Part 18

“Damn it. Its already two hours since they both went inside. Ill kill you all if anything happens.” Ashok handa warned everyone who are present in the room.
“Dev bhai will play holi as soon as he comes outside. I hope he will stay inside for a year.” Lucky muttered under his breath and Ashok handa glared at him.
Finally, after few hours Dev and geet came outside from the washroom dressed in a fresh clothes.

“HAAAAW. What is this? Where are your clothes? You both have changed your clothes inside the batroom?” Lucky said raising anger level of ashok handa.
Before Ashok handa could utter anything Dev stormed towards Lucky making him take few steps backward “Ab tu gaya Lucky. LET US PLAY HOLI.”
Dev started chasing lucky and threw everything on him which came ito his hands. Though lucky is not getting hurt with Dev hiting him but still he screamed on top of his voice as if some one is killing him.
Luckys scream towards Dev chasing made Ashok handa to gulp down his anger as he thought the next victim of Dev holi is him so he chosed to be quiet.
Both dev and Lucky were running inside the room which made easy to get hitted by Dev so lucky opened the doors and started runnning outside to escap from dev. As this khurana mansion is new to him lucky lost the wayand finally reached towards the backgate of the mansion.
“ADI BHAYYA?” Lucky whispered to himself.
“Adi bhyya. Adi bhayya.” Lucky screamed and started running towards Adi as Adi is increasing his pace towards the exit.
Finally after few minutes lucky reached to Adi and stopped him from running away from him.
“Adi bhayya. Why are you running away from me? And what are you doing here?” Lucky questioned Adi.
“Ummm…. voh…. i.. actually…” Adi fumbled for words not knowing what to answer Lucky and this made lucky to doubt on Adi.
“Adi are you hiding something from me? Why are you here?” Lucky questioned him again.
“Yes. He came to meet maan singh khurana.” Both of them heard a sharp voice from behind and turned to see Dev with a cold face.

“What? What are you saying bhai? And how do you know that Adi bhayya came here to meet Maan?” Lucky questioned him again.

“Because I’m the MAAN SINGH KHURANA.” Dev said making lucky to gasp.
“I’m unable to understand anything.” Lucky said being confused about the situation.

“Come with me.” He pulled lucky and Adi towards a secured way which is filled with different types of security locks.

“Lucky first take a deep breath as you may be having different mood swings after knowing everything.” He said to lucky and sat beside him while Adi eyes filled with unshed tears.

“Yes I’m not your friend Dev kiliskar but I’m the Maan Singh khurana. Do you remember Dev going to abroad along with Adi for job?” He asked lucky making him to think about their past.


“Dev.” Avdoot screamed at 15 year old Dev kiloskar. “Why are you always involved in the fights? Why don’t you become like your brother?” 

Lucky who was a classmate of dev was giggling at Dev trying to maintain a straight face. This irked Dev and slapped him hard on his face and both of them were rolling on the floor within no time. 

“Leave me dev.” Lucky said while throwing the curry on Dev.

“Lucky, let’s play holi.” Dev said and started quarrelling.

“Enough you both.” Kalindi said pulling them apart. “Beta, why must you fight for everything. Look at your brother Adi, he completed his degree and now working in a big company. Please be a good boy.”

“No amma, I am a Action hero so I must fight.” Dev said in a filmy style.

“It won’t work.” Avdoot said and called Adi who was 23 years old.

“Adi beta, take dev along with you in this summer vacation, just for two months. This mischievous kid will eat everyone’s flesh if he will stay at home for whole 2 months. You are the only person with whom he stays quiet.” Avdoot requested him. 

Being a devoted son Adi agreed to take Dev with him for two months and drop him back after his vacation.
“Adi bhai, look there he is the business tycoon Maan Singh khurana whom everyone are speaking about? Omg he looks like my age but how did he become such great.” Dev spoke pointing towards a sixteen old Maan. 

“Due to hard work dude.” Maan said smiling to him after hearing to his words and Dev blushed. 

“Well may I know who you are?” Maan asked him seeing a boy of his age and liked him instantly.

“Well I’m Dev kiloskar brother of Adi Kiloskar your personal assistant.” Dev said and Maan nodded.

“So you are that mischievous kid. Well you need behave good because it isn’t easy dealing with msk. You will be under my observation 24x 7” Maan said making dev gape at him.

Adi was the most loyal and trusted person for Maan so he agreed to straighten Devs twisted behaviour.


“Amma I’m liking this place very much. You know here in London its too cool and I got a new friend too. His name is Akdoo” Dev laughed as he narrated his day events.

After Dev reached London along with Adi he loved this place and a strong friendship was formed between Dev and Maan. Both of them shared almost everything with each other. 

