Part 4

Maan came out from his drawing room hearing the door bell ringing. He hurriedly checked Geet who is still in deep sleep as its still 8 O’Clock in the morning. He took a sharp breathe and opened the door to see a beautiful lady standing with a sweet smile adorning her lips. 

“Good Morning MSK. Sorry I’m 10 minutes late. I hope you won’t fire me from this job!” The Lady in her early thirties said with a teasing smile.

“Di, aap bhi na. I’m just chote for you and MSK for rest of the world. Please come inside.” Maan welcomed her inside and hugged her. 

“Hmmm did you have your breakfast?” She asked making herself comfortable on the sofa.

“No di. I’ll have it with Geet. She’s sleeping right now so I’ll complete my work till then.” He said handing over a water glass to her.

“Chote. Did you get any information from her?” She asked sipping her drink. 

“Hmm not much. One minute.” He said and disappeared into the drawing room to bring some pens and chart papers. He placed everything on the table in front of her.

“Di, yesterday she spoke some things and I gathered some information. Firstly, she said she is speaking Telugu language.  After googling I found that Telugu is a major language in Andhra Pradesh. So either she must  be related to the State or her mother tongue.” He said pointing the first point. 

“Secondly, if she is related to south Indian state then what is she doing in the coffin box in north India. Either she was hurted in those states and was tied here or She got hurted here.” He said and looked at her who is thinking deeply.

“So chote, if she is hurted here than some one must be searching for her right? Like family, friends, relatives etc.” She asked .
“Yes di. Even Geet is getting some flashes of her past like some one is there for her waiting. But we must do anything secretly as it might be danger for geet. And I won’t bear any scratch on her.” He said the last line possessively and she noticed it.

“And di, her name is Geet Arnav raizada which means its either her father’s name or her husband’s name. And Raizada means a north Indian surname and not related with Telugu. So this confuse me.” He said with confusion.

“Don’t worry. We can slowly get the information. Relax. Hmm let me wake up geet and refresh her.” She said and went inside the room.


She entered inside the room to see geet sleeping peacefully. She liked Geet instantly and kissed her forehead. 

“I know you are sent by God to lighten my chote’s life. With God’s blessing don’t leave my chote like others okay.” She spoke with her lovingly while stroking her cheeks softly. 

After having a crazy conversation with sleeping Geet she started waking her up.  

“Geet. Good morning. Geet.” She tried calling her but seeing no response from her she shook her shoulder little hard. 

Geet woke up immediately and looked scared seeing a stranger in her room. Immediately her eyes searched for Maan and upon not finding him she started sobbing. 

“Geet, shhh don’t be scared dear. I’m simar, Maan’s sister. You can call me Di.” she tried to calm her but in vain.

Though simar tried to calm Geet introducing herself Geet couldn’t understand a single word. She is getting scared by every passing second but didn’t utter a single word.

“Chote. Chote. Come soon.” Simar shouted for Maan who came running instantly.

As soon as he saw Geet curled into a ball and sobbing he immediately ran to her and took her into his arms. Feeling Maans presence Geet calmed a bit and snuggled into him hiding herself.

“Shhh geet. Don’t cry I’m here. Look at me. Shhhh. She is Simar di call her di. Okay.” Maan said to geet and she agreed immediately and this made simar surprised. 

Simar too used same words but geet understood only with Maan words.

“Listen geet, Di will be staying with us for some time. She’ll help you to recover soon.” He said to her. 

“For now She’ll help you in bathroom. Will you listen to her?” He asked geet to which she accepted without a fuss. 

Smiling slightly at her he picked her in her arms and made her sit on the bathroom slab. He asked simar di to come inside and he left the room with difficulty as Geet’s eyes aren’t allowing to leave him for a second too. 

After completing her bath simar di came out to take clothes for Geet but she was surprised seeing maan pacing the room with tension. 

“Chote? What are you doing here? I asked you to go down right?” She asked faking anger.

Seeing simar di he immediately tried to go inside to meet Geet but simar di stopped him immediately.

“What are you doing chote. She is still in her towel go out I need to make her wear clothes.” She said and Maan immediately blushed of the thought of seeing geet in towel and simar di saw him blushing.

“Chote, what happened to your cheeks. They are red.” She teased him biting back her laugh.

“Huh, nothing di. I need to make an important call.” Maan made an excuse and left the place.

Simar di laughed out loud and kissed Geet’s forehead thanking her for coming into her beloved brothers life. Geet just sat without understanding anything what simar di is speaking to her.
“Mr I-dont-beleive-in-love get ready for your beautiful God’s gift. I’ll make you believe that geet is your soulmate.” Simar di thought to herself and did a mental dance.

“Simar get ready for your new mission to unite these soulmates.” Simar blew an imaginary James bond gun. 


Okay get ready for more maaneet scenes 😀  Please let me know how this update came out. 


4 thoughts on “Part 4

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  2. Beautiful update!!!Simar is so good at heart….Geet looked scared to seeing Simar in her room…maan introduced Simar to Geet…she agreed…this made Simar surprised….now she get to ready for her new mission to unite Maaneet….Loved it so much…

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