The Brutal Beast (SHIVIKA)

A girl in her early twenties probably arround twenty four years old was smiling looking at the appointment letter in her hands. She looked pretty in her bright coloured ghagra choli while her hair was braided to her left. The receptionist gave her an weird glance seeing her dress as she looked like an old fashioned village girl.

“Please sit there Madam, until your number comes.” The receptionist said to her showing the place to sit.
“thank you.” She utterd and sat on the mentioned place while the recptionist continued with other applicants.
The entire place is fully crowded with different types of people filled. Well why wont it be! After all SM Group of companies has published the advertisement for various posts. The entire contry is applying for the posts and the lucky ones are getting appointment.

“Hey krishna bhagwan, please please give me this job. I need this job at any cost.” She prayed to god folding her hands.
The person beside her saw this and spoke to her “For which job are you applying for/”
“Ji for the post of SAFAIWALA (CLEANER).” She said with little nervousness.

“Oh whats your educational qualification?” The person asked already losing interset to speak with her.
“Ji I studied till my 5th standard. Actually our village doesnt have any schools or colleges so…” She trailed off.
“Ya ok. Anyways youll get this job because everyone who is present here are unable to compete with your qualification. You see we are applying for Manager, Assistant, etc and we have postgraduation degrees unlike you.” The person taunted her.
“Ji but my qualification is enough for this post and im happy with this.” She said politely and stood up to drink some water which is on the opposite side of the entrance gate.

A young man in his mid twenties entered inside the office with a straight face and few well built body guards followed him. As soon as this man entered the entire building started to tremble for the fear of the wrath from their boss. The persons who are new to the office premises were drooling shamelessly at his persona. Men were burning in jeoluosy while woman are fanning themselves seeing a hot personalty. Now everyone are determined to get this job at any cost. But Alas! The appointments are closed. Cursing their fate they moved away from the building.

“daksh, where the hell is Amrithsar deal file.” Their boss scremed making everyone tremble.
“SSO, it must be here only.” daksh said searching the place.
“Five minutes Mr daksh. I need the file here in five minutes. If not you are fired.” SSO said in a cold voice sending chills to everyone.
As soon as they heard his orderd everyone tried to search forv the file helping daksh.
Even after ffive minutes SSO didnt get the important file so he decided to fire himbut stopped as soon as a call rang in his cabin.
“SSO the file was burnt by a girl. What must we do” The guards waited for his next command with bated breath.
As soon as he heard this news his blood boiled in rage. He couldnt believe his ears. He earned it with much difficulty and all his hard earned was now lifeless.
The person must be punished. He was sure that his rivals who couldnt defeat him must sent the person to destroy the file.

He stood up like a wonded lion to pounce upon his prey.

As soon as they got the command the guards dragged her by her wrist and locked her in the room near by paying no heed to her pleas.
“Please leave me. What did i do that you have locked me. PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR.” She cried with all her enrgy while sliding down the wall.
Though the guards felt bad for the girl but they couldnt do anything as they her standing near the burnt file and on top of it THE SSO ordered them to lock the person.

“Where is that person?” SSO said who came along with Daksh. 
“In this room SSO.” The guards showed the room. 

He asked to unlock the room and entered inside the room which was dark as there were no lights. 

As soon as the door was open she tried to leave the place so she stood up and tried to run but was stopped by SSO strong grip on her wrist. 

She was collided into his masculine chest due to the pull. Sensing a male proximity she took few steps back causing him to step forward. 

He could see her lightly as the door was open and the light from outside is entering slightly inside the room. 

“At which cost did you got sold off for this cheap act?” He asked her with a cold tone which made her to look at him in surprise.

“About which act are you all speaking. Please leave me I need to go. My job is important for me. Please leave me.” She said controlling her sobs.

“Your job? Selling yourself isn’t a job its called by another word.” He said causing her to look at him with disgust. 

“You are no one to speak about my life. Please leave me.” She tried to push him but he didn’t budge.

“Oh now don’t act innocent. I know very well what is a woman’s job. Selling themselves for some amount and pretending to be innocent.” He again taunted her.

“Enough of your nonsense. Even your mother who gave birth to you is a woman. When you point one finger at others remember that many fingers points to you. What if some one speaks the same words about your mother. Learn to respect others before judging them. I have tolerated enough of your disgusting behavior but not anymore.” She shouted at him and was about to move but was pulled back with his strong pull.

“I haven’t still shown my behaviour. Now see.” Saying that he pulled away the dupatta which is covering her choli. 

“And remember one thing Never Raise your voice on Shivaay singh oberoi because you will never win in front of me.” He said straight on her face.

She looked at him with hurtful eyes which made him to leave her immediately. Her eyes had some magic as the great Shivaay Singh oberoi who stepped back for the first time in his life. 

Taking this as her chance she took her duppatta and covered herself and ran away wiping her tears leaving him in his deep thoughts. 
……. …… .      . ……….


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