Part 3

​A young man in his mid twenties walked along with a woman in her mid fifties and few couples followed them. The woman was walking inside with a proud expression on her face while the young man was looking calm. 
The match maker welcomed them all the way boasting about the khandhan of Handa family. The workers of Handa family welcomed them with great respect treating them like some Royal clan. 

“Saab yeh hai Gayatri Malik and he is Dev Malik, Her Son.” She addressed to Handa family and turned towards Malik and said “Memsaab Yeh hai daariji, Aur yeh uska beta aur bahu, Aur yeh…… etc etc”
As soon as the introduction got completed Dev bent to touch the feet of elders for taking blessing from elders. This action of his made everyone in the Handa family happy.
“Okay ji, ab introduction ho gai hai lets start the main rasam. Hrhehehe…… Arrey Gudiya(Geet)  ko bulayiye.” The match maker said and some ladies went inside to bring Geet.

“You won’t believe your eyes Geet is such a traditional girl. She hasn’t raised her voice till date. She respects elders a lot. Why won’t she? Her family gave her a very good values. She is not like aaj kal ki ladkiya Jo short dress pehenke kandhan ke apmaan kare.” She kept on praising Geet and Handa family until Geet arrived.
As soon as Geet came into the scene bowing her head in nervousness everyone paid attention to her. The ladies of the house made her seat on the chair while blessing her. 

“Sahi kaha aapne manorma ji(match maker) Geet bahut susheel hai.” Dev’s mother praised her and geet blushed under her gaze. 

“Aur nahi toh kya. Kya aapko geet ke saat kuch baat karna hain?” The match maker asked to Dev to which he smiled shyly.

“Haan Dev beta speak something to Geet.” His mother insisted him but he remained silent. 

“We have been thinking that our child is boli till now lagta hai aapka beta bhi humaari bachhi jaise. Hahahaha.” Dariji said and all of them laughed. 
“You are right. I think we need to give them some space. Chaliye ji we will go to another place and have our remaining conversation.” The match maker said and everyone moved to another room leaving Dev and geet alone. 
Family scene

Both handa and malik’s family seated in the garden of handa palace. All were having snacks and tea while having a small conversation until the match maker intervened.

“Ab bas kijiye yeh sab baatein. Let’s speak about dowry. Memsaab please let us know how much you want?” The match maker questioned.

“Well I don’t want to beat arround the bush so im coming straight to the point. Our son is getting many proposals but i liked only your daughter so I think 50 lakhs and 100 tulas gold and some property which you can afford.” Devs mother said. 

“Money is not a matter ji we need our daughters happiness and our rishta is the best one we can get. So we agree and ha the wedding will also take place here by us.” Dariji said finalizing. 

“Toh rishta pakki ho gayi heeeeee.” The match maker said and distributed sweets and everyone are celebrating with joy. 

After few talks they decided to join Dev And Geet in the living room.

After every one leaving them alone both were giving uncomfortable and nervous glances to each other. Geet was busy drawing patterns on the floor with her feet and Dev was staring into his palms.

None of them spoke a word since the time they were left alone.

The groom is not that bad that she will reject him. He is a perfect groom with all the desired qualities a girl could dream off. Good looking, Well settled, Good job, Highly reputed family, Good moral values, Etc. But dont know why Geet didnt feel this corect to her. She felt like seeing another geet in the form of Dev and nothing else. 

Her chain of thoughts were interrupted by cheering sounds by their families. Both of their families came and hugged their children with happiness and said the proposal is accepted. 

This made both Geet and Dev more nervous than earlier.

“So shall we meet pandit ji now to fix the date of marriage.” Dariji asked.

“Oh yes. Lets meet now.” Devs mother said making everyone to get ready to meet pandit ji. 
They stopped their vehicle from a long distance to the temple as the roads are narrow and started walking the remaining distance. It looked like a whole village is walking as Handas and Malik’s family members are many. 

“Phir socho Phir Socho. Agar ek baar kho diya  toh phir se paana mushkil hoga.” Some baba ji said making geet and her surrounding few family members stop the remaining members continued walking as they are unaware of this scene.

“Aaj tum usse milegi, jisse khuda ne tumhara naam uske saat bandi.” He again said to Geet.

“Ha baba ji We came for her rishta only.” They said and started walking. 

“Socho socho phir socho.” The baba ji again said to geet making her fall into deep thought.

 She started walking absent mindedly to a deserted place. She came from her thoughts when she felt a cold wind touch her skin. Geet got scared as there is no one around her the place is deserted and its getting darker too.

She clutched her dress near her heart and whispered “Bhagwan ji, Please give me Strength and save me.”

As if god heard her words Geet heard a Husky masculine voice from behind “Are you okay?”

She turned to look at the owner of voice but instead her foot got stumbled and she fell into the river behind her. 

“Save me. Save me.”Geet started to shout as soon as water hit her body.

The man who spoke with her immediately jumped inside the river to save her. He gently took her into his arms and swum towards the shore safely. 

Though Geet was saved she still didnt realized that and kelt on smimming in the air in his arms. 

He was smirking looking at her antics as he found them very cute. Even after few minutes she didnt stop her swimming so without controlling himself he laughed loud.

Geet opened her eyes with his laughing sound and was astound seeing a greek god. The water was still dripping from his hair to wards his forehead and his perfect nose and fuller lips and his chiseled chest. After that the water droplets were missing making her confused as she wanted to see more. (***GUTTER MINDS ALERT***) 

Geet felt some burning sensation on her waist and thighs and then she realised that he is holding her in his arms by her waist and thighs. She blushed deeply and this proximity of a stranger NO Handsome stranger. 

“Leave me. What the hell are you doing. Just leave me.” Geet shouted at him masking all her emotions.

“Sure young lady but only if you loosen your grip on me I can land you on the ground.” He said controlling his laugh.

“Just shut up and leave me.” She said punching him with her soft fists and pushed him forcefully.

She was about to lash him for touching her but stopped as soon as the remaining scene came in front of her eyes. The water droplets travelled from his chiseled chest to his wash board abs and again disappeared into his pants.( ***GUTTER MINDS ALERT***) 

She felt frustrated as she couldn’t see the remaining water drops and lashed on him for touching her.

“How dare you touch me? Do you know who I am?” She poured her frustration on him.

“Well my dear angry mishty I haven’t dared to touch you instead I dared to save you from drowning. Anyways nowadays people are becoming selfish just thinking about themselves. Arrey did you even thank me for saving you no right. Instead of thanking me you are blaming me touching you, huh. By the way I can’t bring a remote control robot to save you okay.” He chatted everything without giving any break.

 ” And I’m just thinking if at all I’ll send a robot inside will it work or will it also drown. Hahaha then I’ll be the first person on the earth to save a robot from drowning. What say.” He started laughing with his own made up joke and Geet was stunned seeing him speaking carelessly.

“Omg how can someone speak this much at once.” She thought to herself. 

“Just Shut Up. How dare you speak with me huh. Do you know with whom are you speaking with?” She gritted her teeth. 
“Haaaw.” He opened his mouth wide in wonder. 

“How will I know who you are mishty. You haven’t even introduced yourself to me. And huh its my wish to shut up or shut down so you don’t interfere between me and my mouth.” He said making her look at his lips once again. 

“Go to hell. I don’t care.” She said and marched away seeing some of her family members. Finally she found her way back.

“Okay mishty. Bye. If you want to jump again in the river you can as I’ll be here for a month to save you. Remember only one month as I’m enjoying my water tour.” He screamed in the air and jumped again in the river to swim while Geet ignored him and made her ways towards her family. 

So how is the update. 😀 


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