Part 5

Part 5

Maan picked Geet in his arms and brought her down to the dining area and made her comfortable on the dining seat.  Simar di saw all this with wide eyes as she couldnt believe The great Maan Singh Khurana who scares everyone with his one look is being so gentle towards geet.

 All her thoughts came to an end when she heard Maan call her.

“Di what happened? You seem to be lost?”

“Hmm nothing chote sit down lets have breakfast.” Simar di said thinking another plan in her brain. She served Geet, Maan and herself and began eating hers casually.

“Di what are you doing?” Maan asked looking at simar di and geet.

“What did i do now chote.” She asked innocently smiling inside.

“Di you very well know geet cant do anything by herself and you have served her breakfast and you eating yours.?” Maan questioned her.

“What do you want me to do chote. Shall i keep fasting for her, huh? Im hungry so im eating.” Simar faked her anger.

“What the hell is it di? You yourself came here to help geet and now you are behaving like nanad bhabhi saga. YOU MUST FEED HER BREAKFAST.” Maan spoke in a bossy manner for the first time with simar making her surprise.

” If you care so much for her than you feed her. Listen one thing I came here to help her  as you are unable to handle a girl. Eighter feed her or let her starve.” simar di said making maan groan.

He looked at geet who was looking only at him with innocence just like a baby who looks at his mother. Maan felt extremely possesive of this glass doll and vowed himself to secure her.

he took a morsel of food while geet immediately ate at it as a reflex action. Geet doesnt understand or speak to others except maan. She looks at him as if her entire life is based upon him.

“Geet is it tasty.” Maan asked her to which she instantly nodded a yes.

“Maan smile please.” Simar di said and he turned towards her.


Simar took a photo of maan feeding geet in her mobile and smiled mischeviously.

“Breaking news. The great Maan Sigh Khurana who is a terror to his employs is feeding a beautiful girl. What must be the reason towards his changed behaviour? Is he falling hard for her? Or is he already in love with her. Stay tuned for more updates.” Simar said in a naughty voice teasing Maan who is embarassed while geet was not understanding anything.

“Di whats all this, huh. So you did this on purpose right?”  Maan said masking his emotions.

“Very clever Mr MSK. Yes i did it on purpose because I want geet to be my bhabi. I like her so much.” Simar di openly said and maan got shocked.

“DI voh… Me and GEET… I mean …I didntt think like that..”Maan looked down and fumbled for words.

Seeing him fumbling for the first time simar was on cloud nine. She has a doubt somewhere but now she got confirmed HE FELL FOR GEET.  

“Chote what are you saying? Im thinking about Geet and Rishabs pair. You see they look great together. What say.” Simar di said wantedly to make Maan accept his feelings.

“What the hell is this di? How can you tag geet name with someone else huh? Geet is under my responsibility so ONLY i have the right to think anything about her. And dare you speak something about RIshab at my place.” Maan shouted while simar was stunned.

From childhood Maan and Rishab used to fight. Both of them are poles Apart. Maan is a reserved and mature person while Rishab is a bubly immature person. Now Rishab became a model and Maan is a bussinessman. Every girl is ready to fall for Maan and rishab but the difference is Maan doesnt give a damn and Rishab gives them a chance.

“Really? You brought geet here to investigate about her past so she is only a client for you. And she is a girl so I dont think its anything wrong to ask her for Rishab. Okay ill not match her for Rishab if you have any feelings for her.” Simar said and before Maan could answer she continued. 

“I know you are the great msk and you dont care about girls and all but atleast think about Rishab. Poor rishab promised that hel’ll get maried only if you are ready for your marriage.”

“Enough di, we dont even know if she is married or not. Geet past is daark one so we can not raise any hopes. okay.” Maan said in a sad tone making simar smile in happiness.

“So you are ready to marry geet…with rishab if she is not married in her past.” Simar again asked making him frustrated.

“Di whats with you marriage …marriage.. mariage. Let me breathe. Maan said and picked geet in his arms and took her to the living room.

“How must I bring geets past?” Simar started thinking.

“Geet let me know if its paining.” Maansaid and applied ointment all over her wounds.

Geet body is covered fully with scratches and they are heeling slowly in the presence of Maan. Maan feels pain in his heart seeing all the wounds on her delicate skin. He felt to rip each and every person who tried to harm her.

After dressing her wounds maan smiled at geet in return she smiled at him cutely making his heart flutter in happiness. Without knowing he kissed her cheeks fondy and ” My mishty is a Good Girl. Keep smiling dear. You look beautiful when you smile.”

“Hmmm.” Geet nodded and Maan felt like  kissing another cheek but stopped himself as he felt geet is not in her full sense right now.

Simar di saw all this and got an idea to make normal person. “Geet is responding only for Maan which means shell pay attention only towards Maan. Yes got it.”

“Chote why arent you going to office? Simar di asked sitting beside him.

Di im sorry for shouting at you earlier. I didnt mean to. Maan said holdin his ears.

” AWWWE no problem chote Im not angry at you but please tell geet to be with me. I want to spend my time with her too.” Simar asked with apout and maan got jelous as he dont want to share HIS GEET with anyone.

“HMMM okay di only for two minutes. You can spend time with her only for two minutes.” Maan said not wanting to give those two minutes too.

“Are you crazy what will i do with such time. You go to your office and till evening ill spend my time wither.” Simar said with finality in her voice and maan having no choice agreed with her.

“Geet Im going to my ofice. Ill come back soon until than stay with simar di okay.” Maan asked geet and she immediately agreed making him sad. 

He thought she will ask him to stay but she didnt. He went to get dressed to his office and came down to say bye before going.

As soon as maan started going Geet started wailing like a baby and Maans eyes got misted seeing her missing hm. He immediately hugged her and consoled noe she didnt even leave his shirt she held it in her fist while cuddling herself towards him.

“Okay mishty i wont go anywhere now stop crying.” He said and she immediately obeyed him while he luled her to sleep. He picked her in his arms and laid her on the bed to sleep.

Simar di really  prayed god to unite Maan and Geet with no obstacle on hindrance in their life.

I want to show a little geet past in next update but im nervous as her past contains voh girls monthly problems..(i hope you got what im trying to say). Its the first time im going to write something like that so please tell me If you are okay with that part in the next update or shall i omit that part. Choice is yours.


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