Part 2(shivika)

She took this as a chance and ran away leaving Shivay Singh Oberoi in his thoughts. Daksh immediately followed her and saw her crying alone in the corner of the office. He felt pity for her and decided to speak with her to know her point of view.
“Ahem…..Ahem…” Daksh cleared his throat making her to straighten her sobs.
“Will you tell me what happened?” Daksh said in a friendly tone.
“So you also want to scold me na, then carry on scold me everyone. You all are bad…”She cried even louder.
“HEY its ok. Please calm down.” Daksh sat beside her and tried to console her.”I am just asking you so that I can prove you innocent.”
“And why do you want to prove my innocence?” She asked rubbing her nose.
“Because I believe in what i feel and not in what i see.” He encouraged her to speak.
“I came here for the post of safaiwala, I went to drink some water after that I forgot my way. I was searching for a door to come out but suddenly those two fat uncles locked me inside the room. And that rakshas is speaking bad about me.” She sobbed again.
“Oh so you were locked by mistake. Actually an important file was burnt so we misunderstood that you have done that.” Daksh said biting back his laugh listening her calling SSO as rkshas openly.
“Anyways leave all that. My name is Daksh……Daksh Singh. I am SSO personal assistant. And you” He asked putting forward his hand for a hanshake.

“I am Anika.” She fold her hands instead of a handshake.

“Anika..?” He asked again for surname.
“Anika. Just Anika. I am an orphan.” She said the last words in a small sad voice.
“I am sorry but no problem. I am here for you. As a FRIEND.” Daksh smiled at her.
Listening to his word Anika felt some happiness and smiled to him brightly accepting their friendship.


Here SSO is pacing his cabin with a rage. Firstly, his hard earned project worth millions was burnt and the ashes are infront of his eyes. Secondly, he couldnt do anything with the girl who have dared to raise her voice against him. Thirdly, Her eyes. What the hell is there in her eyes that stopped him to hurt her?

Innocence and Pain his heart immediately answered but he shrugged it off.
Cheating and trapping his mind ansewred him his heart brushed it off.
Innocence and Pain
Cheating and trapping
Innocence and Pain
Cheating and trapping
Innocence and Pain
Cheating and trapping
“In my cabin.” He recklessly orederd Daksh in his phone.
“Hmmm so SSO ORDER I need to go. Bye Anika.” He said after having a happy time.
“Ji where must I go to the interview.” Anika asked him.
“Oh i forgot about it come with me.” Daksh took her along with him towards a cabin. He scribbled something on the paper.
“Here is your appointment letter Anika. You are appointed.” He said and gave her the appointment letter.
“But you didnt take any interview she asked in surprise.” Anika asked in surprise.
“Anika you are my friend and im just helping you. And ha we spoke till now right think that is your interview.” Daksh joked and she too laughed along with him.
“For now we need to get signature of SSO on your appointment letter.” Daksh said and both of them realized that they need to meet SSO for this.
“What took you so long Mr Daksh” SSO asked without lifting his eyes from the laptop.
“Ummm…..voh SSO I need your signature on this appointment letter.” Daksh forwarded the letter to SSO and he took it without looking at him.
“Whats there to sign now. Ill do it later.” HE was about to sign it but stopped as soon as he heard bangles jingling.
He immediately looked up towards the voice and found Anika looking at him.
“What the hell are you doing in my cabin? What more do you want to destroy huh?” SSO screamed making her stumble in fear.
“SSO she is innocent. Its not her fault she came for safaiwala job. Thats all.” Daksh tried to explain SSO.
“ENOUGH. Am i your boss or you are my boss dammit. She is a BLOODY GOLD DIGGER who is acting innocent. I know women like her are very clever in masking their emotions.” SSO Screamed accusing her which made her again to lash on him.
“Enough Mr Shivay Singh Oberoi. You are crossing your limits. I have come here to work and after knowing your character i feel disgusted to work in this place where you are present. Who are you to reject me I am rejecting this job. GET LOST.” Anika too screamed equally matching SSO voice.
Daksh tried to stop her speaking all this because he know that if Anika will leave this job then she has nothing to do in her life. This job will give her a place to work, earn money and place to live. As only SM Group of companies gives all these facilities to all types workers be it CEO or Watchman.
“Anika please stop it. SSO I have a good idea. She needs this job very much and You hate to see her face. So why not you give her job and not see her face?” Daksh suggested.
“Daksh what you saying.” Anika asked not understanding.
“See Anika will get job in our company but she will work every where excpt in your cabin. By this way both of your problems are solved.” Daksh said.
“No Daksh this is a very bad idea. I …” Anika opposed it as she is not okay withis idea.
“Yes Daksh this is a very good idea. She is appointed as SAFAIWALA in my company.” SSO said signing the appointment letter.
SSO ego satisafied seeing Anika troubled face and agreed for this deal. Anika is not at all okay with this stupid idea which Daksh gave so she was glaring him. While Daksh was happy as settled the problem very easily. Now his friend will be with him and SSO also couldnt harm her.
“Miss ……” SSO looked at the letter for her name and said ” Miss Anika. Welcome to the hell. I promise you will leave this company within a month. You will be dissapointed as you couldnt trap the richest man so you will leave this job. MARK MY WORDS.” SSO said with high attitude.
“You too remember this Mr Shivay Singh Oberoi, you will fall on my feet for forgiveness of all your misbehaviour. Within a month span you will realize your mistakes as you will be guilty for accusing me for no reasons.” Anika too said with her voice full of attitude.

“INTERESTING. Lets see.” SSO said as Anika and Daksh left the cabin.
“ONE MONTH.” Anika and SSO said to themselves.



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