Part 2

​As i said already This ff will start from the moment maan came in show. DEV is a positive character so there is no harm for geet but you must wait with bated breathe as whom will geet marry at last.

“MA I DON’T WANT TO MARRY NOW” said GEET sitting beside her mother who is preparing the dinner.

“Shhhh……you don’t know anything. Babuji chose a good rishta for you. You will be going to a very good family “said geets mother while putting the roti in oil.

“But MA, I am still studying. And I am not understanding anything now. Please ma ask Babuji to stop this marriage…… least  for one year”pleaded GEET while joining in the dinner preparation.

“Ha what? You have already attained 20 years. You will be 21 within some months and still you aren’t married. Now you are asking me to stop it. Hmmm. You are lucky that Babuji agreed for your college otherwise by now you will be married for 3 years.”said geets mother.

“Hmmm” GEET murmured with low voice . 

“Dekho GEET. Its really a good rishta. You will not get any chance to complaint. Voh ladka  haazaron mein ek hain. Don’t think anything come on take this bowl and come to the dining table “GEET mother said and took her to the dining table.



Everyone are seated around the dining table in traditional method. Everyone waited for Dada ji to start his dinner. After him the men started eating followed by the women.

While eating GEET was continually looking at dadaji and bhayya. She wanted to ask them to stop this wedding but was so scared.

GEET was so lost in her thoughts that she missed dadaji and papa ji calling. Geets mother tapped her shoulder which brought her out from her thoughts.

“Kya hua? Why are you staring” asked bhayya ji.

“Ummmm……Voh……main…..actually… hmm”GEET fumbled for words.

“Are you planning to run away with some one,huh. Sochna bhi nahi, if you do so I’ll kill you and kill everyone in this house and kill myself. Understand “said dadaji looking at GEET.

“Nothing dadaji. Its not like that “GEET said and continued eating without lifting her head.

“Hmmm that’s like a good girl. Chupchap khana khalo and sleep”said geets father.

Everyone thought GEET got a lesson with dadajis warning and she bowed her head with respect. But the truth is GEET was hiding her tears. She was hurt damn so much hurt with their words. She is ready to die for them but her family thought she is planning to run away! Did her family have such opinion on her. Or did she lack any manners that led them to utter these bitter words.

Finally after succeeding in hiding her pain she completed her dinner and went to her room.

Laying on her bed she started thinking about her life which didn’t have any start or any shape. Its just going on without her knowledge.

Closing her eyes she hoped some positive and happy life after her marriage and soon drifted into sleep.


The next morning handa palace is full crowded with workers running from here to there under the instructions of Geet’s brother, brij. 
“Oyye, What’s this snail work? Make it quick. The groom’s side is coming today to see our princess so I want everything perfect. Got it.” Brij screamed at the workers and joined them to arrange the decorative. 
Geet was shocked when she heard the groom side is coming to see her today. Being a pampered princess no one woke her up and when she woke the first thing she heard was her brother’s voice screaming at workers. 
She hurriedly woke up and stood in the balcony to see the sky was still dark. Squinting her eyes she looked at the watch and saw it is 4’O’Clock in morning. She saw her mother passing from her room with some sweets she gave voice to her.
“Maa! What’s happening?” 
“Why did you wake this early? Go to sleep I’ll wake you when the groom side people arrive. Now go.” Her mother said softly.
“What groom side are talking maa. Why are you all awake at this time.” Geet questioned.
“Arrey voh rishta walon tumhe dekhne aaj aarah hain. Kal raat when you went to sleep ladke waalon se phone aya. They said they’ll come today to see you. And from that time we started making arrangements. Now go and sleep.” Her mother said hurriedly.
“What? That means you all haven’t slept entire night. Why you can arrange everything in morning too na?” Geet asked.
“Arrey Geet how can we show such carelessness towards them. Our dear daughter is going to marry and we all must not give any chance to decline you. Bas yeh shaadi hojene do hum sab bahot kush honge.” She said softly.
“But maa ,they….” Geet words were interrupted by a loud scream.
“Geet.” She turned towards the voice and saw her brother standing angrily.
“What are you doing here,huh? We are doing all this for you and you…? And what are you standing for? Go and sleep Go!” He screamed the last words.
Geet immediately left the place and laid on her bed and started crying closing her mouth so that none can hear her sobs. 
“Why are they so happy in sending me away? Am I that bad? Why didn’t they bother to wake me when the groom side called them? Chi, Nothing in my life is going according to my wish.” She thought to herself and went into deep sleep.

“Geet wake up beta. The groom side is on the way. Come on wake up and get ready.” Geet mother woke her up.
“Huh? What maa?” Geet woke up and stretched her arms.
“Nothing. Come on hurry up and wear this lehanga.” She gave a packet to geet.
“Maa this is very heavy I’ll wear another one.” She said as she couldn’t hold it.

“No no. You must wear this lehanga. This is our family tradition. Every girl wore it and after five generations its you who’s wearing this.” Her mother said and started arranging Geet’s room.
Nodding her head geet moved into the washroom thinking at least the dress is not of her choice.
Geet got ready and sat on the chair having her breakfast while all the family members blessed her to be happy and took aarthi to her so that no evil could harm her. 

After few minutes geet got bored as everyone are only blessing her and moving away to do the works. She saw a flower garland fell down from the wall and stood to fix it.

She pulled the stool near the wall and tried to fix it on the wall but stopped as she heard her Father’s roaring voice.


She was about to fall down but at the nick of moment brij caught her and dragged her from that place.

“Why are you hell bent on making us mad,huh.? Can’t you sit in one place?” Brij screamed at her and before she could answer her dariji came.
“How many times did I tell you not do these LOW CLASS WORKS. We are paying the workers to work and not for you got it. How many times should I remind you geet DO NOT BE LIKE A LOW CLASS GIRL. You are princess of handa family for godsake remember it.” Dariji screamed at her all the while geet bowed her head and stood without answering.

Dariji was about to continue but stopped as soon as he heard the match makers voice 

“The groom side has arrived. Hurry up everyone.” She said and everyone assembled themselves. 





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