Part 1


ALL the participants we’re seated in the auditorium chairs. MAANEET, ARSHI, Shivika were sitting side by side. They all are sitting from the second row of seats leaving the first row for the judges, VIPs etc. As the audition till didn’t start everyone started introducing themselves. As ARSHI AND Shivika WERE CHILDHOOD BUDDIES they didn’t have any problem. But here GEET was in full speed introducing herself to everyone. Only two teams were left to introduce they are ARSHI, Shivika. Standing in front of them she started speaking as if they are her long lost buddies.

“Namaste ji, my name is GEET HANDA. I am from hoshiyaarpur. And we came here to prove our talent. Waise bhi I am a good cook, I can cook for 100 persons at once without taking any break. But you might be thinking what this girl is doing in dance competition, hain na! Woh actually mera MAAN loves dance. Isiliye hum inkeliye dance learn kiya aur prove karne keliye iss competition main aya. You know when mera MAAN dance karna shuru karega, tab unhe nazar na lage, bilkul Salman Khan lagte hain. Hoye…..Hoye……you know when our MAAN dance in baarat no one can compete him. Hain rabba, I forgot to introduce you to my MAAN na, there he is, the one in blue kurta.” She pointed to the direction where MAAN is sitting. MAAN waved his hand to these two teams and gave a polite smile.

“Oh so he is MAAN about whom you are saying. Waise bhi he was drooling at you since the moment you came here”said KHUSHI while teasing her.

“Haan woh toh hain, mera MAAN loves me so much. And Waise bhi you didn’t introduce yourself. Whats your name, where are from” asked GEET.

“My name is KHUSHI and he is ARNAV, my boyfriend. We are from Varanasi. And she is Anika and he is her boyfriend Shivay, they are also from my place. We are trained dancers, I mean we have been performing shows in programs, weddings,parties etc. Shivay Anika are our childhood buddies. Thats all” khushi said while introducing.

“Hoye Hoye…. so you both teams are friends. So sweet. Anyways iss competition ke baad you people must come to our place for at least 10 days. Inkaar na Karo ji, you are coming and that’s final”GEET said while folding her hands. Seeing her antics they laughed and finally agreed.

Suddenly the whole auditorium was quite and everyone was gossiping. These three teams didn’t understand what was happening as they are busy in their own world. Sensing the change in the surrounding they asked to team next to them about the team. They didn’t say anything but they signalled through their eyes to the first row.

A girl who was in her early twenties is wearing a tight jeans and blouse with red scarf and heels was walking with a man who was in his mid twenties. He is wearing a grey T-shirt and jeans. Both have grabbed many eyeballs towards them with their aura. Without giving a glance to anyone they both confidently sat in the first row.

Now even Shivika and ARSHI we’re staring at them unblinkingly. But GEET was trying to introduce herself to the new team. Anika and KHUSHI asked her not to go because they are looking so different from others. But GEET is GEET, does she listens to anyone. Consoling them nothing will happen she went and stood in front of them.

“Namaate ji, my name is GEET HANDA. I am from hoshiyaarpur. And I lo….”GEET was about to introduce herself but that girl interrupted her.

“Asad, I thought we came for dance competition but what are these cartoons doing here.”she said while smirking.

Everyone who we’re present in the auditorium we’re shocked as no one thought of insulting GEET as she was really a lovely girl, but this sexy girl was full of attitude. Though GEET was hurt she brushed it away and asked other question.

“Arrey why are you sitting here alone, come back na we all can sit and talk. By the way these are for the VIPs we all sitting from the second row. And you didn’t tell me your name “GEET asked while hoping she will talk normally.

“Firstly I think there is nothing written on these chairs, and even if it was mentioned than also I won’t care. Secondly I hate talking to people of your types. Lastly you will know my name when they will announce me as the winner of this competition”she said with full attitude.

It was too much for Anika, she has been seeing from the time that so called attitude girl came. She has been controlling herself to not bash her but now that girl has crossed her limits by insulting that lovely girl GEET again and again. She was about to go and give her some sense but was stopped by clapping sound. She stopped to see who was clapping and was shocked to see the judges and host we’re clapping.

“Wow girl I think you deserve to be in this competition. I have been watching every person since the time they have came and you have grabbed everyone’s attention to with just a mere presence of you. Finally I am Rishab kundra, I am mentor for the teams present here. Everyone can call me RK”he said while introducing himself to everyone.

“My name is zoya and he is my fiance Asad. And be prepared RK to be impressed as I will be on top in this competition”zoya said to RK.

“Okay everyone now please move to your respective rooms and get refreshed. I will be announcing the rules tomorrow and your room numbers are in the list. The list is with the receptionist please go and check it. Dinner is ready in the dining room. Please feel free to ask any doubts.”RK announced.



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