To make Dev future bright Maan enrolled in London college and after completing it Dev was asked to look after London branch as Maan is looking after many branches as he didn’t trust anyone. 

Whenever Maan used to visit the London branch both of them used to have a great time enjoying each other company.

Even today Dev was waiting for him as Maan is coming to London.

“Missing me?” A 27 year old maan asked Dev who was equally handsome as him.

“Yes dammit.” He hugged him with all his force.

“Dev its high time, why don’t you spend your time with your parents at least for this vacation?” Maan settling himself while Adi hugged Dev.

“I will surely go as soon as I complete this project. Finally I’ll be meeting my parents after 12 years. I hope they’ll recognise me” he said joking.

“No dude I’m sure they won’t recognise you. You were so rough and small when you came here but now you are a lookalike of Maan Singh khurana. I guess if anyone sees you then they’ll surely mistake you as MSK.” Adi joked not knowing that its gonna be true. 

“Okay jokes apart. Dev you and Adi deal with xyz project here I’ll deal with ABC project okay.” Maan announced and left the place to the project place while Adi and dev started eating their breakfast.

“Oh damn, your face got rashes man. Bhayya you are burning with fever.” Dev said and realized that Adi has eaten garlic to which he is allergic.

“Bhayya drink this water you’ll feel better.” Dev gave him a glass of water and called the doctor.


“Well he is burning with fever. Let him rest for a day or two and he’ll be okay.” The doctor said and left the place.

“Bhayya you take rest I’ll come back soon after finishing this deal.” Dev said not knowing that its the last time he is seeing his brother.

Dev wore his scarf around his face as he was feeling cold and moved towards the exit to find the PA who came along with Adi and msk waiting. Both of them drove towards the office and completed the work. 

“Maya any other works pending?” Dev asked her while she assumed him to be MSK and said “Yes sir XYZ project. We need to look at the sight now as the clients are waiting for you.”

“Okay then let’s go now.” Dev said and started going towards the place. As its midnight no one is present in the place where they are standing.

“Maya you said clients are waiting right then where are they?” Dev questioned her. 

“Let me check sir.” She said and started checking in the laptop while Dev went little away from the place to make call to Adi.

“Bhai, Are you feeling better?” Dev asked him.

“Yes Dev a little headache and I’m fine.” Adi said in a weak voice.

“Okay I’ll be back within 30minutes………Aaah”Dev couldn’t continue his words as a bullet shot him and he fell down to see his PA shot him.

“Dev what happened? Dev?” Adi was tensed on the other side of the call.

“Happy journey Mr maan Singh khurana.” His PA shot him not even confirming whether its Msk or not. Dev phone got smashed with one of the bullet which she shot him.


“Shut up Adi. Nothing will happen to Dev.” Maan scolded Adi not believing his best friend’s death.

“No maan he left us. See he broke his promise. He said he’ll come back within few hours but see he didn’t.” Adi kept on crying on devs dead body. 

“Aaaaaaah no no no.” Finally maan broke out and started wailing for their best buddy. They are so hurt that they forgot their surroundings. 

After few hours of crying both of them woke up and completed the final rituals with heavy heart. 

“I’ll not leave the culprit who was the reason for your death Dev.” Both of them took an oath.

Adi told everything to maan about this situation and both of them searched for Dev and finding him like this broke them. 

Adi heard the words Happy journey Mr maan Singh khurana which means someone wanted to hurt MSK and thinking dev to be Maan they shot him.

“It must be someone very close to you msk as this project was a sudden schedule and none knows about this. Only people who keeps a close look on you must know about this.” Adi said gulping down his pain which maan noticed and hugged with moist eyes.

“I’m sorry. Dev died just because of me. It was for me but he died instead.” Maan cried with pain.

“Maan you must be strong to punish the culprits. Please don’t break down.” Adi suggested and maan decided to be strong at least for the sake of Dev.L

“Maan I have a plan as the killer  thinks you are dead we must continue this act to catch him. You stay in my house as Dev. Even my parents also won’t get any doubts as you both look alike.” Adi smiled sadly with a small memory of Dev.

“But what about your parents. Look they’ll be hurt when they’ll know that Dev is no more but remember one thing you are always my family.” Maan said to Adi.

“No MSK we have only this plan to catch the culprit. Please agree to this” Adi begged in front of him. 

“Okay.” Maan agreed finally. 

After this Maan pretended to be Dev kiloskar and roamed in the streets of Mumbai while Adi stayed in the secret room of msk in khurana mansion and started gathering information. Both of them used to meet at some secret place to discuss about their plan.


“No I don’t believe this. You are my friend Dev not some Maan Singh.” Lucky said crying for his friend death.

“What you are the Maan Singh khurana?” They heard ashok handa voice and turned their heads to see Geet and Ashok handa standing shocked near the door.


Finally this maha update 😛 


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