Part 9

Armaan was waiting for Riddhima with a smile on his face and turned back to see a lady in her late thirties with a paint bag in her hand. Scrunching his eyebrows Armaan asked her “Ji what can I do for you?” 

In reply the lady hugged him with a huge force making him stumble few steps back. He tried to free himself from her grip but could not as her hold was becoming very tight on him. 

“Where did you go leaving me all alone?” She said kissing his masculine chest making Riddhima eyes go round with surprise.

“What? Excuse me please leave me. Who are you.” Armaan questioned her freeing himself with huge difficulty.

By this time the people around them surrounded and started gossiping. Armaan felt nervous as everyone is looking at him with accused eyes. 

“Dekhiye ji please leave me. I think you are misunderstanding the situation. I actually came for someone. She must be waiting for me.” He said with sincerity in his voice as he don’t want to be touched by anyone except Riddhima.

“Someone? What do you mean by that. Did you move on? But how can you do this to me and what about our daughter chutki? You cheated on me heeeeheeeeehweeeee” she again started wailing hugging Armaan. 

By this time some men came forward to hit Armaan thinking him to be a the lady’s husband who cheated her.

“Oyye badmash how dare you to cheat on her. Shut your mouth and take your wife to your home.” One of them man said and slapped on Armaan face.

“Dekhiye she is not my wife I ….” Armaan tried to say controlling the pain but another men came forward and punched him on his stomach. 

All the while the lady is hugging him and occasionally kissing his chest. Riddhima was rooted on her spot seeing the mess created by her. She couldn’t even move an inch from her place And Armaan being a respectable and soft spoken person couldn’t fight back or stand for himself in this situation. 

He immediately took out his phone and dailed to Asad who is the only person who can save him. He narrated the situation to Asad while receiving some slaps from the crowd. 


“So, where do we start Miss Zoya?” Asad smirked causing her to widen her eyes.
Zoya he is not Mr Bacteria so be calm and concentrate.

She took out an antibacterial lotion and applied to her palms and wore her gloves to shake her hands with Asad “Good morning Dr Armaan. Good to see you.”

Asad saw all this and smirked to himself. He wantedly didn’t shake his hand with her instead he folded his hands and said “Good morning Miss Zoya. Your hand is dirty so I don’t like to pass the germs to my hands. Please sit down.”

This words of him made her to surprise because this is the first time some one called her dirty. She took out few sheets and spread it on the chair while spraying the antibacterial around her. “But Dr Armaan didn’t you see I have cleaned my hands with an ANTIBACTERIAL LOTION. So I’m not Dirty.”

Asad smirked at her attempts to sit on a chair and said “Miss Zoya you have cleaned your hands only once and these lotions only clear 99% of germs which means you are still having 1% germs IN YOUR HAND.” 

“CHEEEE” Zoya immediately said and emptied the lotion on her palm cleaning for umpteenth time. 

After few minutes she was about to sit but stopped hearing Asad voice “Didn’t you hear Miss Zoya I asked you to Sit DOWN not on the chair.”

“What? But why? I have arranged this chair for nearly half an hour to sit and you are asking me to sit on the floor, Are you serious?” Zoya said confused.

“Yes I’m too serious Miss Zoya. I don’t want you to dirty my furniture with your germs so please sit down.” Asad said biting back his laugh.

“Mr Armaan how can you call me dirty again and again huh? For your kind information I have sterilized my bath tub shower and my clothes before my every bath okay.” She raised her voice.
“When did you take your bath. I mean how long back?” 


“Answer my question?”

“Okay nearly four hours back.” She said casually. 

“Yuck. Dammit stand ten feet away from me. You haven’t take your bath since four HOURS? How dirty you are.” Asad acted like he is feeling suffocation and moved towards the window to gasp some air.

“You are insulting me.” Zoya screamed at him.

“Shut up. I take my bath every 30 minutes. Got it. Now get lost from my cabin who knows since how long you haven’t brushed your teeth.” Asad said doing a mental dance as his plan worked very well.

“How dare you insult me. I hate you. I don’t want to work in this stupid hospital. Seriously, who will take a bath for every 30 minutes. You are stupid your brother is stupid your father is stupid your hospital is stupid and your FAMILY GERMS are stupid.” She said wiping her nose with her palm not caring about the bacteria and asad noticed this.

“Stop crying dammit your tears have bacteria which will dirty my cabin. Just get out.” Asad said to her.

Zoya closed her ears as she couldn’t hear more than this. This was a pure torture for her since ten minutes and she will not stand quiet like this getting tortured by him. She stood up immediately to leave the place but stopped immediately as soon as she heard his voice.

“People around you are feeling the same Zoya. When some one called you dirty you felt so bad then how do you expect others to be happy when you call these words?” Asad said with a friendly approach.

Zoya looked at him for some time and said” you are not Dr Armaan you are that MR BACTERIA right.” 

She fumed in anger and marched towards him to smash his face but Asad escaped from her every punch. Both of them ran in the cabin messing it off and stopped when asad received the call from Armaan. 

“Bolo Armaan.” Asad received and zoya stopped chasing hearing his voice serious.

“Im in xyz place. Some woman is claiming me as her husband and people here are not allowing me to move” Armaan said on the other line. 

Asad heard the lady’s voice and people slapping Armaan too and gripped his phone tightly in his fist.

“I’m coming Armaan don’t worry.” Asad ended the call and hurried to go to Armaan.

Before leaving the place he turned to Zoya and said “Think again about your behavior.” He said leaving zoya in deep thoughts.


Asad reached the mentioned place and saw Armaan who was finding difficult to move from that place. He saw Riddhima on his right side who was looking towards him and Armaan with surprise. 

Now asad understood everything that Ridhimma is behind all this. And casually moved towards the scene.

Asad held a man’s fist tightly in his palm who was about to hit Armaan. “How dare you to touch my brother.”

Saying that Asad punched each and everyone’s face who all hit Armaan. 

“Oyee what the hell are you doing huh? Your brother cheated that girl and now poor girl has nothing left with her.” One man said pointing towards the lady who is still clinging to Armaan and is surprised to see dual role of them. 

“She is my wife dammit. How can you send her to other man?” Saying that Asad punched everyone’s face again. 

After getting few punches from him people got scared and left the place. Now he turned towards the lady who looked terrified seeing Asad.

Asad freed armaan from her hold and pulled her towards him and she tried to run away but he didn’t give any chance. 


”How can you forget me dear? And why are you hugging another man huh. Are you trying to cheat me?” Asad turned the table making them shock. 

“No. Please leave me I’m sorry.” That Lady said while asad didn’t leave her instead his grip grew stronger on her wrist.

“Asad leave her she is a woman and you must raise your hand on woman.” Armaan suggested.

“Arrey bhai This person is not woman its a Man.” Saying that he pulled out the wig on the head revealing spikes.

“What? How did you know?” Armaan asked getting shock.

“I felt some male part and didn’t feel woman part from this person. And ha everything is done by that Pagal aunty only.” Asad said pointing towards Riddhima.

“Riddhima?” Armaan whispered her name with disbelief.

“I’m sorry. I actually asked her to pour the paint on you but this woman spoiled everything.” Riddhima tried to explain but Asad stopped her.

“Enough. Bhai let’s go from this place.” He took Armaan along with him who was hurt by Riddhima actions. 


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