Part 4

Maan is swimming in the river when his waterproof phone rang. He immediately received it and started speaking on his bluetooth. 

“Yes Adi.” He spoke.

“Sir its serious here. Your dadi got heart attack. Please come soon.” Adi said on the other side and end the call.

“Adi you are japad chapad dapad.” Maan cursed adi with his own language where only maan can understand these words.

After hearing this from Adi he called to a person “Robin, trace my location and send a Copter within 5 minutes got it.”

“Okay sir but why so urgent? You said that you want to enjoy these 30 days right then why? Is anything urgent or did you fell in love with somebody?” Robin asked in confusion.

“Im missing you robin. I want you now I cant live without you Robin. Please come and take me away Agar tum nahi toh mai nahi.” Maan said dramatically while wiping his body with a towel.

“Sir, what are you speaking sir. I cant understand.” Robin started fearing thinking maan must be gay.

“Dammit then why would i ask for a copter huh? You have already wasted 1 minute. Robin I’m warning you again if you wont come within the set time im going to introduce you as khurana mansion bahu. Rest is your wish.” Maan warned him.

“No sir im on the way.” Robin said gulping his fear.
“Omg Robin you are very good. You reached within ten minutes.” Maan smiled and pinched his cheeks.

“Sorry sir i got late.” Robin said fearing about maans warning.

“Hahahahaha Robin you are too innocent man. You really thought I would marry you. Like seriously, I was just kidding. I knew it would take ten minutes to reach here but I thought to play a prank on you as you are my new friend.” Maan said and burst into laughter making robin to sigh in relief.

“Then Sir why did you speak about all that love and marriage with me.” Robin said with a blush.

“Becuase you spoke about me loving someone. Like seriously yaar why doesnt this world be quiet without bothering about others. I mean if they see anyone being single they keep on pestering about their marriage. Uff even we are humans okay.” Maan and Robin smiled.

“Voh sorry sir, Actually dadi asked me if you found anyone so i asked you…” Robin trailed off with a blush. 

“Its okay man and you can call me Maan because we are if same age. Please dont call me Sir i feel like an old man.” Maan said in a friendly tone.

“Okay sir…. I mean maan.” Robin again blushed making maan remember Geet and chuckled.

“Oh nowadays im making everyone blush. Well i liked the pink hue on your cheeks when you look at me.” Maan said to himself with a smile thinking about geet.

“Sorry sir but Im not blushing sir pakka promise its my skin tone sir.” Robin spoke with fear thinking those words are for him.

“Robin you are a japad chapad dapad.” Maan said faking his anger.

“Dadi ma. Dadi ma.” Maan started calling his dadi from the entrance of his royal well polished mansion.

He reached towards his dadi bedroom and saw her laying on the bed while the doctors and Adi was standing beside her.

Na juda honge hum 

Maan took a very small baby step and stared at his dadi.

Kabhi khushi Kabhi ghum 

“Dadi.” He whispered in a low voice and held the table beside him mainting his balance without falling.

LA la la la la 

“Kyun dadi. Kya aapne ek baar bhi mere baare me nahi socha. Why did you die in such a young age Why Why.” Maan said and fell on her feet.

Immediately maans dadi woke up and said “Oye stop your drama. Why are you overreacting huh? You very well know that I’m acting right.” 

“Exactly. I know it when Adi told me about your heart attack on phone. And im confidant that nothing will happen to you as you are The great msk dadi.” Maan boasted himself.

“Very good but dont talk with me. Im katif with you.” Dadi said and pouted.

“Okay then ill also wont talk with you. You didnt even ask whether i ate anything or not. Hmmf” Maan said and pouted.

“Haaaw You are blaming after leaving your dadi all alone here!” Dadi explained.

“What? You asked me to go to hoshiyaarpur for some time as i need vaccation and you are blaming me?” Maan said with shock.

“What? You were in hoshiyaarpur. Adi said to me that you cancelled the vaccation and went to paris for meeting.” She said.

“Beta Adi what did you say to dadi?” Maan asked Adi who was busy scratching his hair.

“I think i told her that Paris is cancelling its vacation with Maan.” Adi said jumbling all the words

“Dammit i told you that I am cancelling my paris meeting and going to hoshiyaarpur for vaccation. And dadi you must directly ask me na you very well know Adi jumbles the words.” Maan and dadi started laughing.

“Okay so you are in hoshiyaarpur then im happy. I thought you are wasting your life in work. Yeh Adi bhi na!” She said and smiled.

“Okay maan as you are here stay for tonight and enjoy your vacation from tomorrow okay. Adi inform the chef to cook Maans favorite Aloo paratha okay. What will you say?” She questioned adi again to confirm.

“Dont worry dadi ill tell the paratha to cook Aloo favorite Maan.” Adi said again jumbling words.

“Adi you are so japad chapad dabad.” Dadi and Maan said at once before laughing out loud.

Geet came back along with her family after fixing dates of their wedding. Its two months from now. And engagement is held in this month. 

Dev and his family went to Delhi but the handas gave them a guest house to stay if they feel to come here.

After dariji scolding her for not walking with them and getting lost she retired to sleep while all her family members are discussing about her marriage.

Geet felt frustrated to see each and everyone speaking only about her marriage. She wanted to breath some fresh air without any hearing any talks about her marriage.

“Why are everyone so eager to send me away by marrying me?” She asked to herself and cried holding her pillow.

“Oye misty your eyes are beautiful.” She heard Maan voice and immediately opened her eyes to realize its her illusion.

She cursed herself for thinking about him whom she didnt even know. 

“Remenber again only 30 days.” She heard his voice again.

“So what just go to hell.” She screamed into the open air and closed her mouth realizing there is no one in her room. 

“Why am i feeling something in his presence?” She asked to herself.

“Hmmm may be ge is the only person who is not speaking about my marriage. Ill ask pinky tomorow about this in college. For now ill sleep.” Geet consoled herself and slept while the moon shone its rays on this two souls.

Updated another chappy 😀 


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