Anika gasped hearing all this with her own ears.


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